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fall clothing haul | cute + stylish baby girl clothes | brianna k

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what are the cutest baby clothes this fall 2017? here are a bunch of the cute fall clothing items i got for baby P. there's really cute fox sets, some pumpkin and kitty cat clothes, pretty PJs, bows and a holiday picture dress too. and this is part II- so check out landon's toddler boy clothing haul from last this week if you missed it. :) xoxoxo let me know in the comments which is your favorite item i picked up for our presley jane. these items are from target, gymboree, old navy, osh kosh, carters, & tj maxx! i used a ton of coupons and shopped sales- so don't break the bank! CHECK OUT SOME OF MY OTHER VIDEOS: BOY FALL CLOTHING HAUL: https://youtu.be/IoyzAqWUddA what's in my diaper bag: https://youtu.be/89DV6pV2vC0 AM routine: https://youtu.be/0OCWiYeGmu0 back to school teaching your toddler tips: https://youtu.be/-rFHO0BsIMk fall clean with me: https://youtu.be/qHBohhEgefs cook w/ me- best dip ever fall football tailgate recipe: https://youtu.be/KS9auVfwKfo fall decor house tour: https://youtu.be/yKdGqe-MJwU presley's 3 month update: https://youtu.be/64b4MdprR_c fall clothing try-on haul: https://youtu.be/vxHA5VpQtb0 fall bath + body works haul: https://youtu.be/ATkxsr9pbdk 1st day back to work: https://youtu.be/DMn5dO38hJg 20 baby names i love but won't be using: https://youtu.be/Ra91OInd8-A DITL mom with a newborn + toddler: https://youtu.be/heKG728ctXc Summer House Tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W6u6... PM routine with two kids: https://youtu.be/66dn4ykSUfg want to see our gender reveal (it's emotional!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njFWO... want to see my early weeks of pregnancy? here's the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUtuM... if you're new to my channel, it would mean the world to me if you subscribed. A BIT ABOUT MY CHANNEL: I'm a working mom of two who lives in Cleveland, Ohio, and like most women, trying to have it all. I'm a mama 24/7, work a full-time job Monday-Friday, and a Youtuber on the weekends and evenings after the kiddos go to sleep. I make content to empower others, share fun information, and unleash some of my creativity. On this channel you'll find mommy and lifestyle videos, shopping hauls, cleaning and organization, home decor, holiday and party decorations, boss lady tips and advice, and some style and beauty videos sprinkled into the mix. xoxo A BIT ABOUT ME: I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I attended Ohio University, where I acquired a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism, and a master's degree in communication. From there, I joined Teach For America and taught 7th grade English in Baltimore, MD. I moved home to Cleveland to marry my husband, and have worked in a variety of roles in recruitment and HR. I currently manage a recruitment team, where I work from home when I'm not traveling for my job. I have two babies- my son Landon is two years old, and my daughter Presley is three months old. I love being a mommy, decorating our home, planning parties, shopping, working out, cooking, cleaning, and meeting new people. I'm a bit obsessed with leopard print, wine, coffee, and reality TV shows. I am very passionate about helping others, and ensuring the world is a better place, especially when it comes to our children. LOVE CLEANING LIKE ME? I have an awesome gift for you guys through grove collaborative- a free mrs. meyer apple cider dish soap, hand soap, candle, and gray striped dish towel with a $20 purchase. New to Grove -- Use this Link: http://influencer-tracking.grove.co/S... Already order from Grove? Use this Link: http://influencer-tracking.grove.co/S... MY EQUIPMENT: link to my camera: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00... link to my lights: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00... LET'S CONNECT: add me on snapchat: bsavoca follow me on instagram: @bitsofbri tweet me: @bitsofbri Email for collaborations + business inquiries: [email protected] Mailing Address: PO BOX 361121 Cleveland, OH 44136 thanks for staying positive and kind in the comments! xoxo -brianna k
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DIOLATA CHERREMY (5 months ago)
I really like ur vlog all cute clothes ❤️
DIOLATA CHERREMY (5 months ago)
Fan from philipines ❤️❤️ like u much ☺️
Brianna K (5 months ago)
thank you cherry :)
Mommy Business (1 year ago)
Gah! So much cuteness! I love the buffalo check dress!
