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Hey everyone! I'm back with another Walmart fall clothing haul. I found some really comfortable and cozy items for super cheap! I hope you guys enjoy this video. PART 1 / Walmart Fall Clothing Haul: https://youtu.be/wUZcqNEzjnQ This video is NOT sponsored. Links: Juniors' Plaid Tie Front Elbow Sleeve Blouse: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Juniors-Plaid-Tie-Front-Elbow-Sleeve-Blouse/413164338 The jeans I'm wearing: Cherry Blossom Juniors' Classic High Rise Exposed Button Skinny Jeans: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Juniors-Classic-High-Rise-Exposed-Button-Skinny-Jeans/897619564 Similar jeans: No Boundaries Juniors' Super Soft Triple Stack Jeans: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Juniors-Super-Soft-Triple-Stack-Jeans/125174864 Rolling Stones Men's Tumbling Dice T-shirt Black: (The price on this has doubled, I'm not sure why.) https://www.walmart.com/ip/Rolling-Stones-Men-s-Tumblin-Dice-T-shirt-Black/172082102 Men's KISS Rock'n'Roll All Night Short Sleeve Crew Neck Band Tee: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Men-s-KISS-Rock-n-Roll-All-Night-Short-Sleeve-Crew-Neck-Band-Tee-Shirt-up-to-Size-3XL/815808533 Juniors' Microsuede Moto Jacket with Faux Fur Trim: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Juniors-Microsuede-Moto-Jacket-with-Faux-Fur-Trim/966645306 Jillian Nicole Women's Easy Open Front Cardigan: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Jillian-Nicole-Women-s-Easy-Open-Front-Cardigan/937846028 Heart N Crush Women's Fringe Detail Cardigan: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Heart-N-Crush-Women-s-Fringe-Detail-Cardigan/682264181 Jillian Nicole Women's Super Soft Layered Ruffle Sleeve Sweater: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Jillian-Nicole-Women-s-Super-Soft-Layered-Ruffle-Sleeve-Sweater/472683605 Poof! Juniors' V-Neck Twist Front Long Sleeve Sweater: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Poof-Juniors-V-Neck-Twist-Front-Long-Sleeve-Sweater/520074495 Time and Tru Women's Essential Fleece Crewneck Pullover Sweatshirt: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Time-and-Tru-Women-s-Essential-Fleece-Crewneck-Pullover-Sweatshirt-2-pack/576822731 Time and Tru Women's Hooded Puffer Jacket: (This is $19.98 inside stores.) https://www.walmart.com/ip/Time-and-Tru-Women-s-Hooded-Puffer-Jacket/136232454 Poof! Juniors' Caged Lace-Up Long Sleeve Sweater: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Poof-Juniors-Caged-Lace-Up-Long-Sleeeve-Sweater/653077313 I was unable to find a link for the fuzzy camo pullover hoodie.
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Text Comments (275)
Tammy Buckley (19 days ago)
Hello. Just over here binge watching lol. Doing a little catching up since I’m pretty new 😉
ChicOnTheCheap (18 days ago)
Welcome!! Thank you for watching!
Simply Samantha (1 month ago)
I love that laced up caged sweater that’s so cute!! Which color did you get ?! :)
Darlene Rothenay (1 month ago)
I was in love with the camouflage half zip top for $10.00, but does it leave fuzz all over? If so, does washing it first help. Thanks for this great video!
ChicOnTheCheap (1 month ago)
Hey Darlene! I haven't found that it leaves fuzz all over (that I can tell) it is kind of a knock-off sherpa material. Thank you so much for watching!
SC1537 (1 month ago)
I’m so glad I stumbled upon your channel! I ❤️ Dollar Tree and Walmart so I definitely subbed!
ChicOnTheCheap (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for subscribing!
Suzanne Kennedy (2 months ago)
love these videos! you prove you don't have to spend a lot of money to look stylish. nice for people on a smaller budget! ☺
Diana Tarango (2 months ago)
Love your style! You have a great personality and I’d like to see you do clothes from Target.Love Target!
