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Drunk Man Wakes On A Stranger's Bed

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You ever just... Wake up in the middle of the night to a complete stranger getting into your bed. Dude your in the wrong house!
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Orange Kitten (6 days ago)
Beyond fake, but funny.
Jacques (30 days ago)
Honestly the home owner is the nicest guy ever.
louis dz (1 month ago)
Anthony Hernandez (1 month ago)
Ur nice my nigga
jay steve (2 months ago)
If I was drunk and fell asleep on a stranger's house I WOULD LOVE IT TO BE THIS GUY. ... HE WAS VERY NICE to a stranger to that broke in lol
Luke (2 months ago)
Dude offers the guy a bed he must be the shit
Do You Even Read, Bro? (2 months ago)
Did you pray to the twink fairy or something?
toby_2009 (2 months ago)
why don't hot guys like him find their way into my bed like that. you're fucking lucky. sleeping with my door unlocked from now on.
MarioVlogWorld (2 months ago)
Why is the drunk guy laughing at times? Was it because the other was laughing?
mycali louis (2 months ago)
Bro get him out
Pepe (2 months ago)
Bro was that the german empire flag
AdonaiLove 33 (2 months ago)
The craziest thing about this video is that the speaker sounds exactly like Dane Dehaan.
svineas neshevski (2 months ago)
pretty sure this is in Canada !
J (2 months ago)
*_copped_* it
Charles Isidoro (3 months ago)
Sly Impact (3 months ago)
I had something similar in Bahrain. I was out, ya know, enjoying a couple of colds ones with the friends. Well, to cut a longer story to just a slightly long story, I proceeded to walk out "da club", completely on my own, into the dark reaches of what a shithole Bahrain is (if you've been, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about) and found myself in a hotel "da club" with some geezers I've never fucking met before in my life. I proceed to cut some shapes, do some shots, and do my best impersonation of a dead worm on the floor. It was at that point the bouncers stopped laughing at me, and threw me out the hotel "da club". But not the hotel, which is where this gets weeeeiirdddd. I spend the next 2 hours going up and down elevators, one of which was occupied by a couple, who made the judgement I was so fucking smashed, they were happy to snort coke in my presence. I gave them the "nice one mate, I don't give a fuck" thumbs up. I found myself on the hotel roof top, like in the film "Hangover". I spent a good 20 minutes up there before talking the long....very fucking long and very scary staircase back down to the reception level, but not before falling down 2 flights of stairs. Emerging at reception covered in vomit, blood and traces of cocaine. You would think the reception staff are like "woah pal, we'll get ya a taxi" Nope, not a chance. My drunk self thinks "ahh fuck.....I'm just gonna go back to my hotel room on floor 12" (that's important to note the floor, as we'll come to that in a bit). So I again proceeded to the elevators to proceed to floor 12. But looking at the buttons, it only goes to floor 8. Which was weird, because when I first went up to my room earlier that day to check myself in, before going out, all the buttons were there. But fuck it, must just be in a dodgy elevator. But I don't give up that easy, so I took the elevator to floor 8, and decided to walk the rest of the 4 floors, and think to use "the scary as fuck staircase" for that......But I just ended up on the rooftop again...and was immediately like "what the fuck is this magic". So again, (because my drunk mind thinks elevators can only ascend) I have to take "the scary as fuck staircase" again. Which took fucking ages, because I'm still fucking smashed. I finally make it down to reception where I ask "excuse me.....where is floor 12. I'm on the 12th floor but I can't get there". "What" they reply. "There is no 12th Floor Sir". "There has to be!" I replied whilst showing some anger. "No sir. What room are you in?". I said "I'm in 1207.....on the 12th floor". They say "We only go to floor 8 Sir". So I ask "This is "The K Hotel?". and to my shock they reply "No Sir this is Hotel California, The K Hotel is down the road".........I then realize I was so fucked up I didn't realize I was not in my hotel.... So I proceed out the building, getting run over by a car in the car park....and then I wake up in my hotel bed. How I'm still here is a fucking miracle.
Tako Tuesday (3 months ago)
Cuddle him
Carzah (2 months ago)
Tako Tuesday gay asf
Jay Tee (3 months ago)
This guy wanted to rape him 😆
andre andre (3 months ago)
im in 2018
5ime0n • (3 months ago)
I wouldn't complain if I found him in my bed....
powerbrian123 (3 months ago)
He "copped" it 😆
These Nutz (3 months ago)
I just ran to this video again it’s been 3 yrs and yes this guy we still need more of. Since this video lunch more people are calling cops on dumbshit like you in the wrong pool. Racism get called out a lot. People thing they are entitled to everything, freedom of speech omg don’t let me start there.
Derek (3 months ago)
Lmfao my buddy works with this guy
Sophie Louis (3 months ago)
So his been drugged by fentanyl Jeffrey Dahmer,places him there so STEPHEN Miller,can rape him.
