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How to Draw a Cartoon Monkey Easy

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Follow along to learn how to draw this cute baby monkey holding his banana step by step easy. This is a cartoon version of a monkey hanging upside down from a vine. Draw Cute Animals: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbVzRnseEFtxtAV1f2-fQQPwXeX7uPYk1 Thanks for watching!! Please LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE. =) Thank You!!! ★Learn How to Draw the EASY, Step by Step Way while having fun and building skills and confidence. ★Drawing Tutorials on everything from Celebrities (Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, Demi Lovato, etc), Cartoon Food and Drinks (Hot Dog, Starbucks, etc), Desserts (Ice Cream, Cupcake, Marshmallow, etc), Fruit, Cartoon Animals (Penguin, Fox, Panda, etc), Characters from 3D movies (Minions, Frozen, Finding Dory, Zootopia, etc) , Games (Minecraft, Angry Bird, etc), TV shows (Descendants, Disney, Cartoon Network characters, etc.) , Toys (Shopkins, NumNoms, etc) and Everyday Objects (school supplies, etc) can all be found here at Draw So Cute! ★You can learn how to color with markers, color pencils and much more. ★FUN ART CHALLENGES, DIY's and Coloring Pages and Activities can also be found here! ★Easy, simple drawing lessons for kids or beginners. ★Celebrate Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Valentines, New Years, Birthdays, etc. with Cute drawings just for the occasion! Enjoy Art and have fun being creative and becoming an artist! ❤ ❤SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3dEvA1is6-0_yuei9iCdEw?sub_confirmation=1 -Website: Download FREE coloring pages and crafts: http://www.drawsocute.com -Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/drawsoocute -Instagram: https://instagram.com/drawsocutebywennie/ Have a GREAT day and see YOU later! :)
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Text Comments (240)
Jesus is love (5 days ago)
I am a fan!!!!!!!!!! 😆 😆 😆
Jesus is love (5 days ago)
You are talanted with a gift of drawing you are so great and I like your drawing it is all so beautiful cool 😎 and cute
GirlyGamerLizzie Playz (10 days ago)
This is not easy... I think I’ll have trouble drawing it 😂
Jolly Art (2 months ago)
Hi Monkey:)))
giuseppe romeo (2 months ago)
this is so cute the monkey is very vey nice
Emanuelle Barlo (3 months ago)
you draw so so so cute my favorite animal is any ape or monkeys
Emanuelle Barlo (3 months ago)
can you please draw a gorrilla
Evelyn Paine (3 months ago)
You need to go fast and that is final
Tahlia Walker (3 months ago)
you should do a snake
Nicholas Irving (3 months ago)
Draw a parrot please I love them so do if you didn't please and I'm your biggest fan I watched you sense I was 1 now I'm 8
Lucia A (4 months ago)
I used it for a job in the school :)
TheKevinMcRae (4 months ago)
This can help anyone and me for people to lean how to draw put a like if you agree 🙂🙂🙂🙂.
Sadia mohebi (5 months ago)
Good draw and i like your draw monkey draw
Tahlia Walker (3 months ago)
I can't understand what you wrote ????
Amber Czech (5 months ago)
The monkey is so cute
Bailey Christensen (6 months ago)
hey draw so cute my school group is wondering if we can us your cute monkey as our thumbnail for a app it is called math monkey and my group is not going to get all the credit you are going to be shouted out in the description please get back to us
ISABEL ENCISO (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for teaching me how to make a monkey because at my day care Who can draw the best they get 100 citizen dollars and I think I might dust win because of you
Cayla Donawa (7 months ago)
Can you draw two cute couples walking
Deanne Funk (7 months ago)
Ok I’ll admit the jokes were terrible I DONT WANT TO BE MEAN but they were no offense not trying to be offensive! Love ya wennie!
Bianca Whittaker (7 months ago)
I LOVE your videos soooooo much they are so cute and I watched some other videos on how to make cute animals
Kim Mehrtens (7 months ago)
I am your biggest fan put me in a shout out jemma
Kim Mehrtens (7 months ago)
everyone loves draw so cute
Kim Mehrtens (7 months ago)
draw so cute for life
Kim Mehrtens (7 months ago)
that was really fun can you do me in a shout out name Jemma love you like this if you like draw so cute
Rajesh ketkar (7 months ago)
Its beautiful
James Chirichella (8 months ago)
huddi cup bears (8 months ago)
Can you draw two cute monkey hugging on a tree? Pls
Adriana Boylan (8 months ago)
Kennadie Rossing (8 months ago)
it is so adorable
Mini Ramirez Family (8 months ago)
Your videos are SO CUTE!
Bethari Paramanindia (9 months ago)
Can you draw a Black panther???😎
Madison Jones (9 months ago)
Your videos help me draw and learn new things... THANKS SO MUCH!!!
Janne Weyers (10 months ago)
woow super cute
Gill Fawkes (10 months ago)
This Is Evie TV (10 months ago)
Can you please do a monkey unicorn 🐒🦄
Udella pretorius (10 months ago)
I love your drawings
Drink & Learn (10 months ago)
Udella pretorius me, too. I also have drawn a geometric monkey, that's cool. If you are interested, check out the channel ObachtMathe and the playlist HOW TO DRAW ✌️
Charlenne Yang (10 months ago)
can you draw winnie the pooh
Charlenne Yang (10 months ago)
can you draw winnie the pooh
Charlenne Yang (10 months ago)
can you draw winnie the pooh
Charlenne Yang (10 months ago)
can you draw winnie the pooh
Gloria McParland (10 months ago)
can you draw a egg with a face?
