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The First Walks of Victoria's Secret Angels on The VSFS

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Text Comments (241)
Andrew Wolfe (5 days ago)
Now you can add *Barbara Palvin* to the List 🇭🇺
Obito Uchiha (9 days ago)
Wow can't believe that was doutzen kroes's first walk :o
M Pfi (24 days ago)
Candice is just not from this world😍😍😍
Ekharisti Lidya (27 days ago)
starting from 9:05 was when all the angles get boring every year
Carolyn Wolfe (27 days ago)
You forgot Chandra North and Inés Rivero
O2f p (1 month ago)
Karolina Kurkova one of the best(if not the best) model of the 2000s that was equally as good in high fashion and in commercial projects.And in my opinion her walk and Giselle' s were miles ahead than all the other angels.
Adrián Lizárraga (1 month ago)
¿Elsa Hosk?
V. ? (1 month ago)
You could see karlie's ribs how they're walking without breaking anything in this condition Jesus Christ 😨😨🤢🤢
Mariana Lima (1 month ago)
My favorites are, of course, Alessandra and Adriama. I think they are the favorites of 86% of the people, the most important employees of VS, and, of course, the owner! hahahhahah! Queens who will never be defeated or replaced.
Fairly Vague (1 month ago)
08:12 I mean, there’s slim and then there’s plain emaciated. Zero thighs isn’t a good look in any clothing, least of all underwear 😖😖😖
Johanna Dezső (2 months ago)
I think Barbara Palvin has the most natural body of all of them
sayyidina maryam (2 months ago)
Taylor Hill is so cute 😘
Madison Daily (2 months ago)
Karolina just WOW unbelievable in every way
Steep Obre (2 months ago)
Gisele Bündchen/Adriana Lima: When international beauty is displayed just right...✋😥👌
Mariana Lima (1 month ago)
And Alesandra
Rafiel Rosario (2 months ago)
Marisa Miller’s walk is nightmare inducing.
Enrique Rdz (2 months ago)
Only Adriana lim is on the same level as Stephanie Seymour or Karen Mulder or Helena C.
Felipe Silva (2 months ago)
LAIS ❤️🇧🇷
Kendomcum IG (2 months ago)
Karlie Kloss 8:42 kind of looks like Taylor Swift if she were a model. Yes, Taylor “models” too but I don’t mean shade. I’m just saying the look similar to me.
robbal (2 months ago)
For me there are 4 generations. 90s-2000: Tyra, Adriana, Gisele, Heidi, Alessandra, Laetitia ... Early 2000s: Doutzen, Karolina, Izabel, Miranda, Rosie ... Late 2000s: Candice, Erin, Lily, Lindsay Behati ... 2010s: Lais, Taylor, Karlie, Elsa, Sara, Martha, Jasmine, Romee ...
Breanna Shimmers (2 months ago)
It was so simple back then!! Now they have gone too crazy with all the extra wings and jazz it’s too much
Emma Clowes (3 months ago)
They look like cattle, but sexy
korneelia1 (Nel) (3 months ago)
Heidi 😍
Ruben Sentosa (3 months ago)
Doutzen had some very confident and playful first walks. Classic beauty.
Jaya K (3 months ago)
I am here again, after adriana's retirement from vsfs.
chrysanthe sfyri (3 months ago)
Selita walked at the vsfs for the first time at 2005 and in 2007 she got a fantasy bra??? Adriana walked from 1999 but got the fantasy bra at 2008!!As for Alessandra she walked 11 shows before getting one!!!
Models are being forced to have very harsh and excessive body training these days,those models from old days looked way healthier and have more” healthy fat” on them
Well I should also say in exchange that’s how models put moneys in their pocket these days
Emma Popescu (3 months ago)
Models that i consider very beautiful: Stephanie Seymour, Heidi Klum, Karen Mulder, Helena Christensen, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, Miranda Kerr, Rosie H. Whitley, Candice Swanepoel, Chanel Iman, Lily Aldridge, Jasmine Tookes, Martha Hunt, Sara Sampaio, Kate Grigorieva, Romee Strijd. Models that i consider average/in between: Tyra Banks, Selita Ebanks, Lindsay Ellingson, Behati Prinsloo, Lais Ribeiro, Elsa Hosk, Jac Jagaciak, Josephine Skriver. Models that i consider ugly: Karolina Kurkova, Alessandra Ambrosio, Izabel Goulart, Marisa Miller, Erin Heatherton, Karlie Kloss, Taylor Hill, Stella Maxwell.