Jazmyne Terriquez (2 months ago)
Thank you for listing the brands of the clothing g and listing the links
Debbie Green (2 months ago)
J. Ann Miner (2 months ago)
Love the red cardigan!
Iheart2cook (2 months ago)
Wow I’m impressed. I love the moto jacket and the jeans. My daughter would love the twist tie top. Thanks!
Chitown ShaSha (2 months ago)
Need that camo hoody. I'm not embarrassed to shop at Wal-Mart. I will shop whenever that has cute clothes.
Courtney Howell (3 months ago)
Love love the Walmart hauls you should do it for every season:) thanks for sharing
QnTamz (3 months ago)
Do you have an Instagram?
BusinessMogul (3 months ago)
I love your pieces walmart must of saw your haul the graphic shirts they're are double the price now :-(
Lee Stout (3 months ago)
Target clothing haul would be great!
Angelina Hollinger (3 months ago)
I just love the way you explain the clothes. I went out and bought the green jacket and it is great. I shop Ann Taylor it very happy with haul I bought today. Please keep it up you are fabulous
Sommer Valdiviez (3 months ago)
I think that all of the things you got were great. Looked awesome on you :) Great Haul! I'm heading to Walmart now lol ;)
Stacy Federlin (3 months ago)
I’ve noticed lately from Walmart that they’ve been changing their style and their clothes and quality of them have really gone out you got some super cute things that I’m actually going to check Walmart at four I did buy those jeans that you were wearing I love them and can’t wait to start wearing them
Tracy M (3 months ago)
Love your videos ❤️ Thanks
emma logan (3 months ago)
u kinda y’all like a robot lol
xofancy (3 months ago)
I need those jeans!
Taylor Todd (3 months ago)
YAS GIRL!!! People are sleeping on Walmart (& Target)!! I just made a huge haul video with all their cute fall clothes too!!!
sk5835 (3 months ago)
Yay, another one! I was hoping to see a 2nd video from you 😁
Mary Arenz (3 months ago)
Great video💜
Kelly Jean (3 months ago)
Great haul! Would love to see a clothing haul from Kohl’s!
Julie Pecho (3 months ago)
great haul!!!
Latesha Churney (3 months ago)
Great haul. You found some cute stuff.
Marianne Browne (3 months ago)
Great haul 👍 love the moto jacket💜
Mrs. CatRodriguez (3 months ago)
New follower here and I’m obsessed with your videos ♥️ I may be missing this but what Is your ig handle? I’m dying for more $ tree content 😬 lol
ChicOnTheCheap (3 months ago)
Hey girl! Thank you so much for your kind words. I actually don’t have an Instagram but I might get one soon. I’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks so much for the support, it means the world to me. 💗
Mary Von Wald (3 months ago)
Thank you for sharing, I'm currently in school, so I'm only working part time. So thank you for posting walmart and dollar tree hauls, so I too can get nice fall clothing and items on a budget. Thanks! I enjoy your videos!
C J (3 months ago)
Since I’ve been wearing Walmart shirts, I receive many compliments... more than when I wear my stitch fix clothes. ❤️
Elisa Marie (3 months ago)
Wonderful haul! Would love to see MORE WALMART HAULS, please! Love to see you haul like shoes, accessories, & more jackets from Walmart! Also maybe you can do a Walmart online haul! Keep up the awesome work!
cathy jeudevine (3 months ago)
Hello, I am new at this channel. Seen one of your videos before and like it. Great haul!! I love everything. My favourite things are the buffalo checkered shirt, the Rolling Stones T-shirt, and the green jacket. The green jacket looks so good on you. I hope you have a blessed day.
Ka Bell (3 months ago)
Thank you for your Haul! I just want to reach out to the Girls that are a size 0- I ordered on line a lot of the clothing from the hauls ( they are everywhere on you tube for Walmart) That Walmart sizes run very large- I had return all the cute clothing and coats due to size issues- Just a Note/Disclaimer be aware!
