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10 Fashion Rules The Duggar Girls MUST Follow

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Fashion and style rules the girls from 19 kids and counting must follow. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Duggar family became famous after being featured on TLC’s reality show called “19 Kids and Counting.” Having 19 kids is hard work and having rules is essential to a happy and easy family life. But the Duggars take it to the next level by implementing some pretty controversial fashion rules all Duggar girls have to follow. No bare shoulders, no showing skin, no wearing jeans, and more. The Duggars also don’t allow their kids to wear regular swimwear or attend public swimming pools! These are the 10 fashion rules the Duggar girls absolutely must follow! Wait until you hear about the code word the family uses whenever they see someone with immodest clothing! We’ll also reveal which family member broke these fashion rules over the years and caused a lot of controversy in the Duggar fandom. Once you are finished watching our video, tell us what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (2190)
Sairve Two (2 days ago)
And yet look at how sick the older brother is. That’s because their teachings on sexuality are unhealthy.
Andrèa I (3 days ago)
Being female is going to attract attention whether they like it or not
Joy Watson (6 days ago)
The oldest brother , should hear Nike non-stop !!!
hayley aero (8 days ago)
it brings more attention to them by wearing these clothes if you really think about it
Rat (8 days ago)
Their mom was DESTROYED after 19 kids..
Melissa Tomlinson (9 days ago)
The Duggars are from the Quiverfull movement. Here's a video explaining Quiverfull: https://youtu.be/9WQy4LGUQRg
Melissa Lewis (11 days ago)
Literally nobody is out here busting a nut if they look at a shoulder, but heaven forbid theres someone out there with a foot fetish.
Marco Feekil (14 days ago)
Just asking, but is it possible here to have my sins forgiven through the Christian fans here? I've prayed to Jesus and God and have received something of a blessing, but need to know that you all have forgiven my statements here and know that sinners can be forgiven through such a request. Banana Potato here sent a blessing just 8 months ago. Amen, Christian Helpers in the Lord.
Ali (14 days ago)
Let me save you some time with the ‘10’ rules, the WOMAN have to dress modestly and conservatively. To stop men having impure thoughts..
Emmeline Soileau (15 days ago)
Oml that is some bs right there. I get the “ cover up thing” but like wth.
Chronically Cassidy (17 days ago)
Shoulders. Such a crazy body part.
joyfullygood :D (17 days ago)
Who gets turned on by shoulders and knees? KEKSKSK
Marissa Dee (24 days ago)
Them being afraed of their bodies is only going to make them curious
Pinkrebellion xyz (26 days ago)
Some people hide cults through religion... these lot seem insane
Willi Ruggerford (27 days ago)
But this one offers some good laughs!!!! Just think about this: the duggar turd-tribe only has this idiotic show because they 'specialize' in fornication and making endless ugly kiddies. Since this is the case, I'd guess that anyone should have such a show. It could ONLY be much more interesting than these toilet-scumbags.
This is how we dress in church. Above the knees are not allowed. Sleeveless are not allowed. Revealing clothes are not allowed. Just as modest as possible. It's not that bad actually. Not wearing pants or shorts doesn't mean we can't live a normal life. It's completelt normal for us though
Jaden Matte (1 month ago)
I would kms periodtt
joe woodchuck (1 month ago)
I bet the girls cant wait to leave the household. The parents are way over the line by being the control frieks they are.
Lisa McGrath (1 month ago)
What about makeup
Karen Chastain (1 month ago)
Judging by the tacky way today's kids look the Duggar look great!
Karen Chastain (1 month ago)
Pappa Duggar was not cooled off by wife Michelles way of dress!
