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Skyler (pilot episode of Bike & Builder series from Choppertown)

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Skyler - Pilot episode of Bike & Builder series from Choppertown - http://www.choppertown.com/blog/bikeandbuilder-skyler Enjoy the pilot episode of a new series we're calling Bike & Builder, featuring in-depth mini-documentaries from the garage-built movement. Brought to you by the folks at www.choppertown.com . Let us know what you think! Skyler is born. The journey of taking on the build of this year’s Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club (VVMC) raffle rally bike started a few short months ago in May. Throughout the process of building Skyler, I constantly had a few questions shuffling around my head: Who would be the lucky winner? How far would they live from me? Would they take care of her? Well, September 13th finally came and the outcome couldn’t have been better. I knew from VVMC member, Shannon Sweeney’s experience of building last year’s bike it wouldn’t be a small feat with such little time. Thanks to Shannon who pulled a 1973 run down cb350 from his shop, had a few brothers tear it down and transport it all to my garage (Prospect Shop) where the build commenced not long after. Right away I envisioned this bike as a low, mean and fast “brat style” ride with a few touches of other influential bits. The first thing was to shorten the rear and add a loop with a slight upward bend, de-tab anything that was not needed and build a seat pan that went along the new clean lines of the frame. After a trip to M&K Metal I started fabricating. I took the motor down to the crank so I could add new oil seals, check for wear and install a new timing chain. In addition to this I installed a new and updated cam chain tensioner (slider type) to replace the old crappy plastic roller version. Also, new valves, piston, rings, resurfaced head and all new gaskets were installed. Thanks to recommendations from cb350 guru Chad Williams there are some neat little things on this bike that help its performance. I went with a 520 chain to lighten the drive train up a little and geared it so it not only has some power around town but also will have some left in the top end. When the time came to give away the bike, we chose a shy little girl from the crowd to come on stage to reach in the raffle basket and pick the winner from over 2,000 entries. Out of all the people in the world that could have won, the proud winner turned out to be Sex In the City actor, Jason Lewis. Ironically, earlier that day Jason had told me, “Scott, if I win that bike I am going to give it to my friend Sheenon,” and that’s exactly what happened. The second Jason accepted his win he grabbed the mic and announced to the crowd that he was giving the bike to his buddy who was left standing speechless in front of the stage. I will never forget that moment and am glad for the fact that Skyler will have a good home here in Los Angeles. Thanks to my VVMC brothers, friends, and everyone else who helped and have been so supportive throughout this process. Scott Di Lalla is the award-winning film director of such renowned bike films as Choppertown, Brittown, and the Harbortown Bobber and most recently the horror film I Am ZoZo. He is a proud member of the Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club and works on bikes in his spare time out of his “Prospect Shop” in Culver City, CA. Info Sheet 1973 Honda CB350 Builder: Scott Di Lalla Motor: 350 rebuilt by Scott Di Lalla Carburetors: MiKuni VM30 (Sudco Int.) Paint: Joel Meyer-England Seat Upholstery: Ron Bryant at One Too Many Wired: Bob Edwards at Glamrock Cycles Powder Coating: Andrews Powder Coating Front Fork Tubes: Custom by Forking by Frank Rear Shocks: Hagon Velocity Stacks: Custom by Steel Dragon Wheels – Aluminum VM3 2.15 x 18 Laced by Buchanan’s Discover more and keep up to date with the exciting events at Choppertown UK on YouTube by subscribing to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=choppertown http://www.youtube.com/user/choppertown https://youtu.be/a2BFoEmci_8 Skyler - Pilot episode of Bike & Builder series from Choppertown
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Text Comments (71)
lannenicholson (3 months ago)
Sorry dude but u put things together like an Ikea furniture, it doesn't make u a builder and you talk to much
Lo mejor de Lima (5 months ago)
Good job. Excelente customizacion. Muy completa. La.moto quedo hecha una obra de arte.
jay young (7 months ago)
um..............do...you....do...any of it?
preston davis (11 months ago)
wtf is up with this music? is this a motorcycle vid or a tribute to my dead grandpa?!
