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The Magic Art of Nils Hamm

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Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
watch the rest of the Magic Art series here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLg9H9LJ2OoGDk-rv1Tz2KuNkgUoRDSHbb
Freddy Russell (1 year ago)
TheMagicManSam Love your videos man, you are an integral part to this community. Keep up the good work!
Dryxket (2 days ago)
Is it odd that I'm watch this right before bed? It's extremely soothing.
Fik Dih (12 days ago)
U talk too much about things you dont know and destroy the video. I call it youtubers sickness, not knowing when to speak or what to say. Obciously nils hamm is a genious but you interprate too much.
Matthew Sawczyn (2 months ago)
Glad to find someone else who loves that mountain
Matthew Jackman (2 months ago)
Baleful Stryx is absolutely beautiful!
skreedom222 (2 months ago)
When's your next content cop coming out?
Choptactless (2 months ago)
Johannes Voss!
Nick Pascoal (6 months ago)
The chillest channel on YouTube.
Chief Coffee (6 months ago)
i absoulutly love ur videos keep doing it man
Hugh J. Ness (6 months ago)
I dont even play magic...
Eli Pye (7 months ago)
A video game hand drawn by Nils Hamm would be amazing; something like a creepy Bastion.
camfunme (7 months ago)
I actually don't like any of these artworks, nor this style. I fell the same when looking at any of them, and that is that the viewer has been poisoned, due to the lack of clarity and the greens and purples, which in turn makes me feel ill.
Pardoxical_Cat (8 months ago)
I love how a lot of his stuff looks like it had oil spilled on it
nathan Mangion (8 months ago)
Only found out about you today, but I;m really loving your videos - the art-ones as well as card-history ones too
Kevin Frieden (8 months ago)
just stumbled upon your channel, it seems i have to binge watch all your videos.. thank you for this amazing work of yours!
Felix Hamm (8 months ago)
He's my uncle and he drew a picture only for me.
Patrick Festa (10 months ago)
I have no money for you. But I'm hoping that my praise for your channel makes up for it.
aleckermit (11 months ago)
Baleful Strix is a staple in favorite deck :).
Andrew Blank (1 year ago)
How would I describe Baleful Strix? Adorable.
Teddiursa92 (1 year ago)
wonder if he started making Astro before or after having initially painted Gilder Bairn
Equinox Paradox (1 year ago)
Was waiting to hear your analysis and comments on the Stryx (my pc background for the least 8 months...I rotate..). I was not disappointed <3
Manuel Saiz (1 year ago)
Nils Hamm was my teacher in an "art group" we could take a part of in elementary school. (In Germany) He's such a nice person with so much talent
Please Stop. (1 year ago)
Thanks doc
Cratieox (1 year ago)
I haven't played Magic in years, yet I still remember Baleful Strix's hollow eyes staring back at me. The sharp, metallic edges of its wings remind me of just how deadly it is. Its giant wings fading into the mist, barely hiding its true scale. Baleful Strix will always be my favorite card, long after I've forgotten the rest of the game.
FeanixFlamage (1 year ago)
i kinda wanna go out and get a baleful strix now...... seriously, when it popped up it was kind of unnerving. sort of startled me too, lol.
ArseneGray (1 year ago)
Looks like Deep Dreaming images of AIs.
John Wang (1 year ago)
This video...is so friggin awesome.
I'll never understand those 8 that disliked.
mindless monk (1 year ago)
your editing is top notch.
Kid Buddy Son (1 year ago)
You're quickly becoming one of my favorite channels. You're like the Folding ideas of Magic.
Mike Lockwood (1 year ago)
This series is amazing, please please please keep it up
Blake Williams (1 year ago)
this channel is a godsend
ANDREW LAWRENCE (1 year ago)
do one on chippy!
badger616 (1 year ago)
Favourite MtG artist by far, loved the video
Lion Reichelt (1 year ago)
The one thing I cannot get over and really inhibited me from subscribing for a long time is that you don´t show how many subs you have, it´s irrational, but _still_, it makes me feel really weird, like you´re trying to hide something or i dunno..
Connor Vana (1 year ago)
good job dude.
Steven Smith (1 year ago)
I'm reading the view count for this video wrong--it says 16,511; but I'm certain that should read 1,165,110, right?
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
Ellie Gray (1 year ago)
I feel like Nils' art is so often very subtle and soft that it's easy to overlook. His art never really stood out to me, but now that I've watched this video I realized how the cards I recognize that he illustrated are definitely some of the best art on cards.
Pedro Pillado (1 year ago)
How is the theme of the begenning of the video called?
jeremy debraccio (1 year ago)
Jason Chans cards always get me
jeremy debraccio (1 year ago)
reminds me of beksinski
Daniel Hadley (1 year ago)
Wow this was mesmerizing.
Kristian T. Kenwood (1 year ago)
These are literally my favorite videos
Knowledgeabletyrant (1 year ago)
I'm meeting him in May.
