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How to Dress When You're Thick Around the Middle : How to Dress for Your Body

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Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Ehowbeauty Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/Ehowbeauty Being "thick around the middle" means that your bust, your hips and your waist are all around the same width. Learn how to dress when you're thick around the middle with help from an image expert, author and speaker in this free video clip. Expert: Sarah Shah Bio: Sarah Shah is an image and TV expert, author and speaker. Filmmaker: Curtis Leitko Series Description: Your natural body type needs to be firmly considered when deciding what to wear and how to wear it. Get tips on how to properly and comfortably dress for your body with help from an image expert, author and speaker in this free video series.
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Text Comments (398)
Carmen M. (2 months ago)
Your model wasn't "thick around the middle"
Minnie (2 months ago)
I want to see Sarah Shaw wear those clothes and look good in them. Of course the skinny model looks good.
Nenita Tacusalme (3 months ago)
Your model doesn’t have problem with her shape???
linda (3 months ago)
What the heck? .... a lady who herself is notttttt fuller on her body do you use as a " model"! U should have used a curvy lady
poppy4me1 (4 months ago)
no good using a slim model , why dont you demonstrate what you are advising? you are thick in the middle and you could help us more
Frances G (4 months ago)
If you think Paige is thick around the middle, your dillusional. YOU are thick around the middle and are in no way qualified to give fashion advice.
Starr Miller (4 months ago)
How can you disillusion people like that? Wrong
Starr Miller (4 months ago)
Sorry but page isn't big in the middle!
Sonia Martin (4 months ago)
Thank you but I was not impressed by having a small size model demonstrating how to dress to make for example size 18 women middle smaller. This was such a joke.
michael littlejohn (4 months ago)
Next time use a model that's thick in the waist so we can tell what you're talking about ,you would have been perfect for the job , please stop using these skinny models for thick girls clothing ,use a thick girl .ijs and get your point across better , because I couldn't tell anything on this model she had no waist .🤔🤔🤔
C B (4 months ago)
Meanwhile, the presenter is thick in the middle and what she's wearing doesn't flatter her mid section.
Pat Miller (4 months ago)
Show me a real big women and then do it
Fearless Of Freedom (4 months ago)
Horrible video.. I thought that you were the model... your body was perfect for that explanation..Tray to make your thick body skinny with your explanation
Lisa Musser (4 months ago)
The model is far from thick around the middle. You should have been the model for this ..
Tina Thompson (4 months ago)
Great ideas but I would have like to have seen Sarah Shaw modeling as she really had the shape she was dressing the other model for, the other model was very tiny and and thin.
Alicia Valadez (5 months ago)
Well your model is not big, she will look good with what ever xhe weares
Gladys Fonteno (5 months ago)
I would have liked to have seen you in the clothes. She has a waist.
R J (5 months ago)
How about you use your self as a model coz i have a body like you.
eliz donovan (5 months ago)
So why (if she’s an image expert) is she (presenter) dressed the way she is? And, I’m thick around the middle as she puts it. Makes me think that the clothes she is suggesting to us are either uncomfortable or not practical in some way. ☘️🙂🌲
April Himes (5 months ago)
come on with your size 2 model makes this video bs
Aries 31 (5 months ago)
Sheila Yeates (5 months ago)
This model was not thick around the middle. You were the perfect person to show us these tips. You weren’t wearing any of those things. This wasn’t helpful at all. :(. Very disappointing
Kerri Jones (5 months ago)
How about using real people as in bigger to show how much it makes a difference.....20..22..sizez
Liz Edwards (5 months ago)
She was not thick in the middle, what a total joke!
Santa Bracero (5 months ago)
Why not you model the clothes your round on the middle😒😔
Kathy -ann Nizeti (5 months ago)
Not being unmanned but the model that you have used not suitable for this clip you should of got a plus size models for this clip
Jayne Isabelle (5 months ago)
The model wasn't thick around the middle at all. I'd have been much more impressed if she had used a plus size model that was Apple shaped and big around the middle
RozanneMiller (5 months ago)
Paige isn't thick around the middle. The presenter is, and she should have demonstrated those clothes. The clothes the presenter was wearing went against the rules she was advocating we follow.
Divine Angelic (5 months ago)
Hi I've tried the empire style and my tummy looked even bigger. I wear darker colors with some print long sleeves to three quarter And knee length
Burnt Toast (5 months ago)
Paige is not thick around the middle...