Tiffanie SwitchedOn (3 months ago)
Great Haul! Love your style! Thanks for sharing, Sadly I'm in Canada and the Canadian Walmart hasn't caught up to stocking the super cute fashion brands yet. Hopefully soon! Also admiring the wall colour in the background. Would you share what the colour is and what brand of paint it is? TIA!
Tiffanie SwitchedOn (3 months ago)
❤️thank you
ChicOnTheCheap (3 months ago)
Hi Tiffanie! I need to get back to you on that and I'll put it in the description section when I get home tomorrow. Thanks so much for watching!
Angela Brewer (3 months ago)
I love your Walmart hauls I have now started going there lol! My hidden secret place to shop 😊
hayatwahob (3 months ago)
Love your hauls 💖
Carrie Doss (3 months ago)
So many people are like, eww Walmart clothes or I wouldn't shop Walmart for clothes, but they really do have some cute stuff a lot of times. I'm like ok you pay your $50 for a sweater or shirt and I'll be here at Walmart paying $20 for mine that is just as decent quality! I've bought stuff from Hollister and Aero that have actually came defective and then can go find similar clothing items at Walmart that isn't. You got some great stuff!
Sadie Lanier (3 months ago)
I have the long black cardigan, perfect for wearing leggings at work to cover the 🍑
misti bouyear (3 months ago)
Love these videos, only thing Is I wish the lighting was better when you show the clothes on. It's hard to see what they look like. I will now be running to walmart tho because that's some cute stuff you show :)..
misti bouyear (3 months ago)
+ChicOnTheCheap awesome thanks! Can't wait for the next video :)
ChicOnTheCheap (3 months ago)
Hey Misti! You are so right. I am going to make sure I have better lighting with my next video. So sorry about that!
Yary Garza (3 months ago)
Girl do you recomend those. 7 dll jeans?? Have you wash them? They stay the same? I wanted to buy in some colors but then I thinked what will happen when I wash them 😂
ChicOnTheCheap (3 months ago)
Hey Yary! Wash with like colors on cold and do not dry, that should do the trick! Thanks so much for watching!
Stephanie Love (3 months ago)
Good Job! Everything looks perfect on you. You have an amazing figure.
ChicOnTheCheap (3 months ago)
Thanks so much Stephanie for your kind words, that is so nice of you to say. Thanks so much for watching!
Alexandra Marie (3 months ago)
I love these videos!!
Sally Vitale (3 months ago)
You have a poster of Kieth Richards? How gross! That would give me nightmares!
ChicOnTheCheap (3 months ago)
LOL, it is a photo of him from the 70s that I adore for some reason! It is kind of artsy, but I know not for everyone! I'll show it in my room tour one day.
Chelsea Stainforth (3 months ago)
Can I please be you when I grow up?? 🔥🔥🔥😂
ChicOnTheCheap (3 months ago)
LOL. That is so kind, thank you for watching! 💖
Monica Espinoza (3 months ago)
Mehri T (3 months ago)
Great hull
ChicOnTheCheap (3 months ago)
Thank you Mehri!
liliana rojas-zavala (3 months ago)
Good vid but u need better lighting
ChicOnTheCheap (3 months ago)
Hey! I promise to work on that soon.Thanks so much for watching!
Joann Cragle (3 months ago)
Just stumble on your channel love everything so entertaining your very funny and crafty 💞💞
ChicOnTheCheap (3 months ago)
Thanks so much Joann! Your kind words mean a lot to me.
Senia Villarreal (3 months ago)
I'm new to your channel! ❤ The clothing and I've subscribed & post notifications on Girl!💚
ChicOnTheCheap (3 months ago)
Yay! This makes me so happy!
