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What to Do When A Drunk Person Is Carrying A GUN?

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Shirt Available At: http://www.endoapparel.com/ FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/COLIONNOIR Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/mrcolionnoir Google+:https://plus.google.com/u/0/ Instagram: @MrColionNoir ****UPDATE ***** I also found out later that he was in an on again off again relationship with one of the women who was working there. So hopefully he wasn't planning on doing anything stupid.
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Text Comments (1957)
Dan Sommerfeld (2 days ago)
Once alcohol is involved all firearms get put away period. If it’s at the end of the day hunting or working. Once the first beer is cracked it’s time to secure your personnel firearm and enjoy. Don’t risk it.
Ken Morrow (8 days ago)
Tell mgmt. Let them decide. Not my place.
traycer2 (9 days ago)
No, shouldn't have called. Might have ruined someone's life forever over being paranoid. No you shouldn't carry if you're drunk but..... it's all just a bunch of what if though.
Frank Bier (10 days ago)
This guy wants to remain anonymous but he post to you on Facebook? How could he be anonymous with a Facebook post?
israel evans (13 days ago)
But I would’ve done was exactly what Colionne would’ve done wait but who knows he mite have saved the guys life
footba11fan41ife (1 month ago)
A snitching pussy congrats you probably just ruined that mans life
Larry Bevins (1 month ago)
Colion, I have a California CCW Permit and can affirm that it is a violation of the permit to drink alcohol and carry at the same time. In fact it is a violation to carry in an establishment (bar, beer tasting room, etc.) that does not also serve food - and a little box of peanuts ans Slim Jims doesn't count. So, I agree with both you and the other guy - I would have called LE also in that case. Really enjoy your channel - keep up the good work! - Larry
Smoking Bull (1 month ago)
I think he did the right thing. I agree with Colion in how I would have handled this. But bro.. u stumbled out ur truck with ur gun in hand, then jut tucked it and ur clearly drunk? That type of person makes all of us in the gun community look bad. And with all the attacks to our 2a rights we can’t have bad apples fucking it up for the rest of us.
Joe Deezy (1 month ago)
My best friend committed suicide while he was drunk with a .45 ACP almost 3 years ago... if someone has a gun and they are drunk, take the gun away from them on the spot.
Pray & Prepare !!! (1 month ago)
I would have done exactly what he did!!! Guns and being under the influence of anything that impares your ability to think and respond clearly don't mix!!
Rubicon1776 (1 month ago)
in this story i’m more worried about ND instead of criminal behavior, the way the gun was carried in the waist with no holster than the level of intoxication. but put the two together and you have the makings of a potential ND. look at the fbi agent who dropped his gun and it discharged so your overall assessment was probably correct, you never know how approaching the guy one concealed carrier to try to get him to correct behavior might turn out especially if you don’t know that person or at least belong to the same social circle or club but it’s still a judgment call based on your comfort level and sensitivity to the situation i wouldn’t go so far as to say there is a hard and fast rule no alcohol = no gun, you can drink socially and not be impaired, but once impairment starts to kick in then i’d rather stop drinking than be without my gun
Malcolm Cox (2 months ago)
I agree he didn't do anything wrong drunk people are emotional and if he's an "angry" drunk it could escalate after the slightest misunderstanding
Gary Jones (2 months ago)
They want to shoot at the moon . 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Justin Alexander (2 months ago)
maybe he is not a bad drunk?
Nedhead100 (2 months ago)
You handled it 200 percent correct. Don't confront but call the cops. AVOID THE CONFRONTATION. You handled it responsibly like any CPL holder should.
Cruz PT (2 months ago)
In my state, you can legally carry while intoxicated. I live in South Carolina. You just can’t legally discharge the firearm while intoxicated.
MrJustus88 (2 months ago)
I remember a time when cop bars were full of guys just getting off. Still carrying. I miss those days
John Bietnacki (2 months ago)
100% right. Never do both. Be smart and don’t cause more problems for the CHL world. Stay home and drink !!!! Ask yourself this question. Is drinking more important then protecting yourself and others For me that’s a NO
David Seva'aetasi (3 months ago)
If he was drinking....permit is invalid...period.......if he had one to begin with.
