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10 style tips from French women | "Parisian chic" | Justine Leconte

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I often get questions about French women's style or about Parisian style. There seems to be something about it that is chic and appealing, which I only really realized once I started to travel around and live outside of France. I asked some well-dressed French friends about their do's and dont's when putting their outfits together: they agreed on so many points! Thumbs up if you liked this video :-) New videos: Wednesday & Sunday. And here is my review of Paris Fashion Week, for more French things: https://youtu.be/Y6lAdd49f9g Take care! Justine ******************* SOCIAL Instagram: JustineLeconte_officiel Facebook: Justine Leconte Fashion Twitter: JustineLeconteO Pinterest: jleconteberlin My website (current collection): www.justineleconte.com/shop Business requests: [email protected] Ask a question / ask for a video / say hi: [email protected]
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oneworld24 (1 year ago)
A shout out to all fellow subscribers. This is the most uplifting and positive group on YouTube.
traveldreamlove.com (3 months ago)
agree! <3
ruth neff (5 months ago)
Those silly people who thumb down!! She's so down to earth and real. No snob here. And funny sometimes!
khushboo mishra (8 months ago)
Seriously i love the comments and the community of this channel!
Paula H (1 year ago)
Old jogging outfits, sweatpants was rule ##3.
artzk1 (1 year ago)
What was the 3rd rule? I could not understand what kind of outfits you said, no never about.
Athena Pearl (2 days ago)
Canada: 1.) try your best to follow French chic style rules 2.) monotone is always in style : black, taupe, grey , dusty rose are favourites 3.) muted pastels or neons for accents 4.) mixing metals seems to be a thing : gold, silver, rose gold etc. 5.) so many cultures = lots of intricate patterns , colours and textures allowed 6.) kickin it casual is always a must : tights, mukluks (winter moccasin boots) plaid button down or hockey jersey of preference --usually paired with a downfilled vest or chunky sweater and toques. Can't forget toques. Pretty much we are always ready to change into our casual clothes and go shovel snow, go fishing /hunting or stay inside and binge watch Netflix over 6-8 months of winter.... 7.) we are crazy about boots. But like, real boots. The kind you can wear in -40C. And parkas. Grey goose, north face and Eddie Bauer are timeless. 8.) jackets. We have a lot of jackets . Everyone seems to have at least one wool coat...and probably a vintage fur hat too. 9.) sneakers. Seriously. And crocs. 10.) people are very interested in trends . You will see one thing this year and then poof. Never again. Except for plaid. May plaid never die.
Alex Brando (4 days ago)
do you mean you would never wear black Jeans and brown coat ??? it seams so good (((((
Gitte Van de velde (7 days ago)
For the first tip: I don't wear black so that's an easy one for me! Brown all the way. I like combining different shades though, like chocolate with milk chocolate and camel. Edit: Just for funsies, here's my general NorthWestern European (Belgium) (which sadly deviates a lot from french chic) style advice: 1. When in doubt, wear blue jeans. 2. Allthough the rend has been long over, cheap distressed jeans are still interesting. And don't forget to show your ankles. 3. Loose, mid-parted, straight greasy hair is preferred for a casual look. If you want to be a bit more special, a curling iron to give you some beachy waves is your rescuer. A messy bun or ponytail is also a possibility. 4. Sneakers can be worn all-year round, so simply do so. When you're in a slightly more formal environment, basic pumps or oxfords will do the thing. 5. Avoid colour! You will be too visible underneath the gloomy weather. Grey, black and navy are a must. If you WANT to be visible, just wear a random trend colour on a top from H&M. 6. Very visible make-up is NOT-DONE, unless you work in a creativeenvironment. Except foundation, a thick layer of foundation and spider mascara are always welcome. 7. I don't care if you're cold; you should wear the same short, thin jacket all year round. Wool coats are so basic and parka's are only allowed when it's colder than 5 degrees C. 8. In summer, basic flowered sundresses that are usually bought at H&M or Zara are a must. For weekend, jeans shorts with a black tank top are fine. 9. Don't forget to ignore sunscreen and develop wrinkles at an early age. I get it, you're not used to sunny weather now the climate is changing. 10. If the occasion is VERY formal, any kidn fo knee-length dress is fine. A must when it has as an exception very ugly colourful small patterns. Basically, the culture is: 'be quiet and follow the other mindless sheep'
Tasneem Ahmed (10 days ago)
We in Egypt wear more colors 😄
Roxanna Mostatabi (11 days ago)
In my country (California, lol. Yes it’s like it’s own county) showing the midriff is actually acceptable. I guess it’s the beach culture.
