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Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Mess With Your Head「 funny photos 」

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Text Comments (761)
Normal Human (2 days ago)
@00:15 All my life I felt like there were invisible beings trying to communicate.  I don't normally believe in supernatural things...but how do you know if these things exist if they are right in front of your nose and you don't acknowledge them?  Maybe her mother wanted to give her a kiss?  Honestly, who knows?
Nayla B (6 days ago)
2:29 had me stuck for a sec..I had to sheild my child's eyes😅
_TeaserBonnie_ (9 days ago)
2:32 I dont get it
9:03 😂😂😂 I'm sorry. I laughed too hard at this
6:34 I snorted
2:17 Omg she's an angel. That's actually really pretty
1:41 I didn't read the caption below straight away and freaked out
Vina Waldren (9 days ago)
5:27(ish) creepy af
Robin P (9 days ago)
7:56 we all know why there are tissues
vInsanity (10 days ago)
Can u help me to 100 subs plz
gohanmystic 777 (10 days ago)
U didn't clicked all pics don't lie hahahahhahahahha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😀😀😀
Charlie Brown (10 days ago)
Couldn't make it to the end. The music drove me away.
Aashish Nagar (10 days ago)
1:55 oooohh " LUCKY DOG🐶 😲😲 Who think the dog is very LUCKY :O
Sophie wuf (10 days ago)
3:18 so racist
loniann caruso (10 days ago)
Kaylee Montufar (10 days ago)
0:25 love that pic! 😀💗
mistrcoffe (10 days ago)
I needed the words perfect timing a couple more times.  Most are cool pics, but I think these days people get them by using that rapid shot feature and select the one that looks like they happened to catch...whatever they caught.
ProHacks Gaming (10 days ago)
6:21 That has nothing to do with timing. Its just the angle
Sam Friede (10 days ago)
2020 ?
Ghost wizard (10 days ago)
5:56 Watch yo profanity
Snicer Gaming (10 days ago)
Ok the thumbnail almost made me say *HELL NO!!!*
Adela Barrios (10 days ago)
2:54 kinda looks photoshoped
B. L. (10 days ago)
4:14 Wow! Kid had no idea what was coming for him.
Giarc66 (10 days ago)
I bet the 577 thumbs down people are a real blast to hang out with!! This was great!
Cristaux FEUR (10 days ago)
2:08 Even more funnier when you know that in french having the head in the ass means feeling like shit
Cazer YT (10 days ago)
A lot of these aren't "Perfect timing" photos
Andrew Manche (10 days ago)
5:45 what would i call this beast? bewilderbeast
laggy gamer (10 days ago)
at 0:40 its fake cause the "sun" was under the truck as well, and last i checked the sun is round
Melody Tenisch (10 days ago)
Awesome! Thank you! Loved Peter Pan & Tink and the cat in the bag one though all were great!😂👍👍💕
Yahkira Fields (10 days ago)
me looking at the thumbnail,clicks on video 2:30 ohhhhhh
Loomis (10 days ago)
Either the person who posted the video has one of the most coincidental lives ever, or they like taking credit for other people's amazing photos
Shiv G (10 days ago)
you repeated goalkeeper cats
Ex55 PlaysMC (10 days ago)
12:36 so dodgy...
Dominik Losm (10 days ago)
7:37 then how could you post this if she lost it?
Emma Clowes (10 days ago)
OMG really good . Love them ❤️👍😂😂
Robert Smith (10 days ago)
I do not see anything odd about the picture at 13.06,optical illusion apparently but cant see anything odd???
Dragana G (10 days ago)
angel Soto (10 days ago)
Me in roblox read more
TheOnlyThomas (10 days ago)
2:31 who thought, that the man was naked😏
Mohammed Alaiban (10 days ago)
These were time so perfectly... it made me think some of them may have been from a slo mo vid🤔
Aspirer (10 days ago)
3:10 Made me laugh, you can see the anticipated landing in the old chaps face :D
Kopal Pandey (10 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that the right cat's paw at 11:44 and 14:24 has a bald, smiley face?
Eric Smith (10 days ago)
OMG the "music" is to damn annoying
joe morgan (10 days ago)
What’s wrong with 2:33?
ffarkasm (10 days ago)
0:37 Actually the truck didn't want to steal the Sun. NASA took it down for maintenance for the night, so they could put it back in the next morning.
nazif klisura (10 days ago)
Name of the song in intro
Daan Vreugdenhil (10 days ago)
6:55 What would you call it? A Deerrot? LOL
Tjeerd Eijsink (10 days ago)
Mathias Feness Berger (10 days ago)
Good one 2:04
rord mtb (10 days ago)
Im so sorry folks 6:27 this dogo has broken paws
KurteonHD (10 days ago)
Okko i (10 days ago)
1:26 lol
Kiwi _Kayy (10 days ago)
The thumbnail made me think for along time like if u did too
Gavrila David (10 days ago)
5:50 Pegasus
Moon Corns (10 days ago)
Five more weeks to finish my house tomorrow bye 👋
Good Moaning Vietnam (10 days ago)
Had to push the mute button, the music was driving me crazy, Great Photos.