Romeo Martinez II (3 months ago)
He said "Mexican Carrying" 🤣🤣🤣
WarParty! At the Outpost (3 months ago)
I would be more concerned about the person driving drunk than carrying drunk.
Terry Novak (3 months ago)
Either owning a gun is a right, or it's not. Drunk driving is illegal because driving is not a right. This drunk man has a constitutional right to carry a gun, and whether or not he's intoxicated is irrelevant legally. I agree the concerned citizen did the right thing, but I disagree that the drunk man did anything illegal. I think the NRA's stance is the same, in this case.
Mitchell Mitchell (3 months ago)
Do you ever get shit from the black community for being a well spoken individual?
Tim JD (3 months ago)
I wouldn't be concerned about being a snitch when it concerns life threatening situations like this. Maybe he had no bad intentions but he shouldn't be drinking and driving or carrying a gun. Alot of unsafe actions here that could effect innocent lives. I would of called without a doubt. If something happened, I'd rather live with being a snitch then being the reason a little girl caught a stray round because this guy got in a confrontation drunk in applebees and I could of avoided it....
David Gearardo (3 months ago)
Ok saying he was drunk is purely subjective. I am not going to call police unless its absolutely necessary. I would have to actually see this for myself before i could make the call. I've seen people with cerebral palsy or stroke victims get called drunk in public. So i have to be sure.
Jim Cooper (3 months ago)
And to say drinking and guns don’t mix is over simplifying it. As long as the person is acting responsibly there is no issue, plenty of sober people are morons. This guy with his gym shorts is surely walking that line though
Jim Cooper (3 months ago)
Since when is it alright to tell on people that haven’t committed a crime
Mike DEEZ (3 months ago)
responsible human gun owners with common sense & logic Dont poison their bodies with alcohol... ---> #Reefer..
Bish Please (3 months ago)
If you have a tattoo of an ice cream on your face I’m calling the cops for that alone lol 🍦 😂
doorran (3 months ago)
not to mention that your judgment is at the very least retarded when drinking... drunk is not acceptable for carry.
Mark M (4 months ago)
I have never been a big time drinker but when I got my CHL over a decade ago I almost never drank because I had rather have my gun and since have just stopped completely because I just don't enjoy it that much I don't have a problem with people drinking I rather enjoy when my wife has a few but alcohol effects people more than some drugs and is not a good thing to mix with firearms.
Craig Shelhammer (4 months ago)
Well. Depends on the person id say. my rm/best friend at the time got drunk and got into it with his cousin.only gun he had in the place was his ak47,his fiance told me he was going to use that to kill his cousin who lived 4 doors down,sure enough he came downstairs with it,so she of course asked me to do something(I was drunk also)so while she distracted him,I stripped it down and hid all the parts around the house...handed it back to him and told him "here ,now all you have is a club" He was pissed(we ended up knocking the snot out of each other) but next day thanked me and we also had a weird scavenger hunt as I ended up forgetting where I hid the spring. Thats the only time ive been around someone thats lost it around a firearm while drinking. (I quit drinking 5 years ago also so I try to not be around drunk people as a rule,too volatile)
Carl Stanley (4 months ago)
I was recently at a neighborhood party. A drunk neighbor decided to show off his 45 to everyone. I pulled him aside and told him to take that pistol back to his house, then come back or just stay home. Pist me off that his drunk dick ass felt the need to wave it around. He hasn't spoken to me since. I can't stand stupid people. He's lucky I didn't beat his ass
Jason Woody (4 months ago)
We as permit holders are aware that its illegal to carry while intoxicated or even carry in a business that the main income is from alcohol whether we drink or not. The battle for gun rights is getting tougher and tougher due to the un educated gun fearing people of this country and dont need a accidental discharge to give them more cannon fodder. To be honest the drunk man probably didnt have a permit to start with. Drunk, started with a gun in hand getting out of the car no holster with gym shorts? Guy didnt have a half a brain to start with. If i see you getting out the car with a gun in hand im already thinking your about to shoot or rob the place.
Matthew Neyens (4 months ago)
When you carry a gun its a huge responsability to not only be trained and aware enough to protect yourself but also to make sure that your carrying doesnt put others in harms way. Ignoring the that he was driving drunk and focusing on the gun issue, as a CCW carrier you have to make sure that you know the laws and are following them. You also need to make sure you have the gear to carry safely such as a good belt, holsters, lock box for the car, etc. You are not supposed to endanger others or make them feel uncomfortable. I would have called the cops too.