Myriam Carcas (13 days ago)
Lately I have seen women in their pajamas in the supermarkets, 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Foofoo (14 days ago)
Very true that what women wear in a country says so much about their culture. Amsterdam here: We wear whatever we want. No rules whatsoever. All the prints and colours mixed or not, we do it as we want. This does not necessarily apply to the whole country but it sure does for the capital that has been disobedient eversince. 🤗
Danielle de Freitas (14 days ago)
Brazilians are trend-followers. The fashion style leans towards boho-modern categorized by vibrant colors, bold accessories and funky patterns. For a country with so many social problems, the Brazilians who can afford spent way too much money on fashion items. There is great pressure to conform to the constant seasonal changes in trends. I am glad I live in San Diego now where people dress sloppy and I can wear whatever I want without judgement.
angelina Di RITO (15 days ago)
Salve! Ho scoperto da poco i tuoi video. Li trovo molto interessanti, però vedo che non tutti hanno la traduzione in italiano. Ti chiedo se riesci a tradurli tutti. Anche il francese va bene. L'inglese proprio non lo conosco.🤐. Grazie!!!!!
Alice Hoo (17 days ago)
I like your sharing. Short and sweet. Straight to the point. Thumbs up!
Malakina1964 (19 days ago)
I crew up in a small lovely town in th south of West-Germany. And all are dressed the newst fashion and the women made their hairs and lip-stick and finger-nails. For teenager it was forbidden to wear make-up or wear shirts with spahetty-holders. :D This was in the 80s and 90s. Than I moved to Munich and I saw that the most people are more poorly dressed! Only a few very rich people are dressed expensive. I was shocked. In Munich a few rich and the others poor. For women are statements hand-bags and shoes and hair-styles and the newest and nicesed mobile-phone. :D So funny. Than a very good car and a nice man on her side. And old very rich women have very younger good looking men. :D Women are wearing what they want nowadays and the men are got more fashonabled than women! We had costumers of men who are wearing very good and expenisve trousers from Kiton or Attolini, thats are italien brands. The jeans has different kind of colours, like red or cognac and any kind of colous. With a nice shirt and the belt-if you see it, must match with the shoes. real leather of cours. But, I see that the most are dressed in very good shoes and the hairs get more naturally. What are really do not like the new style for men to have beards. Business-styles will be always black or dark-blue or grey.
Connie Fowler (19 days ago)
There is so much "anything goes" attitude here, that I can only think of a few rules. One universal rule is to not wear white after Labor Day, which is the first weekend in September. But we also have clothes in what is called 'winter white', so maybe that doesn't apply so much anymore Also, it  seems that nylon panty hose are out, even in winter. I don't understand that at all, and will wear black hose with a black dress if it's cold. We don't usually mix prints, but this past season it's become fashionable to mix two prints, with specific rules--generally one larger with a smaller in similar or contrasting colors. I've done that in certain cases and it can look nice. Scarves are huge here, too, but I don't like an oversized scarf on a small woman, because it tends to dwarf her. Mostly, I think, American women are encouraged to think  about proportion and finding what they feel and look good in.
Con Civ (20 days ago)
In Spain most women have almost one piece of Zara, which brings us the fashion trends very quickly, affordable and with a good relation price/quality (I have several in my wardrobe basics. The last jacket I have thrown away had over 15 years). I think there are different styles from the north to the south. In Madrid you can find more political correct style, in Barcelona more creative outfits and in Sevilla more sofisticated. I think we use more colours in general. Of course sandals and socks are only seen in tourists as well as white socks (only exception: with sport shoes).
Ilana Trombly (20 days ago)
Ooo. I would love a discussion of lifestyle Minimalism and its effect on French wardrobes, please. Also: the black/brown thing was so indoctrinated in me that when going more Minimalist (lifestyle not fashion), I just ditched all my black. Ironically, this French origin rule led to a very un-French solution. Ditching black! Practically blasphemous.
tubeyou89119 (22 days ago)
The socks point is cute.
Gloria J. Pinsker (23 days ago)
I like the layered, tousled hair look as long as it is clean and well-maintained, as it looks youthful. But the sloppy, overly casual clothing trend in the U.S. is horrible! Athletic wear is for exercising, not to wear every place! And for goodness sake, put on some makeup especially if you are over 40. You may think you don't need it but believe me you do!
pokerflush1000 (25 days ago)
My country is too judgemental when it comes to dressing, it’s also a 3rd world country so fashion is not a thing. My style, though, as of lately. Bold coats and I dress in all colors, I get complimented all the time by a lot of people which is what led me to the fashion world. My absolute don’ts: white (nice color but it gets dirty easily) Burgundy, purple and neon colors, they look bad on me.
