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Click HERE FOR DEALS on a ZWILLING J.A HENCKELS Chef's Knife https://brandmade.tv/product/zwilling-j-a-henckels/ How a ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS Knife is made! BRANDMADE.TV The key to looking sharp in the kitchen is a knife that stays sharp. The Zwilling/Henckels TWIN 1731 Knife Collection provides the essentials for any chef, but how are these tools of the trade made? ----------------------------------------­------------------------ BrandmadeTV posts several videos a day, subscribe for more! Follow BrandmadeTV: MAIN CHANNEL: http://bit.ly/BrandmadeTV FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/Brandmade.TV TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/brandmadetv WEBSITE: http://brandmade.tv INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/brandmade.tv SNAPCHAT: brandmade.tv ----------------------------------------­------------------------ How a Henckels chef's knife is designed and made. Look shark, stay sharp in the kitchen. Knives by ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS are timeless classics that have the power to fascinate people over generations. For the last 275 years they have been the result of passion, knowledge and experience. The constant quest for innovation has inspired ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS to take another step into the future and commission the internationally acclaimed architect and designer Matteo Thun with this new development - the TWIN 1731 Knife Collection. Designed in Italy and fabricated at the famous Solingen knife-making factory in Germany, the Henckels TWIN 1731 is an instant classic. ----------------------------------------­------------------------ If you see this, type "ONLY THE BEST BRANDS!" in the comments - and please LIKE/FAV! ----------------------------------------­------------------------ BrandmadeTV - How a Zwilling/Henckels Knife is made! © BrandmadeTV 2015 This format and title of this program is protected under Copyright and Trademark Law and may not be emulated or re-created in any way without express consent in any territory worldwide.
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Ron Cannoles (1 day ago)
Isambardify (13 days ago)
"There are only three people in this factory who can do this very nicely... and 1500 who really need to go on a training day or something."
Wong Elfski (18 days ago)
John Jeffry (1 month ago)
That Handle Look like any $1 dollar Knife
Dan Van Hoose (1 month ago)
Hand made by robots.blacksmiths can hammer out way better quality.overpriced junk.
Ron Stash (1 month ago)
Bought my first Japanese handmade knife. Beautiful. I've had Henckels all my life and treated them like . . . a kitchen knife. This Japanese blade is too nice to toss around and so damned sharp I cut my thumb three times in fifteen minutes and my other thumb the next day. Didn't even know I cut myself until my mother-in-law spotted the blood shooting out. The women in my family won't touch the Japanese knife at all. They go back to the Henckels and won't let me sharpen it on the whetstones I bought for the Japanese knife. I think both can be as sharp with proper sharpening techniques, but the Japanese knife draws me to it, makes me baby it. I wash it after using, dry it, and hang it up. I just stick the Henckels into the wooden holder along with the other knives. The guy is kind of right when he talks about an emotional component to a fine knife. When I bring out the Japanese knife, I'm a serious cook ready to do some damage.
zuilok (8 days ago)
So true, if you cut yourself with a really good/sharp knife you usually notice the blood before the pain. I also just bought my first propper japanese chefs knife and I cant wait to test it out.
Terry Tytula (2 months ago)
Both these guy's make me physical ill . (my bullshit tolerance isn't what it use to be)
Nicholas Dias (2 months ago)
Chou Ly (2 months ago)
Is there a copy right that this knife should n't made longer than 8" to 10" or 12" and heaver.....thicker for weigh for chopping.
hogensan (2 months ago)
Double man are now made in Spain.
Layput (2 months ago)
If you can defend yourself, that is a good knife. Otherwise, buying a severely inflated knife is just a waste of money.
steve b (2 months ago)
"sharpened daily" come again?
榴芒 (2 months ago)
Victor Dulerain (2 months ago)
the design aspect aside, i've used henckels' knives since the 80's. they stink on ice (pun intended.) the composite handled ones are near impossible to sharpen, and do not hold their edge. in a restaurant environment that spells disaster. solingen (german) steel is my favorite, you'll do a universe better with wusthof. although no longer produced, if you can get your hands on the wusthof "grand prix" series knives, you will know what a truly good knife is. beautifully balanced, razor sharp, easy to hone, ergonomic. to be fair, henckels' wood handled knives are good too. good balance, stay sharp, easy to hone. i don't like gimmicks. henckels has a lot to prove and improve.
