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How to design a Scrambler motorcycle

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A short video here explaining how to design a cafe racer bike for yourself. Introducing you to the basics you need to look for as well as some inspiration on what parts to change to get your own custom look. Here we start off with a standard Kawasaki KZ650, change the front forks, wheel, handlebars, then replacing the tank, changing the seat to a scrambler / brat style seat, then replacing the rear wheel and shocks. PSD download available here: http://fortheboldindustries.com/uncategorized/scrambler-photoshop-download/ Stickers available at http://fortheboldindustries.com/product/for-the-bold-stickers/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/for_the_bold_industries Filmed with Canon 70D http://amzn.to/2sfljUL With 50mm 1.4 lens http://amzn.to/2rXLzAk
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Text Comments (225)
Axel Bareille (1 month ago)
Photoshop ok, but when you remove a part, what's under appear ! How do make this ? For example when you take the tank off we can see the frame Second question, where do you find parts pics with the right angle to test them on your design ?
For The Bold - dreegez (1 month ago)
I build the whole frame in photoshop first. As for angles I just have a good eye for them.
Yeshai Burgess (1 month ago)
What app do you use
For The Bold - dreegez (1 month ago)
No app. This is all animated.
BEING ME (2 months ago)
make a bobber design
For The Bold - dreegez (2 months ago)
Already done, check the other videos.
khodja belkacem (2 months ago)
if i send u the picture of my bike u can make a design for there ??
For The Bold - dreegez (2 months ago)
Sorry. I’m not taking commission at the moment.
Youssef Samari (4 months ago)
Hi, What is the name of the music on this video ? Thanks in advance
CHARLES BRONSON (4 months ago)
What programme should I use to trial designs the way you do it ? I’m not really tech savvy but I will learn
CHARLES BRONSON (4 months ago)
For The Bold - dreegez just found that video ;) cheers
For The Bold - dreegez (4 months ago)
I use photoshop
Tim Decker (6 months ago)
I have a question. What do you do with the air intake system after you've taken it off where it originally was? Where do you put it?
For The Bold - dreegez (6 months ago)
Normally on eBay ;). But honestly you replace it with pods
L Cat (6 months ago)
Where's the battery go?
For The Bold - dreegez (6 months ago)
Check out a few videos of mine on here, all 3 bikes have a different place for the batteries to be stored.
L Cat (6 months ago)
For The Bold - dreegez Eye opening! Thanks 👍
For The Bold - dreegez (6 months ago)
Up to you really, you can build a box inside the frame under the seat, under the engine near the swing arm, anywhere you find a space
Spider Watson (7 months ago)
Mucho Thx! I really appreciate the choice of bike used for the video. I'm looking at 2000 ZR7 with only 2700 miles on it. Haven't decided which direction to go just yet. Again, thx for making these videos. Will Spider Watson in Az U.S.A. "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord." - Psalms 33:12
MrBlack 762 (8 months ago)
Working on a 91 Honda Nighthawk CB750. Thanks for the tips!
For The Bold - dreegez (8 months ago)
Great stuff, good luck with it.
ScabbyCrab (8 months ago)
I'm very new, how can you just straight up remove the air filter box? Surely that would be detrimental to the performance/longevity of the bike?
ScabbyCrab (8 months ago)
Hey man thanks for replying. With regards to forks / exhausts and things like that, how do you find ones that will fit your bike? Are there universal measurement formats for these pieces? Buying a cg125 and fully intend on doing some mods in the coming months.
For The Bold - dreegez (8 months ago)
You would have to swap with pods and if you have decent pods then it'll last and will be easier to set up your bike after.
ScabbyCrab (8 months ago)
Oh no worries lol.
diego fernandes trindade (8 months ago)
Scrambler e Cafe Racer on Britania
Human Anonymous (8 months ago)
Is there a way I can build a hybrid between a cafe racer and a scrambler? I’m very interested in building one but to me they both look exactly the same
For The Bold - dreegez (8 months ago)
You can, I guess the hybrid would be closer to a brat bike.