Charlotte Brackenbury (1 month ago)
they are just weird family who dosent deserve to be famous and that why made up rules. yeh right just lies Bible never say that. never heard of it in uk. so all fake and made up. as well back when 'Jesus' was alive if he did exist then you'll see that women basically wore cloth clothing and don't see duggers in that. all bullshit made stuff too be famous. plus committing a sin in gaining money and fame really. why follow all rules if you ignore other. i hate fake unworthy families like this like Kardashians but opposite dress code and they live in the usa as well undeserving famous chavy families just opposite ends of chav. stupid really really stupid and they shaming others so they worse than Kardashiansreally at least they shame other people. yeh so far family fashion rules got at least 3 sins so i hope they say 3 hell marrys or whatever say when trying punish sins haha stupid
Noella Aviles (1 month ago)
I cant speak on the son because I know nothing about it but I dont think there's anything wrong with having your girls dress modestly. They all look very classy and sweet. Edit: except the not showing your shoulders is stupid. What's so sexual about a shoulder....
Highway Trash (1 month ago)
Schools be like
Rose Estes (1 month ago)
This family is so stupid. Ohhhhh you have to cover your thighs and no pants but what if you tell them about foot fetishes then they are stuck to boots and running shoes.
Ali Casarino (1 month ago)
the background music is too loud in the intro
Miyah Rodriguez (1 month ago)
We need to talk about that older brother not those hideous swimming suits
Kenadi Mccain (1 month ago)
That’s like my school dress code🙄
Drop them eyes my dude no lustful thoughts😂
Lallie Raine (1 month ago)
The clothes they wear arent weird, im Pentecostal and i wear skirts everyday. Its very modest
Petra Kryze (1 month ago)
I am suddenly glad my parents stopped at eleven.
Deedee S. (1 month ago)
They need to worry about other things instead of clothes!
Thot repellent (1 month ago)
I respect people’s religion but this it TOO far
sierra sloan (1 month ago)
And the rules are to much for me
sierra sloan (1 month ago)
Boys will look at girls but it's normal and I don't like the rules if I was living with them I wouldn't follow the rules
Maddie Pfister (1 month ago)
Honestly most of these just sound like a school dress code. Sure some are a bit strange and weird but every family is different. I’m not really shocked, seeing what this family has been through.
Claire Babe (1 month ago)
It’s like public school but at home
Rhonda Law (1 month ago)
And yet the males are ALLOWED to wear SHORTS.
Izzy Kennedy (2 months ago)
This is like high school all over again.
aly barrett (2 months ago)
are they mormon
Brooke vs Tyler B (2 months ago)
I that point I wouldn’t care what my parents said
Charlene Gibson (2 months ago)
Was Michelle trying to protect her daughters from non christian men or her sick perverted son. Hmm im going with option 2
Kris S (2 months ago)
Didn’t know target practice was considered feminine. I wonder what the Bible says about women attending such things
Kris S (2 months ago)
Lol girls no pants and no shorts or one piece bathing suits and do feminine things ..... but.... here take this .45 and shoot anyway! XD wtf?
Athlynne (2 months ago)
If my name was something like Jinger and I had to dress like these people, I'd kill myself.
Jessa Byrne (2 months ago)
Why no Pants? What about gym? They make you wear LEGGINGS.
LM xPerriex (2 months ago)
“Receiving unwanted attention from the opposite sex” not all men are like this I doubt they are going to get turned on by your ridiculously sexy shoulders and the no bottoms thing is a joke
AM B (2 months ago)
Sexual assault has nothing to do with clothing. It has to do with power, control, and dominance... kind of like religion.
Jake & Mandy (2 months ago)
I have been watching them for years and I love the Duggar girls! I actually just posted a video where I dressed like them for a week! What an experience, that's forsure lol!!
新藤実幸 (2 months ago)
creepy af
Slime Duh (2 months ago)
I would hate for them to make dress codes
Annah Kurtin (2 months ago)
There aren't enough hours in the day to parent all those children. Parenting is different from rutting.
Tirzah Frederickson (2 months ago)
We follow most of these, rules. The ones we don't follow are: Dresses in water No jeans And we don't have a Nike type thing Then again, there are 14 of us kids...
Kayla R (2 months ago)
i don't wear super revealing clothes but this is too much. #modestyisnotthebestpolicy
Alanna Kaylene (2 months ago)
Thank God for the Duggar’s!! We need some modest people in this terrible world!!!
