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Tell Them of Us: Part 2

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The second part of a serialisation of our WW1 drama, Tell Them of Us. A true story of a family in World War One and how their lives changed when their two sons go to war. Tell Them of Us is a moving and unforgettable portrait of a Lincolnshire family during the First World War. It is both unique and universal. It is a tale of two brothers, William and Robert, and their sister Grace. Told from the home front, it is based on an unpublished archive of letters, memoirs, photographs and artefacts from the Crowder family. If you can't wait for the next episode, you can rent or buy the full film here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/tellthemofus Director - Nick Loven https://www.instagram.com/crowseyeproductions/ https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/83a22H Producer/Costumier - Pauline Loven https://www.instagram.com/periodwardrobe/ Writers - Will Turland, Rick Everson http://lowerdecksradio.co.uk/ Music Written and Composed – Chris Gordon http://www.chrisgordon.info/ Titles and Credits – Nic Gordon http://www.mangomultimedia.co.uk/ Grace Crowder – Victoria Rigby https://www.victoriarigby.com/ Ann Crowder – Susan Thorpe William Crowder – Adam Fox https://actors.mandy.com/uk/actor/profile/adam-fox Robert Crowder – Reece Ackerman Ashley Crowder – Ian Atkinson Violet Pearson – Tiffany Haynes http://www.tiffanyhaynes.com EW Carter, Artists Rifles – Ben Atkinson The Colonel – Robert Holland Lucy White – Bryony Roberts Henry Lammiman – Patrick Kay Alice Steen – Rebecca Dyer Postmistress – Su Toogood Vicar – Stephen Marshall Mason Clarke – Gordon MacFarlane Mrs Clarke – Judith MacFarlane 1913 Studebaker Tourer “Marj” – Gordon MacFarlane (owner) Studebaker mechanic – Gordon Woodgate Vintage bicycles – Andrew Millward WW1 bell tent and accessories – Scott and Jo Read Full credits available here: https://ww1film.wordpress.com/credits/
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Text Comments (86)
SoCalledKaty (1 month ago)
CrowsEyeProduction showing Hollywood what it actually looks like when actors drink. We know that paper to go cup is empty, Hollywood!
Malin Hessedahl (2 months ago)
Pia Ibenfeldt Olesen (3 months ago)
This is so god 🤩 Love it 😊But i think it is going to end sad 😔
Random Modnar (3 months ago)
Love the shot at 4:27
Random Modnar (3 months ago)
Bob looks like ian from idubbz
VAC2 (4 months ago)
Devon (4 months ago)
No! Why did it end that way! I want to know please!!! Oh. So THIS is why I binge watch. Next episode please!
QUARTERMASTEREMI6 (4 months ago)
_"From your loving son,"_ (Oh, that makes my eyes tear up…)
Kleist (4 months ago)
This channel is underrated.
littleferrhis (4 months ago)
8:30 I can feel the actors’ friend zoning from here
Cr0wnTh3Emp1re (4 months ago)
This video ends at 11:11...WW1 ended on November 11 or 11-11
louise (4 months ago)
This is so moving. The sacrifice of this family.
Charlotte Wright (4 months ago)
We will not live in fear of the post mistress!!!! My nightmares as a kid
spirals 73 (5 months ago)
I don't have cable TV and my television doesn't work without it. I do not miss it. There is so much talent right here.
Chelsea (5 months ago)
does "Robert" breath through his mouth?
Garlic Girl (5 months ago)
WOW, the first episode had like 1K views and this one 652???
Caroline Karsner (5 months ago)
oh boy i already know ill be crying soon
Jinxy Doll (5 months ago)
This series is a love for me already. The uniforms are familiar to me...slightly different with a change of countries...one of my uncles served in WW1
Dwight Davis (6 months ago)
It's all gone a little bit Downton. Lol
Hailey Triebel (6 months ago)
I love these! Please continue with them!
alliecravulz (6 months ago)
There is some serious knitting game in the production of this show 😉
clod8 (2 months ago)
alliecravulz They published a book on the knitting patterns. I have the ebook. Yummy
Daniel Bulman (6 months ago)
such a fantastic production cant wait for the next part
alannah's life (6 months ago)
Will you be posting the other parts to this? It’s amazing and really want to see the rest of it. Thanks
CrowsEyeProductions (6 months ago)
Part 3 is out tomorrow!
CoffeWith Julys (6 months ago)
I Would like to see in a future a Scotland one... Thanks for this amazing job!
Gerry Higgins (6 months ago)
I'm hooked now.  Can't wait for next episode
Emanuel de Araújo (6 months ago)
Looking forward for the next chapter
Lilli Cole (6 months ago)
Please make a part 3🤞🏻
Lilli Cole (6 months ago)
CrowsEyeProductions looking forward to that!🤞🏻
CrowsEyeProductions (6 months ago)
Parts 3 and 4 will be released next month!
Potassuim_Cation (7 months ago)
Now that was a rude ending
Berkley Pearl (7 months ago)
I can’t take it! I’m gonna die! I’m so invested in this story now
Lily Nguyen (7 months ago)
So excited to see what happens next!
Yakov kwaku (7 months ago)
Nice video it just made my day..
Alys Rose (7 months ago)
can't wait to watch the next episode!!
RX500 Android (7 months ago)
The cliffhanger... I need more!
TitaniumDragon (7 months ago)
PoisonTheOgres (7 months ago)
The young lady who plays Grace is really an amazing actress. So calm yet full of emotion
Kinsey Kunkel (7 months ago)
No, no, no! What's happened? Please, don't anyone be dead!
curiouscatalyst (7 months ago)
You're doing an absolutely splendid job on this!