Clive Lindley (9 months ago)
Any videos on guages/speedometers? Also where to find them. Most seem to be digital which dont fit on older bikes.
For The Bold - dreegez (9 months ago)
No videos as of yet as I tend to use mechanical speedos, but you can get an analogue - digital converter for a lot of digital dials, Dime City Cycles do a lot.
Prince Ekka (10 months ago)
Can u please suggest to how to change headlamp .?? If changed how to know it's compatiblity with the battery I have ??
For The Bold - dreegez (10 months ago)
Your headlight will run off the alternator more than the battery but any 12v headlight will do
Custombike TV (10 months ago)
great video. Learned alot from it.
For The Bold - dreegez (10 months ago)
Thanks for watching.
non sequitir (10 months ago)
how much does a new spoke wheels cost? I'm trying to build a bike alone and it's a suzuki gsf 400 bandit. thanks :)
For The Bold - dreegez (10 months ago)
To be honest I don't have a clue on prices.
Oliver Gough (10 months ago)
im building a cafe racer and my donor bike is a srx250 1984
For The Bold - dreegez (10 months ago)
Amazing, good luck with it.
Sithira Weerasinghe (11 months ago)
Appreciate your effort, but seeing such a beautiful bike been ruined is a great pain to me. If someone wants to go off road, he should buy a dirtbike, something like an XR, not ruin a beautiful classy bike
For The Bold - dreegez (11 months ago)
I'm only pulling your leg ;) I agree, there are a lot of classic bikes out there which are on the threat list and I think there should be more emphasis in restoration, and of course a CB750 would not make the best scrambler. Unfortunately people will destroy some, I feel strongly about the CL350 as that is a beautiful bike as it is.
Sithira Weerasinghe (11 months ago)
yeah man, I know that this is just a computer graphic. but people are ruining a lot of classic bikes in building scramblers :(
For The Bold - dreegez (11 months ago)
It's not real, the real bike is still ok. Don't worry.
Brad Aghast (11 months ago)
Awesome advice. I'm looking for a scrambler project. Enjoy your video's alot,
For The Bold - dreegez (11 months ago)
Excellent, good luck on your project.
Dank Souls (11 months ago)
Do you guys think that the fork and exhaust matter? I was thinking of building a scrambler/cafe racer from the mash seventy five, and I don't really have the money to change them. I thought about putting that cloth tape over the exhaust to make it black.
For The Bold - dreegez (11 months ago)
I guess the only thing with a scrambler exhaust is for practicality it should go along the top of the bike rather than below for off roading, but do whatever you feel is simpler and cheaper / easier for you.
Paul Nero (1 year ago)
Sir whete did you put the battery?
reptiles miami (1 year ago)
What are some good websites to get parts for a scrambler?
Ravenholm City (1 year ago)
meh, i think kz650 looks better before becoming a scrambler
Nit the Liar (1 year ago)
I watched this and I just got inspired to swap that back air filter box with an identical looking spare removable tank. Thanks for sparking my inspiration!
Jaspreet Singh (1 year ago)
your channel is really good
+Jaspreet Singh thank you and thanks for watching
Deepak Laishram (1 year ago)
Where do you install the battery!?
Deepak Laishram (1 year ago)
For The Bold - dreegez thanks. Going to help customising my 10 years old motorcycle into a cafe racer. Hopefully it'll look cool.
+Deepak Laishram anywhere you want. If you go 4 cell you could nearly hide it under the back
Modifikasi Motor (1 year ago)
Nice tutorial 👍👍
+Modifikasi Motor thanks
Mujtaba Hassan (1 year ago)
papalums (1 year ago)
The design is great but forgot the kick start when you design the exhaust pipe any idea on how to resolve this?
papalums (1 year ago)
For The Bold - dreegez thanks for the reply!👍
Thanks, to resolve you'd just mount the exhaust on the other side. I'm used to the exhaust being on that side on an MX bike as my Maico is left kick start so when I designed it I only realised after I published it.
