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Zanra3 50rc party and Giant mole hunting with J0llyR4ncher

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Just a quick video with a guide to mole hunting. Ignore this ------------DISCLAMZORS----------------- I do not own runescape. Runescape is owned by jagex. TY SO much guys my first 100 views video greatly apreciated. ______________________________________ Kids ranqe soz owned ownage pking dchain bgs ags godsword sgs pk omfg phat set porn xxx hot girls thongs penis girls boys? Runescape kids ranqe vid 11 range 99 maxed pure attack str magic hp farcast nh pk pking wildy edge drags mb Non honour honur bh wildy owns1 defil3d pker zezima ownage ffs lost dlong dds dmed mole hunting guide imps hunter strength attack str hunt att def 1 sara sword ss ags omg Kids ranqe bloodhon qui gaun gin zanra3 zelcon3 soz owned jollyr4ncher owns life noob froob choob
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Text Comments (3)
pkking0170 (9 years ago)
mole is great i make 400k per hour ranging him im 64 range =P
leelikesto69 (9 years ago)
nice you have encouraged me to go mole hunting
Alex DesRoches (10 years ago)
first comment:D

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