Denis (1 year ago)
Those Firestone tires are useless on a bike. Also as far as the actual video, the choice of music is strange. That is very scary movie, unnerving, eerie music. Was hard to continue to watch, I forced myself to watch to the end
Denis (5 months ago)
Just watched this again, and its still depressing
Motor Brain (1 year ago)
Love it
Barroco Studio (1 year ago)
too much takes of your face man..!
Del Oz (1 year ago)
Good job, all i want to do is build my own bike. Inspired
Saidi Haugtredet (1 year ago)
Cool bike, great ending!
WurstExpress #616 (1 year ago)
sorry, but way too much talking and really strange music. hard to watch
Mark Cunliffe (1 year ago)
yea whatever friend of friend give us a break loads of us have made motorcycles in our shed if u gona raffle it dont insult our intelligence pleeeeeeaseeee
Josefppaz (1 year ago)
absolute beaut!!!
Andrew Gysel (1 year ago)
Nice bike. Lazy builder the only thing I saw him "build" was a license plate holder.
Joe Bananas (1 year ago)
Boring boring boring. GET ON WITH IT!!!!!!
Joseph N (2 years ago)
Bike is amazing congrats
Tony Pate (1 year ago)
Please man get out more
Charles Willis (2 years ago)
The bike looks cool, but we didn't see any of the work being done on it. Show, don't tell.
BF Peake (2 years ago)
$10 grand huh.... I should get at least $80K for mine then...
Claudemir Dias (2 years ago)
very , very cool !!!
Alca Bringer (2 years ago)
Badass bike nice.
KENNY LYONS (2 years ago)
Michigan competition like
steve Long (2 years ago)
love the handlebars are they handmade?
Jo Jo (2 years ago)
yeah Ive been. Thx
Jo Jo (2 years ago)
how do you become a member of the VVMC ?
Tony Pate (1 year ago)
Hit the uber kool with a K facial hair boutique on Man pamper days and hang out near the local chunky motolumber check shirt emporium when host a bad day at black rock fashion day be a good place to start , check the back of vans for these "rolling" artwork bikes , Joke guys keep at it not all about how much you spend
Choppertown (2 years ago)
Best advice is to hang out with the guys on their rides and get to know them.
Rik Herlaar (2 years ago)
Nice work and I really enjoyed it but not sure why there's a whole community out there so anxious to bog down on each and every occasion, like it's defining them. Not sure what qualifies being a true "builder" to be honest, even Indian Larry (my hero forever) had stuff done by others ...In the end all vids will end up being barred from comments if folks cannot resist spitting venom ..
sstimac (2 years ago)
I love this type of film, love the bike. Great work, man.
Tuan Anh Truong (2 years ago)
I don't know what to say, it is perfect
13clicks ! (2 years ago)
Bob Gregor helped Scotty deal in a few things as well getting the bike dialed in... he's got a shop across the street from the Garage Company in Inglewood Ca. The shop is named Moto Classic... great shop and Bob is a bike wizard.
Choppertown (2 years ago)
Michael Laverty (2 years ago)
With all the Ass kicking screaming Old bikes you could have used .. YOU picked the single worst DOG of all.. Not the BSA or the Triumph 650 or even an old Norton ... No ,, you picked the Honda ???? WTF Dude....
tomaya64 (2 years ago)
absolutely nice paint...wow
672E galaxie (2 years ago)
Sweet Beautiful bike, great build, tremendous ending. That machine has great soul from all the well intentioned hands involved. Cheers
LaBanacheck Lowery (2 years ago)
Now that's what I'm talking bout a group of real brotherly band of brothers getting together lending a helping hand & Turning a wrench without the favortism &Politicking -Outthere & Ride
Jack Carter (2 years ago)
The start was a little weak, a triumph copy and a guy saying "um" alot, ALOT!.
eric heggernes (2 years ago)
Such an inspiring vid. It's my dream to one day get to do a build like this. Great ending to the story too!
DavidSixSixFive (2 years ago)
That's one slick scoot.
