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Drunk Man In Public (TROLLING)

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Text Comments (722)
Faiz Ali (4 hours ago)
I am from India.....u r really NYC guy...
Soma Singh (9 days ago)
Bhagra v kar k dakha dey veera
Wow what kind people these
Gurjindersingh dhiman (23 days ago)
Yrr bai ohna nu koi rent te ghr hi dwa dnda
Kashif Bilder (23 days ago)
Hadi yaar kisy ke pass rako aur pacho naswar kaha se milti h
AiifA jutt. (28 days ago)
Waah bro ......last bnda bht axha tha.....although he was homeless...but awsome.......r yhh video b bht fit the...❤
Shinder Chahal (1 month ago)
Hs Shaikh (1 month ago)
Homeless persons👏👏👏👏👍
Pushkar Bisht (1 month ago)
Gud bro love you bro
javeria maqbool (1 month ago)
Really u are very nice, funny and amaizing boy I ever seen.ur vedios makes me laugh lot and for sometime i forget my problems.keep it up👌👌I think the company of a person like you is very enjoyable.....
Devyani Rajput (1 month ago)
O god homeless part is superb
Devyani Rajput (1 month ago)
Ufffffffff this man...he should try in bollywood...and his comic timing man😂😂😂😂😂hilarious
Defence lover (1 month ago)
Part2 bnao iska yrr
skipper klorad (1 month ago)
For part 2 Indian drunk vs American drunk.
Areej Ayesha (2 months ago)
Richest poor homeless♥♥♥
Ahsan Butt (2 months ago)
Love u soo much bro
Rayan Alam (2 months ago)
Hadi bae ar vedio banAwnna
T ROUT (2 months ago)
Please part 2
Mohammad Zulqarnain (3 months ago)
2:06 one man telling the other he's drunk.
Rana Quaidaar Shahroz (3 months ago)
trousers to pura phan la bhi...
Top Trending (3 months ago)
You are great prankster Bro I love your Videos
Syed Ahmed ali (3 months ago)
Salute to those homeless whose helped people's
God of cricket. (3 months ago)
Love you bro
rohit choudhary (4 months ago)
Charasss hai 😆😆
Dame Time (4 months ago)
Why he always says " You was " , is there grammer rule i don't know . ? Please somene answer.
Kamaldev Singh (4 months ago)
Punjabi sirf punjabi hunda @ 6.25 ,, dil khush karta bhraa
Pranks chodo bahi hayo chars petha hay
Rajender Singh Rawat (4 months ago)
amazing video bhai Ap Hindu ho
Ayub Khan (4 months ago)
Nice jump
gArry Jass (4 months ago)
Tu banda bahut Sirra Yr great keep it up bro
Noor 1 (4 months ago)
Hadì Oooy😮Zra GHøSt Prånk Bhì kar Yår👿👹😜😆😂 Reply Mai Zrur Jwab Dyna😄
Mr. Jatt (5 months ago)
Hahahaha very funny hadi akram
8 ball pool live (5 months ago)
Hahaha bro you are so funny 😂😂😂
Zeeshan Azeem (5 months ago)
Yar wahn k homeless log b ktna kiyal krtay hain
ATINDER VIRK (5 months ago)
osm bro att karda yaar ma punjab toh
Daniyàl Khan (5 months ago)
Hadi Bhai AP ka camera man sea video nhe buna ta
Bryan Simpson (5 months ago)
Bless dat homless guy at 4.06 topman
Hassan Jutt (5 months ago)
Cha gya yar really amazing
Eshan Singh (5 months ago)
Respect for what u did with the homeless guys.
sukhvinder singh (5 months ago)
Best video... Only when they help each other...
Syed Shehroz Imran (5 months ago)
Pakistan aa tujhe pakkay cigarette pilatay hain charas wale
Tik Tok Desi (5 months ago)
Piano Tiles (5 months ago)
Piano Tiles (5 months ago)
H J (5 months ago)
Cameraman ziada tun lag rha hai
sam s (5 months ago)
I love it
Bisht Vishesh (6 months ago)
Homeless, 😔😫
Fadi Pash Gaming (6 months ago)
Salute to the homeless guy
super singh (6 months ago)
Homeless people are truthful of nature
Awais Ali (6 months ago)
akhrii seen beekar tha Ek Daam Ulti wala #RespectHijab
Anushka hingorani (6 months ago)
They're homeless and they're nice... May God!!! Bless people like them
sada punjab (6 months ago)
agr ho ske to is video se anay walay pese un bichare be ghr ko donate krdena ALLAH ajar dega
Abul Hassan (6 months ago)
Nice bro super
Titan X Intros (6 months ago)
He did not look drunk *He looked like a guy with broken legs* Lol Was funny AF....*make more Videos*
rishabh chauhan (6 months ago)
Yar interview prank bna
Pk Star Records (6 months ago)
Hadi bhai ay kalay nu kutna c yar.. Bc kiwen pay rya c saday veer nu.