Nick Karsten (1 year ago)
You cant a 500cc+ bike in the netherlands until youre 24 or 22 but you need to have 2 other licences
Bobby Thapa Magar (11 months ago)
That's sad man.. In Nepal, you can get a motorcycle riding license at age 16 and can have any type of motorcycle. But any modifications are illegal. :(
Nick Karsten (1 year ago)
For The Bold - dreegez Thanks only ripped my rear wheel off right now
+Nick Karsten nothing wrong with that. It's a nice bike
Nick Karsten (1 year ago)
For The Bold - dreegez guess ill stick to my 50cc aprillia red rose for now
Nick Karsten (1 year ago)
For The Bold - dreegez :(
camgere (1 year ago)
I loved my 1980 KZ650 at the time. But 600cc machines have moved way beyond this. Better suspensions and redline has bumped from 9500 rpm to 13,500 rpm. No self respecting dirt bike should weigh over 250 lbs. or so. The KZ650 is 150 lbs. too heavy. It is much easier to turn a full on dirt bike into a streetable supermotard than a street bike into a dirt bike. Rust In Peace KZ650.
+camgere yeah. My 1983 Maico MX bike is so heavy compared to today's dirt bikes let alone the drum front and rear brakes. Things have come along a long way
Jeff Ferguson (1 year ago)
Its funny . I tried to bolt an arrow exhaust from a triumph scrambler onto my kawasaki kz 650 and it didnt fit. what the hell ?
+Jeff Ferguson ha. probably the wrong way around ;). Yeah a lot easier in photoshop.
Brandon Leal (1 year ago)
I need help on xt250 2017 scrambler
+Brandon Leal best suggestion I can give is to have a look around Pinterest and make your own scrap books of ideas. See what you like and work from there. Good luck with it
שי שמעונוב (1 year ago)
like your vids . what do you think of a honda varadero 125 for ascrambler?
Smaller engines work well with scrambler builds so definitely a +שי שמעונוב
Amon _ster (1 year ago)
Make a video on how to make a Royal Enfield Std into a scrambler please
Vintage Motorcycles (1 year ago)
Please, could you make a video "how to build a chopper motorcycle"? Thanks
Yeah I hopefully will get around to it one day.
Juan (1 year ago)
dude! this is a really great video along with the cafe racer one. keep up the awesome job. subscribed! cheers from Italy!
Amazing, glad you subscribed. Grazie.
Vernon Tauro (1 year ago)
a small part of the side mirror was still there at the upper region after you removed the stock handlebar. my OCD is still killing me
Ha, well spotted.
Brock Bolyard (1 year ago)
This may be a poor question, do you think a late 80's BMW k75 would look nice as a scrambler? I see them turned into cafe racers more often, so I thought there may be a reason why.
Brock Bolyard (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for the vid! Yeah, I thought the reason why cafe racers in that model are seen more often is because its a more popular style.
Definitely, I think it would, in fact there's a K series on my video here as a scrambler. https://youtu.be/V8c--TDXJkc I think it might be as Cafe racers are more seen more street worthy than scramblers? Just a guess.
kotoko556 (1 year ago)
lovely, inspiration had, the know how was acquired by watching your vid. keep up the good work
Amazing, glad you found some inspiration.
Mehmethan Usta (1 year ago)
Hello, Im from Germany, Can you tell me the individual components do you have used for this pretty bike? ☺️ Sry for my English You have good videos its so cool!
Mehmethan Usta (1 year ago)
Thanks 💪🏾
Of course, I have a list of places, Dime City Cycles, Cognito Moto, Caferacerseat.co.uk and the usual likes of Amazon and Ebay.
Mehmethan Usta (1 year ago)
Can you tell me from where you buy something for example?
