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Pak Pak Pakaak | Full Movie | Nana Patekar | Usha Nadkarni | Latest Marathi Movie

2672 ratings | 1550745 views
Pak Pak Pakaak | Full Movie | Nana Patekar | Usha Nadkarni | Latest Marathi Movie. Pak Pak Pakaak is a Marathi movie about a small naughty boy and a supposedly ghost living in a forest. The story is conceptualized by Sai Paranjpe and is very similar to her 2001 movie 'Bhaago Bhoot'. The story is of a parent-less little boy, chiklu who plays pranks on everybody in the village. His old grandmother is also fed up with his activities that she resorts to punish him now and then. The village is surrounded by a big forest which inhabits a ghost named as ?bhootya?. The villagers are afraid to venture into the forest alone in the fear that they will be harmed by bhootya. Bhootya is actually a herbal doctor living in isolation from the society. He has been wronged and his wife killed which makes him loose hope and trust in humanity.Chiklu while playing another prank on his teacher ventures into the jungle to find he facing Bhootya. After some confrontation, Chiklu and Bhootya accept each other. Bhootya teaches Chiklu to be good and Chiklu convinces him to come back to the society which he had shunned long back. Just as Chiklu changes, he understands the changing attitude of others toward him. He understands that earlier people who had cursed him were appreciative of his behaviour.The journey of Chiklu from being a naughty brat to a nice well-mannered boy is what constitutes the rest of the movie.In spite of having a small boy as a central character, it cannot be termed as a children's film. I would call it rather a fun film to be enjoyed by everybody. Subscribe to this channel and stay tuned: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToRajshriMarathi Regular Facebook Updates: http://www.facebook.com/rajshrimarathi Join Us On Google+ http://plus.google.com/+rajshrimarathi Join Us On Twitter: https://twitter.com/RajshriMarathi
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Text Comments (176)
Shubham Patil (9 days ago)
Nana your great
Karn Giram (9 days ago)
Ramesh Saskin (15 days ago)
love you
Ramesh Saskin (15 days ago)
pagen mekartho. 96597553980
ab cd (20 days ago)
Book_Lover MK (22 days ago)
खरंच नाना म्हणजे just Superbbb actor👌👌👌👌
Book_Lover MK (22 days ago)
अप्रतिम फिल्म👌👌
Ganesh Lad (27 days ago)
Santosh Powar (1 month ago)
Eknath Pund (1 month ago)
khupch quir
Uddhav Bende (1 month ago)
खुपच छान
Ganesh Shelke (1 month ago)
Zakas Nana g
sarang pathak (1 month ago)
IT I (T It1, 4 4 4 4it K t \ F k
Padmaja Patil (1 month ago)
Nice movie
GOVIND SUNKALWAR (1 month ago)
bala nayak (1 month ago)
Meaning full flim best of flim, s 😍😘😘
Nitin Gaikwad (1 month ago)
owsoom movie
Bharat Pawar (1 month ago)
Shekhar Pawar (1 month ago)
Nice movie
Tukaram Bagal (2 months ago)
Vire good chekalu
Kavita Madame (2 months ago)
Amazing nana ji
Rohit Birute (2 months ago)
1ch no
Pankaj Patil (2 months ago)
Nadach kula
Pankaj Patil (2 months ago)
Guruji chadit
shubham karad (2 months ago)
nice move
Shankar Patole (2 months ago)
Nana is great
Raju Jadhao (2 months ago)
jay sevalal
Mahesh Jadhav (2 months ago)
Hurt❤ touching movie👌👌 nana tumchy bhumi kela salam🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Mahesh Jadhav (2 months ago)
My favorite movie 😍❤
Mahesh Jadhav (2 months ago)
I love you❤ movie 😘 nana is very best actor ❤ awesome
Avinash Kamble (2 months ago)
Nice pak pak pakakak
Shraddha Patekar (2 months ago)
I love chiklu....... Nana patekar ur best n best love...... 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Navneet Sonawane (2 months ago)
Nana tumchya bhumikela todcha nahi
Pankaj Patil (3 months ago)
Hard working nana patekar
Saurabh Helge (3 months ago)
I like it marathi movie.
sunil chavan (3 months ago)
Super movie and so nice chote chutkule
Vilas Chandravanshi (3 months ago)
no. 1 movie
Vilas Chandravanshi (3 months ago)
super super super
Vilas Chandravanshi (3 months ago)
super movie zakas aihe
Kishor Gavale (3 months ago)
My fev movie
Kiran Doddamani (2 months ago)
Kishor Gavale prabhu
SACHIN NARHARE (4 months ago)
this move is very good
Makarand Shendkar (4 months ago)
Best actor great story Oscar winner
Gahininath Bhandarkar (4 months ago)
Nice movie
Rakhi Ingole (4 months ago)
Nitin Magar (4 months ago)
Nitin Magar (4 months ago)
Nitin Magar (4 months ago)
Datta Yewale (4 months ago)
Aditya Nikam (4 months ago)
Ravi Pimpre (5 months ago)
Swapnil Zanke (5 months ago)
Shikshanachya Aai Cha gho taka
smruti bhave (5 months ago)
kasi vishva (5 months ago)
shantanu sonawane (5 months ago)
SA electronic project (5 months ago)
Nice movie
👍 👍
Amit Dongare (5 months ago)
Dhudgus Marathi film upload kara.