Jia Drisdom (25 days ago)
First, let me say that I am so happy I have found you. I have learned so much about fashion from you, and you should really get paid for this. I hope you do. My wardrobe consists of mainly neutral pieces (a lot), and I have finally gotten the hang of prints, so that is what I am wearing/buying most of the time. I also have a lot of bright colors. My wardrobe is definitely mix and match, but it is so huge, I don't know where to start. I donated over 30 garbage bags, and I am still being run out of my house with my clothes. If I find something that I like, I tend to get every color in varying sizes to create different looks. I think I may be a classic American wardrobe girl because I have noticed that the closets in America are generally massive. I worked a job for over 2 years and never repeated an outfit. And, punchline, I still had plenty to spare. I'm not sure what the fashion rules are in the United States because it seems like everyone wears everything all the time. I feel women in the States purchase more clothing because we love and need choices. Maybe it's a symptom of being a country that is a so-called melting pot. I will say that I have discovered my nude is not the same as a fair person's nude (thank you Christian Louboutin). So I do wear brown shoes with silver jewelry, and everything else, because that is my nude color. Other than that, I really can't pinpoint a specific fashion for South Florida except for sweatpants, sunglasses, t-shirts, and jeans. When you go to Miami, you'll see a little bit more fashion forward folks. They tend to wear very bright colors as an accent with neutral pieces. Sometimes they just wear very bright colors as all pieces and to hell with what others think. I'm working on getting the bravery up to donate pieces that I love so I can live! Your channel is helping me do that. I truly have a shopping addiction, and it isn't cute or a joke. My friends borrow for my closets on a weekly basis. I even have a sign in sign out sheet haha.
A sign out sheet? 👏
Annegret Shumway (28 days ago)
I am not sure I agree with all these color choices Justine. They sound somewhat funereal, I mean black, brown, khaki etc. a little boring. I have those colors in my wardrobe as well, but I get the most compliments when I wear some color. I like your videos very much. I appreciate the information, although in the end I have to make my own decision re: what works for me. Thanks!
Carla n (1 month ago)
I'm from Brazil so the current style for most people is the one I like to call "tropical fancy". Most girls and women will always prefer the bright tones, long hair, playing with colors and most will try the "new summer trend" in December (which here in South, is obviously in the end of the year, haha). Some girls will keep the trend, some will hate it and never use it again. Our summer is a nice time to find a new trick that we will use the next whole year, or for the rest of our lives! In Sao Paulo or the South of Brazil is colder and has bigger cities. So the style here is more similar to the French women, but we still have the taste for the "summer trend". Our culture is based in the summer, basically! And I love the tropical vibes, they're a good way to keep yourself inspired and happy. That's why we brazilians are so "warm", I think...
Nikki Ro (1 month ago)
Apparently I AM FRENCH! the exception - I don't count black is a color.
Saillaser 2000 (1 month ago)
I think baseball caps are hideous, I hate it when people come for dinner and wear them, it’s considered rude in my country. I am European
María Salas (1 month ago)
I am from Costa Rica and I study french translation in college. I love watch your videos but this one was so interesting for me because all the things you mentioned in the video I already knew them because of my mom and she has never been in France. So my mom tought me these French fashion tips since I was a little girl.
J'adore! Merci Justine! :)
Rivka Strom (1 month ago)
If you go out and about in the western United States, it seems as if there are no rules. Leggings with short shirts that are cheap and see through. Athleisure everywhere. No one seems to dress up. Suggesting anything but casual attire is grounds for an argument. Oy! The response I get when people ask what they should wear to a Bar Mitzvah has never been anything but indignant! However, that is not the case with the upper income levels. Often the ladies have less clothes but they have that one designer bag - and yes, it probably does not match the shoes. They have neutrals. One of my friends is wearing Ivory and Navy as her base colors this season. Another is wearing black and taupe. It is all very chic too. This whole thing in the United States about anything goes is almost embarassing.
tulipwindmill (1 month ago)
I think I might be partly French lol!
Alexandra Crist (1 month ago)
Thank you for sharing your wisdom!
Loretta Clark (1 month ago)
Yes, the U.S. has become way too casual. I probably live in one of the more conservative areas, the Southeast. Here, although we are told anything goes, most women put away white shoes, slacks and skirts on Labor Day (late August), and they don't come out again until Easter of next year. Most women carry the same purse and do not bother to change it with each outfit. I certainly don't. I may change my purse with each season. We also live with the prevailing belief that jeans are appropriate for almost any occasion.
krmyna1 (1 month ago)
¿Pour quoi, VOUS ne parle pas en francais (mal ecrit)?.