Andrew Look (2 years ago)
Choppertown, can you tell me the Tire sizes?
Erik Allen (2 years ago)
Would love to know where I can get that 2 into 1 exhaust...
brucekirk89 (2 years ago)
did this guy do any if the work himself or just send everything out
Moses Nagant (3 years ago)
"ride the dickens out of her". "I will". hahahah
Thomas yates (3 years ago)
so basically you dont do anything more than send out all your parts to be reworked leaving you with nothing more than an assembly project. That doesnt qualify as a builder.
dannyb20 vtec (8 days ago)
You can’t do everything man.. do you do your own chrome or powder coat? No... you send it out to be done
Christopher Johnston (2 months ago)
way too many critics in this world
Keith (3 years ago)
+Thomas yates do you plate your own parts? do you machine every nut and bolt? do you forge your own raw steel? if you are using a welder and hand tools to make parts of the bike, your building. not just buying jellybean parts and assembling the lego set.
Skum Lucky (3 years ago)
I know this guy from somewhere else but i dont know where
Chris Ram (3 years ago)
shit is wack, get at me if ur tryna get down
Jason Michael (3 years ago)
This is what its all about, helping others help others. Great video Choppertown. Tell Scotty he built one beautiful bike.
Choppertown (3 years ago)
Will do, thanks Jason!
waxandwane (3 years ago)
Less blah blah more vroom vroom please !
John B (1 year ago)
speed x2
Moses Nagant (3 years ago)
elagc (3 years ago)
Gritty, honest, creative. I like and respect this guy and his work.
Choppertown (3 years ago)
Thanks man, I'll tell Scotty
andres caguco (3 years ago)
CHOPPERtown i love it,,awesome.....
TroubadourJuggernaut (3 years ago)
love the pale blue gas lines, nice touch !!
Choppertown (3 years ago)
Thanks man, I'll pass your comment on to Scotty
servicarrider (3 years ago)
This has got to be theeeeee strangest, the weirdest, the creepiest slice of video I have ever seen. It's like an old B or C spooky show. From the creepy music, to the creepy actors playing the "BRO's". Gave me the heeby geebies, boooy. Are they making fun of homosexuals? And the character "Sheenon." Who and the heck made that up? They got their weird on but I don't really understand this type of comic relief....if that is, in fact, what it is. No more dope smoking at community college film school, boooys'.
servicarrider (3 years ago)
+Moses Nagant Do you mean weirdo? The spelling is, weirdo. Not just a weirdo but a super weirdo? A super duper weirdo? I feel honored. Hipster on down the road now fruitcake.
Moses Nagant (3 years ago)
super wierdo
Phil Roddenberry (3 years ago)
Excellent... more!
james sandercock (3 years ago)
not feeling the music, only two mins in and its doing my head in. There has to be something more uplifting without stumbling into hard rock cliche....
Mark Williamson (3 years ago)
lovely bike you should be proud.
Jesse Watson (3 years ago)
if you did do more in depth on the fab stuff one bike could be a whole seasons worth of episodes.
Olivier Maresch (3 years ago)
Amazing bike! Thanks for sharing!! Hope to see more where this came from!
Stephen Brown (3 years ago)
Great job, the bike, the film, everything. Lifted my spirits for half an hour but will remember it for a lot longer.
superbikebox (3 years ago)
Super !!
Aussie Outdoors (3 years ago)
Loved it!.........Exactly what I like watching........hope ya do more of them!
Choppertown (3 years ago)
+Ross Harlow Thanks Ross!
StayFoul (3 years ago)
The bike came out beautiful. The narration and music however,  were far too dramatic and there wasn't any real work getting done in the video. There's talk of trying to get the rear loop to fit and it comes off as the hardest challenge of the build yet it literally takes a few minutes to cut and fit a tail section like that. If there's going to be more episodes, I hope there's more actual fabrication and building involved with them There's been more than enough drama based automotive "shows" and not enough for the actual bike builders or people interested in fabrication. Whatever way you plan to take the series, good luck with it!

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