Momlife & The Kiddos (1 year ago)
OMG That pumpkin dress is the cutest! and the Osh Kosh overalls remind me of my childhood....apparently I had a pink osh kosh overall dress that I wore all the time! lol
Stephanie Cruz (1 year ago)
So cute! I'm obsessed with shopping for my baby girl.
Alexis Angus (1 year ago)
We got our daughter that same dress (I think you called it buffalo check?) I call it plaid but anyway, we got it for our family fall shoot and we put a light jean button up over it and it was so cute!! Sorry my grammar is horrible but I’m babbling.
Nichole Kaiser (1 year ago)
you should check out Old Navy for little girls clothes, they have THE cutest things :)
Kiddy TV (1 year ago)
wow, you look like so beautiful
Francesca Silla (1 year ago)
My favourite outfit is the dress with the sparkly pumpkin and the orange tutu.. So cute!!
Ash Ley (1 year ago)
This makes me want to go fall shopping for my little ones! TJ Maxx, Target, Old Navy and J. C. Penny's here I come! 😍
The Jackson Hive (1 year ago)
ahh this was all so adorable! makes me want another baby girl! lol
Micaela Lozano (1 year ago)
Brianna, I have been watching your channel for a while now, and I LOVE your videos! I am also a mom to two little ones and I just started my own channel. I would love if you took the time to check it out :)
Lucinda Sanchez (1 year ago)
I love the fox 🦊 romper, jeggings & ruffle pants! Definitely all my favorite❤️ I have a haul featuring foxes & ruffle pants 👖 Love you!😘
Karly Madsen (1 year ago)
haul***** lol
Karly Madsen (1 year ago)
Also- you should do a fall clothing hall for you! :)
Kayla Riggs (1 year ago)
I've only seen a couple things so far, but does she not say the brands of any of the outfits?
Kayla Riggs (1 year ago)
OK she did say what stores most stuff was from!! :)
Erica Maffeo (1 year ago)
My daughter was born on May 8th and we have the same Little Me floral pajamas and the black and gold heart leggings from Cat & Jack! My husband went to school with your husband Adam that's how I found your channel!
Rose Corrigal (1 year ago)
Welp... I'm going to the mall.
Mrs Chi (1 year ago)
Such cute girly things! 💗 I actually just found your channel this week by watching Tara Henderson and I've been on a serious binge! I love all your videos! You're such an inspiring mama and your positive attitude towards things is very contagious! I'm also a mama to a 2 yr old little girl and expecting twin girls later this month! Watching you from MN ☺️ I just wanted to tell you that I'm very thankful for your channel, it's been motivating, entertaining and just a great thing to watch! You go girl! 🙌🏼
Melissa Bussanmas (1 year ago)
I love the red buffalo check dress! I saw this in the Carters magazine. I have an almost 18 month old and almost 3 week old little girls and I think one of them will be wearing it this holiday season as well 😊
AgentDuckey (1 year ago)
I love her buffalo check dress, I bet it will be sooo cute!
Lisa Cormier (1 year ago)
beautiful clothes for sweet P! I can't wait for baby girl clothes...praying soon God will bless us with a little girl! I'm blessed with my boy but we are all ready for another sweet one!! 💜💜💜 your channel!!
Karly Madsen (1 year ago)
Hey Bri! What kind of camera do you use?! :) The link doesn't work!
Melanie (1 year ago)
I love the lumberjack black and red checkered dress I’m definitely having to get one of these for Hensley Ivy it is so cute!!
MsSoSchs (1 year ago)
Everything is really cute. You have great taste! I love the pink sweater set - thouse pants! <3
macantakai (1 year ago)
I love the little red check dress, with tights and little shoes will be adorable!
ahhhh so cute
I love having girls! The clothes are just so fun! Baby P always looks so stylish! I can’t wait to have some time this weekend to edit my fall haul for my girls.
Yovi S (1 year ago)
The pumpkin dress is beautiful
oum sami (1 year ago)
I love all the cloths so cute

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