M SC (1 month ago)
Most of these rules are too boring! I mix brown and black, YES. I sometimes have more than 3 colors in my outfit, YES. I mix silver and gold, YES. And I LOVE it! What matters is that you have fun, feel confident and beautiful! And trust me, I always receive compliments :)
Jordan Storz (1 month ago)
In America, I think little is taught about style. I'm not entirely sure why that is, but I think it's why American style tends to venture into the "overdone" side of things. You have either that, or not trying at all (ahem, sweatpants...). Women have it bad, but men have it worse. I think I have known less than 5 stylish American men in my whole life. My poor husband didn't even know what jean size fit him properly! Creating a capsule wardrobe completely changed the game for me. I was able to learn what fits, what makes me feel good to wear, and what colors flatter me. Moreover, I know what's in my wardrobe. If I'm shopping, it's for something very specific (currently seeking mustard or teal colored chinos, for example). I'm very picky (have been seeking aforementioned chinos for at least a year lol). I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to narrow down their style and learn more about dressing purposefully (and effortlessly)! Thank you for such a wonderful channel :)
Arpita Rao (1 month ago)
I want to know about "what french women carry in their bag"???
Anastasia L (1 month ago)
I was trying to think a list of rules for Greek style but I wouldn't say there is one distinctive look. Young women are influenced a lot by the Kardashians, so you will see the typical high-waisted jeans (that accentuate the curves), a tiny top (mostly crop top during the summer) and sneakers, over the knee boots or high heels. Always with straight long hair and Kardashian make-up ("nude" overlined lips, contouring, eyeliner). Zara, H&M, Bershka and other cheap international brands are your go to places to shop. You will see a lot of black but also bright colors and patterns, in clothing but also in cosmetics (nails with designs are very common). Most women take care of themselves and invest in cosmetics and beauty services, like false eyelashes, eyebrows and nails. Sweatpants and leggings as pants are still very common, but they are considered tacky or at least very casual. Greek women are very interested in the trends, know some basic rules and have a relatively good fashion sense (maybe the fashion reality shows that we have in Greece have helped). So, you will see many stylish women in Athens, especially in wealthier or hipster areas (Kolonaki, Glyfada, Kifissia, Monastiraki, Gazi, Petralona). The basic problem ahout the rest of Greek women is that they don't invest in timeless, classic pieces, with good quality but are more into cheap fashion and current trends.
Rachel Ka (2 months ago)
how to match shoes with purse? do you mean matching color?
Rachel Ka (2 months ago)
love this kinda of video, it would be great if you insert example modeling pix!!
Justin Case (2 months ago)
Outside of New York nobody knows how to dress well in the US. It is really horrible. Oversized loud sport clothes and tacky leisure clothes wherever you are. Americans don’t know shit about sizes, fit, and style overall. And I have the feeling it becomes worse and worse. Europe and Asia (especially Japan) are still fashion forward. I love the simple Scandinavian style, the Italians and French still know how to dress well, and still some British people have style, especially in London. The sloppy athletic overly casual crap has to go. I‘m tired of seeing sneakers, yoga pants and functional outerwear everywhere. People need to learn how to dress again.
Johanna Jumelet Aitken (2 months ago)
I'm of French, Dutch and English ancestry with a European upbringing - but also in my childhood I spent many years in Australia, and I'm back there now! Sooooo.....part of me loves the easy going, dressing for sunshine and outdoor lifestyle that living in Australia now encompasses, but the other loves all things classically French. This is solved by having summer time dressing for European South of France with a little Australian practicality - although NEVER bare footed!! - and in winter, out come the sweet polka dot / small sprig dresses + espadrilles, neck / hair scarves and tailored jackets. So happy to have online shopping! 'Culturally' the dress style in Australia, unless in the larger cities, is very relaxed and practical. It's a love / hate for me!! But then I often get compliments for what I'm wearing, or asked where something is from ... I think there is an interest for outside influence but this country is so so far away .... but it is also Paradise. Mon dieu, what is a femme to do ... but to watch Justine videos and enjoy sharing ideas!! xx Johanna
francis olivier (2 months ago)
il wear what il want  i;m  a dutch women modern. and love tweed  silk and colors .   black dresses to . with juwelery
Michelle Andrade (2 months ago)
Thanks for the video, I think I’m learning a lot from it and the other ones. In my country (Mexico) we are very colourful, sometimes I wear 3 or 4 colours that don’t go well together, not everyone is like that though. :)
FA W (2 months ago)
Thank you very much for sharing your very insightful video - I enjoyed it. Unfortunately over here in Australia, many women usually go throughout their day dressed very VERY casually and dont really care that much for being fashion forward. Usually the case with normal mums and dads! But I guess Im saying that because I live in a small South Australian country town where the majority of the demographic of people are low income/working class families and retirees. I think you will find far more fashion forward people living in capital cites like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, etc....