BHarris25 (4 months ago)
It's legal to carry a gun while drunk in Missouri, as long as you aren't being threatening with it. Used to be a felony here though.
Jay Dee (4 months ago)
Bottom line....drunk+gun=trouble. I'm glad he called the cops. And if the guy wasn't a threat it's better to find that out under the security of trained officers just in case.
Minnesnowtan (4 months ago)
I might start a conversation with him, see how the drunk responds. Does he think straight? I might even ask if my friend who carries should do so while drinking. See what kind of an answer that gets and decide to call the police or not from there.
Mr balloonpimp (4 months ago)
The guy did the right thing 100% Drunks have no business not only carrying a gun but access! Not drinkers DRUNKS! If you want to drink lock you guns up for your safety and that of others. I have SEVERAL stories I can share about Drunks and guns. Like the time a friend went out drinking thought he secured his gun and another friend found it was drunk and shot part of his finger off... The carrying a gun in your waistband makes no sense to me... I am not even sure you can carry without a holster but, why would you carry in your waist band... Is that at all a desired method of carrying a gun?
Michael M (4 months ago)
I'm a bit late to the conversation but here is my take Personally, I would have done the same thing. I am all good with people carrying firearms with permits either openly or concealed, but alcohol and guns are an extremely bad combination. Now granted its not to say that they are going to do something wrong. While I don't see how you can carry with basketball shorts on and not have your pants fall down, I would assume that in this situation the person was simply putting the gun back after removing it while driving. However, I would air in the side of caution rather than risk them being an angry drunk dude with a gun looking to do some harm.
SockPuppetSays (4 months ago)
Let me start by stating this will be a bit long and I’m not saying that anyone who disagrees with me here doesn’t take it seriously, but I take concealed carry very seriously. I believe that when you decide to carry a concealed weapon, you need to be willing to accept the responsibility that comes along with it. For example, if I’m carrying, I accept that, because I’m the only one in public that knows I’m carrying, I’m going to do what I can to stay out of an altercation with someone. This means I may have to bite my tongue when I might otherwise say something, because I don’t want to escalate a situation to the point that I have to use my weapon. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule. I wouldn’t stay quiet if I saw someone getting the shit kicked out of them in the parking lot, though I would be very careful about how I handled the situation. All that aside though, I think the biggest responsibility that you need to be willing to accept as someone carrying, is the responsibility to obey the law, especially when it comes to concealed carry. Breaking laws that specifically deal with concealed carry makes everyone else who carries look bad, maybe not to those of us who do carry, but it will to everyone who doesn’t carry. The last thing I’d want is for the MSM to start spinning a narrative that permit holders are shooting up places just because 1 bad apple decided to disregard the law, and get drunk while carrying, and then got caught up in a bar fight and shot someone. For that reason, I absolutely would call the cops if I suspected someone of being intoxicated while carrying, and yes, I do mean “suspect”. I’d rather call the cops and be wrong, than not call the cops and be right. It might be a bit embarrassing, and he or she might be a bit upset with me about it, but I can handle embarrassment well enough, and I would happily offer to buy them a drink the next time they’re not carrying.
William O'neal (4 months ago)
I think he was in the right here never drink and handle a gun but geeze a glock which has no safety other than the trigger that's one messed up order away from a shots fired call instead
Strange Reality (4 months ago)
Is he really legally allowed to have a concealed carry permit, drunk armed and violent? https://youtu.be/xJLe1MjTD94
Coleman Adamson (5 months ago)
First things first. The man was DRIVING DRUNK. That's enough to call the cops (whom I HATE) right there.
KINGKABLAMACHU (5 months ago)
I'm VERY late to the party, but I want to sincerely thank Mr. Noir for his willingness to openly discuss these kinds of situations! We live in a country with the right of free speech and that's a beautiful thing.
Marvin Harrison Smith II (5 months ago)
If you're drunk in public or driving while intoxicated, you're no longer a 'law abiding gun owner,' you're a criminal with a gun. Just like these nut jobs that walk into schools and open fire, it's always the rest of us that have to answer for your actions, so better to nip it in the bud before you hurt someone, either intentionally or unintentionally.