Are those All your photos? (Probably not)
Weird Birdo (10 days ago)
0:39 Gru's brother stealing sun
Hamza Benaich (11 days ago)
you have a diferent family every video !!
Thicc Boi (11 days ago)
Sees the thumbnail clicks ……
PROplayer plays (11 days ago)
13:07 does any body else not see the illusion?
-Molten Freddy- (11 days ago)
Emilia Levin (11 days ago)
0:23 that is so fuxking true and beautiful
Abder Rahmaan Mungroo (11 days ago)
2.10 the best
Xoàiis Gaming (11 days ago)
What is the intro music?
JeDE Love (11 days ago)
Reading a comment is a bad habit 😂😂
XxInferno WolfxX (11 days ago)
3:19 well thats racist
elroy Angka (11 days ago)
*this is amazing!* Read more
S I K O (11 days ago)
For anyone who watches 'Miraculous' doesn't the face for 6:38 kinda look like Chat Noir??
ItzYaBoi (11 days ago)
Tidy Dabby (11 days ago)
4:05 LXA
Master131 (11 days ago)
Music: 0:11 ????
Rainbow Roses (11 days ago)
Veraplays Roblox Sarno (11 days ago)
You did goalkeeper cats 2 times
Dande lion (11 days ago)
1:19 There is 1 in a million chance if this would ever occurs again. The treble clef looks almost perfect with one of the earbud hanging down making the hook leg of the most popular musical clef symbol.
Betty Schultz (11 days ago)
Senseless Xd (11 days ago)
Can I get subs?
Dr Spaseebo (11 days ago)
Quite a few jolly good chuckles here !
Nathan (11 days ago)
1:54 the dog looks even more surprise than the girl
Tyler Clementi (11 days ago)
2:30 the holy shitter
luca iles (11 days ago)
the cat goalies are there twice.
kalevlane ! (11 days ago)
1:27 😂
LolzGamer (12 days ago)
2:00 holy poop
love that "warch me neigh neigh"
Bazooka Gaming Girl (12 days ago)
I have one that my mom took of me. She took it as a bubble went in front of my face. LOL. My brother was in it too.
Lukas A (12 days ago)
The goalkeeper cats are in this video twice..
mrmilk shake (12 days ago)
7:51 so what you watching on your laptop
Kunkku Craft (12 days ago)
*sees thumbnail* Me: (•_•) please explain Thumbnail: *wait a second* *2 minutes later* Me: *Oh, now i understand*
5:46 is the inverted version of 6:58 6:58 is the inverted version of 5:46 Freakin logic that ive found
Nexo- Games (11 days ago)
No shit Sherlock :D
Abi's Awesomeness (12 days ago)
3:22 Its racist but it's amazing xD
Kenneth Barber (12 days ago)
At 6:06 he is setting off fireworks right next to all the other fireworks... could have been worse than the manly pose
sandeep singh (12 days ago)
I got it @ 2:30 .😎😎
Warrior of Light (12 days ago)
these pictures would be really hard to get, looks like a video that you can pause and take a photo
TheKetchupBoy 123 (12 days ago)
Omg that thumbnail on the right scared me
The_ Wolf (12 days ago)
Bla Bla (13 days ago)
Tel aviv palestine*
Emma de Bie (13 days ago)
I don't get the one at 6:00
the jmaster77 (11 days ago)
No wait I'm mistaken the chair in front is surrendering and the one in front looks like its pointing a gun at him
Míra Tolnai (13 days ago)
6:02 i dont understand pls somebody tell me!
sub to PewDiePie (10 days ago)
Okay Now tell me, is it normal to find it adorable ;-; ;_;
Adela Barrios (10 days ago)
Is cause the back seat looks like it has a gun pointing at the seat infront of it and one last move and gets shot do you watch creepy movies. ?????
the jmaster77 (10 days ago)
+Shiv G dumbest replies of 2019
Shiv G (10 days ago)
chair arms, one is down looking like they boutta shoot and the one in front has the arms up looking like they surrender
Míra Tolnai (11 days ago)
+the jmaster77 ohhh thx
XxXAlexes Garcia (13 days ago)
In the thumbnail I thought he was holding his Dick then I was all Like he has a small one
King Jay (13 days ago)
4:18 huh?

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