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Makeup, Clothes and Hair For Older Women - Pear Shaped

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Transform your look by choosing the most flattering makeup, hairstyle and clothes to suit your older face and body. Makeup from http://www.lookfabulousforever.com and clothes from so www.sosensational.co.uk
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Drusilla Martin (2 months ago)
Find a tall woman so I can get some tips I'm 5'9" and really have a time with pant length .
Zina Risley (10 months ago)
She looks wonderful in lavender!
Tineke Williams (1 year ago)
Gosh, I have the same dress, same colour and I live in New Zealand hahaha
Darlene Winger (2 years ago)
I think it might be helpful if you could give dimensions. I bought 2 sweaters that were large petite, but they were too short in the arms and length. I am 5' 3". I picture myself as petite, but in reality, only in height. I have the big belly, muffin top. My measurements are 35-38-43, which I can't believe. Is that considered pear shape?
first last (2 years ago)
I love the feminine details of that jacket. Glenys looks lovely.
Margaret Miller (2 years ago)
great I just love your videos suitable for us older ladies very much my kind of style love it all thank you so much
Maria Martinez (3 years ago)
Great make over. Thanks so much for the tips.
Mia girlie (3 years ago)
I think you did a very good job on this sweet lady. I wish someone could make me over. But it seems that you are in London or somewhere in Europe. Too bad I'm in the US. But I'm subscribed so ill keep watching for hints. Thanks
Maggy May (2 years ago)
Mia girlie (2 years ago)
yup and you do
Maggy May (2 years ago)
HI Mia my twin sister and I are overweight however we pride ourselves in our appearance.For women over 70 we think we look pretty chic.

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