Lynda Lee Abdo (2 months ago)
I think French fashion has it right. The goal is to accent the figure and face, so neutrals overall, with just accent colors, it always looks great and is classic. No wonder you lead the world in fashion!! I am an American and see so few women who know how to dress to accent their femininity. A lot of women don't even care about fit or grooming. So sad!!!
Mirela (2 months ago)
Hello Justine, can you please make a video on autumn/winter fashion? I love wearing dresses but in my country winters are super cold, so I would love to know if you have any tips on how to stay warm and elegant at the same time. Lots of love :*
Gabrielle Garcia (2 months ago)
i would love a video like this as well! When I lived in upstate NY the winters are very very cold and snowy. I always try to dress nice but I found myself in many random layers and weird snow boots.
Laura Coleman (2 months ago)
Justine, what lipstick are you wearing please? It’s just lovely!!
Stan Doucet (2 months ago)
Paris style by an expert makes this one of the better channels on YouTube
jose pantojas (2 months ago)
Dear Ms Laconte. I realize this is a tall order as a humble request, but I wish you could infuse some of your outstanding advice to gentlemen when possible. I found you Chanel quite refreshing and honest, which is hard to find in the vastness of YouTube. And of course.. love your accent!. Thank you.
Yelena Pzychalska (2 months ago)
These were all great tips and merci' Justine!
Serena Aolani Moore (2 months ago)
I live in New York I tend to have a classic/timeless look 1. Silver or Gold, not both. If i wear small red earrings with a gold watch, it’s fine, but no other colour. 2. A lot of my clothes come from Express, Zara, or Calvin Klein, which are considered “high quality”. I steer away from Forever 21, H&M, etc: 3. Basics and blacks are essential. I own a ton of turtlenecks. Black, light grey or dark grey. A pea coat and a trench coat are great. 4. Black shoes=black socks, white shoes=white socks. If wearing low shoes, you must use socks that can’t been seen above the shoe. (Exception with high knee socks) 5. Use little to no makeup, when overdone, it tends to look tacky. (The only makeup I own and wear are two shades of red lipstick). White, straight teeth are great. In addition, flawless skin and colouration are essential. 5. Neutral short to medium sized nails. (I only wear red and white on my nails)
Azhela Bay (2 months ago)
Thank you so much! Going to live in Paris soon for a while.
burning burgundy (3 months ago)
In Indonesia, we normally wear conservative clothes (due to religion and culture) Yes, there are several exceptions, but a majority of my country is muslim, so we need to respect them. Hot pants and loose t-shirts are often found in my country (since it’s very humid here) if you’re not muslim, but if you are, the muslims in Indonesia tends to wear casual/loose fashion statements (like a beige colored Hijab with a bold red lipstick, etc). The number one rule in Indonesia is not to wear anything too tight.
Beverlin del Rosario (3 months ago)
After watching I feel like I was born in the wrong country
Barbara (3 months ago)
I'm polish but my mother tought me the style you describe as french. Very, very similar. Classy but individuell.
Amanda Merrill (3 months ago)
We definitely view the do not mix black and brown rule. I love the sock colors rule and will probably follow it now.
Alara Aktaş (3 months ago)
Damn I would not fit in in France at all.
Tori Allen (3 months ago)
In America ( it seems at least) that 30 and under pretty much anything goes. If you like it then that's what you wear. That being said there is the 'trendy' culture and it seems like that branches off into different categories like what clebs are wearing/ glam, boho, or 'city' trendy like scarves and brown leather boots. I love your videos! It's nice to learn and sometimes adopt things from other cultures into your own :3
K C (3 months ago)
Help please! I’m an American student that will be studying in france and want to know what kind of bag I can get that will still hold all my books without making me look so obviously american. What do french university students use?
Say Hello (3 months ago)
I recently moved to Maryland, USA. Iy's not very fashionable and generally frumpy. What I see a lot here: 1.) Women live in yoga pants. All the time. Everywhere they go. This is unfortunate because it looks very sloppy and a lot of people here are in very poor shape physically, so it's not even flattering. 2.) Jeans with Baltimore Ravens t-shirts or Ravens hoodies. Even at restaurants or church! Middle-aged men who are overweight wear denim shorts instead of jeans, even in winter. 3.) Women wear their hair in messy buns all the time. It's like no one here bothers with their hair. The only times I see women here wearing all black are hair dressers and funeral goers. I never see women wear dresses except tents (maxi-dresses) in summer.