Victor Dulerain (4 hours ago)
+Wthie Ribabt , whatever works for you is the best. hayeva, i would caution against using a chef's knife in place of a cleaver, boning knife, or toothpick!...just kidding. the point is, the right tool for a particular purpose is always the best approach...and safest. happy cooking!
Wthie Ribabt (5 days ago)
I love my Wusthof 6 inch Chef's knife; it's seen daily use for 7 years and is still going strong. With some practice, I've found I can replace just about every other cutting tool in my kitchen with that one knife.
scott left (2 months ago)
pretencious crap....the brand is very old....i still have one from the 70's and looks the same....vittorinox make the thinest sharpest steel knives though.
John Cena (2 months ago)
they put so much hype into this thing as if it were decended from heavens...
Denfktinso Noyb (3 months ago)
They might make good cutlery, but their non stick cookware is total trash. I'm surprised they haven't been indicted for outright fraud.
Chris Galea (3 months ago)
Whether you are eating alone or entertaining guests, your cooked meats deserve to have high quality J.A. Henckels steak knives. http://premiumgrills.com/j-a-henckels-steak-knives/
John Smith (3 months ago)
I bought a set Henkels 13 years ago. Tips are broke off and they have seen better days but they are still sharp as hell and I love them. I will buy another set when I upgrade.
HungQDang (3 months ago)
let watch how they make knives that I would never buy because I'm bored.
jaw baw (3 months ago)
I would not have guessed that the tang was welded onto the blade. Also many good craftsmen replaced by robots, but that is the future.
3rdworldtraveler (3 months ago)
its a fucking knife not art
happy joe (3 months ago)
Hmmm...not sure bout that - sure they talk a lot of bullshit, That's just the annoying sales pitch. but if you don't put a bit of art into what you make then pretty much everything ends up a box Say like soviet era cars
Chris Galea (3 months ago)
camping buddy (4 months ago)
Appears as if we have some knife envy here. You almost always get what you pay for. For example you can buy a $20.00 Ontario or a $200.00 Henckels...which one do you think your grandchildren will still be using and thankful that grandma/grandpa invested in a quality knife. This applies to knives, automobiles, homes, watches...you name it.
T38 Talon (4 months ago)
Great comment at 7:15... Nice knife. At $450 it better be! Love the 1 piece wood handle. If I'd change anything, I'd detune the bill board on the side. Put the company below the twins on the top, wrapped around and just a smaller 1731 on the side. Maybe rotate it 90 degrees so it can be read while hanging on the wall... The knife will speak for its-self... IMHO...
C Dubs (4 months ago)
Ive had a nice Henckel kitchen knife for about 10 years. Its a good knife. Its balanced well, feels good in my hand. The only issue, it wont stay sharp for long. I recently bought a set of Japanese knives. All 3 were hand made in a small shop in Japan. The smith is an actual sword maker who also makes kitchen knives. The knives are by far, the best I've ever used. I also spent less than Henckel and got 3 specialty, hand forged knives by a master Katana smith. They are not expertly designed for looks and precision. They look like black iron with an edge, but what an edge. Sharpened with a wetstone and its a razor. I cleaned a Salmon like it was jello. Secondly, why does ths Henckels guy keep saying the knives are "Forged"... then they show the knife being stamped out of a blank. Thats not a "forged" knife! Its a stamped blade that was apparantly designed by Italy's GREATEST designer, who just designed the exact kitchen knife already in 1 billion kitchens.
camping buddy (3 months ago)
Dropped forged/ hammer forged...hand forged, the hand forged blade actually is more likely to contain flaws (inclusions, poor temperature control, over-worked steel, etc) than the mechanically forged blades. Again, you get what you pay for, and low paid labour usually equates to low quality product. Ask any professional in the restaurant business (who usually have to buy their own knives), what kind of knife they prefer and the answer is always the best that they can afford...not the best deal on an economy blade. The "experts" are out in force in this comment section, but beware of kitchen warriors giving advice on their limited knowledge.