Vita History (5 months ago)
We all agree wrong model who is not thick around the middle and video would've had more promise if Sarah demonstrated on herself as she's thick around the middle.
janet rominger (5 months ago)
the model that you used in this presentation was not a heavy set person. I would have liked this using a heavy set person that had a belly on her.
June Manchek-Smith (5 months ago)
You made more sense about hiding our “middle” then the last four you tubes I just watched. Thank you.
Leah Brown (5 months ago)
ehowbeauty why aren't you modeling the clothes your more my body type than she is. I don't see anything that she has to hide. Paige is more thin than thick. S by her modeling I really can't see how I could look in some of these clothes because I'm a think lady not a thin one.
Sue Tagliaferro (5 months ago)
The presenter has a thick around the middle body NOT the model. 😤😤
Susan Hahs (6 months ago)
Yes stupid video !!!
Rosemarie Jenkins (6 months ago)
Gosh I was excited to watch this video then she brings out this thin chick. She should have been the model. I'm beyond irritated people using thin models to help fat chicks dress.🤔😖😤
Lucy Mangion (7 months ago)
Bring a real chubby model. One with a real chubby tummy !!! Then show me
Wanda Dunn (7 months ago)
Someone with your body shape should be modeling. The model you have is all wrong and it is insulting that you did this.
Helen Reidt (7 months ago)
Rubbish !! If you are going to do these things, BE TRUE !! The model is not straight up and down, she has a lovely figure.
Denise Carpenter (7 months ago)
The model's body is tiny. She is not thick around the middle. Do this again with a plus size woman.
Pluscelamemechose (7 months ago)
Love the dress.
Pluscelamemechose (7 months ago)
Love the dress.
Dhriti Chudasama (7 months ago)
you should have demonstrated on yourself dear.
Vivian Taylor-Kalinowski (7 months ago)
This description for thick around the middle would be best modeled by someone, like you. This was not what I was hoping to see. 1 out of 10 , 1 being the worst.........you get a 1
Loraine Guevara (7 months ago)
Wrong model!!
Cheron Cousins (7 months ago)
Try dressing someone with an actual thick middle jeez
Lisa Mounts (7 months ago)
Im with most the comments redo video with a women that is cubby around the middle not a skinny women.
GetVictd (7 months ago)
Model too small... Unless the illusion is working lol...nah she skinny forget it
Sarah Hoskins (7 months ago)
Waste of time . Model is slim.
maniksha patel (7 months ago)
Dear Sara you should have model as you are the perfect candidate for most bigger waist type.
Eva Hargis (8 months ago)
I wish you had used a model who actually WAS thick around the middle. I am slim with a little belly since menopause. You could use me as a model and it would be more effective.
Carole Flack (8 months ago)
keepin it real. Thanks :)
Judith Berman (8 months ago)
Sarah, I like your suggestions but like others, I think that you should do the modelling as Paige has a waist. I also want to say that women don't HAVE to be hourglass shaped. That is only one shape women have, and it is not the only way.
Thecatspajamas891 (8 months ago)
Oh please. Peplum never looks good if you already have a thick middle.
Claire Adams (8 months ago)
All the comments that’s been said, say exactly what I would have said. It made me angry as she didn’t show a thick around the middle in other words (apple shape) dressed and proved nothing. Either she knows nothing or she too scared of the criticism she may have got. But she’s now got criticised worse for what model she did use and proved nothing. It’s a fake tutorial.
cwb0051 (8 months ago)
this model woman Is Slim though...
Real Deal (8 months ago)
Please use a peraon with a big belly page is small no clue but thanks for nothing....
Yarn Needles & Life (8 months ago)
Sarah you should have been the model. I have the same body type as you and so far I haven't found a way to disguise my waist. Page is totally the wrong model . She hasn't aounce offatnor aweight nor waist line issue.
Stacy (8 months ago)
I agree with the other comments in this video. My shape is like the woman speaking, not the model!! I thought I would learn something from this.....ugh.....The woman speaking should have been the model!
Angie S (8 months ago)
So... Why is she not modeling the clothes??
Valerie Paulsen (8 months ago)
I thought that was great. Thank you.
rashida7777 (8 months ago)
Bet Page is tired as h*ll going back and forth.
Kara Arena (8 months ago)
What about it u have an hour glass figure but still have a mummy tummy?
