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MEN'S SUIT LAPELS EXPLAINED | CHOOSING THE RIGHT SUIT LAPELS FOR YOUR BODY SHAPE Visit http://imagedoc.com.au for men’s styling services Visit http://improvemant.com to improve as a man There are 2 main factors which are the type of suit lapel as well as the width of lapel in relation to the proportions of your body frame. The most common suit lapel is the notch lapel which looks like this. I'm wearing the notch lapel and it's characterized by the small triangle towards the top of the suit. The notch lapel is your safest option and the most accessible to find. The second option is the peak lapel which looks like this. The peak lapel is less common because the vast majority of off the rack suits won't have peak lapels because they are more expensive and labour intensive to mass produce. For this reason, peak lapels will often be more commonly found on custom made suits. Peak lapels can be seen by some to be more upscale and some may say more fancy but peak lapels are perfectly acceptable to be worn in corporate and all other settings. The shape and angle of peak lapels can be good choices for shorter men. The upright direction of the lapel can make people's eyes move up the towards the upper body and face which can be favourable for shorter men. And the third lapel option is the shawl lapel which looks like this. The shawl lapel is not common at all and is almost strictly reserved for tuxedos and very formal suiting. A shawl lapel should never be worn in corporate settings or when attending a job interview. So that is the 3 types of suit lapels and the other very crucial consideration once you have chosen the type of suit lapel, is the width and size of the suit lapels. The key with this choice all comes down to proportions. Suit lapels are not all created the same and they can either be narrow like this. A standard width like this. Or very wide like this. And your choice of narrow, standard or wide is a simple but very important step when purchasing a new suit. If you are a very lean guy with a narrow body frame and shoulders, you should choose a suit jacket with more narrow lapels that will maintain the proportions of your body frame. Whilst you can still look OK with standard lapels, you definitely don't want to wear wide lapels as they will overtake your body frame and make you appear even more skinny. If you are just a standard body frame and shoulder width which is neither very skinny or very wide then just stick to standard lapel widths. And if you have a very wide frame with broader shoulders then you should wear wider suit lapels. If for example you wore very narrow lapels, this will look out because the suit lapels are not in proportion to your body frame. So keep all this suit lapel information in mind because presenting a positive image is the combination of many small factors which all add up to create a sharp dressed man.
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wardope (3 years ago)
thanks good video.
Improvemant.com (3 years ago)
+wardope Very pleased you enjoyed the video and gained some value mate, Thanks for commenting and take care

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