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Curvy Fashion Model Andalucia 2015 - Gala Final 01

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Veder Georgiev (1 day ago)
My girlfriend is Curvy.This is FAT and ugly. The Size it's not important but the SHAPE (tho ripen Bubbles) and the SKIN (must be gentle,oily and NEVER with cellulite (Like this Buuuuaaa shameless women)
Win Win (25 days ago)
Kelvin Güent Bori (26 days ago)
Que ricas están mujeres reales.
Jorge Jaime (26 days ago)
Finally.... real women on a catwalk
ULTRAMANNYDJ (26 days ago)
Tanta gordeta tan fea y demasiado queso cottage atras 😂👎🏻👊🏻🤮
tonymtlwpg (27 days ago)
Bikinis start at 2:46
sapee (27 days ago)
siento un cosquilleo en los huevos
Charly77ify (27 days ago)
Gnem Shy (28 days ago)
Woman & man who are top model & porno star & stripteaser & call-girls/boys & ect..., it's just the new legal slave of human... If I was a serial killer, I will kill many people by starting with porn recruiters all in the world...
piloctor15 (29 days ago)
curvy? this is the idea of what i think the average girl looks like
Francisco Escobedo (29 days ago)
Vaya , que diferencia de aquellas famélicas criaturas que tanto les gustan a los gringos . Una felicitación a las modelos y otra a los organizadores , ojalá cundan estos eventos .
A A (29 days ago)
They are not curvy fashion models, they are plus size models. 🤪🤪🤪
mr. M (29 days ago)
7:27---26:27 -----😎😚
Colonel JCD (30 days ago)
I think there is a difference between curvy and fat.. curvy I like fat I dont.. no matter how much body positivity you throw at it.. a woman with a large behind and legs and a flabby belly is not curvy shes just fat.. and most these girls are just that.. well below average in overall attractiveness.. and their presentation is average too.. so what is the point of this show.. to celebrate mediocracy..? Ill take the 'unrealistic' gorgeous slender models over these women anyday..
علي الساعدي (1 month ago)
كارثه قنبله
Santos Jerez (1 month ago)
Total ship Wreck
SL1CCK (1 month ago)
tonybrooms (1 month ago)
Jose Jimenez es el maestro de morado
eight banana (1 month ago)
Kam Cheong Wong (1 month ago)
Kam Cheong Wong 感谢您的评论
Roman Crossover (1 month ago)
Mirian Rodríguez 💐🌻
Jacky T (1 month ago)
La luz es tan mala que no vemos nada
el loco (2 months ago)
So Cal Hispanic (2 months ago)
Real women have curves! 😛😘
chikh mokhtari (4 months ago)
موقع يعطيك2000قطعه من عملة توكن استغل الفرصهhttps://icoblizzard.com/airdrop/join/7120d04a2de80536552dc04de89d07a0
Leticia Miranda (4 months ago)
Curvy = normales
ULTRAMANNYDJ (26 days ago)
Leticia Miranda para nada, que hagan ejercicio y tengan un estilo de vida saludable.
LeoXIII (4 months ago)
¡Quedé loco! Tanta mujer hermosa. Sería feliz con cualquiera de ellas.
James Newhouse (4 months ago)
This is awesome
Thợ Làm Tóc Vlog (5 months ago)
hello Melva Canutera Producciones
oscaramartinez3 (5 months ago)
Cofi Annon (5 months ago)
I wouldn't last 3 mins in that shit
norom pacha (5 months ago)
4:26 hmmm...superb
Roger Goodwin (6 months ago)
Camera could be closer, definitely not too much lighting. Purple suit?
stan lis (5 months ago)
why would you want better camera and lighting??? So you could better see the cellulite and fat rolls ?
desmondjr brownjohnson (6 months ago)
Moon Shine (8 months ago)
wow what edible juicy hot models ... yam yam
Khalid Wahaibi (8 months ago)
Masha allah...!!! such lovelies....!!! Will I ever have the good fortune to meet at least one of them?
Mr Yellow (9 months ago)
M so hungry
MORBO791202 (9 months ago)
Mujeres de belleza verdadera genial
raad prince (9 months ago)
Collins gbobor (9 months ago)
wow... I will marry them all
mititica22 (10 months ago)
hate myself for saying this, but in the 3rd group, the first lady is not curvy........not fair, you are creating wrong ideas in the young heads of girls who want to be #perfect# and have a skinny body..now all girls who look like her might think: oh, i am curvy, I must loose weight......:-(
killahjoker (4 months ago)
she still has a nice body and jiggly butt though
Marie 87 (11 months ago)
Love it ladies😘😘!!!! Beautiful bodies too.
Donnie Darko (1 year ago)
who is the girl in the intro?
Donnie Darko (1 year ago)
Melva Canutera Producciones thank you!!
Freddy Freeair, the first girl is Lorena Duran, a spanish curvy model. The second, is Denise Bidot.
I feel like if u dont drive a Lambo you cant attend these?!🤔🤔
Vikram bhat (1 year ago)
ChaakLord (1 year ago)
Gracias Melva Canutera Producciones, en verdad disfrute el video, la belleza de todas las chicas es indescriptible!!!!
Marco (1 year ago)
hermosas todas
Dariusz Paweł (2 years ago)
beautifull ! Polska !:)
Thomas Goyne (1 year ago)
Dariusz Paweł gorgeous very sexy

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