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Learn To Catwalk Like A Super Model-Fashion Event, Modeling , Next Super Model, Run Way

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Maria M. (11 days ago)
1:18- She is very skinny...just NOPE
Proud2be BLACK! (30 days ago)
The music is #fire!
Nthabeleng Bushielo (1 month ago)
Diamant D (1 month ago)
What s the first song?
lesego khama (2 months ago)
Love this!!
nora cordon (3 months ago)
They Don't Walk They Dance Fellas Caminar Bailanddo
nora cordon (3 months ago)
nora cordon (3 months ago)
Is Nice Interesting Who Wants To Learn Kien Kieres Aprender
vivian Modei (3 months ago)
JOYCERLINE METHEW (4 months ago)
I like this
YourHalfSister (4 months ago)
The knock-kneed model that came down second set my mind at ease as I have that same issue. I feel like crossing one foot in front of the other while walking (like Naomi) camouflages it well.
Oumaima BK (5 months ago)
Milan Kess (5 months ago)
Shout out to my fellow Nigerian models
Chai (5 months ago)
Why are they so skinny
Lori_Smile (2 months ago)
Because they are MODELS!!
Pretty Boringg (6 months ago)
Anthony West (6 months ago)
Minkyu cArAtDeUL17 (6 months ago)
Title of the song??
dee orichiro (5 months ago)
Jan Heidger (7 months ago)
Schritte viel zu klein
Jan Heidger (7 months ago)
Fast perfekt
Soliel Paden (8 months ago)
beautiful girls! who is the coach?
Kwadwo Ohene Darko (8 months ago)
nice one
gais b (9 months ago)
I do it good
Sunkissed Melanin (1 year ago)
Some of their strides need to be a little bit longer
do bla (1 month ago)
But dosnt that look funny from the side bee?
Selena sely (1 year ago)
Song at 00:27 ??!
Javonni Lewin (7 months ago)
Nobody have to know kranium
TIESHA MATHIS (7 months ago)
Selena sely kranium ft ty dolla sign
Jessica Tarr (1 year ago)
Love this

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