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Road To The Runway 2018: Episode 1 – More Than A Runway

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The 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show kicks off with a behind-the-scenes look at what this year’s show means to the Angels. Stay tuned as this exclusive series continues and head to our website for all things Fashion Show: http://i.victoria.com/clT
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Text Comments (699)
Alex Jenner (4 days ago)
Victoria's secret i need a Mexican Model next year please!!
Béa6 Msp (5 days ago)
Those girls are gorgeous wow I’m inspired 😍❤️
Levan (5 days ago)
0:44 what is the girls name on the right does anyone knows ?
moomin_95 (25 days ago)
0:45 blonde woman who?
Christian Sanseverino (1 month ago)
I love georgia fowler
Lorenzo Lopez (1 month ago)
They should really consider a segment with guys, be versatile.
young oh (1 month ago)
Alanna need new hair. she looks older with that hair and very 80sh.
Karina Cirillo (1 month ago)
Shout out to all the models out there I love you guys
Yeiko Jimenez (1 month ago)
barbara palbin i love .. ❤ la mejor
Ron Blank (1 month ago)
Barbara ❤
Ákos Varga (1 month ago)
Dear VS! Seriously what's wrong with you? There is a pure gem in front of you (yeah I'm talking about Barbara), and you invite her for a casting? Why? You should immediately hire her as an ANGEL! Actually you should have already done it years ago...give her the best contract what you can offer If you want good for yourselves.
Evan Leal (1 month ago)
I miss the time when Tyra and Giselle were on the show all the women were sexy and bombshells these girls Are beautiful but turning more into high fashion than sexy
DANI S (1 month ago)
Adriana is gone and their ratings plummeted to a RECORD low. They keep hiring anorexic models with no breasts or hips, great job selling the image of what a female's "body" is supposed to look like, Victoria's secret! Yuck
Dania fcb11 (1 month ago)
im so ugly
luli agüeroo (1 month ago)
Omg Aiden Curtiss is beautiful
arken arxat (1 month ago)
yasmine xx (1 month ago)
PhoebePebbles (1 month ago)
Alanna was so memorable in that Pink segment!! I forever associate Bruno Mars’s “Chunky” with her every time I hear it
takaa e (1 month ago)
2:52 lol we totally see your personality on that runway
Na Na (1 month ago)
I recognised again that models are all idiot seriously. Why models keep saying "personality" !? Huh ? Seriously ? ? Who cares about their personality !? No One!!! We just look at you as just an manekin !! Don't wrongly think about yourself!! Idiot!
Justin Rawson (1 month ago)
Kendall Jenner is so much the more intellectual than most people; she must be brunetting. Anything by these ladies is awesome!
Gerra Mae Velasco (1 month ago)
i'm only here for Barbara Palvin!
green bear (1 month ago)
barbara is one of the best..
MyVgProductions (1 month ago)
Are we going to see more women with muscle, but still has curves and feminine again like Marissa Miller that fit the VS image (her 6pack i remember were of perfect envy)? I feel like that's been missing lately and there's been way more fashion model like girls added. Some fashion models are good to have, but the VS runway has always had more glamour then the traditional fashion runways in the past, taking some who were more curvier than a lot of the other top fashion models eg. Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Marissa Miller, etc. That were just absolutely stunning I feel which made the VS show that much more special.
Potato Chip (1 month ago)
Sui he is one of the best models in the whole legacy of Victoria Secret yet she's still not an angel. I know its because of issues or something but damn...you really need to let her go to audition AGAIN!
luana paz (1 month ago)
Barbara is a BEST
iyana jones (1 month ago)
😍my dream
Marina De León (1 month ago)
Victoria's secret and the fashion industry in general need to change their stereotype of beauty to an inclusive and diverse one as is real life. As a communication student, I learned that the media, besides entertaining, have an educational function and are opinion makers (like it or not), and in this case, the fashion industry and the media that support it are the big ones responsible for many people feeling uncomfortable with their body, for the creation and dissemination of an IRREAL women model. I am not saying that it is wrong to have a healthy body, but having 52 models with the same body structure, I don't think it is a very accurate representation of reality. To have a healthy projection of reality, these models should have different weights, heights, etc.! Luckily it has already been possible to have different shades of skin and hair. Thank you Winnie and Barbara (I can't believe there are people who call her fat) for being the exception to this shitty beauty cannon this year, that the only thing she does is make people sick. Let's fight for this change!