If you were to go about a build of your own you would have to source everything from different places / suppliers. There's not 1 place I get stuff from, and everything is different depending on the spec of that bike.
Mehmethan Usta (1 year ago)
For The Bold - dreegez Ok, but where do you buy the component?
DatN00BTho (1 year ago)
hi please can u do a bobber and use a model that has a 125cc variant please :D
Yes, I have a bobber video coming in the next couple of weeks.
just trashed a really nice kz 650 😡
Don't worry, it's not real ;)
Shaquille Ghotane (1 year ago)
i love the videos. would love to see pointers on bobbers
Jojo Wallace (1 year ago)
just recently found your channel, really great videos man. I'm currently building my first bike into a scrambler that this info is really helpful
I'm glad you found it and good to know that the info is useful. Good luck with your build.
Yusha Rizvi (1 year ago)
Hi, Can you tell me the tyre specification for the scrambler, I am building a Yamaha FZS into one.
Sorry, my tyre knowledge isn't great, I tend to just leave that to the tyre suppliers to tell me what they have that fits and looks good.
Steven Dunn (1 year ago)
Would you mind linking me to those front forks you're suggesting?
At the moment I haven't found any specific sites or links for them. I'm looking for some for my CX500.
Haldun Elili (1 year ago)
Damn it is great than original ducati scrambler :D
Eli Butterfield (1 year ago)
but.... the exhaust runs into the kickstarter....
Absolutely, or even shift the exhaust to the other side.
Eli Butterfield (1 year ago)
+For The Bold - dreegez Hm...smaller armed kickstarter? Maybe one that curls around the exhaust? .....idkkkk. hahaha
A bit of creative license there ;)
jeff ferguson (1 year ago)
please don't do this to a kz650.
awesome vid! Can you do a Brat or tracker design?
Thanks. Yeah of course it's on my list to do.
Nikhil Kumar (1 year ago)
how can we select a bike & tiype of bike ..for the cafe racer?????
Just go with whatever you feel is the right choice.
Tylor Miranda (1 year ago)
SICK. I'm building a cafe racer next, but I think I'll be right onto the scrambler afterward. Can't wait!
Go for it, good luck
Pedrus Niloy Rozario (1 year ago)
hey can you please design a bobber chopper.... please
Vintage Motorcycles (1 year ago)
Pedrus Niloy Rozario I support!
Jack McCarthy (1 year ago)
+dreegz Bobber build next plzz!! good vids!
It's on my list, they take a while to edit.
Interesting way of presenting a scrambler motorcycle design.
Definitely. :)
Agree... it's more of guidelines than actual rules... nice work!
Yeah, it's my take on it. I think when designing anything there is no right or wrong way, only up to the individual to make their bike how they want
Joris Wensveen (1 year ago)
What program do you use for constructing your bikes on the computer?
Thank you
sandyka sandoval (1 year ago)
For The Bold - dreegez really craetive
It's cool, it's just Photoshop. Cut out all the pieces I need and place together.
Joris Wensveen (1 year ago)
sorry didn't see that someone already asked this
andrew clemmit (1 year ago)
Good vid great presentation
Thank you.
bill nye (1 year ago)
great video. Just one small point for function, might want to pop a rear fender on and raise (and extend) the front fender a bit. off-roading = mud/water flinging about and people have reported (on rare occasion ) gravel or rocks sticking in the stubbies and smacking against the tire huggers.
Good and valid point. :)
Mad Bat Moto (1 year ago)
Very cool man! I'm building a scrambler from an old Yamaha FZR 600 sportbike.
Amazing, good luck with your build
randomman818 (1 year ago)
So I just found your channel and I'm buying my first project bike tomorrow. It's a 89 Kawasaki kz1000 ltd and I was wondering what your thoughts were on it. Doesn't run and needs a few things but I've always wanted to learn how to fix my own bikes.
randomman818 (1 year ago)
dreegez Sounds good. Im definitely gonna stay subbed to you. I'll make a channel and post vids on the bike too.