MrSmallANDLoud (4 months ago)
*breaking and entering in his house* *still offers him a bed to sleep in* What a guy 😂
Daniel Andersson (18 days ago)
Has got to be the nicest guy in the world. I seriously would've lost my shit and beat the fuck out that kid. Kudos to the homeowner.
Jamesy Boy (4 months ago)
I wonder if they became friends afterwards.
Dedrergenert (4 months ago)
Why wasn't he dragged out of bed and into the street?
Jaelene Ceja (2 months ago)
Dedrergenert cause not everyone is an asshole
JesusLемus (4 months ago)
2nd part on pornhub Gay
John Simkins (5 months ago)
I like to think that this is real but what i don’t understand is he went from drunk af to seeming almost kinda sober within the space of a minute 🤔
Mario L (3 months ago)
He was drunk and sleepy when he woke up a little bit he realized
Skully (5 months ago)
Dude so wicked of you man you're actually a good person. Personally, I might've been a little pissed but I kinda felt bad for drunk dude.
Rohan (6 months ago)
Hahahaha well handled by the owner of the place !!
pablo sanchez (6 months ago)
Bro you nicest man out there I’m tipsy asf right now but I actually got home and in my bed right now and don’t know what would happen if I was in strangers bed
C O D Y (6 months ago)
This is either fake af or the guy recording wanted some of that ass he was kinda cute
Connor A (6 months ago)
Imagine if the owner of the house was black
Todd Adams (3 months ago)
Connor A yeah this would have been slightly different..."nigga who you supposed to be....goldilocks?"
jack murphy (6 months ago)
hi did you become good mates after this
Sam Sammy (7 months ago)
I would stick my dick in his poop hole
Sleeperain 334 (7 months ago)
Damn this guy was so nice, he even offered to let him sleep in his house, what a sweetheart
Manuel (7 months ago)
i wonder if those guys are friends now or if they just never saw eachother again
Alterate Awful (10 months ago)
Well he got there by a mistake , he didint stole anything
Daniel Miller (10 months ago)
My faith in humantiy has been somewhat restored. He offer the drunk man a bed, after he realise he fucked up.
Adolf Hitler (11 months ago)
Rape him 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 hahahahahaha
Arveen Balmori (7 days ago)
He's literally adolf hitler. he wont listen to you
Lauraaa (6 months ago)
Bring back MLG wtf raping is not funny you idiot delete this comment
jessica marie james (1 year ago)
your a really nice person, we need more people like you
500night (1 year ago)
Wow, he let this young man sleep on different bed.
liljokes2100 (1 year ago)
i didn,t know that i was sleeping in a stranger house i thout i ound the house but it wasn't my house
liljokes2100 (1 year ago)
thats me
Commander Cody (1 year ago)
liljokes2100 Sure it was
remle reyes (1 year ago)
So cute
remle reyes (1 year ago)
Whos is the drunked guy? Ill let him sleep in my bed haha
mini pop kids 666 (1 year ago)
he obviously COPPED that bed
John Doe (1 year ago)
I would of had him sleep outside on the porch with a comfortable throw away blanket and pillow, (porch swing included). Only if the weather was nice. Had many drunk ass hell strangers crash for a few hours at my house. Never a problem for me, (if you can read basic people).
NASTEfilms (1 year ago)
wow dude much respect i would have totally lost my fucking mind
Uncle Kyle (1 year ago)
What a kick ass dude to even offer him a different bed. I mean there's a bed right there bro if u wanna crash. FUCKIN CLASSIC!
Bret Harley (1 year ago)
One of the nicest dudes I've ever seen. Inspiring really to try and be better
hussein335 (1 year ago)
This is what happens when you drink
Miyuki (1 year ago)
P R E M O (1 month ago)
id say he picked the right one
X hard rocker (7 months ago)
Miyuki underrated
lipglosskitten26 (1 year ago)
The owner was really nice
Jack Light (1 year ago)
Honestly in today's time he's lucky he didn't get his ass shot off
jose lopez (1 year ago)
he's hot
Priscilla Espinoza (1 year ago)
this it so fake
Flower Bloom (1 year ago)
Priscilla Espinoza nah
A1 -KING (1 year ago)
we need more ppl like this 🤙
bosha scott (1 year ago)
I guess he copped this house fair and square.
the singing shadow (1 year ago)
"I pay taxes for this bed." Omg 😂😂😂
jessica marie james (1 year ago)
Hailie Delgado (1 year ago)
hes hot
Jeronimir Maximus (1 year ago)
why a dutch flag? :P
The Victim Card (1 year ago)
Who else is on a house copping video spree?
jordan osuna (4 days ago)
The Victim Card fact here as well for that
Rümeysa (3 months ago)
The Victim Card me
zachary behm (3 months ago)
The Victim Card he copped this house bro
Steve Sand (1 year ago)
"It was nice meeting you" says the guy who finds some dude sleeping in his bed!! So polite? That kid is lucky he didn't pick any other house on the block.... damn
Holly N Malik (1 year ago)
please fill us in on what happened? why did he end up in your bed? lol
Chow (1 year ago)
If you watched it you would know.