Jim Cushing (5 months ago)
Well, I hope the guy was drunk if you called the cops on him. If he wasn't drunk , you caused him a lot of grief for nothing. If he was stumbling around ,slurred speech with the smell of alcohol all over him then yes. But just moving around to a different seat, concealing his weapon in sight of you(which isn't a crime where I come from) and just not acting the way you do in my opinion is not a reason to call the cops. Could you imagine what would happen if we all started reporting legal carriers to the police if a person is acting just a little bit different than us? I wouldn't have done it, just kept an eye on him.
Sir Greedy (5 months ago)
you are allowed to drink and carry in west virginia where im from but you are not allowed to do it in an establishment that serves alcohol like resturants or bars. so for instance if you got drunk at a friends house and the walked home.. you might be ticketed for public intoxication but there is no crime added for being drunk and having your gun. i hate this but thats the way it is here
vrx Cld (5 months ago)
Colion wouldn't call as he knows they would shoot him first.
KC- SamaTV (5 months ago)
L. C. Clower (6 months ago)
In Texas, our BAC level while carrying is zero.
Beric The Great (6 months ago)
In the state of Nebraska your concealed handgun permit is completely invalid if you have had any detectable alcohol consumption, not just drunk but any consumption whatsoever. So if you were carrying and checked and you had some alcohol no matter the amount your chp is invalid and you are now carrying a concealed handgun with no license ... a felony
markjmarkjack (5 months ago)
Beric The Great Wow, So if you have a beer with your meal at a restaurant while carrying you're now a felon?
Mike Sowder (6 months ago)
I think as long as I was carrying I'd have more faith in giving him the benefit of the doubt a little longer, but would have 911 keyed into my phone so all I'd have to do is click it to get them on their way, but I ain't mad at the guy for doing what he did.
Mathew Sylvia (6 months ago)
All these little do gooders on here, bending over backwards to enforce rules that our nanny state government has implemented.... Its pathetic.... This is what passes for free people??? Sheep being told how they can or can't live??? Its so pathetic.... Government appeasers are ALL you cowards are.... I'd love to see all you "law abiding asshats" open YOUR gun safes for inspection and registration.... See how many years you spend in prison for laws you didn't obey.... How many of you hypocrites own armor-piercing ammo, incendiary rounds, high cap mags, illegal weapons??? Live and let live... "My government said I can't carry my pistol and sip a beer at the same time" CONGRATULATIONS... Your a sheep!!!
Eric Bell (6 months ago)
An intoxicated person with a firearm is generally dangerous, mostly due to risk of accidental discharge. If I know the person who is armed and intoxicated, I will atempt talking them into disarming. Being a stranger, I don't know if I would have called the cops maybe tell the manager and let them make the decision...
charles crowe (6 months ago)
I probably would have done the same thing. Having a Concealed Carry License is a privilege. Owning a firearm is a right. IF you don't follow the rules of concealed carry you don't deserve that privilege.
charles crowe (6 months ago)
If he just drove there drunk... that's already reason to dial 911. I've called on a guy that filled an entire big gulp with bud lite in his car at the gas station, got his plate number and made the call.
bryon singer (6 months ago)
Agree with you would have called! Drunk and carrying don't mix!
Coal Akida (6 months ago)
ice cream cone on his face, lol
Joe Second (6 months ago)
It’s going to take more than that for me to make a “man with a gun” call. I’d be more worried about him driving.