I'll follow you on Instagram. The key can easily be bypassed at this stage, a couple of wires, jump it off your car battery and get a fuel pouch from Amazon and you'll be on your way.
randomman818 (1 year ago)
dreegez I just picked it up ten mins ago. No battery, the key switch needs to be replaced and the tank has a really small hole in it. I don't know too much about bike so I'm having a friend look at it. It's on my instagram @ag_builds
Brilliant, the best way to learn. Good bikes to mold into what you're after. As for the not running part, do you know why it's not running. Is the engine turning ok?
CLASSIQUE tv (1 year ago)
+dreegz please make a royal enfield classic to a bad ass scrambler
vivek chaturvedi (1 year ago)
For The Bold - dreegez is that coming?
That would look nice
STEVEBLACKA (1 year ago)
Euro Bobber next please .
STEVEBLACKA (1 year ago)
I,m building one from a Bmw R75/7
There's a lot of interest in bobbers out there.
Kalle Hiltunen (1 year ago)
A part of the mirror was left floating above the bike at 3:19
Yeah, I spotted it but I was hoping no one would notice it rather than re-rendering the video. 100 points for being eagle eyed.
RAAFE Ahemd (1 year ago)
and I saw your last video also about cafe racer that was too good
Thank you
RAAFE Ahemd (1 year ago)
are you on Insta ?
yes, https://www.instagram.com/for_the_bold_industries/
RAAFE Ahemd (1 year ago)
You are awesome !! which Software are you using in this Video please tell ? 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
It's lengthy, takes me about 2 weeks for a video like this.
RAAFE Ahemd (1 year ago)
dreegez oh !! means that is so hard ! you are amazing 👌👌👌😋😋
Thank you, I use Photoshop for the image editing and After Effects for the animation
kuehneniggle (1 year ago)
Do you know of a guide for MOT's - i think there are changes that can be made that look awesome that will not pass an MOT - what do i need to look out for??
kuehneniggle (1 year ago)
Here's the checklist, If in doubt of anything the best way is to befriend the local MOT guys, and drop in and ask them, usually they're more than happy to advise. http://www.motuk.com/Motorcycle_MOT_Check_list.asp
Kevin Haynes (1 year ago)
love what you did, can you share what the cost was for the transformation?
Thank you. I have a video of how much I've spent on my own Cafe Racer, but for this scrambler... it could be anything to be honest, all depends how much you're willing to spend, could be anything from £1000 - £5000
J. Buss (1 year ago)
The challenge is to allways think 3 steps ahead when building so all fits together in the end. My bike: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1thCIsc8dhzkr6gf3hz7Ng Tho the silenser got a bit more narrow this winter for more comfy terainriding standing on the fotpegs.
Scott RC (1 year ago)
I love your videos (and scramblers) keep them coming plz
Thank you, another proper video coming Friday and an announcement video on Wednesday (I hope)
Dave Asher (1 year ago)
This is brilliant so thanks! I am currently building a cafe racer based on a BMW R80 and I would LOVE to be able to 'view' some of my ideas before using the grinder/welder etc. I looked into buying 'Photoshop' but there are so many versions I'm not sure which one I need. Could you please advise which one a novice could use to cut and paste various parts together as a graphic. Thanks in anticipation!!
Eddie Caplan (3 months ago)
Go for it, the bmw r80 is an incredibly powerful bike, even in its standard form, many years ago, i had one, that i built as a kind of replica ww2 bmw r75 type, it had the leading link forks, a russian 1970s dnepr headlamp, with the speedo and ignition built in, i built a rear hardtail subframe, rolled steel mudguards, short minimally baffled megaphone pipes,
Dave Asher (1 year ago)
Thank you Sir!