T38 Talon (4 months ago)
It's a 30 ton hammer forge. Go to 2:45. The hammer forge does the stamp and 30 ton 'forge' at the same time. Then it comes down a 2nd time before the knife is pulled...
Yaren Red (4 months ago)
Zwilling hasnt updated their designs
kam spork (4 months ago)
kam spork (4 months ago)
What a pine of bullshit
Bret Matt (4 months ago)
Marketing strategy....why do you need to collaborate with the italian designer....what is important is the quality of the knife....no matter what it looks.
개국탕서 (4 months ago)
어디서 파는지 알러주세요
anonymous (5 months ago)
But can u eat those knifes?
TAN TAN (5 months ago)
I am concerned that the handle is just glued in. This will not be durable at all. Wood will deteriorate easily.
kristoffer3000 (4 months ago)
Modern glues are incredibly durable and wood doesn't deteriorate quickly unless you do something stupid like soak it for a few days.
Graph Guy (5 months ago)
The best knife? The one you make yourself.
HoutmeyersP (5 months ago)
Special design , special spacecraft steel blablabla....chef or cook or kitchenknifes allready exist for a long time. Like they are presenting this product it seems they did something extraordinary.or even reinvented this.....they did not. Its a stainless blade and an ebony handle period.
Sudo Nym (5 months ago)
Okay for $10.
Londinium Armoury (5 months ago)
Robots will destroy the beautiful craft of bladesmithing.
scdevon (5 months ago)
4 years of development for a chef's knife? I enjoy a good knife in the kitchen too, but come on. Full of yourselves much?
Davebow Hol (6 months ago)
Bought a large "French Chefs" by J.A.Henckels about 35 years ago. Great knife.
Andrei Lyubivy (6 months ago)
a lot of “ talk” - feels like a pure Adv .. no more .
Pedantic Pete (6 months ago)
If you have a physical balance .. you have an emotional balance ... 4:00 ... what BS. Is he making it up as he goes? Lol
Matthew M (1 month ago)
Yeah well I can tell he's probably a accomplished industrial designer but doesn't know scrap about knives or designing knives. They probably just brought him in as a gimmick and for marketing so they could put a famous name on it. The balance point shouldn't even always be at the center like that, like some think, but should be adjusted depending on the type and purpose of the knife. Simply put more forward for a chopping type knife and back more for a carving/slicing type knife. But people have to eat and make money. There's most always a compromise between making a good quality product and making a profitable one.
oh0stv (1 month ago)
he is italian ...
Serge Letunovskiy (7 months ago)
I sharpened a JA Henckels knife in this video, improving it's cutting ability ten-fold! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ub6LNVkipI
Bob Vermeulen (7 months ago)
this knife is more than 300 euro's.....
A.G. Martinez (7 months ago)
Form follows function then you dont need a goddamn designer that thinks theyre something
Rick S (7 months ago)
I have 2 steak knives that broke in half...
Nic Tanghe (7 months ago)
Man this dude's explanation of good design is horrable.
Ronnie Baga (7 months ago)
Germany made in China. Right.
Dirk Heck (7 months ago)
Made in China now
torpss (7 months ago)
Is that tang welded on? Kindly looks like it behind the bolster after the stamping part..
David Kosh (8 months ago)
I still use my 4 Star. After 15 years they still are great
Yaseen Kutbi (8 months ago)
Not a fan of the handle shape. I prefer round handles.
Pancake Lizard (8 months ago)
I use victorinox
DonQui (8 months ago)
Wouldn't be the first time the Germans and Italians collaborated...
daAnder71 (8 months ago)
DonQui Right, take e.g. the BMW M1 sports car from the late 70s. German build, Italian design (G. Giugiaro) - gorgeous car!