BarrelRacing _Girl10 (2 months ago)
that is flat out stupid that they can't wear normal clothes
MrsMwl2004 (2 months ago)
But yet their son still molested their daughters. They are delusional. I was raised in a cult like they are and they are NUTS!
Antonio Guevara (2 months ago)
cats!atthedisco (2 months ago)
i feel like this family would get less attention if they didn't follow these rules, because of the whole 'unwanted attention' thing. i mean if i saw someone showing little to no skin in hot weather, i would notice them before i would notice a person wearing denim shorts and a t-shirt. i respect their beliefs, i just don't understand some of them lol
Kala Bell (2 months ago)
A few of these rules make sense to me and I follow with my girls. Bare tummies, to much cleavage. But yeah allot of these are a bit ridiculous.
MetronomeMagic (2 months ago)
Coming from conservative Jewish family and someone who knows a lot of Orthodox Jews... These rules are not that outrageous. And it doesn't teach women to shield ourselves from unwanted attention from men; it tries to teach us that our body is a sacred thing that should only be seen by a few people, and that it is out of respect for ourselves. I personally believe (and most people that I know believe) that you should only dress modestly as such as that's what you were comfortable doing it if it's what makes you feel right.
Chloe Henton (2 months ago)
Some of these I can understand, but you blow my mind when you say they can’t wear pants and feminine clothing. If a girl wants to wear some regular jeans and a unisex shirt whats wrong with that honestly this is the weirdest and worst rules for a family to have to follow. I get being religious what I don’t get is being so far past religion you’re being controlling and teaching them that they have to cover up almost every inch of skin on their bodies because someone looks now low cut I can understand that’s a little showy but shoulders? More ppl have a foot fetish then a fetish for shoulders. I guess because they’ve all grow up this way but me personally would have to leave in a heart beat once I could it’s way to controlling
Teresa Schneider (2 months ago)
Jinger and Jill you look awesome in pants. Hey Michelle why does your sister pants? Is her sister go to same church ?
Bookworm (2 months ago)
No jeans, leggings or sweatpants? Ouch.
The Duchess Of Fulton (2 months ago)
It’s to continually be modest. Modesty is a belief all Christians should take part in. M en are also bound to modesty as well. Shoulders are fine to show, as long as they are not showing cleavage
Willi Ruggerford (2 months ago)
Is this really a story worth reading/seeing? Answer: NO. Hoping with fingers crossed for that truck crash. I'll be at the funerals. You too?
Justine Spink (2 months ago)
Went is this channel so judgmental about every other culture than their own? It comes off as very "holier than though".
Phoenix Wolf (2 months ago)
Mormons... 🙄 fucking annoying. I can tell them from a mile away. A group tried to convert me, an atheist, at my college.
Gettin BeyWay (3 months ago)
Unwanted attention? Yet you son is a predator and everything they had to wear by the rules gives out waaayyyy more attention. Who goes out fully dressed to the beach and swimming. Who wears a dress going to the gym to workout.
BodaciousBeverly (3 months ago)
Millions of people dress modestly while still being fashionable and attractive. I dress this way, not because I follow rules, but because I have self-respect. I do wear pants at times, but I wear more dresses and skirts to look professional. My swimsuit doesn't cover as much as theirs, but it's not a bikini either. Why should dressing modestly be a weird thing?
Heidi Hansen (3 months ago)
I can’t live like this for a day even if I would get paid 1 million 😭😒
Brenda Vananna (3 months ago)
Funny but when I read and see this stuff about the duggar girls, I get what they call the 'pussy xmas-itch'. Looking for some bug spray, with smiles.
Ingrid Weiner (3 months ago)
I've been to the beach many times and never did a riot break out because of all the women in bathing suits.
Darren Holt (3 months ago)
I find nothing wrong with this attitude towards clothes. Actually its kinda refreshing. Living in Anaheim CA, I like that they all respect there parents and seem to be a tight knit bunch. As for the sexual preditor well that shouldn't take away from the overall family.
Gnome King (3 months ago)
But she can’t protect her daughters from her son.🧐
Hope Singer (3 months ago)
Weird family ..