Razrai 2014 (8 months ago)
If that lady is an apple shaped, then you are probably a what?
sojournerhouse (8 months ago)
The model does not have thick waist. Unfortunate.
kdmil2002 (8 months ago)
Huh?  The model is not "thick around the middle."  She has a defined waist, which means she can wear clothes that a woman with a large belly cannot wear.  Now, the clothes you have on, a pleated full top and a sweater are more what a woman with a full middle needs to wear.  I can tell you, from my own experience, that hiding a belly is almost impossible.  The only way you can do it is to wear clothes that are like tents.  Basically you have to wear full fitting tops like maternity tops.  it becomes very difficult to even wear a dress.  Shopping has become a very traumatic experience for me.  The only upside is that women usually decide to lose the weight when they can no longer find clothes that make them feel good.
Dawn Robinson (8 months ago)
Why is she not taking her own advice
Brenda T (8 months ago)
Why didn't you dress yourself up skinny? You look as if you're wearing a mumu dress.
Vicki Schlobohm (8 months ago)
What do you have a model for? you should be modeling it not her, she has a middle
KatsView (8 months ago)
Don't use a model that isn't THICK around the middle for your model!!! This is deceiving...you , the presenter should have tried on the clothes. Terrible video for the subject, and a waste of my time.
Noel Nguemmogne (8 months ago)
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June Steuterman (8 months ago)
The model was not thick around the middle.....
Bubblybabs L (8 months ago)
You are thick. The model isn’t.
speech less (8 months ago)
Models skinny
patricia chandler (8 months ago)
So why don't you use a model that looks like you, Host? You used a woman who does not have a thick waist
Valerie Hertzog (8 months ago)
Not impressed... needed different model
Tina McBride (9 months ago)
I was all excited to see these clothes and then you brought the skinny model out. Not a good job done.
Bayar Gelenkhuu (9 months ago)
Page has beautiful figure and Sarah had to model herself so it could be helpful to other women.
Davorka Soldatic (9 months ago)
I see that jacket like the one you show would give a illusion of smaller waist: however you could never find this jacket in a larger then size 10.
Angeles Pedraza (9 months ago)
Hay Sara.....why in hell did you not use a full figure lady not that on ???? WHAT EVER. 👎👎👎👎
Hogs Bum (9 months ago)
The first one and the last one she just looks like she needs a larger size as they are too tight.
Sharon Blanchard (9 months ago)
Take your own advice
Running On Coffee (9 months ago)
Ridiculous!! That woman isn't round shaped!!
Heni Lee Reis (9 months ago)
this is the most outrageous demonstration I've ever seen are you kidding me the model was neither thick around the middle nor did she have any fat you should be the one to model
K Schallert (9 months ago)
What is the point of this video? Seriously. Your model is NOT the person you said you were styling for. What is the matter with using a REAL model to wear the kind of clothing you are supposedly promoting. This video is a waste of time, and an INSULT to women who are thick around the middle who were honestly looking for help on how to dress. Insulting video.
Eve K (9 months ago)
Why didn't you wear one
Love T (9 months ago)
Aww fuck I thought you were going to be the model... she is not big around the middle.... waste
Penny Grensavitch (9 months ago)
She lost me when she brought out page....
Caren Palmaverde (9 months ago)
You should have picked a model who was actually thick around the middle! Great tips but poorly presented.
Eunice Pene (9 months ago)
mmm thought the presenter would be the model?? Disappointing Sarah!
misscheef (9 months ago)
So Sarah, why do you dress to emphasise your middle; Paige could wear a tent and still have a tiny figure. unless you model/demonstrate its extremely difficult to take you seriously.
Lesley K (9 months ago)
Karan Field (9 months ago)
Yes, the presenter is thick around her waist, and wearing a loose orange top and brown cardigan does nothing for her, even though she has great knowledge base. The woman she dressed had a teeny waist!!? Lol oh dear, waste my time.
Lesley Wallace (9 months ago)
I agree - I am apple shaped like the presenter. The model was slim with a neat waist! Not a great help sadly .
Girl Trucker (9 months ago)
Shoud have picked a larger model. This lady was not thick around the middle!
ginadariel (9 months ago)
"The ideal body shape is hourglass"? That's just silly and adds to the already huge insecurity many women feel about their perfectly natural bodies, which come in all shapes and sizes.
Sally Craig (10 months ago)
The model was NOT thick around the middle. The presenter was!
iab ha (10 months ago)
I think u should have used ur body to show these tricks, cause lady u have the exact body u r describing.
Daphane Mcconnell (10 months ago)
Makes since

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