PastorOfMuppets (8 months ago)
Dude talks like every sentence is a goddamn question
João Pedro Rabelo (9 months ago)
The best tool is the one you have The best knife is the sharp kind
Bladesmith#Q (9 months ago)
The prettiest Knife in the kitchen is only as good as how long the sharpened edge last for .
Marcus Aurelius (9 months ago)
stamped knives. architect as a designer, not a chef. wtf does that guy know about knives? he needs balance “for emotions”. that idiot never ever cooked anything
daAnder71 (8 months ago)
Marcus Aurelius 1. it‘s definitely not stamped. 2. How do you know that guy “never cooked“?
Ciobanu George (9 months ago)
I get it, it`s a good knife, but 4 years to design a knife? What the hell is that, a car?!
TheVryfst (9 months ago)
4yrs of bullshitting your boss? Show me how you did that! You didn't redesign anything that took 4 years.
Fred (9 months ago)
Love it
Not really forge just die cut cuz hardness of the steel is heated . A truly forge knife if is forge into shape not cut from a huge blank and a lot of waisted material . False truth overpriced just for a trademark name . A inexpensive knife is much same process not much difference
Pawel Kapica (10 months ago)
450 Euros for a machine made knife? marketing BS. its not even hand crafted, its made from blanks...
Venci Kirov (10 months ago)
Fancy fagets
jfan4reva (10 months ago)
I almost bought one of their boning knives, but didn't when I read 'made in China' on the blade. Probably still a very good (relatively inexpensive) knife, but from what I've seen of Chinese metalworking, I think I'll pass.
Zyx (9 months ago)
Real Zwillings are German or Japanese (depending on lines). In the US they have a cheaper line which is made in China. I would guess the one you looked at was at most $30-40
Tony (10 months ago)
daAnder71 (10 months ago)
Tony Less than 300, requires some research, though.
RottenRroses (11 months ago)
It's a bloody knife. People have known how to sharpen bars of metal for thousands of years. Get over yourselves!
Krawurxus (10 months ago)
Counterpoint: Some people are into collecting and maintaining their collection of pretty hand made or brand name knives, especially if they are using them a lot. And if you're someone who likes to cook and has the money to drop on one or a whole set of these it's something to take some pride in - especially when they work really well, are comfortable to hold and use, are nice and sharp and have great edge retention. And knife making is not just about somehow putting an edge on whatever piece of steel you have lying around. The metallurgy and heat treatment of a knife are well over half the deal, so if the manufacturer is obsessing over the development a bit that's a good sign. Especially if they are deciding how this series of knives is going to be produced for the next decade or two. Can't blame someone for being passionate when they're being asked to explain on camera on what they do for a living.
R Sanchez (11 months ago)
Mu entire kitchen set are Henckels with the "Professional S" handle. I can ask for no better.
volcano hi (11 months ago)
Why would a knife "engineer" be surprised at the concept of balance? And who makes the blanks for the so called knife makers? Im selling off all german knives and sticking with Japan. There isnt a single knifemaker in that soulless factory.
Zymphad (11 months ago)
yeah.. That's what I look for in a knife, designed by an architect. LULZ, is this a joke? A knife made for cosmetic looks? Please keep these overpriced bookshelf decorations in Germany, don't export them here. And most definitely, keep Italian architects away from my knives.
daAnder71 (10 months ago)
Zymphad Before industrial design became its own subject, many designers were trained as architects. They still share many classes, not only art history but also material science and the like. So having an architect designing your knives per se is not the worst choice.
Armani Nguon (11 months ago)
The only knife i use in the kitchen is the Kitchen Zwilling henckals chef knife 8 inches good balance, great fill, bloody sharp, and its something that i can say it will outlast me since ive been using it for the past 10 years
daAnder71 (10 months ago)
Armani Nguon “henckals“. This video allone shows at least 10 times how it‘s spelled correctly. You just need to fuckin‘ copy it (i.e. use the very same letters that are right in front of you), man!
JustAMessenger (11 months ago)
It’s Mr. Puzzle in the flesh!!!!
praetorx ian (9 months ago)
JustAMessenger @3:50. Physical balance = emotional balance? Just cut onions you Italian beta-faggot.
