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Yamaha XJ 650 Seca Cafe Racer, Bratstyle Motorcycle Project, DIY (Do it yourself)

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My first motorcycle Cafe Racer project in my garage. Stock model was YAMAHA XJ 650 SECA RJ.
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jeep89ltd (9 days ago)
Awesome build. I have the same, 82 xj650rj. What rear shocks did you use? And how hard was it to rebuild the front forks, and where did you source parts from for the rebuild
Donatas Tamkevicius (9 days ago)
hi, it was hard to rebuild front forks because someone before did not install spacers to push out seal, so it was some tough job ;) some parts from ebay, some from www.bikeparts.lt
G I N G U I C E B O X (22 days ago)
Hey nice build man! Curious what front forks you have there? Are they from an xj 750? I want to throw disk brakes on the front of my project and I'm trying to find an easy front set to install
G I N G U I C E B O X (17 days ago)
+Donatas Tamkevicius cheers for the info mate!
Donatas Tamkevicius (17 days ago)
hi, thanks ;) I left original in front, but I rebuilded them and installed new ventilated discs
Dave Raco (4 months ago)
What year is that
Donatas Tamkevicius (4 months ago)
motorcycle built in 1983. Assembly process in 2016
Jovany Flores (9 months ago)
I have the same bike and I'm wondering where did you get the seat??
Donatas Tamkevicius (8 months ago)
Jovany Flores all the surface from 2mm. steel I made myself and all the 3d leather made my friend who has seat production company. "ASTO" company in Lithuania
Dustin Walters (9 months ago)
These bikes are already rare without chopping it and ruining it... Plenty of more common bike you could butcher for this
Jonj57 (5 months ago)
Bikes were built to be ridden and have fun on and mod, it's cool to restore them and I really like seeing that but it's not ruining a bike by any means to change it.
Donatas Tamkevicius (8 months ago)
rob136916 Its easy to build something from this bike ;) good luck!
rob136916 (8 months ago)
I'm thinking about bobbing a xj650t
Donatas Tamkevicius (9 months ago)
Dustin Walters its not rare. yamaha xj 650 seca turbo is rare and I never do project on similar rare bike :) if it will be rare after many years I can restore everything very easy... I have all stock parts. P.s. Sometimes you make or do things not for the profit or money... someday you will understand that :) peace
Sebastian Linares (9 months ago)
great job! I want to buy the 1985 xj750 model to start my proyect, would you recommend it?
Donatas Tamkevicius (9 months ago)
Sebastian Linares hello, I can say that you can make project from all of the bikes, but it depends how big is your imagination and how much money you want to spend ;) when I started project I wanted to have minimum 50kw of power. This stock model is cheap and has 53kw and also its easy to make beautifull project without huge investments... this was 2 years ago. This baby has turbo charger right now ;)
Ben Smithson (1 year ago)
Hey, real big fan of your work on this bike! I have some questions for you if you would be willing to answer? I wanna pick your brain about this build, I just bought this same bike.
tanny baig (3 months ago)
Donatas Tamkevicius Hi I would like to do a few jobs on different motorbikes . Would you be willing to do that? I can bring the bikes to you once we agreed to price. Thanks
Donatas Tamkevicius (1 year ago)
Ben Smithson tou can contact me on [email protected] email no problem
Ben Smithson (1 year ago)
Donatas Tamkevicius don’t have FB sorry man for the delayed response
Donatas Tamkevicius (1 year ago)
Donatas Tamkevicius (1 year ago)
Hello, very nice to hear that ;) You can contact me on fb https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=donatas%20tamkevicius

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