Emma Popescu (2 months ago)
+Joshua LeonardoASMR wow really? :o what can i say, people have really different tastes. :D
Joshua LeonardoASMR (2 months ago)
@Emma Tyra Banks average??? Karolina Kurkova ugly????? Miranda Kerr is super average looking.
Kay Lavande (3 months ago)
ktitapeace (3 months ago)
Where are Inés Rivero, Daniela Pestova and Laetitia Casta?
Stella of the Lake (3 months ago)
I thought Elsa walked WAAAAY before that.
Eileen Z (3 months ago)
The background music sounds so much like teenage dream 😂
Elizabeth Cole (3 months ago)
Where’s Naomi Campbell?
Jayde Prasad (3 months ago)
Elizabeth Cole she was never an angel
GarageStudio (3 months ago)
*Queens of VSFS:* Tyra, Adriana, Heidi, Candice, Giselle & Miranda 👑 *Honourable Mentions:* Alessandra, Elsa 🌌 *Should've been:* Naomi ✨ Campbell
whack (18 days ago)
why naomi not on there? i saw her in VS 2002??
Mariana Lima (1 month ago)
I'm laughing a lot at this comment! The ONLY true queens of VS are Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrósio. I really like Candice, but to say that she's the queen is an exaggeration. And Miranda? We do not even talk. It is a great insult to say that Alesandra is not the queen, because she is! It's almost 20 YEARS old at Victorias Secret! I think you need to know more about the VSFS
Marc Aaron Toribio (2 months ago)
Joshua LeonardoASMR Honourable Mention Alessandra? Wtf she’s a queen
Joshua LeonardoASMR (2 months ago)
@Garage I honestly don't get why everyone likes Alessandra and Miranda so much. Miranda looks like an average pretty girl to me.I just don't get their looks.
Nikola Mitrovic (3 months ago)
Except Adriana, that is now going and leaving VS , today's girls are skinny, very like Kate Moss, they don't have big boobs , small narrow hips, legs like sticks..
Lilly (3 months ago)
Last real sexy Angel was in 2007 - Candice. After there are no real hot newcomer with so a lot charm, sex, charisma and personality as Angels before. I miss of them. New angels and shows are boring
Matthew Pegram (3 months ago)
Wow/ them dam beauties!!!
April cook (3 months ago)
What about Behatti?
Herman França (3 months ago)
They will never find such a beautifull woman like Adriana lima.
Herman França (3 months ago)
Adriana is so damn naturally beautiful since always!
Sayani Dutta (3 months ago)
Just love Adriana...... I can't ever compare her beauty to others.... She's fantastic.....
chillin' pepper (3 months ago)
ewwww... lily alridge's walk
Frenchie Val (3 months ago)
Walks like a dude!
passionskayandmiguel (3 months ago)
wheres doutzen and ana
Karlie kloss looks like her legs are about to give in
LeilaniHapa (3 months ago)
Thank you for not including those fake Instagram "models"
Karlie kloss' walk is just the best
Joshua LeonardoASMR (2 months ago)
@M....... Too dancery for my taste.
Earth's gem Daffodil (4 months ago)
Adriana Lima the most beautiful.
Nancy Gray (4 months ago)
Adriana and alessandra ,Miranda are stunning
Liz (4 months ago)
Elsa Hosk is a living Barbie. She is gorgeous. There are some quite average looking girls... and the models are thinner and thinner.
Susi Meta (4 months ago)
Miao (4 months ago)
Josephine and Romme are my favorite
zanagex (4 months ago)
7:00 Jason🤔
Josue C. (4 months ago)
Las prostitutas mas guapas y caras de la historia!.