Jenn Alvarez (3 months ago)
Great haul i love everything u got especially the buffalo check! I didn't think Walmart had such great selection!!! Tfs💕💕💕💕
Walmart (3 months ago)
Come on in Jenn! You ain't seen nothin' yet. 😉
mamixnina (3 months ago)
im so happy that i finally found someone that share similar sizes as me! yay! ty
zZHoUnDZz (3 months ago)
I especially liked the black jacket ..jeans ..fringe sweater & Rolling Stones tee ;OP
Maria Ortega (3 months ago)
Like haul pretty
Tracy Patterson (3 months ago)
Wal-Mart clothing is cheap junk. Won't last more than a few washings. Better off spending a bit more to some good quality pieces. A good rule of thumb; if you buy clothes from any store that has shopping carts, it probably isn't the best option, lol! But you do look cute in your choices, as long as you don't mind having to replace them often.
Takia M (3 months ago)
You are so pretty!! Love this haul! I plan on doing ALOT of shopping! TFS!
Barbara Eichor (3 months ago)
Have you seen Keith Richard’s Shepherds Pie? I don’t think this one is the original. But it’s inspired by his. I’ve used it for years and love it. http://madhungry.com/?recipes=lucindas-shepherds-pie If that link does work it’s Mad Hungry by Lucinda Scala Quinn.
ChicOnTheCheap (3 months ago)
Thank you so much Barbara, I have not seen that. My mom's name is Loucinda! How cool. I'll have to check it out!
OurMouseHouse (3 months ago)
I live in those sweatshirts when it's cold. I buy them like way big though so I can snuggle up inside them.
Daniela G (3 months ago)
I love everything you picked up!
LCHF with Sarah Lynn (3 months ago)
I gotta get that Rolling Stones shirt 💕 as for try on haul ideas ... target 🤔
chandy521 (3 months ago)
Love your walmart haul, I do shop walmart a lot...you found some cute stuff. Now I gotta go shopping, lol Have a great day.
Jodi Birosak (3 months ago)
Old navy👍🏻❤️
Robin Stedem (3 months ago)
hi sara...forgot to ask what booties are you wearing with the jeans?
Angela Kaminsky (3 months ago)
Could you tell me where you got your shoes? Love them!
Donna Locke (3 months ago)
Wahoo! Live it gives me great dressing ideas ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jill's All Better (3 months ago)
Old Navy!!
MissToMrsLife (3 months ago)
What kind of phone are you using? Because the video looks like it’s good quality.
Misty Baker (3 months ago)
I’ve not shopped Wal-Mart clothing in years, they’ve truly stepped up their game it appears..I’ll need to step into that area soon. Thanks for sharing 🙃😀🙃😀
sunshine c (3 months ago)
Are you dry cleaning the clothes? Worried it won't last if washed in washing machine. How about shopping at Ross?
Dolphin Watcher (3 months ago)
All adorable on you! 👏👏👏
NANCEE Clarke (3 months ago)
Love it 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Good Girls Mom (3 months ago)
Just curious why you buy junior sizes?
Misty Tucker (3 months ago)
Maritza Suarez (3 months ago)
More clothing try on hauls pls! Love your videos and you are pretty much my measurements
Terry Coleman (3 months ago)
Iam going to find those sweaters and jeans tfs peace and love 💙
Cee Cee (3 months ago)
How about Amazon clothing/accessories?
Nely Calderon (3 months ago)
Great haul! I enjoy watching your videos!
T. A. Mccurdy (3 months ago)
Loving the flannel,great video❤
Michelle K (3 months ago)
Target fashion haul
Crafty Sher Cupcake (3 months ago)
Loved this haul!!! You have great taste and everything looked awesome on you! 😘💕
Darrelyn Kelley (3 months ago)
Love your Walmart hauls! You picked out some really cute clothes. I'm going to go check them out! Thank you for sharing!! Blessings to you!!
