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Fil-Am model, kasali sa Victoria's Secret fashion show

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Text Comments (10)
Reymel Amu (6 days ago)
Sana ma promote syang angel
Charles Maerk (6 days ago)
Proud filipinos commenting "proud filipino here" in 3.. 2.. 1..
Bad J Sarah (6 days ago)
Pinoy ako. Pero ky gigi hadid pa rin ako d best.
The One Gaming (6 days ago)
She’s my girlfriend
Lanie Salvacion (6 days ago)
Bagay din c maymay jan kkabugin kayo.
Lanie Salvacion (6 days ago)
+MusicIsEverything anong cnasabi mo.
MusicIsEverything (6 days ago)
kadiri hindi bawal iyakin dito
cara pix (6 days ago)
palaki muna xa hinaharap :-)
joace 718 (6 days ago)
Ang layo pa po..
Amazing Nadine (6 days ago)
Cnu sabi?

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