Maddie Sullivan (3 months ago)
These super modest rules worked so well that Josh only molested 4 of his sisters...
becky flor (3 months ago)
I think I'm from that family I literally follow all those rules and I'm 13 except the Nike rule
R J (4 months ago)
Teaching children modesty and presenting yourself as you want to be perceived makes sense. However, the extent to which they do this to their GIRLS, not boys is over the top. I often wonder why some are so extreme. I also wonder if this creates social isolation for them to an unhealthy extent. Releasing that level of innocence into the world is potentially dangerous for them by way of negating any ability to recognize what certain people are capable of, or potentially harmful situations.
Steve Carras (4 months ago)
Joy-ANna.. "Pretty good".., Simply pretty!
allie ross (4 months ago)
I wonder what religion the Duggars are
kernal sanders (4 months ago)
i hate the duggars not because they have a bunch of kids and us people get only 1 or 2 kids but because theu treat their kids like shit even as adults and their kid molested his sister i hate the duggars they make Christians so bad
Dawna May (4 months ago)
None of these don’t seem crazy to me.
Dawna May (4 months ago)
Dawna May (2 months ago)
Splatfan honestly i don’t find pants comfortable I have had no problems with doing anything in a skirt I wear a skirt for modesty I wear it for separation I wear it cuz the Bible say so
Splatfan (3 months ago)
but you cant do some stuff or its extremely uncomfortable. why would you choose to refuse to wear something comfortable is beyond me
GhabiStudio (4 months ago)
I hate people like that tbh
H Noel (4 months ago)
Nothing wrong with modesty! We could use some more of that these days
Splatfan (3 months ago)
no, we could use some more choice, like the choice for the girls to wear pants
Liz Skelton (4 months ago)
Ihmmm.... only the girls have clothing rules.
elvisjagar abdulljabar (4 months ago)
why you make videos like this just quit youtube for good
James Hellner (4 months ago)
Their fucking religion is actually considered a cult, looks like Jim Bob and Michelle have been drinking the kool aid
Lexi Pink (5 months ago)
You can’t help, when your in a cult. That’s what they are exactly are.
Lexi Pink (5 months ago)
Also, all of these children needs to be taken away. They should be allowed to wear anything they want. It’s stupid.
Lexi Pink (5 months ago)
‘Growing up Duggers.’ Basically ‘growing up IN A CULT.’
Renn Nelson (5 months ago)
They forgot tatts, body scalpeling, and secret hidden rings. What are there rules about those?
Avery Fretwell (5 months ago)
Dang it I had the same dress as one of the girls when I was little. 10:43 girl holding the baby
Avery Fretwell (5 months ago)
If I had to wear their type of clothing I couldn’t because I only wear shorts and exersize pants. Which are both banned
Emily Herschberger (5 months ago)
Most of the clothes rules are same for my family🙂
Andrea Gonzalez (5 months ago)
I'm Christian and I wear jeans and skirts but some rules I can understand others I can't
Littlebit Ness (5 months ago)
I say good on them
Emily Book (5 months ago)
Can they even watch movies? Have they even seen Disney movies? Omg I have so many questions
To0nzy (5 months ago)
I just feel sorry that they've probably never watched the purge (which is the best horror movie ever)
Marco Feekil (5 months ago)
Only God can understand these people. They do not 'register' well on tv with their perversions and cum-dumping anxieties. Just take a look at the younger deformed kids, disasters and probably rapists like Josh and Jim Bob. So very sad. AMEN
Random (5 months ago)
They don’t have to follow those fashion rules but it’s what they they like to dress in they grew up seeing their mom dress up like that and lied the style of it it’s not an a cult either
FireDiamondPoison (5 months ago)
I'm not saying that I support the family on everything, but in the grand scheme of things these rules aren't ridiculous or specific to the Duggars. The Nike rule may be odd, but most of the other stuff is found in multiple religions. I by no means follow a modest dress code, but I can see where they're coming from. They follow other rules that I personally find odd, but these clothing rules, for the most part, aren't really one of those things.

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