Garde Noir (1 year ago)
MY favorite to date Can't wait to hear about Steve Argyle, Jason Felix and Igor Kieryluk Wondering if you can find anything about Brian Dugan, aka Chippy, who I think is a huge fan favorite with Master Transmuter, but only has an outdated blog. Please keep it up!
CedricGO Art (1 year ago)
Hi! I found your video randomly while I was looking for a Kev Walker artbook (unfortunately he doesn't seem to have any) and I must say that I really like this serie. I got into Magic back in 2007 with Lorwyn and while I don't really follow the game anymore, it was a huge inspiration for my artistic development. The way you look at the artists and their art really makes me see them in a new light and gives much more depth to their whole work. Thanks for making these videos and I'm looking forward to see more. Cheers!
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
nice! welcome to the channel, I'm glad you enjoyed.
YomYestreen (1 year ago)
This feels like it could have been broadcast on NPR. Great production. Keep up the good work!
Age Epic (1 year ago)
I dont understand why you dont have so many more subscribers and viewers. Your videos are edited so well and so well done. I just wanna say keep it up because these are really top quality videos your producing
Reuben Ballyn (1 year ago)
love this video 😘
COYADD (1 year ago)
I like the spiky, aggressive works of Raymond Swanland. I can understand if I'm alone with that, though. What do you think of his cards? Are they worth doing a video on?
Robert Zed (1 year ago)
this channel is more informative than the majority of my art classes
André Moraes (1 year ago)
This series is gold! Nerdwriter wouldn't do better! We need a Ron Spencer one!
Demetrius A. Phofolos (1 year ago)
Fantastic video
Draken Garfinkel (1 year ago)
Could you please do an art video on Daarken? That one's my favorite; and no, not just for the name.
CherryBoyWriter (1 year ago)
I don't play Magic. But I do have a massive hard on for Magic art, analysis, and your voice. Subbed good sir.
Vito- Destroy (1 year ago)
Hello, MagicManSam ! I wondered, you seem to be really good at analysing art. So, I think oneof your next videos should be on Magali Villeneuve. I find the images that she creates absolutely stunning, and powerful. Anyways, love the concept, love the channel, keep up the good work ! : )
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
I also enjoy some of Magali's pieces. thanks for the kind words.
Treasure Train (1 year ago)
gotta do Eric Deschamps in one of these man
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
send me an email: [email protected]
Treasure Train (1 year ago)
you the man sam. how do i buy a signed Grand Abolisher from you, let me know if it's possible
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
he's on the list.
Martín Davico (1 year ago)
You should do Amy Weber or Rebecca Guay sometime, I really like both artists. Great video, I'm glad you're uploading more often.
WilhelmScreamer (1 year ago)
I love how much more animated this video was than normal for you.
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
I'm glad you enjoyed. I've been putting more effort into the visuals as of late, and Living Cards MTG really added some extra spice to this video.
Nikolas Wong (1 year ago)
These videos are instrumental to art history and the names behind MTG art. Please continue the amazing art content, they are greatly valued.
Geekified MTG (1 year ago)
Great video Sam!
Jacob Derington (1 year ago)
I want to see a video of Steve Argyle! One of my favorite magic artists for sure.
Jacob Derington (1 year ago)
TheMagicManSam that's awesome! I would love to meet him. I love all his artwork. It's always so detailed, like it Chandra Ablaze, you see each chain link in her armor so well.
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
I think I'll be meeting Steve in San Antonio at the end of this month!
Noah Golden (1 year ago)
please do Rebbeca Guay or John Avon next they're my favorite MTG artists I also would like to see Greg stamples or Rob Alexander
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
Avon, you say? stay tuned.
Justin Schneider (1 year ago)
Sam, you've got the soul of a poet. You're a skilled filmmaker, too. Grateful for your work.
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
thank you very much.
Daniel Kristensen (1 year ago)
Sam, you are greatness!
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
much obliged.
MTG Cashcow (1 year ago)
Man that photoshop was on point for the editing in the video
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
I'm going to marry photoshop I swear.
T. Miller (1 year ago)
Fantastic study as always.
Glen North (1 year ago)
I love your videos! I got into Magic because of the incredible art, it's still one of my favorite things about the game. Thanks for your thoughtful content, it's allowing me to appreciate the art I love even more! :D
Duncan Ellis (1 year ago)
thanks for excellent video. You are doing an outstanding job of teaching art appreciation using the medium of Magic art. I am glad you have found your voice.
Kalabalik (1 year ago)
OK, now Rob Alexander HAS to be next, right? ...right?
MrChocobar (1 year ago)
I got drawn into magic for the purpose of strategy and really just something to do and spend my money on as a teenager, but nowadays I'm more into flavor and big combos. Now you've got me interested in the art as well which is nothing I've really thought of. These are really great videos! Any chance of a Rebecca Guay study? I love her art
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
awesome to hear!
Think Tank (1 year ago)
THANK YOU. Terrific content!