Ashanti (1 month ago)
I wish Kendall Jenner would lay off. There are girls who deserve it more than her. She just showed up and hasn't even earned the title of a VS angel yet.
Michelle Allen (1 month ago)
Make Barbara an Angel and you can take my bank account, my insurance, and my stock account.
Ákos Varga (1 month ago)
MAJE5TYY (1 month ago)
Everyone that talked is forgettable except Barbara and Sui. Stop casting random girls for tumblr. Adriana, Doutzen, head turners. Cast those instead. First time Barbara walked, everyone wanted to know who was that girl. Doutzen, everyone wanted to know. Karli, same thing. They use to look like actual angels.
Need not see because it is naturally sexy 1:24
I Love Barbara Is the Best, is beautiful with a stunning Charisma, I see you more often parading in Victoria Secrets
Idc (2 months ago)
Jacub81 (2 months ago)
when she said sisterhood, you know the new girls are getting hazed the fuck out of LOL
Ube (2 months ago)
That's all? No behind the scene model casting? This was only 4 minutes long?? How BORING!
Kay Y (2 months ago)
unpopular opinion: yes, representation matters, but there are hundreds of other brands that cater to the type of representation you want. plus-size people are not how VS wants to represent their brand, people need to understand that and go somewhere else
Melissa Prins (2 months ago)
No Maartje Verhoef, no Sanne Vloet and no Robin Hölzken, what???
kartika lezmana (2 months ago)
Are they have a Stretchmark????
kartika lezmana (2 months ago)
They are my twins ,,WHATSS UP ????? OK they dont know me :v
Kevin Zhang (2 months ago)
He Sui's English is horrible
Mon 1234 (2 months ago)
i love how they are all like you just have to show your personality hahah but in the end they all end up showing a fake overly happy, ditzy and uber excited version of themselves!
but she is very cute!!
i like barbara palvin when she is more fat!!
Elif Yol (2 months ago)
One day...
Armando Sanchez (2 months ago)
Goldenier (2 months ago)
Only gonna watch VS fashion show this year because of Barbara Palvin
Pretty Boringg (2 months ago)
Modeling is stupid but sex sells
Amanda Garcia (2 months ago)
I loveeee Barbara so much
신재민 (2 months ago)
1:20 her voice is awesome
John Gable Smith (2 months ago)
0:41 - Yasmin Wijnaldum :)
P Daniels (2 months ago)
Anyone else totally over Kendall Jenner and the Hadids cheapening a show meant for queens
P Daniels (2 months ago)
Sui he has walked for 8 years and she still has to go through casting?! VS You better realise you’ve got an angel on your hands and treat her with the respect a queen deserves
A Je (2 months ago)
Why dont they have an asian angel yet wtf
faridah mnoor (2 months ago)
Saw an instagram account. @1st.asian.victoria.secret. LIU WEN IS NOT THE FIRST ASIAN MODEL TO WALKED FOR VICTORIA SECRET. 😀😀😀😀😀
Flan (2 months ago)
Barbara deserves better
I'm Eugene /flynnryder (2 months ago)
Aaahhhh Barbara Palvin is everything
Morgane _09 (2 months ago)
kat tatum (2 months ago)
I'm here to see my angel kelsey!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
lma boomie (2 months ago)
Make Sui He an angel plsssssssss
margarida afonso (2 months ago)
a minha sarinhaaaa
VS Save yourself some money and don’t put Kendall Jenner on the runway please 🙏🏻💜 Get someone who actually earned it!
Chyzabelle Kiwi Bell (2 months ago)
Get rid of Gigi and Bella aswell.
Nguyen Phong (2 months ago)
Barbara Palvin ❤️
Nguyen Phong (2 months ago)
China girls is not beautiful 👎👎👎👎
Meghan Victoria (2 months ago)
I’ve been filming a whole angel week series for my channel. New Victoria’ Secret video every single day this week! Love the show and it inspires me so much!
Worst Story (2 months ago)
01:13 is supermodel katoucha niane’s daughter she is as beautiful as her late mom
Ha MeD (2 months ago)
Show what personality ? Your butt’s personality ?