If you get this one (there's a 30 day trial also) http://www.adobe.com/uk/products/photoshop.html It's good for testing out colours and styles like you say. Good luck with your build.
Bladen Hart (1 year ago)
Have you ever designed a streetfighter from the kz 650?? If so can you please direct me to that video? If not can you make a video in this videos format detailing what you would do?
Bladen Hart (1 year ago)
Thank you very much.
I haven't yet, but seeing as I have the bare bones of the KZ 650 I will make a video for you. It'll be a few weeks if that's ok as these ones tend to take longer to make.
Yamin Perwez (1 year ago)
Sir if you don't mind I would like to know about your education and job?
Thank you
bill nye (1 year ago)
dreegez I would have to disagree, as you've displayed quite well how to apply graphic design aspects to motorbike building. Though I have very little idea of what graphic design actually is. Just going by context clues here.
Nothing to do with bike building I'm afraid, I'm a graphic designer. Same with my education. But I've been riding, working & playing with motorbikes since I was 4 years old.
MrWillGreen (1 year ago)
Any update on the gs550?
Just fiddling with a few bits this weekend but I'll be heat wrapping the exhaust next weekend
Kristian Maagaard (1 year ago)
awesome vid ! i am building a suzuki gs450 scrambler in my 18m2 appartment
Kristian Maagaard (1 year ago)
aww awesome :D ill keep posting then :) that makes me really happy
Amazing, thanks for following me, good luck with your build.
nismo510 (1 year ago)
I'm doing the same, I just followed you on Insta, can't wait to see how it goes :)
Kristian Maagaard (1 year ago)
https://www.instagram.com/maagaard1991/?hl=en take a look :) more pic will come
Wacker (1 year ago)
Show us a pic of the bike in the Apt! Please! I think thats fantastic!!
Alex Eddy (1 year ago)
What app are you using to dot eh scrambler and cafe mock-ups? It would really help people like myself with the planning process. Overall though your videos are awesome mate.
Alex Eddy (1 year ago)
+Marvin Thanks Marvin!!!
Good tip for a site.
Marvin (1 year ago)
Research automotive scrap yards or old motorcycle shops in your area to find used forks and tanks. If no luck, Ebay has almost everything you'll need. You can find a list of campatible yolks (triple trees) that will fit your bike using this resource: allballsracing.com/index.php/forkconversion
Alex Eddy (1 year ago)
Well the project bike I'm getting from a friend that has mainly stator issues is a 1983 Honda nighthawk 750. I'm looking to replace the tank as it has some damage to it, and is not the best shape for the build I want. Looking at putting a triumph scrambler or bonneville tank on it with the rubber knee indentations.
All depends what yolk/ triple clamp will fit your bike. Look at late 90s Hondas and Yamahas as a start.
Kalle Jacobson (1 year ago)
great video. I like your content. I document my build on instagram.com/bratbikebygget :D
Amazing. Keep up the good work and I'll sure to see your build progress on Instagram.
Kalle Jacobson (1 year ago)
Thanks. your channel was one of the first i came across once i had decided to build my own cafe racer.
Amazing work, deserves a follow on Instagram.
Luca Cantaluppi (1 year ago)
Does that mean you are going to build one?
Luca Cantaluppi (1 year ago)
dreegez awesome! I'm looking forward to that!
I will do one day, I've restored a Maico 490 motocross in the past.
hoggath hogg (1 year ago)
great video ! can i ask you if the wood on walls is from pallets? the missus wants something similar
hoggath hogg (1 year ago)
nice one mate.
Thanks, and yeah, straight from old pallets that had been sitting outside. Really simple to put them up
The Desert Storm Guy (1 year ago)
damn i was waiting for this one
Now there's a challenge. Most hardcore bobber builders get rid of their rear shocks, but I've seen a few that are built into the upper bar going back into the frame.
The Desert Storm Guy (1 year ago)
dreegez loved it..... please make a video on how to set up the shock ups for a bobber
I hope you like it.

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