Anthony Lee (1 year ago)
ronaone (1 year ago)
Sam Wolthuis (1 year ago)
Bro these videos are LIT!!!!!!!!!!! I love them
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
thanks Sam!!!!!
Slyphorever (1 year ago)
Fantastic as always, I really do love this series as a way to pay homage to a certain part of the creativity of Magic which is always at the forefront but in turn never truly considered.
urmanascrewed (1 year ago)
Yes! The art is amazing!
TronBonne (1 year ago)
Some of my favourites: Counterflux - Scott M. Fischer Blightsteel Colossus - Chris Rahn Anything from Clint Cearly (Syncopate, Breya, Grapeshot, Reclamation sage (promo)) Your series has actually made me realise I'm a big fan of the bold contrasting uses of colour. Hadn't really thought about it before, but I realised all the pieces that stand out to me, quite literally "stand out"!
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
hahahahaha. that's hilarious.
TronBonne (1 year ago)
I'm the guy advertisers dream about. Bright colours and a literal arrow pointing me to where I need to look and I'm sold.
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
it also seems like you're a big fan of centered, 3/4 portraits and swirly magic textures.
Daniel (1 year ago)
I'd love to see one of these for Slawomir Maniak at some point, as he's definitely one of my absolute favourites, in particular his art for Ember Swallower (from cards I own, at least).
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
I dig his work, too.
Emery J (1 year ago)
I love what you're doing with this series! For many people, the art gets overlooked, even though it is one of the most important parts of the game, but this series really helps people like me appreciate the art (and artists) a lot more. Thanks, Sam.
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
I'm glad I can help you do that.
Kayzah Mausiboi (1 year ago)
A fantastic video that gave stunning insigt! Keep up the brilliant work!
Taxle the Duck (1 year ago)
Can't wait for Rebecca Guay!
RzorFox (1 year ago)
Amazing beautiful videos. The music, the imaging , the teaching , excellent. Really makes art easily digestible, I learned to much.
P4r_3 (1 year ago)
Nice work man!
KatieWhoAmI (1 year ago)
Now I feel really privileged to have Nils Hamm as a professor at my university
Tony Shiakallis (1 year ago)
Great video Sam! If you don't mind a little suggestion for a future content video, I absolutely love the masterpieces from Kaladesh, I know they are various artists but maybe a great concept to cover? Anyhoo, look forward to more videos from you ^_^
Why is the Dracogenius tier sold out?
When is YouTube going to add a heart button? Cause then im going to go back and heart everyone of these videos <3
Bjecki (1 year ago)
I follow a large number of YouTubers and never comment but I feel compelled to in this instance. Every single time you upload one of these I am simply transfixed. Keep up the amazing work. I'll be sure to add you to my patreon list soon.
Dakota Abroad (1 year ago)
Man, the reason I started collecting these cards back in like '98 or '99 because they pictures were so damn cool. (I was only like 8 at the time, so I didn't really get art, but I thought they looked awesome!) I haven't REALLY looked at the art in so long. And these were GORGEOUS. Thank you.
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
I think we all are transfixed by the art as kids, and quickly it became more about the mechanics. I never want that first impression to go away.
Weretomas (1 year ago)
Yea man! Respect man
Mikhail Jacinto (1 year ago)
this is amazing!
WeskersPlayhouse (1 year ago)
Ill second the John Avon requests! My personal favorite artist! Favorite piece? His Invasion Plains! The golden field with the wheat and the sun on the horizon is just so awesome!
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
this is a fan favorite, no doubt.
Taiku Altergrund (1 year ago)
absolutely amazing.
JazzDeath (1 year ago)
Niels <3 Thanks so much for this!
JazzDeath (1 year ago)
TSC 15 (1 year ago)
Do Richard Kane Ferguson
Dragonite (1 year ago)
Love love love the regular content. Grave Titan and Baleful Strix are two of my favourite cards for their design as well as for their art and now I know who to attribute that to
Dragonite (1 year ago)
TheMagicManSam That's super neat!
Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
fun little trivia: the promo Grave Titan was painted by Lucas Graciano, but mis-attributed to Nils Hamm. thanks for stopping by again, Dragonite.
buraddo79 (1 year ago)
You may have the most unique MtG content on the internet right now. So, please, don't become a slave to any man or community. If what you are making is good (and so far, I think it is), then no "community" deserves it. Even patrons pay people to make what can ultimately destroy them, or maybe destroy others. And if you become the slave to any man, you may one day be paid to do the same thing. So, please, make what is yours, and whether it is good or bad, let that be because of you, not the person or "community" that rules you. I say this because you are original, and what you offer is something many will want to turn into an extension of themselves, rather than an extension of your own mind. Let your work stand or fall with you. I hope it stands, and I hope it will in the end be seen to have been good.
ErikTheRedd1 (1 year ago)
your videos are amazing now I know exactly who has done my favorite mountain art and that its the same person who did baleful strix and skullbriar
FrozenSpector (1 year ago)
Great series!

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