Kenny Noble (6 months ago)
Well, on 1 hand, we have the right to keep and bear arms, no matter what. On the other hand, some idiots who don't know how the Constitution works decided that people get to buy and consume high quality/concentration liquor. I believe that people who are publicly intoxicated AND dangerous or overtly annoying to others should be charged with something. Let him/her keep the weapon, though. The moment he/she assaults someone with it, it's go-time and dead bodies don't have the will to keep or bear arms. When I drink, I see it like this. If I can't point my finger at an electrical outlet from across the room without stumbling or wavering off target, I actually take the weapon out of my pocket and put it on a shelf. If I'm coordinated enough at that point (I usually am), I also take the magazine out and clear the chamber. If I can't stay on target, I have no business carrying a gun. There seems to be some myth that drunk people are all stupid assholes with zero self-awareness, but in fact there's a line. For me it's at least 2 drinks before I start feeling, walking and talking a bit different but I can still think critically, press a magazine release button and rack the slide. I think most people are like this. We tend to have a feel for our limits before the 3rd or 4th drink. I disarm before I cross that line and go on to drink number 3 or 4. Anybody can make that choice before that point. I choose to disarm before I get too drunk and that's my personal choice, not someone else' infringement of my right. Now, if I'd ever make the wrong choice and kill somebody, destroy the neighbor's wall or hurt myself, then I fully expect to be killed by someone else in self-defense against me or put in the hospital after being injured for the same reason, taken to court and/or charged with homicide, reckless discharge of a firearm and/or criminal mischief and punished to the full extent of the law. Even if I die like that, I'd fully expect hell and for a lot of disrespect toward my remains in the world. Pissing on my grave wouldn't be an overreaction. It's not just the recognition that there are consequences for my actions that keeps me making the right choice. It's just that. The right choice and I don't just turn into some asshole sociopath after a drink or 2. People who are like that either deserve the consequences they'd get or shouldn't be drinking, you know? Now, the only reason the guy in the story wasn't overreacting was because the suspect allegedly drove drunk, was careless with his weapon, so why not with his steering wheel too, plus he was annoying people in public while drunk pretty much to the point of harassment or at least loitering. I can see at least 3 crimes there as well as examples of very poor judgement from that drunk guy. He got what he had coming to him, though. See? We can have rights and justice at the same time. Officers taking a weapon during arrest is technically infringement, though. Ideally, the suspect should be allowed to remain armed, but instead of cuffs, tight shackles with short chains to essentially hog-tie a suspect to prevent use of a weapon, or a straight jacket should be used to prevent the suspect in custody from actually being able to fire the weapon. Plus, an armored divider in the car's cab and a cell for good measure for any suspect who happens to be armed at the scene and doesn't voluntarily give the weapon to an officer. If during the process, an unsecured weapon falls from the suspect (they usually don't have it secured, so this would be a useful detail), then the cops may take that weapon after issuing just compensation, but they shouldn't take that property/weapon a moment too soon. Those ways, rights would certainly be preserved and public safety would be assured at the same time. Checks and balances so no one suffers injustice requires a bit of thought and consideration, though. I wonder if lawmakers are usually that intelligent? Just knowing some laws on the books, I'm guessing not. Still, there's how things are, then there's how things must be.
Derick Gower (6 months ago)
I am a big conceal carry guy and also come from a certain kind of place. Having said that I do not think people should carry under the influence but I have multiple friends that do and have. I do not think what this person did was wrong in calling the cops under this situation although, I probably would not have. More than likely I would have made reasons not to leave in order to make sure nothing happened given that I was carrying at that moment.
TheDudeofDudes (7 months ago)
The biggest mistake I heard in this video: going to Applebee's.
usn1994 (7 months ago)
I wouldn't have one beer and drive. Same goes for carrying also the hell am I gonna be able to hit if I'm hammered.
Erynn Collier (7 months ago)
A guy getting out of a vehicle with a weapon in hand is a giant red flag. One generally does not brandish a firearm unless they intend to use it. Waistband carry says they probably aren't familiar with gun safety, and or lack common sense. A drunken state raises the risk of reckless and or violent behavior. Erratic behavior within the restaurant tells me his purpose might not be to order a meal. This looks to me like it has all the hallmarks of somebody working up the nerve to do something stupid like rob the place. If you ask me, calling the police was the right decision. There's no telling what he might have done if you hadn't.
Dwight Currie (7 months ago)
It's irresponsible & illegal to drive while intoxicated and/or, as far as I know, carry a weapon. The person did the correct thing. No need to confront the Pinhead, just call the LEOs and let them inject a little reality, a day or so in the can and a hefty fine into his fantasy. I'm just guessing here, but I seriously doubt the drunk had a CCW permit. Hopefully, if he did have a CCW, it was revoked or suspended for a period of time after his arrest.