Bob Smith (11 months ago)
Total marketing wank.
Set Phasers To Stun (11 months ago)
Guns for show knives for a pro.
Phi (1 year ago)
Blah blah...
TheRedfame (1 year ago)
fuck these accents and this kniiiiv
Ben Santaguida (1 year ago)
In the end it's just a got damn knife! thank you. The chef has left the building.
MrWalker1000 (1 year ago)
all the stupid weebs commenting on here. Different cousines and culture require different considerations. They are both good at different things and have their advantages/disavatanges. REPLY
john,royston Lawrence (1 year ago)
To posh. not a cooks knife. Wooden handles are old fashioned and unhygenic.
Zyx (9 months ago)
How is wooden handle unhygienic? A wooden cutting board is far more hygienic than a plastic one, because in wood the bacteria goes down and dies. Some wood is antibacterial, plastic isn't. Don't use glass or stone as it ruins your knife.
daAnder71 (10 months ago)
john,royston Lawrence Ridiculous - just depends on the right choice of wood and proper craftsmanship.
Marko Stojanovic (1 year ago)
This is how you make a knife, not this factory BS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng47iSMPAEU
bandd1 (1 year ago)
i did not like this italian duude. It a knife for god 's sake
Hard Stuck Silver (1 year ago)
Only around $400 for this knife...
ieatgodmeat (1 year ago)
I prefer handmade knives.
TheLovie999 (1 year ago)
He is a top manager of the company..and his English is so shitty. Sad.
behrnik (10 months ago)
How's your Italian?
paraiks (1 year ago)
Don't look, don't look. BUTT CHIN!
Joey Lee (1 year ago)
Love the last part. XD
ChefGiovanni (1 year ago)
Chefs agree that the handle design, edge holding, chip resistance, sharpen-ability are all very important. Price is also a consideration. You usually get what you pay for , the more you spend the better the knife. German and Japanese knives are the best. Some great ones are here ; http://chefdepot.com/cutlery.htm
DodgeCity111 (1 year ago)
That designer is full of mad dog shite.
Abriel Reyhan (1 year ago)
Kayu makassar, indonesia
DrewTheAwsom (1 year ago)
balancing it on your finger only applies to throwing knifes lol
Birdman PB (1 year ago)
This brand of knives got a shoutout from Gordon Ramsay in a February 2017 youtube video, he said they are the knives he uses
Peter Goossens (1 year ago)
the engineers were surprised to see some one balance a knife?? where did those guys come from? lesson one of a proper kitchen knife. the blade is balanced as well as possible to the handle. otherwise it's a rubbish knife
Hallucinogenichusky (1 year ago)
i call bullshit, its just a knife, sure made of superior carbons, but still a generic knife style, fucking forign knife makers overreping how its made..come on mate..
kalle kanin (1 year ago)
so its made like all other knives? lol morons
D Clayton (1 year ago)
I saw a Zwilling Henckel chef knife in a store today and on the blade was stamped "made in China". I kid you not.
daAnder71 (8 months ago)
Then it’s a “Zwilling International“ (with the “single twin“ logo), these are made in Spain and in China.
Jame Gumb (1 year ago)
D Clayton They let anyone use the name. For a fee, of course. Much like Sabatier. But iirc the knife you speak of can only show Henckel not Zwilling. Or the other way around. But Henckel Zwilling, the full name, is reserved for the actual German knives.
littlestucky1 (1 year ago)
Good knives but packaged in a lot of jewish crap.
YouStupidBunny (1 year ago)
That was disappointing to see so much automation in the Henckel factory.
Bob White (1 year ago)
There on sale at Walmart .
Aryan Desai (6 months ago)
Anton Bouchette lol
Anton Bouchette (11 months ago)
Try "they're", fucking illiterate.
Kixx Navida (1 year ago)
"it was designed by a designer" 😁😁😁
Angel Urena (1 year ago)
it took four years to make a knife!? LOL!

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