Laura Cozac (2 months ago)
Does anyone know where can I watch last year's show?
Chyzabelle Kiwi Bell (2 months ago)
They should have it up on Victoriassecret.com I watched it there just a few weeks ago
Carolyn Wolfe (2 months ago)
Bummed out Sanne Vloet will not be in in this year
Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom (2 months ago)
I'm not pulling out!
NesaFashion Channel (2 months ago)
N Szen (2 months ago)
Jeff P (2 months ago)
Oh God, where is the part 2? I just have been waiting fot part2 been released
Nicholas Protsman (2 months ago)
Everyone will hate your stores
Anna Dworzyńska (2 months ago)
What about the next episodes??
zitta (2 months ago)
who are the girls in the thumbnails?
Ho Quang Tuan (2 months ago)
Maartje Verhoef
Bennu Arzu (2 months ago)
Episode 2, please!
Tirza Cserpes (2 months ago)
Huy Dang (2 months ago)
Lucía Sylvestre Begnis (2 months ago)
Why aren't they posting any more Road to the Runway videos???
Ho Quang Tuan (2 months ago)
I guess they will publish them near the official TV air date. It will be better for marketing purposes
Alex dr (2 months ago)
Can't wait to see Kelsey Merritt!!!! ❤️
Dunkin' Pinkie (2 months ago)
s (2 months ago)
plz let cardi b perform 😍😍
Rue Roxanne (2 months ago)
s They’ve already announced the performers and she’s isn’t going to be there.
Lyreece Lopez (2 months ago)
Here for Barbara and Sui He ❤❤❤
Kael Parama (2 months ago)
aiden is so boring
Who is that blondie?? 0:44
Ho Quang Tuan Thank you so much She is gorgeous!!
Ho Quang Tuan (2 months ago)
Her name is Maartje Verhoef. She is a favorite of Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren and Prada. She used to be a top model back in 2013 and 2014.
Evan Mandey (2 months ago)
R. .P (2 months ago)
Aren't they supposed to post every week so mutha fuckin post the 2nd part BS VS
Youtube watcher lol (2 months ago)
Winnie,Barbara,Behati,Kendall,Candice... im soo excited,thankfully painstaking vsfs came back!
Joshua Dela Cruz (2 months ago)
Praying that someday you'll going to South Korea and do the fashion show there, TWICE, BLACKPINK, BTS and many more will perform on your runway. and That will be the BEST!!
Gia Scottdale (2 months ago)
Gia Scottdale (2 months ago)
Who cares who walks, they have zero relevancy to society to your damn communities but conveying that every single girl should look like a craving sex kitten horrible. Be beautiful yes be intelligent and confident is best. Then again Victoria’s Secret corrupts and manipulates there employees they tip off those who will cover there corruption they rob there sales associates from there livehood, do you girls still want to to support the corrupted and artificial, look at other countries how there corruption influences people’s living and think do you want the future to look that bad for us😢😢😢
Luludi Gotsis (2 months ago)
Que hermosass
Oliver A (2 months ago)
Cant believe Barbara is back so good to have some VS glamour again. Shes gonna teach the other girls how is done and not to be acting like a 12 years old bitch sorry not sorry
Tayler Dukes (2 months ago)
Nadine and Barbara are my favorite VS Angels they are so beautiful and deserve walking in the show they worked so hard both deserve to be a contracted angel!
Mixe zzz (2 months ago)
Beautiful Angel by Bazzi fitted in VSfashion show
Sabína Šteisová (2 months ago)
These girls...😭❤️
Mia Delavin (2 months ago)
will elsa hosk walk this year?
Chyzabelle Kiwi Bell (2 months ago)
I would hope so, unless she plans on running off with the FB haha
Rue Roxanne (2 months ago)
Mia Delavin Yes!
Filipino Archmage (2 months ago)
Sui He will always be a runway fave
Aoife Woods (2 months ago)
I love VS’s products but they have some of the worst marketing in the world. There is no body diversity at all. Yes, they have models with different ethnicities and of varied races but all are tall with a very slim frame. They have such a huge target audience of young women, but yet have the most exclusive marketing in the fashion world.

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