Here in South América girls love colerful outfits, make up and nails ... I hate 😂 I prefer french stylish. very sophisticated and discreet
Lup Inte (3 months ago)
I live in Belgium and this video felt like Justine was listing Belgian rules (maybe because Belgium and France are bordering countries, I live in the north though). Another very important one we follow is to NEVER wear jeans on jeans. And oh, that part on the colors couldn't be more true. The moment somebody walks around in bright pink or whatever, we assume it's a foreigner (a lot of the times American, Scandinavian, Polish, Russian, ...) So cool to see all the comments from different nationalities
Isa Quinones - Torres (3 months ago)
The way I was taught to dress up was that the shoes, belt, purse, and/or sweater/ blazer and a scarf would have to match.
Laurina Tsvacenko (3 months ago)
Thank God!!! Yes! Someone stated it publicly!... I always match shoes with my bag! Enough with the ''new fashion trends''!
traveldreamlove.com (3 months ago)
omg i love colorful socks hahahahh. you know the happy socks? na those once :D
Heather Banks (3 months ago)
When I was a teenager in Canada all of your rules applied here ,as well as always wearing gloves when going out. Now it seems almost anything goes ..it is much more adventurous . The one rule I wished I had kept was my tiny white Cotten gloves . Why ? Because I would not have these age spots on the back of my hands . Please keep up the good work ...love your videos .
Lu Harvey (3 months ago)
Oh, gosh. I’m an American so anything goes! Not for me, though.
Milena Taneva (3 months ago)
I am Bulgarian and would say most of the rules are valid here as well. However, I think matching shoes and purse in Bulgaria is perceived as so 80’s.. :) I love your videos! Cheers
Esther Nwousi (3 months ago)
OMG this is so true and Americans do everything opposite, I am want to cry....I have lost my French inner belle...I sometimes forget all those basic....
Stacy Ramirez (3 months ago)
I'm from the USA, years ago we used a stricter dress style. I don't know what has happened here! It's all gone to hell in a hand basket. I prefer to dress for the occasion. Not PJ at the.market.
Justin Qian (3 months ago)
Keeping armpits natural is also considered “chic” en France?
Azmira Zubad (3 months ago)
In Malaysia there can be two types of people. Those who, like french women, wears neutrals and those who wear more loud colors and prints. We also dress more towards the modest side though there can be people who still dress less covered since it is a multi-cultured country. There's not really a fashion no-no in Malaysia except if you count the social repercussion Muslims tend to get from society if dressed sexy. But overall, Malaysia is pretty wide on its fashion spectrum.
un.garçon (3 months ago)
J'ai découvert vos vidéos par hasard et, même si vous parlez aux mode pour des femmes, je trouve intéressant, et je vous trouve charmante :)
Anna Sterk (3 months ago)
Hello! I love your videos! Will you someday do a video on how French women dress for the business office? And in Germany there are a lot of scarves and mixing prints/textures as well as open necklines that show collarbones and chest.
Alexandra Donnelly (3 months ago)
I don't know about style in Australia tbh. However, I've been told your "bag must match your shoes" rule by an older woman. And it seems like I decided on the same rules French women follow without realising it. Not mixing metals, having heaps of neutral clothes (with red being my favourite accent colour), preferring to find stuff that's classic and un-fussy that will last me a very long time, and only wear one printed item in an outfit. I don't know about what other Aussie women are doing because I pay no attention to trends.
Alexandra Donnelly (3 months ago)
But I also don't pay attention to trends partly because women in my city generally just don't really try. It's a small, painfully bland city I've been desperate to find a way out of for years. People in general take less care of their health, and look like they don't care about their hygiene, too. And no one knows or cares what fits them properly. I had a lot of European student housemates during uni, and they were always unimpressed by how the women here dressed. The standards are just really low in my city for some reason. Even people who move here from close cities think people here dress terribly.