Briaila Dara (1 year ago)
Jin Xing (1 year ago)
paid taxes for the bed, lol
Wild100s (1 year ago)
this is fake
Erick Allen (1 year ago)
Why complain? looks like it could have been a good night :)
Jack Perry (1 year ago)
I'd let him sleep in my bed
M SS (4 days ago)
same or just ask him to call a friend
Alterate Awful (10 months ago)
jessica marie james well ig u are a women yes
jessica marie james (1 year ago)
i wouldn't cuz he is a stranger i would've told him to leave, just because he was drunk and people who are drunk sometimes do things that they dont know and can lead to rape so if this happen to me the drunk person gotta go
Mon Key (1 year ago)
he obviously copped it
Daeveon FLAMES (17 hours ago)
Wow people like me.
Stoner Kronicles (2 months ago)
Lmfao I got here from the chopped video too lmfao
johnathon wilson (2 months ago)
A Sexy Paramedic SAME WTF!! LOL!!!
A Sexy Paramedic (2 months ago)
Mon Key I just came from that video!
Markens Castelly (3 months ago)
JHcutt4621 (1 year ago)
This is Awesome. And Thank god this guy didn't cop the house
wenchsammas (1 year ago)
The bloke recording is so sweet. But the guy who crashed never even said sorry!
Light Stream (7 months ago)
wenchsammas he probably like apologised like crazy when he woke up the nexy day...
wenchsammas (1 year ago)
I see that (It says so in the title) .... but If your drunk and knock a drink over, you still apolagise
AJ (1 year ago)
wenchsammas he was drunk
Brighter Light (1 year ago)
lmao fuckn funny AF yo such a nice dude tho 👍
Ivan Garcia (1 year ago)
dam that guy is so ku......
Flower Bloom (1 year ago)
Ivan Garcia Ku?
Foxx 13 (1 year ago)
i love this
Flower Bloom (1 year ago)
Foxx 13 noice
Safe Dog (1 year ago)
But why is this a funny thing?
Jared Highlands (1 year ago)
Anon (1 year ago)
This must be in CANADA
Kirill G. (2 months ago)
Well yeah, after all he was in the wrong hoyse
Suq Madiq (1 year ago)
CRYTE hell yea, cause if that fool broke into my house here in California I would've beat the fuck out of that fool
Latisha Villanueva (1 year ago)
love that guy sooo nice god bless him awwwwwwww
new west 507 pty (1 year ago)
demm this dude so nice wht him waaaooo
Jess Apolosi (1 year ago)
What a good bloke👍
Johnny Davis (1 year ago)
this man has way more patience then I have. I've had this happen before and flipped the fuck out. smh
Melinda Luscomb (1 year ago)
wow! that was amazing! i had tears from laughing! and what an awesome thing you did letting him stay. hopefully he didnt make you regret it!
Zac sh (1 year ago)
he is cute
Victor Bogen heterosexuality is a disease
Victor Bogen (1 year ago)
Zac sh gay asf
tiffany pollard (1 year ago)
Zac sh ikr 😍
susan osborne (1 year ago)
Zac sh that was not ok
Chastity Power (1 year ago)
Ur fuckin awesome dude
bruteman45 (1 year ago)
not a laughing matter when he sticks a gun to your fuckin head stupid fucktard
CannaToker420 (1 year ago)
You're just a paranoid fuck
bruteman45 (1 year ago)
the camera guy is a total fuckin dumbass
TheCityLightz (1 year ago)
bruteman45 Nope.
Javi Ruiz (1 year ago)
Well he knew he was not a threat. One time I found a guy on my bed after a night of drinking I woke up to go to the bathroom and came back I realized a guy was in my bed we had no idea how we met, but we clicked and ended up dating lol
Miras Garbage (1 year ago)
hello And your profile picture isn't even your cat. Gtfo.
hello (1 year ago)
ugly uneducated swine
Javi Ruiz (1 year ago)
+JHcutt4621 it was very weird, but he was very hott and we dated for months we are just friends now
Javi Ruiz (1 year ago)
+Jose Reyes don't worry you would never ever make up in my bed.
Jose Reyes (1 year ago)
Javi Ruiz gay af
Jennifer C (1 year ago)
dude... so hippie super nice of u. we need more loving non cop calling brothers like yourself . u rock!!!!
GameWorks12 (9 days ago)
Jennifer C mhmmm, then he murders you in your sleep and take all of your things
cold war sime (1 year ago)
Jennifer Croskey if everyone smoked weed the whole world could be this cool.
Dirk Diggler (1 year ago)
Jennifer Croskey until he's in your bed then shit changed
Stacy S (2 years ago)
Oh my gosh. was very classy of you to handle him with care. thankfully things did not go wrong. Wow.

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