If I'm drunk and you try to take my gun it's not going to be pretty
avnmech (7 months ago)
Having a drink with a holster gun, don't care. Drunk, staggering, shoving a Glock, Mexican carry in waist band of basketball shorts, and kinda all over the place, yeah I'd definitely be keep my eyes all over him. Based on the totality of circumstances of the story you told, calling the cops was a good move. As a Officer I'd never go all vigilante and approach a person that I do not know that is intoxicated and Mexican carrying a gun, without my radio, and a cover Officer I'm just asking for problems. I mean really what are you going to say to the drunk gunslinger? Umm sir you have been drinking, and you have a gun, you shouldn't be in here. If you like you might just get a "Hey buddy mind you own business and fuck off!", or you get shot, if your fast enough you might get to play a game of close range duel.
Colby M (7 months ago)
Snitches get bitches I think that's how it goes
James C (7 months ago)
He was in the right, even if he was just slightly buzzed, he still drove drunk and having a firearm, is a bad mix. I would rather call the cops then wait until he draws in a drunken manner and accidentally shoot someone and going to jail because he decided to drink and carry
donnie hinck (7 months ago)
I’d of done the same thing as colion
William Terrill (7 months ago)
I don't believe you should have been drunk and caring I do think you overreacted big time and your tolerance level is way too long now I long with him I do believe you should have kept him in your side maybe even questioning if you are caring did something along those lines
Jackman LeBlanc (7 months ago)
People who are arguing that he shouldn't have called are ignoring the fact that this man was driving drunk, and after he left he would have been driving home drunk. Forget the gun, THAT'S enough reason to call the police.
bill thompson (7 months ago)
Mr. Colion Noir I really like your Channel I was watching another one I'm subscribed to called they will kill you he was talking about D-TUBE . I'm not sure how this works but if YouTube takes your stuff down you may want to look into that.
Pumpkin King (7 months ago)
I would have given it a little time, maybe alerted the manager instead. Let the manager make that call, who knows maybe he knew the manager. Maybe he needed a place to sober up, and he already told the manager the situation... Regardless he wouldn’t have left my sight, and I would have been making a just in case plan the whole time.
tiphani mccormick (7 months ago)
If you're a concealed carrier you need to be a role model not a detriment to concealed carrier's you have to obey the law and if you're drunk or high with a gun you're getting the cops called on you. cuz if you think that's just one guy , 1 bullet in chamber for an anti Gunner to take away concealed carry
Thaat 1 Guyy (7 months ago)
I think he did the right thing, if he was at home, I wouldn't care, when I'm at home and drinking, my handgun isn't far, but it's out of reach, but the fact that he was loosely carrying and had it in his hand as he got out would have made my radar do cartwheels, but coupled with being intoxicated, I would have called the cops too, as I said, I can handle my firearms presence while mildly intoxicated and he may too, but carrying it in hand, loaded, in public and intoxicated does warrant his action.
Charlie Ward (8 months ago)
biggest thing that stood out to me is that he didnt have a holster and still brought it with him, holstered would have different. probably the right choice. maybe could have tried talking to him first but dunno if i would have the balls, hard situation
NorfolkKillaB (8 months ago)
Carrying a gun while drinking is equivalent to drinking and driving.
Christopher Bedwell (8 months ago)
Actually there is no general statue in NC that prohibits the open carry of a firearm while intoxicated. The law does prohibit the concealed carry of a firearm while intoxicated only. I am a deputy and we went over this in detail last year during an in-service training class.
Jared Smith (8 months ago)
He over reacted. Unless he was handling the gun I don't see a point in making him catch a charge. I think the guy is just a snitch.
Jackman LeBlanc (7 months ago)
Don't let the gun distract you from the fact that the man was driving drunk. That is against the law in every state.
Johnny Waffles (8 months ago)
I have seen first hand how alcohol makes me people more confident and not think things through. I've seen tiny drunk people try to fight a group of 3 people. I would hate for someone to lose touch with how serious it is to have to use a firearm all because they drank too much and carried. It's a situation that can be avoided before it even happens.
BIG BOSS (8 months ago)
SNITCHES GET STITCHES. LOL yea i dont think it was totally wrong for him to do, but if he were my friend and he told me he did this. I would certainly look at him as a snitch and watch what was done or said around him
tya04 (8 months ago)
"A drunk man got out of his car..." -- assuming that was the driver's seat, forget the gun, calling the police is the right thing to do right then and there. Informing officers so they can assess a situation and make a decision is never a bad thing for good people in my own experience.