Walking Nice (3 months ago)
I'm totally over the moon
Amrita Sada (3 months ago)
New to your channel and Im already loving it😍 I'm an indian.... So the basics of indian style r as follows...(this is just a general view) Color loads of it.... Black is only our hair color... Prints in every clothing and we rock them....solid bold colors are favoured too.... Matching shoes with dress is certainly important but we use black as substitute. We wear jewellery like Christmas tree....But it is more of a personal preference....And nobody here will look at you twice if you deck yourself head to toe in jewelry...It's just the way we are..More is less😝 Black Kohl is must for every indian girl. So is bright red pink purple lips...And bright bindi in between your brows. Our bags don't always match our shoes but we color coordinate it with our entire outfit. No gym outfit outside gym. A good silk saree in bright color, cashmere shawl are few of our statement peices. Salwars and Kurtis are staple in indian wardrobe.... And we love mixing and matching colors....I even love taking down notes of different color combos. Fresh flowers on our hair for every Important event, such as marriages and rituals. Gold and silver colors are neutrals in india. 😁
shining pallabee (3 months ago)
hey ....m from India...here people r ready to try bunch of the colours . u can find any colour in an Indian's wardrobe ...here we love to ware and my personal favourite ... smile of course 😊😊😊😊😊
yushi911 (3 months ago)
I apply what you mention for my corporate work closet. But my week-end and vacation closet are much more colourful and i don't hesitate to match with a purple, yellow or turquoise nail polish.
Rock monster (3 months ago)
Lol what did you say for number three?
Renata M (3 months ago)
In Croatia girls look like clones quite literally
Bellah Nemetona (3 months ago)
It's very interesting,because I am constantly getting questions if am I french.After watching several of Justine's videos I finally got to know why. Not even knowing what I'm doing, I'm acting and dressing like french woman. No wonder I never fit in any category and people always says that I have my own style of everything ! I have to say that my grandmother was born in France but that is it. She was relocated to another country in 8 years of age.She lost contact with France and I never been in there myself.Could this be something in my genes? Thank you for video!!
Rivka Strom (3 months ago)
Cheap, on-trend clothes worn too tight seems to be couture for most of the U.S. I prefer straight skirt, jersey or button down top, and an outer piece in the winter. I sew my own clothes or buy classic pieces online at re-sell prices. I thought this was tasteful and lent an air of authority at work. However, I am told my red lipstick undoes all that. I also cannot figure out if I need warm or cool tones. I have gray hair and blue-gray eyes. Please anyone can answer. Justine, you are my final authority.
Anna Rose Johnson (3 months ago)
Love this video! I'm an American living in upstate NY, however my mom and her sisters are all Francophones and always stylish. That being said...I'm not a huge fan of how most other women dress around my small town. Far too casual and sloppy. I like to look put-together and so I agree with most of these tips. But! I like a good mauve or pink lipstick and wear pink nail polish. I do occasionally mix prints. Oh, and a good winter coat and layering pieces are key when there's snow on the ground at least four months out of the year.
Laura Klaassen Minnick (3 months ago)
My grandmother told me that you should get all dressed, with accessories etc, then take a long look in the mirror, and take one thing off. You're right- less id more, and you will look more chic if you're not overdone.
Marília Thomaz (3 months ago)
Here in Brazil, many women (not all, but many) like to feel sexy when dressing , but sometimes they exaggerate, in very short or very tight clothes, which are not appropriate to their size.
Nicole Johnson (3 months ago)
I just love you and your videos! Thank you. Nicole from Australia 🇦🇺
Juf Connie (4 months ago)
Fashion rules in the Netherlands:1: You have to be able to ride your bike in it.2: It must be rain proof at any time, especially when riding a bike.3: no compromises. It has to be comfortable, even on a bike.4: Bright and shiny colours, several bright colored prints are oke. You will be more visible when riding a bike in the rain.5: Bootcut jeans are oke, they are our skinny jeans because our calves barely fit in them (because of all the bike riding)6: It must be easely washable after you drove around with three children on your bike.
Skoben2000 (4 months ago)
I know this video mostly applies to females.  But here in the USA, it is not uncommon to see men wearing black and brown together.  The idea of "Black pants=Black shoes" or "Brown pants=Brown shoes" is antique! You will see men wear black pants with brown shoes (much more common) or brown pants with black shoes.  Typically, the socks must match the pants. Additionally, the belt should match the shoes.  If a man wears black pants but brown shoes, the belt also SHOULD ideally be brown.  I haven't paid much attention to female fashion.  However, I can assume these rules have been broken as I've seen a very elegant lady wearing a beautiful brown suede leather  "A" line skirt with a black turtle neck knit sweater, black hose and black shoes.  I must admit, it looked DIVINE!  Rules in USA are pushed and broken... Much like "No white after labor day".  Women (and men) wear white all year round now.
Rita Gaston (4 months ago)
I love you and your info. But please please cut your hair. So old fashioned and not healthy looking and NOT FRENCH at all.