Ms Zaradine (11 months ago)
Omg turned out so good..Love ur vids and I subscribed to u and plz leave a like if u agree she is such a good drawer!
SuperRainbowKitty Help (11 months ago)
Drawing With Anthony (11 months ago)
thank you so much! It was fun and easy PLEASE do an alligator!!!
seamus gannon (11 months ago)
the jokes are so bad
Mr T (1 year ago)
Can you please do a tiger and it's cub 🤗😢😯
Charles Man (1 year ago)
I love your drawings because, they are so easy to draw and they are so cute!!!
Drink & Learn (10 months ago)
kids kids I love them, too. I also have drawn a geometric monkey. If you are interested, then check out the channel ObachtMathe and the playlist HOW TO DRAW ✌️
Just Some Rodriguez (1 year ago)
You SHOULD draw a Cheerleader.
Emma Vervoort (1 year ago)
Emma vervoort
elpi mix (1 year ago)
Chad Springer (1 year ago)
wow that was so easy and cute!!!!Perfect for my friend Ana Banana
N Lilipoya (1 year ago)
hello youtuber !
Araceli Gonzales (1 year ago)
It is so cute
Sana Mondal (1 year ago)
nice 🐒
Bo De Bas (1 year ago)
Maria Cano (1 year ago)
You are talented
Ava da avacodo (1 year ago)
Shining star 4L (1 year ago)
I love ALL of your drawings thanks,
Jay Upadhaya (1 year ago)
Caile Vlogs (1 year ago)
Can u do a hockey player
DSAD squad (1 year ago)
you are the best draw
Makenzie Shane (1 year ago)
Your drawings are amazing!❤️ Can you please draw Grace Vanderwaal, the winner of 2016 America’s got Talent?
Kylie Bak (1 year ago)
Can you draw a goat
Fatima Saifi (1 year ago)
can you please make a zebra from Fatima Al Zahra
Rachel Yasnyi (1 year ago)
its really good and so perfect unlike mine
Shambhu Kumar (1 year ago)
Juan Díaz (1 year ago)
Do Jake pule
Omar Lee (1 year ago)
Omar Lee (1 year ago)
May Mazza (1 year ago)
You make this look so easy !!!!!!!
JK Woods (1 year ago)
you are so good at drawing me and my sister love your drawings could you plz do a caterpiller
Scarlett Hawkins (1 year ago)
I love you so much draw so cute
Edwin Anderson (1 year ago)
your slow and you talk too much but your good at drawing
dudeboy10g plays (1 year ago)
You are so good 😊 at drawing I love ❤️ to watch you
sarita patro (1 year ago)
I love your drawings.
Sudha Vinodh (1 year ago)
So cute
Sierra Halsted (1 year ago)
Drawsocute can you mention me in it next video. I'm a huge fan have drawn a narwhal, pug, unicorn, mustache mug, poop emoji, and pusheen cat. And July 25 my BFF Sarah Bourland is her birthday plz mention her
Skert_Skert (1 year ago)
Johana Morales (1 year ago)
its cute but who can do this
i can
Kylie Orszagh (1 year ago)
i ment dont like lol
Kylie Orszagh (1 year ago)
also elsa!! even though i dont loike elsa please do it!!!
Kylie Orszagh (1 year ago)
do money please!!!!
Mr T (1 year ago)
Scarlett Gonsalves (1 year ago)
Loved the draw so cute monkey! Perfect for my friend who loves monkeys!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈🌈❤️❤️❤️🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵
Three Boys Mom (1 year ago)
Scarlett Gonsalves ggegvcDrfwedetfrssdtd
ryan burgett (1 year ago)
Please do a strawberry
Oliver Pashley (1 year ago)
nice jokes!!
Natattack Funtime (1 year ago)
I would never open the door to you
Sadia Moazzam (1 year ago)
i will applaud you every day
Itz*Emily Perez (1 year ago)
can u draw a yorkie plz
ItsTam [Tamara (1 year ago)
I draw these monkey to a card . My father hat am April 1 birthday . I made to my father 😍😍😍😍
حلو رسمج،يا.مبدعة
Toyskram (1 year ago)
I just tried drawing the monkey it was really cute 🙂I am going to keep practicing until I do it right
Angela Hulfish (1 year ago)
do Justin time
Adam Woodward (1 year ago)
i love your videos because they are so nice and your pictures are beautiful
Meo Cover Home (1 year ago)
hihi so so cute:P
Pinn Yan Lay (1 year ago)
Wennie where do u live because i wanna send u the things i drew
Cherie Pennington (1 year ago)
Dimas Del Cid (1 year ago)
I draw so cute can you please do a flamingo craft and drawling please
William Nguyen (1 year ago)
Can u please make a cute little sloth with its mama!! I think that would be really cute
Whitney Bartholomew (1 year ago)
Love your drawings. Please draw a cute schnauzer sometime ^_^
Sasha Efimchik (1 year ago)
thank you for drawing a monkeyI asked for you to draw one but I didn't think you would see it
T To Tt (1 year ago)
Draw so cute! Can you draw anime girl😊

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