Glenn Mike (4 months ago)
Wow karlie, 1st time walker, a non-angel but got 3 outfits
Maureen Kitty (4 months ago)
Back in the day when it was a lingerie runway show. Now it’s like a concert
Chasing theUnknown (4 months ago)
The most recent models look so average! Whyyy
Chasing theUnknown (4 months ago)
Alessandra looks like Taylor Swift
Fran 234 (4 months ago)
Naomi? Alessandra?
montague (4 months ago)
Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr, Jasmine Tookes are stunningly beautiful. Giselle Bundchen looks strong & fierce. Karlie Kloss was way too thin for me.
karen mulder was the best
Sara (4 months ago)
Liliy , lais , elsa , jasmine . They all came after behati and got the fantasy bra before her!!! How! They don’t even have a personality ! Poor behati
Calee Marie (3 months ago)
Yeah, but Behati didn’t walk for two years straight in the show or do a photoshoot for Victoria Secret (because she was pregnant both of those years). Also Liliy, Lais, Elsa, Jasmine do a lot for Victoria Secret and representing the company. So really they technically did earn the Fantasy Bra, although I will say they do like the personality department unlike Behati.
Meghan Mcgrath (4 months ago)
Unpopular opinion: Alessandra is one of the prettiest angels. Adrianna is that striking beautiful but I think Alessandra has such nice skin and bone structure, a body to murder for. She’s my favorite
Mariana Lima (1 month ago)
I agree with everything
Mariana Lima (1 month ago)
+Joshua LeonardoASMR yeah!
Joshua LeonardoASMR (2 months ago)
+Hope Aldana Gisele, Naomi, Tyra, Karolina, Adriana have sexy eyes. Alessandra has a weird face to me. Her eye pupils are really close together.
Hope Aldana (2 months ago)
+Joshua LeonardoASMR those are sexy eyes not cross eyed lol maybe go get yours checked
Joshua LeonardoASMR (2 months ago)
@Meghan I don't get why people like Alessandra. She looks cross eyed to me or something and her walk is pretty boring.
vora Mai (4 months ago)
Helena Christiansen
Hatice vk (4 months ago)
i fucking hate erin , she‘s not a professional
Ani Nur Mariam (4 months ago)
In the past they show more the outfit .. now more like carnival
Priya Mandlekar (4 months ago)
Naomi campbell?
lilianne martinez (4 months ago)
Not to throw shade or be mean, but old vs models used to look classy, beautiful, strong. Nowadays vs models look like porn stars they look hot but in a dirty way not in a classy way I’m not sure if I’m the only one noticing this but for sure Vs is going downhill and they are going to get worst if they keep hiring celebrities who don’t know how to walk but has a a famous family or millions of followers
Fani Simanjuntak (4 months ago)
lilianne martinez (4 months ago)
You can tell Adriana has been the most loyal to VS she has been with VS for so long. Most of the VS models got rich or married a rich man and quit. I’m really going to miss her she was the last of the VS golden era and in my opinion the most beautiful and charismatic
Joshua LeonardoASMR (2 months ago)
+shw Hmm, you make a good point. I guess I didn't realize it was 10 years. I stopped watching after Tyra left. The shows after were too corny and theatrical. But yes, I would've thought Doutzen would have been very marketable. But I feel with the newer era of VS models, they started to choose girls that had more of girl-next-door look like Lindsay, Heather, Erin, Marissa, Chanel, Behati, Karlie.....That's probably why they started to fade Doutzen out. Gone were the days of the sexy elite VS models.
shw (2 months ago)
+Joshua LeonardoASMR okay that still doesnt explain why she got no fantasy bra. she has been a VS model for 10 years. thats so insulting.
Joshua LeonardoASMR (2 months ago)
+shw Yes, but I think she was pregnant during taping season. I can't remember exactly what happened, but I remember she disappeared for a while and came back.
shw (2 months ago)
+Joshua LeonardoASMR so did the others? almost all of the older angels have kids
Joshua LeonardoASMR (2 months ago)
+shw I think Doutzen had some delays because she got pregnant which threw her off for like a year or something.
mel asmr (4 months ago)
the models have gone skinnier and skinnier year by year..
W. H. (3 months ago)
The models are bones. I saw a few years ago one of the models was told to loose more weight and she was really thin already. Fashion models are too skinny.
