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► Female Assassin ◄ LATEST Action Movies

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When Sawa's mother and policeman father are found victims of a grisly double homicide, she begins a ruthless pursuit for the man who murdered them. With the help of her father's ex-partner, Karl Aker (Samuel L. Jackson), and a mysterious friend from her past , she becomes a merciless teen assassin, blasting her way through the dark world of human trafficking only to uncover a devastating truth.
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Text Comments (1635)
It's Me Mae (1 day ago)
1-14-19 everyone?? Say hi and like this
jhen vista (2 days ago)
2019 tho.. Still watching😊☺
rish real (2 days ago)
January 13, 2019 Nice movie :)
Us Phaj (3 days ago)
About to watch Reading comments first. 2019
impoppypanda (3 days ago)
Like KickAss meets John Wick... Little Girl John Wick LOL 😂 😂 😂
Vesna Vranishkoska (3 days ago)
how is the name of the movie?
C Q (4 days ago)
25 minutes in and done. No thanks.
Mark Angel Dela Cruz (6 days ago)
zcy Bb (6 days ago)
Your Local Jam Spot (7 days ago)
Who else is watching 2019
Glaxsee Kim (10 days ago)
Not the best movie really bad story telling don't waste your time
Adrian Carpio (10 days ago)
great movie 👍
Lucha Delva (10 days ago)
ramel lagoraz (11 days ago)
Nishant Singh (11 days ago)
Guys it's awesome amazing movie watch it...and don't read some bullshit comments.. some of people still don't no how to share review.....
rjay redosendo (11 days ago)
ano po title?
forever UNHG. (12 days ago)
Sólo al ver el título le di like 😂😂😂 xk sin duda estará buena...
Jodyann Whitter (12 days ago)
This movie is epic love it so bad
Mai Giza (12 days ago)
Yes. Ok i like 💋💋😋😋 Chat with me 😋👅💦
Melik Acar (11 days ago)
DAILY WATCH (12 days ago)
Please dubbed in hindi
ken sangale (12 days ago)
who is watching in 2019, please like of 2019
Taja Lawrence (13 days ago)
she played in the under world as the mixed liken vampire
Ajaah Gordon Kwame (13 days ago)
am now watching it 2 January 2019
mildred San Pascual (14 days ago)
Reading while watching just to check if the movie is good😜😜😜 who else here?
T G (15 days ago)
Were watching it ! OK no matter what time of day or year people !!
aram kakaziad (15 days ago)
Unfortunatly i did not read the comments befor watching 😥
Jackie Gervacio (16 days ago)
Watching before the year end! 🤩
rached guizani (16 days ago)
Shity movie...a total waste of time
sbarnett37tiger Barnes (17 days ago)
Yeah this movie is really good, I was so surprised! Very slick and sexy.
Tru Truffles (17 days ago)
Ahmed Wardi (17 days ago)
If u watching like me 2018 December 28 hhhhhh when the liverpool beats arsnell 😂🖐
sithembiso khatazo (17 days ago)
I thought she was Selena Gomez till I read the comments
vik sin (18 days ago)
kids in cages Blood all over thi is a real hollywood disease ty for sharing!!!!!!!!! THE DEEP0P UNIT. make you num!!!!!! 144ooo wil be elitistas with 2ooo slaves eatch the dream of your local catholic church.just under 5ooooo! those Black boks. i seen people trust those Black books insted of use a bit time to know the best of us all GOD!
Aasish Tamang (19 days ago)
Look like nice
Rajib RAY (20 days ago)
She looks like aishwarya rai
Iriswest Allen (20 days ago)
December before 2019
Adonis Peña (22 days ago)
The movies is not worth watching, there a lack of story telling and the barely knows how to fight 😐
Jucil Garren (23 days ago)
Reading comments while watching. I'd love lady assasin.girls are just so tough.
G 5 VLOG (23 days ago)
watching right now...
lyn lyn (24 days ago)
title of this movie?
Aldrin Gregorio (25 days ago)
This girl is on fire
Gloria Godwin (27 days ago)
If you are watching December 19 say hi
Liskook Jeoban (27 days ago)
Jhalak Magar (30 days ago)
Nice movi 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
InDisskyS131 (1 month ago)
"so one by one I kill them back" Who wrote the script, CoCo the gorilla?
Genie Magallanes (1 month ago)
Dec.2018 still watching.
Kim Mot (1 month ago)
Mmmm mukhang maganda nga,,,
Zeek M (1 month ago)
The kite represents babylon but sour was no jezabel.