Lisa Brown (3 months ago)
Love this thank you and I did find the angel ornaments these are great videos
Robin S (3 months ago)
You look adorable in everything. I love the red buffalo check shirt but I would probably look like an axe murderer in it Lol
Julie Baker (3 months ago)
Go girl! Love your fashion haul. ❤️
Courtney Lyons (3 months ago)
Great haul. Everything looks great on you as always 😊
Bridget Barba (3 months ago)
I love the Wal-Mart haul. Do you keep all the clothes you buy ar Wal-Mart? I love Wal-Mart's clearance when I buy shirts a d shorts for a dollar each.
Mimi Butterfly (3 months ago)
Great haul! Everything looks great on you! Thank you for sharing 😊
S.S Flower (3 months ago)
WOW!!! I deff have to get the red flannel shirt, faux fur jacket, red cardigan and green jacket 😳😳😳 TFS! Yes I love these videos, totally helps being stylish on a budget 👍🏽 How about Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx/ Marshalls, Old Navy? Again thanks so much for these videos! 💕💕
Jade Stone (3 months ago)
You are a cute size! I love the red flannel! I have a hard time wearing sweaters. Too scratchy and too hot! I like the sweatshirt especially plum. I wear mine baggy! Hahahahaha. Nice cardigans. I might have to look around more when I go to Walmart. If I can find the men’s tees they will make great gifts. Great haul!
Jessica Planalp (3 months ago)
Love this deff will be buying some of this
Valerie D (3 months ago)
Love the camo pullover but cannot find it online. Did you purchase it recently? I think my store may be sold out! :(
Valerie D (3 months ago)
ChicOnTheCheap. I sure will! I appreciate your quick reply. I am new to your channel and love your DIY’s and haul videos. You are super talented! Look forward to your future videos. 😊
ChicOnTheCheap (3 months ago)
Hey Valerie! Yes I just bought it a few days ago, definitely go check another store if you can. It was in the juniors section.
JennyK (3 months ago)
Loved your last haul video so much so that I went to Walmart to get the camo Henley you were wearing and bought the floral one also. I haven't washed them yet but would be interested in hearing from you how well the clothes you purchased are doing after washing and wearing them. Have been watching your other videos as well and really enjoy your creative DIY videos. TFS!
ChicOnTheCheap (3 months ago)
Thanks so much Jenny! So I’m being extra cautious with my Walmart clothes, they get washed but not dried. I hang them to dry and so far, so good! Thanks so much for watching!
Home with Mrs. Colunga (3 months ago)
You made everything look good! I'm going to walmart, I wan't those jeans.
Robben Nest (3 months ago)
I think the dark grey bell sleeve top is my favorite. The red flannel is a close second. I love these haul videos just as much as your DIY’s. You have great style! 💕
Stephanie Rego (3 months ago)
I think an old navy and target haul would be great to see. I've been loving these hauls! I need to go and pick myself up some of these items!
Jenn Alvarez (3 months ago)
Yesss i agree!!!
My DIY Home (3 months ago)
Great finds! I want to try the jeans and your flannel!
T G (3 months ago)
I think the issue with the online price difference for the jeans is because you linked a different pair. The ones you bought have 4 buttons. The ones at the link only have 3 and they also have some kind of seam line between each button. Hope that helps.
T G (3 months ago)
No problem, you are very welcome.
ChicOnTheCheap (3 months ago)
Omg you are so right!! Thanks for telling me. I’m going to try to find the actual pair so I don’t link the wrong ones. Thanks so much for your help!!
Sharron Korensek (3 months ago)
You look great in everything.
Marley Angell (3 months ago)
Oh my goodness, I LOVE the first shirt you showed us.
Tanja Petties (3 months ago)
Hello Sarah Jane You made the first shirt yours with the front twist the red forsure brings out your blonde more.. Graffic t-shirts will never go out of style.. The faux fur jacket omg... 💖 i love love bell sleeves another clothing item made to stay around.. Wow the twist front grey sweater an item to dress up and down.. The hoody very nice.. Im addicted to knee length sweaters/ cardigans... Loving the colors of the costs.. Thank you for your haul time to go shopping Wal-Mart here i come.. Until next time enjoy your day Sincerely Tanja

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