G.G guys YouTube (6 months ago)
Very nice prank
Asad Tariq (6 months ago)
hadi u are great yaar ab ap hath main paper pakr kar kisi say punjabi main puchy ky Anwar Photostate jana wa adress das dyo
Jass Khinda (6 months ago)
kithe rehna hai veer kehdi city che?
Hassan Butt (7 months ago)
bhi g last py homeless ny dil jeet lia.
AMRINDER SINGH (7 months ago)
had I ur leading heaven like life
Neil Tiña (7 months ago)
Hadi akram your my idol mate😆😆😆
shivam singh (7 months ago)
True soul doesn't need luxury
sulaiman khalid (7 months ago)
dekho dusry molk k log kitni kadar karty hain insan ki or pakistan main koi road par marr b rha ho to koi b ni utata
Dimple Kiran offical (7 months ago)
Salman King of Darkness (7 months ago)
Salute for homeless people who help you so kind 😕
Sameer khan (7 months ago)
Hadi bhai you are awesome 😎😎😎
Jatt Boy (7 months ago)
Happy Harvinder (7 months ago)
Clip at 3:50..made me.emotional.. Really truely hearted people..
Why So Serious (7 months ago)
Fanho gya bhai ka.....love u bro😘😘😘
N Deekay (7 months ago)
4:00 i love that clip
Muhammad Ahsan (7 months ago)
nice video bro
Sohel Mohammed (7 months ago)
Move name is pherhrapari
Sohel Mohammed (7 months ago)
Babulal part was funny bro
Kasim Ahmad (7 months ago)
bro bhut tyt bnate ho tussi
Muhammad Javed (7 months ago)
Super Duper prank
Brijwasi Boy (7 months ago)
You are great bro
Waqar Ali (7 months ago)
whats ur name? charss...😂😂😂
Asdf Ghjkl (8 months ago)
3:59 did he just pick his nose and eat it? 😂😂😂😂
X-TREME GAMING (8 months ago)
jinke paas sabkuch hota hai vo dil se garib hota hai lekin jinke paas kuch nhi hota vo dil se amiir hote hai .salute to those homeless guys. Thump up if u r agree.
Amninder Singh (8 months ago)
Good work bro
Ahsan Gujjar (8 months ago)
w̾h̾y̾ u̾ m̾a̾k̾e̾ n̾e̾w̾ v̾i̾d̾e̾o̾
Sukhwinder Singh (8 months ago)
kyu jlus. kda. zat kyu dikhauna. .. glla kde hone. .gore. .
Pooja Rajput (8 months ago)
awesome moment is when no one help you bt that homeless man try to help you just awesome
Happy Singh (8 months ago)
a utha le re baba utha lele😆😆😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌
Suga Infiresman (8 months ago)
I used to enjoy watching your videos but what you did with the Asian guy at 1:18 into the video is racist and I will report this video and your channel to YouTube
kxfli (8 months ago)
what the sad violin name?
Hritik Adsule (8 months ago)
Do more pranks
Ramzan Yaqoob (8 months ago)
God bless you
Ramzan Yaqoob (8 months ago)
You are great my friend
Farhan Hussain (8 months ago)
Kumaal heheh churs
1M Subscriber (8 months ago)
Homeless are good who helped you they are talking awesome , it means that's homeless people are now the pain of other homeless....
Awais Ch (9 months ago)
Bhhht achi yaar
Shashank Jaiswal (9 months ago)
Bhai Hera pheri
Jasraj Singh manawan (9 months ago)
Veer sawad a gea hahhahahahahahahhaah😂😂😂😂😍
Hamza butt (9 months ago)
homeless moment touched .....feelings ...
Raid Time (9 months ago)
u r so kindest man hady
halo raider1 (9 months ago)
are you form india
Yograj Singh (9 months ago)
homeless was really awesome

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