Tranny Galore (4 months ago)
Sarah KKH (4 months ago)
they looked healthier back than damn the modeling industry is getting worser and worser
twofingers onecup (3 months ago)
faridah mnoor (4 months ago)
@1st.asian.victoria.secret Ling Tan is the first asian model to walked for VS show in 1996, NOT Liu Wen. The second asian model to walked for VS Show is Ujjwala Raut in 2003. ❤❤❤
Gonzalo Ocaña Elias (4 months ago)
Nice video, but you forgot about Laetitia Casta, Inés Rivero, Chandra North and Daniela Pestova, they were also VS angels.
Nancy Anderson (4 months ago)
wow! makes you realize time just flies by so fast
jelena m (4 months ago)
Karolina kurkova's body is insane
Arqalbertocendales (18 days ago)
she only 16 years xd in her first walk
Jeenika Anadani (4 months ago)
you missed Behati Prinsloo
Brave Sky (3 months ago)
She was in the video
cvet7777 (4 months ago)
After 1999 their bubs growing more 😜
paula A maldonado (4 months ago)
Y ming xi :c ?
Nazly Castro (4 months ago)
Alessandra my queen 👸
Massi Nissa (4 months ago)
i can't belive doutzen didn't Got a fantasie bra
OMG miranda more senior than candices and behati
Rich Mothafucker (4 months ago)
You forgot Diana of 2003. Or maybe you don't know. LMAO
Hannah López (4 months ago)
3:46-4:11 😍
Tony Iommi (5 months ago)
Where is Carmen Kass 1999???
Tony Ignsalv (5 months ago)
Oh God! Lais is amazing
Eduarda Sartorio (5 months ago)
Wyn Neal (5 months ago)
Adriana looks like she never ages. She looks the same now
Leined Nozueq (5 months ago)
Daniela Pestova?
Christian Rossi (6 months ago)
Y la que es más bella de manera clásica Heidi
Christian Rossi (6 months ago)
Stephanie Seymour me parece de las más bellas y exóticas junto con Ambrosio
Brocklod (6 months ago)
wow Giselle really got a nose job, and I always thought she was natural, how naive.
Will Chin (7 months ago)
as u can see, as time goes by...these models' faces are getting more and more generic........and almost to a point of cheap and porn star looking.................
Pop andreea nicoleta (3 months ago)
They are all prostitures nothing more look how eva herzigova looks now:)) pathetic women who base only on looks
Natasha Jain (3 months ago)
I agree!
Debby N (4 months ago)
That is rude
David Zhou (7 months ago)
Why there always have some people complain about and pity for models being skinny? So stupid. That’s what they are living for, to become famous, highly paid, they working hard and becoming who they’re today. Why don’t you just pity for yourself?
King Fem (4 months ago)
David Zhou yes and they live healthier..👏🏼💕
Янина D.O. (7 months ago)
Возможно буду первым русским комментатором)))) Заметили, когда проявили 1-ый выход Кэндис, в зале посиживал Джейсон Стэтхем? Возможно тогда он в первый раз увидел Рози, а тогда то он еще не знал...)))))
Afeez Ahmad Ahmad (7 months ago)
julia steigner??
Thaís Caroline (4 months ago)
No no no! Ew...
Shashank Jayaram (6 months ago)
Afeez Ahmad Ahmad she was never an angel :)
Alex Torres (8 months ago)
Old times when we were able to appreciate the outfits and their walks. Nowadays, they made the models go so fast that it looks confusing
Cassidy Chacon (7 months ago)
Alex Torres so true!
Kris Chan (9 months ago)
Damn, the difference of the shows after 3:54. Note, though, that banner is HUGE!!! It's covering so much.
Brave Sky (3 months ago)
The shows definitely got more elaborate starting in 2001-2003
Angeliki Markaki (9 months ago)
So thin ...they are starving
Anna Just Anna (9 months ago)
I don't think that they should walk till they are 50. 35 and bye-bye, there are plenty of younger models and it's their time to shine
Farraliza Nur (1 month ago)
Too bad if the newbies can't keep up.
A Narci (6 months ago)
Анна Гуревич adriana is 36 now and I'll still choose her walk than those new basic models.
bele (11 months ago)
Why im watching these eating chocolate?
Evelyn Doss (3 months ago)
bc we can..
SerenaFelicity Witzberg (11 months ago)
that young alessandra look like t swift

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