AzurasCry (7 months ago)
I definitely enjoyed this episode and I am looking forward to the future releases. Good work!
Artists Rifles Memorial (7 months ago)
Wonderful story. Please support our WW1 memorial for the Artists Rifles WW1 camp, Gidea Park.
Pauline Loven (7 months ago)
I have just checked through Robert Crowder’s letters, he was at Hare Hall from January to mid February 1917 and ten of the letters he wrote Home to his family have survived. He writes an account of the camp that is now familiar to me having looked at the photos posted on the ‘Artists Rifles Hare Hall Memorial’ Page on Facebook. I will let his family know about the memorial.
Pauline Loven (7 months ago)
Thank you for letting us know about the Artists Rifles memorial, we will try to find some way to help. Pauline (costumier).
larissa (7 months ago)
Artists Rifles Memorial HOW WONDERFUL. I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS! thank you guys, you're doing great work ❤️ I almost cried! Can't wait for the next!!!
Sy 01mamabear (7 months ago)
This series is off to a wonderful start! Thank you for your hard work, I adore it so far, and the cinematography is so well done. Can't wait for #3!
Hannah Harris (7 months ago)
When will the next part come out?
CrowsEyeProductions (7 months ago)
Next month. We'll announce a schedule of the remaining episodes soon.
Flash .D (7 months ago)
Come ooooooon!!
Aneokame (7 months ago)
I love her coat!
Vivian Richardson (7 months ago)
My new favorite series !!! Better than cable.
Savannah Burgess (7 months ago)
I wish more people knew about this it’s soooo cool. I’ve been telling my friends
Kiki Bee (7 months ago)
I legitimately screamed at the cliffhanger! I can’t wait till the next installment!
Sarah Forster (7 months ago)
Oh my goodness the cliffhanger at the end😱. I can not wait for the next episode, keep up the great work!
Sumsum HUI [10U03M] (7 months ago)
They’ve been saying that for three years now.
louise (4 months ago)
Poor man
Tommy Atkins (4 months ago)
Sumsum HUI [10U03M] they were all told over by Christmas even in ww2 market garden was meant to shorten war
phizzelout (7 months ago)
I was looking into past relatives here in this last week. I'm middle age, my dad's 87 and I just discovered his uncle on his mothers side served in WW1 and he lived till 1966. All these years and I never knew.
Odee Dillon (7 months ago)
On a personal level, I can connect with Bob's dilema. My draft number was _13,_ and yes I too was called to duty, in the late 60s. Please do continue these outstanding historical video productions. So much of history that needs to be preserved, is being lost through the attrition of age, and death. 👍👍
Sheena Tozier (1 month ago)
Thank you for serving. Can not repay you back enough for all that you have done.
Odee Dillon (7 months ago)
I _am_ buying this on DVD just for the history alone. The acting, costuming, and scenery are all icing on the cake. 👍👍😉🍻 Sad shame the one dislike at this time. Must be someone with no sense of art, or history.
Odee Dillon (7 months ago)
Sorry, mon amis. It would be bad form of me to spoil this series on YouTube. 🤔😲👍👍
Mutmain Ainuddin (7 months ago)
Odee Dillon You bought the right?Please tell me who dies?
Kath Ellis (7 months ago)
I am actually loving this. *Puts on Drama and Film brain* The chemistry between the characters is wonderful, I love the dynamic between Grace and Alice. However it still is feeling like the the acting is falling flat because of the writing. While the time period language is there, it feels a little forced at times, conversation should flow and ebb rather than deliberately placing language into a letter to allow the time period to be enforced. The fantastic costuming and set that is in the video is enough to prove that it is WW1, the periodic language might not be needed instead let that pave way for character, emotion, plot, subtext and that wonderful cliffhanger at the end. *removes drama and film brain* I LOVED IT THOUGH PLEASE DON'T STOP
Kath Ellis (7 months ago)
Odee Dillon it’s just the automatic banner. I don’t use this channel to produce videos really. This is my “lazy” channel.
Odee Dillon (7 months ago)
Indeed it would. Where is that lake in the header of your page? Looks familiar to me, and I am guessing Pacific NW, or even West Montana?
Kath Ellis (7 months ago)
Odee Dillon aha that would be so cool 🤗
Odee Dillon (7 months ago)
Look forward to it. And I have been known to travel far, just to work for a cot and food. heheh. 👍🤗👏
Kath Ellis (7 months ago)
Odee Dillon definitely. And you too! Maybe one day we might work together on a project (as unlikely as that is)
iamthe12th (7 months ago)
So good. As a retired soldier myself, I am enthralled.
Poochilli Pickles (5 months ago)
Thanks for the service
Odee Dillon (7 months ago)
I salute, and raise toast to your service, sir. 👍🍻
Br0wnEyedQueen (7 months ago)
Robert and Grace have some nice chemistry and oohh that cliffhanger!
Wahh that cliffhanger..., but I reeeeally enjoy this series, please upload the next part soon
missiworld (7 months ago)
Beautifully done again.
Micah Keller (7 months ago)
This has been great so far. I can't wait for the next episode. This series has got me to start doing some reading about WW1.
Patty Farghaly (7 months ago)
Oh no don't stop there please..
Malena Sander (7 months ago)
Damn I am really scared of the ending. „Tell them of us“ more like don’t let them forget what we did in this war for our country. These parts are really playing with me xD amazing series keep up your good work
Manon Segur (7 months ago)
That cliffhanger...

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