The Haymaker8 (8 months ago)
If someone is drinking or noticeably drunk and I see a firearm it throws flags. I never let them out of my sight. In my opinion he was in the right calling the cops. If I’m drinking my gun isn’t anywhere near me or even on me. Better to set an example of common sense than to end up in a hospital.
Elijha Johnson (8 months ago)
I would have made the same call. I'm a server and i serve alcohol on a daily basis, and i see people carrying and consuming alcohol, and while it is illegal I'm not going to call the police on all of them just the ones that are acting shady ie carrying in a waistband of basketball shorts. I am a ccw holder and believe in are 2nd amendment right to bear arms as long as we responsibly do so. Just my two cents.
PowerOf One (8 months ago)
Drunk driving and drunk carrying both illegal.
Guns & Liberty (8 months ago)
There are states, believe it or not that do not prohibit carrying a firearm while drinking alcohol or have lax regulations about it. In Utah you can legally carry if you can legally drive (i.e. under a .08 BAC limit) and in Alabama it's not against the law. Most gun owners are responsible. With that being said, if you can legally and safely drive a car under .08 BAC (2-3 beers for the average person) why shouldn't you be able to legally & responsibly carry? What, because you're having a drink you suddenly lose your right to defend yourself? A guy goes out with his wife for their anniversary, they have a glass of wine, maybe two. Why should they be forced to choose between celebrating their anniversary and being equipped to defend themselves? Some people in the gun community make it seem as if one drop of alcohol touches your tongue while carrying a firearm that you'll instantly turn into Yosemite Sam and start recklessly firing guns in the air SMH. Generally people who are responsible with firearms are also responsible with alcohol.
jennifer baker (8 months ago)
it was the right call imho
Misfits miami (8 months ago)
Did the right thing for sure, would have done the same.
Joran Mcgregor (8 months ago)
Being drunk in public with a gun is bad. Being drunk on private property with a gun 👍👌
fps _iron (8 months ago)
What??? I love shaking up bud lights and blasting them...
ROY Hopkins (8 months ago)
Ok I have a question You see a man get out of his car drunk at Applebees (Yes he is the driver) Would you call the cops? Yes Drunk driving put a lot of lives in danger when he is on the road (But you are going to say ... Well he's not on the road) He has to get home and you know he's not going to call Uber Now add a gun..
Alpax Johansson (8 months ago)
Okey, so I live in a country there guns are highly illegal and have never seen a gun that's not for hunting outside a shooting range. But I kinda feel like alcohol + gun (or anything that can be used as an effective weapon for that matter" should never be a thing. Like sure if you're in the middle of the woods and the guy can't hurt anyone but himself you can choose to just leave it but in a public space you probably call the cops. Or at least just leave, but that's more like common sense. I don't wanna be close to drunk strangers, especially if they're armed.
Dustin Griffis (8 months ago)
Me and my brother had to do something like that. So the old boy was drinking his backyard shooting a shotgun into the air any wars in the city limits not the time me and my brothers and neither one of us only done up to this point . I believe operating guns while drunk for intoxicated in anyway should be the same way as if it was a car
Amy Rhoderick (8 months ago)
Intoxicated in public= against the law. Driving while intoxicated=against the law. carrying concealed and drinking alcohol=against the law (at least in VA). if those of you saying that this guy should have minded his own business saw someone driving drunk, would you do the same? He did the right thing. Intoxicated people make poor choices. this guy had broken at least 2-3 laws and was a safety issue to everyone around him. Responsible gun owners and concealed carry holders dont want guys like this running around and making it even harder to own a gun.
Lucky C (8 months ago)
Snitch for sure.
Brandon Little (9 months ago)
"SNITCHES GET STITCHES" If you are worried, remove yourself from the situation. You are not Superman, or a hero.
Justin Gill (9 months ago)
The gut who called cops could of saved someone's life... Maybe even saved the drunk guys life as well. He could of got into something with someone and shit the other person or shot himself. Either way alcohol and guns not good.
Kirby Peden (9 months ago)
I think it would have been safer to just not follow him in and go eat elsewhere.
salmarnir92 (9 months ago)
The guy shouldn't of had the gun in his hands at all, it should of been in a holster. Idec that he was drunk, he already crossed the line

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