Akash Suryawanshi (6 months ago)
Ekdum mast movie 😍
Vanita Vane (6 months ago)
Sameer P (1 month ago)
Rameshwar Mate. (6 months ago)
रामेशवर मा मते
Pankaj Pankaj (6 months ago)
Masttt movie
Vijay Gholap (6 months ago)
Dipem Malviya (6 months ago)
love you Nana sir
Popat Mete (7 months ago)
Ayussh Zawar (7 months ago)
nitin shelar (7 months ago)
Bhoir's Handicrafts (7 months ago)
Aditya Aditya (7 months ago)
लय भारी....... एक नंबर
dnyneshwar Gaikwad (7 months ago)
खुपच छान सिनेमा आहे
DATTATRAY KUMAVAT (7 months ago)
Please upload "dashakriya"moovie
Sonali Valsangkar (8 months ago)
Nice movie😬😠😠
Digambar Yesane (8 months ago)
Bhagirath Ghagare (8 months ago)
RAHUL MO.NO. 8286581112
Mohini Kusekar (5 months ago)
Bhagirath Ghagare
Anil Jaybhaye (9 months ago)
Best movie
Pranaya Patil (9 months ago)
One of the best film ever
AkashyDaDa Patil (30 days ago)
Akshay DaDa you Love
mass nikose. (1 month ago)
कतरपलकककलषतटस ययसवचषकचकचटचययटटचज
Siddharth Waghmare (1 month ago)
Pranaya Patil Z
Dada Shelke (3 months ago)
V. Dtshashibhushhan
saniya Telugu (10 months ago)
Nice work
S. V. (10 months ago)
Altaf Shaikh (10 months ago)
De dhakka movie no availeble
priya patil (11 months ago)
Dilip Chaudhari (11 months ago)
maherchi Sadi movie upload kra plz
Samadhan 9370852518 (2 months ago)
Dilip Chaudhari उउ
Chandrakant Athawle (11 months ago)
Veer Scindia (11 months ago)
Vah...kya baat hai .pak pak pakak
AkashyDaDa Patil (30 days ago)
Akshay DaDa you 😍
Travel Time (1 year ago)
no 1 movie
Prashant Chorge (1 year ago)
खुप छान
Ankush Dhage (8 months ago)
Prashant Chorge उ
Priyanka Gondil (1 year ago)
3rd axis (1 year ago)
Jagdish Singh (1 year ago)
ranjit munde (9 months ago)
SANKET GHADAGE (1 year ago)
1 nomber
Amol Bhande (1 year ago)
rk rkh (3 months ago)
Amol Bhande
Nilima Gaikwad (1 year ago)
Master (1 year ago)
nice film
Sharmin Sultana (1 year ago)
I really like this movie 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Fayyaz Ali (1 year ago)
Very nice movie
anu3798 (1 year ago)
This masterpiece should be remade in bollywood.. Nice movie..
Bhushan Patil (1 year ago)
chikhalu good
Dnyaneshwar Sadgir (1 year ago)
1 number
Padmakar More (1 year ago)
awesome movie i luv this movie
Sudhir Kalkutki (3 months ago)
Padmakar More m9
Raja Dayare (1 year ago)
hats 👍👍👍👍👍
deepika jethwa (1 year ago)
Raja Dayare gguuuiiuiiijjiiiijññnñjjbbbjjjjjjnjnjjknjijjjjjhhhgbhjjjmjmmbvbjbbnkkķppppòooooòopplllpllkkkkollkmnnn nnnnmmmvnjbvğ W6 6UMNVyikll
Raja Dayare (1 year ago)
maahol picture
Balaram Jadhav (10 months ago)
Raja Dayare थ
rushi pakhare (1 year ago)
1 number
Tirmaldar Satish (5 months ago)
rushi pakhare are gtgd5 to
Rameshwar Bobade (1 year ago)
Nik Jr (6 months ago)
Bhitya nhi re bhutya... Chutiya
Kavstubh Varagde (1 year ago)
pradnya jadhav (1 year ago)
nana lai bhari acting.

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