Trish Neary (4 months ago)
I am American and live in the US, but I have embraced a more French or Asian approach to my style and skincare. I wear sunscreen every day, and actually like the fact that I have pale skin and dark hair. I tend not to mix black with brown or gold with silver, too. I think probably the most typically American thing about my style is I love different nail polish colors -- I'm always changing my nails -- and I'm *crazy* about nail art. But I'm no good at doing nail art myself 😂, and a lot of it is impractical. I get the point of sticking to one nail color, though -- you know it will go with anything. I think my biggest pet peeves with American fahion are tanning, contouring, and gym wear as daily wear. 😖 Ugh.
Marta Pawłowska (4 months ago)
In Poland we also believe in "basics" - a flattering pair of jeans, a well-tailored jacket (either for work or a formal occassion), small black dress, timeless pair of heels. Our neutral colours would be black, nude, white, gray and navy (some consider red and metallics!). We tend to wear more "girlish" looks - we love floral or marine prints, we believe in one BIG accent that makes the outfit whole (but something bigger than a scarf), we definitely envy people who can mix colours and make big statements with their outfits, but we are quite often too scared to try the same.
reen zara (4 months ago)
Most pakistani women would not leave the house without makeup..not heavy full on makeup but somewhat makeup to look pretty. Theyre feminine and like to look pretty .
reen zara (4 months ago)
i am Pakistani. Pakistani women usually get their clothes tailored most of the time. They buy cloth and get it tailored to their size and style keeping in mind whats trending. i said cloth not clothes. Thats true. So they're all kind of their own little designers. LOL. Designers in Pakistan now for casual wear sell cloth/ fabric designed by them eg : the print and pattern
Buvana Ganesh (4 months ago)
The color rules just don't work in India. The colors are very bright and loud. But it kinda suits our style and as you say, culture! I am a very neat person and so I am happy to see that I am already following a lot of what you said!
Morgan Schmidtke (4 months ago)
I am American. Although it would seem like anything goes in terms of style when you step in to a major city, I think there are still some rules. America is big though, so different regions favor different styles. I am from the midwest (Wisconsin specifically) and so there are a lot of small-town, hardworking people that do not see the point in anything too "fancy". I would be the exception and always dressed several steps above my classmates who were in jeans and t-shirts. There are many people (of all ages) who scratch their heads at the idea of half shirts that show most of your stomach, pants sagging below the butt, and other super revealing clothing. But there are others who completely embrace it. There are obviously different rules in corporate settings verses casual settings as well, but I think in this video you were talking about every-day wear. And on that note, I *have* been mistaken for a beggar once in Europe when I visited simply because I was leaning against a building waiting for some friends inside the store to come out... lol. SO with that being said, I think even though I try to look more classy, it still pales next to our fashion-forward French friends. I tend to favor practicality and movability over looking chic. That was very devil's advocate of me, but if I could close I would say that what I DO appreciate is exactly what you describe in your videos. Know yourself and what works best for you and being your best YOU. Knowing your body, your colors, your undertones, your shape helps you feel empowered with the choices that you make based on the styles you love! Thank you Justine! :)
Mary Cottee (4 months ago)
Just returned from France and noticed the ladies accessorize more than we do,during the day...also their hair is well cut and "done"..
SpongySweet (4 months ago)
Great video again Justine! I feel like all the rules you said apply to Italy as well (when it comes to socks though, we might also accept a very light grey for a light shoe, even though white is better, it's still fine). I might add a few more rules we have in Italy: 1) You don't wear socks with sandals. 2) You don't wear white boots. Like, never. They are considered very trashy. 3) You don't wear flip flops if you're out of your house. Not even to go to the nearby supermarket, never. The only exception is if you are at the beach or swimmingpool. This is what came to my mind! :)
Nonu saini (4 months ago)
In my country no boundaries use almost every single thing that is present in your box and wardrobe yes we are indians
Charlie PB (4 months ago)
I feel like sweatpants/leggings should be allowed when traveling ~ so much more comfortable when traveling by plane or train with them ~ specially long-haul flights ! so that is my exception :* thanks for the lovely video
Asmaa Hani (4 months ago)
J'aime beaucoup votre chaine. Merci pour les conseils. Je ne suis pas française mais marocaine. Je regarde souvent des vidéos de look et conseils mode en anglais. Votre chaîne est l'une de mes préférées. Grâce a vous j'ai osé le fameux rouge à lèvres rouge pour un look plus chic. Merci
Justine Leconte officiel (4 months ago)
Merci!! J'aimerais voir une photo de ce rouge 😉
Irene Fidan (4 months ago)
I'm curious: I really love to mix brown and black. Not in terms of shoes and bags, but I wear brown pants with a black top for example. So what you said also included this or was it just for shoes and bags? thanks :)
美人如玉 (4 months ago)

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