Alexis May AlexiaKenya (1 month ago)
I've just come from your compe-i-a...... 😂...saying competitor really is a problem 🤔
Jokha Suley (1 month ago)
Read a comments first before watch hhhhh...
Jokha Suley (1 month ago)
Ooh now i watch it.... Hhh coz i was read a comments first, hope dat's a great movie..... From +255 Tanzania
Daphne K (1 month ago)
whose's watching with me 12. Dec
Lauren Chamberlain (1 month ago)
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Joel Asuncion (21 days ago)
Claude Desruisseaux (1 month ago)
very nice movie
Abraham Abrahar (1 month ago)
This film super
Anna Boakye (1 month ago)
Watching it now 7/12/2018. ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽🙏🏿
Vivian Osa (1 month ago)
If you still watching this movie December 2018
Ramsey Noah (1 month ago)
It so amazing still on It hit like if u are with me in 2018 /12/5 time 12 :47am.
Yhaa Yhaa (1 month ago)
Wow who’s still watching 😫😫Dec 4
ariel cañete (1 month ago)
meron bang mga pilipinong nanonood dito, stell watching december 3 2018
shawn sholtes (1 month ago)
Samuel L. Jackson is a fucking racist. He may be a good "actor" but he is a racist nonetheless.
Akhil Raj (1 month ago)
Movies nam
Ted Emmanuel (1 month ago)
What is Selena Gomez doing in an action movie!?! Hahaha
Nagesh Thapa (1 month ago)
Nice movie 😍👌
Teressa Dechosa (1 month ago)
Beth Pascua (1 month ago)
Jyothsna B.K (1 month ago)
why do i find her as similar to selena gomez😅😂
Jyothsna B.K (15 days ago)
+Owl j red u r right..both are extremely pretty though
Owl j red (15 days ago)
Jyothsna B.K They both have chubby cheeks.
wayne weezy (15 days ago)
yaa they look a like
Samantha Sibanda (15 days ago)
For a sec i thought she was her
Valroy White (17 days ago)
Maid in Manhattan
Seth Tomisin (1 month ago)
Can I watch?
Annamarie Martinez (1 month ago)
It would be better if there's have a subtitle.
hillbilly bmx (1 month ago)
disgusting what is she like 14 only scumbag pigs would like this shit
Comment if your watching this movie in 2018 and also think that it good.Thank you for the upload on this movie. Women are cute when they do they killing😘😊
William Eagleman (1 month ago)
dad gum it man....whoa
mohammad nor (1 month ago)
What the title on this movie...?
Alessandra Wilson (1 month ago)
India is hot
lovely khan (1 month ago)
Good movie 2018
Mark Cudal (1 month ago)
i like this movie.😍😍
Judith Gold (1 month ago)
If u are watching this 2018/2019 like this comment??
Angel Endowed (1 month ago)
Son Thach (1 month ago)
Very good movie if you come to the comment to check out the review love it good storyline and good ending 😎👍
Endowed Warrior (1 month ago)
11 22 2018 thanks for the heads up its agood movie jus like you guys said
greg bloom (1 month ago)
Diwan Lopez (1 month ago)
I like this movie
Mercy love (1 month ago)
Watching. .. very interesting
Jessica Love (1 month ago)
G. Thornton (1 month ago)
This is another example of a typical lusifilm movie. Not Named. Missing both opening and ending credits. Overcropped. The movie is "Kite" and there is an excellent upload at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ew5bdueR55o&t=450s
quel est le titre
Josie Flores (1 month ago)
Good movie Thx
Abigail Arhin (1 month ago)
Hey kati
Abigail Arhin (1 month ago)
Am watching
Light Worm (1 month ago)
Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss…but every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.
Light Worm (1 month ago)
Bryce Loski and Julie Baker
Light Worm (1 month ago)
He is Callan McAuliff😍
Light Worm (1 month ago)
Omg the boy is Bryce Loski from the movie Flipped
Maman Ngom (1 month ago)
Very dangeurer girl
Maman Ngom (1 month ago)
Very nice
Bobby Berry (1 month ago)
Great movie
Zaman Mesri (1 month ago)
Not bad
Tapu Thurr (1 month ago)
November 19, 2018 😊
quien me dice como se llama la pelicula en español
subtitle spanis pleaces yes
salwaagomez (1 month ago)
I think she looks like Selena Gomez
kck (1 month ago)
POS Movie Samuel must be broke to make a movie like this 10 minutes in I'm done
shawn sholtes (1 month ago)
Samuel J. is just a racist wannabe white mother fucker.

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