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how to chop and bob a motorcycle fender for custom cafe racers brat style and bobbers

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subscribe for weekly videos in this video I share tricks and tips on how to chop and bob a motorcycle fender for custom café racers brat style and bobbers Send me mail! - whenever there is enough stuff in the mail bag to put together a subscriber mail reading and shout-out, I will put up a video for you guys! Thanks to those of you who already sent me letters and gifts ! Send me stuff to use in videos ! Yes- I actually do send stickers out to those who contribute bits, parts, stuff for my projects and pretty much everyone who I talk about or thank in my videos. If you want to send me bike stuff, things for potential use in videos or tools to review etc. (or even just cash donations ! ) mail them to me: Ichiban Moto PO Box 1362 Highland Park, IL 60035 USA Yes- you can just buy Ichiban Moto stickers - they are on ebay !
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Text Comments (53)
Derek Guthro (4 months ago)
Is it me or is he busting balls
Mike Miller (4 months ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAH...….sick assed bastard
Randall Fernandez (7 months ago)
do you have a shop here in highland park?
Ichiban Moto (7 months ago)
the youtube channel has a viewer mail/ sticker trade po box in highland full address is in the bio
Rooster Crow (8 months ago)
Nice! Good idea on using the OG tip to shape the new bob ends
Josh Martin (9 months ago)
My hand held back saw blade cuts just like that Haha. Great video
ujmrider (1 year ago)
Thanks itchy buns, I've been doing these things all wrong and didn't even know it : )
Paul Barnette (1 year ago)
get yourself some tools.
geoffrey (1 year ago)
Paul Barnette he is old school. Bad ass.
Jose Rey Laurencio (1 year ago)
did you actual use the metal hack saw??
Marissa Joson (1 year ago)
vonSnook (2 years ago)
Where can I get some Ichi butt moto stickers of my own ? "Now that's Bad-Assed ".
Ichiban Moto (2 years ago)
info is in the video description :D
Doug Ankrum (2 years ago)
...a little surface rust...yes, I almost missed that....
geoffrey (1 year ago)
Doug Ankrum me too till you pointed it out. Just a little surface rust. :)
Doug Ankrum (2 years ago)
...I meant the 'rust' was so minimal I nearly missed seeing it.....!
Ichiban Moto (2 years ago)
i did a video on removing rust
Nick Lastiwka (2 years ago)
That's baaaaadaaass
YAHKOBAH Ephraim (3 years ago)
will this work for a 14guage 7.5 flat fender? its way to big and i want to cut it in half with a V Shape. all i need is a hacksaw?
YAHKOBAH Ephraim (3 years ago)
Ty. im going to wal-mart to get a hacksaw. i have no access to power tool at the moment.
Ichiban Moto (3 years ago)
+Ferrari Fresh  Draw a very accurate line where you want to cut. Make the actual cut slightly outside of your line to be safe. You can take metal off when doing the final grinding/sanding finishing, but you can't put it back on. Be patient and slow.
Janus Jeffrey Wilde (3 years ago)
Great video. Im definitely going to bob the fenders on my 1973 Honda CB
mailperson (3 years ago)
You do know that someone invented electric tools some time ago?
Mr Fauk (5 months ago)
They just don't get it 🤔🤣
SuburbanHobbyist (7 months ago)
Actually with this small amount of cutting he probably got it done in just about as long as it took you to get your tool, plug in, put your safety gear on and pick the underwear out of your ass. Sometimes the simple hand tools get the job done just fine.
shadow run (11 months ago)
hand cutting is fine too.. moron.. lol wow u must bu under 30.lazy internet troll!
dan w (1 year ago)
I was just going to leave a similar message. This dude is living in the stone age. A jig saw, Angle Grinder and a belt sander would have taken a fraction of the time it would take to do that by hand with a red neck hack saw.
mailperson (3 years ago)
No he invented the kite and the key
Mark Van Nes (3 years ago)
ghostrider433 (3 years ago)
Ichiban. i have a very serious question, how would i go about acquiring a set of badass sandpaper? i need some so i can do some finishing work on my car. i don't have any money, so id like to make some. any suggestions? video tutorial? thanks
Ichiban Moto (3 years ago)
+ghostrider433   It is basically crushed diamonds epoxied to hemp paper. I will do a future "how to" video on the topic.  :)
GTs Garage (3 years ago)
Top tips as always, can always guarantee a level of badass-ness.
Jeffrey Butt (3 years ago)
I noticed the hacksaw you used has an offset blade I only have a straight bladed hacksaw will that work ? I went to our local tool store and asked about an offset blade but the idiot that worked there knew nothing about them . They just don't seem to get knowledgeable staff in these places any more just some kid fresh out of college with an engineering degree !
Chuck Norris (3 years ago)
Could you make a video where we can see your face?
Ichiban Moto (3 years ago)
+Chuck Norris    that gives me an idea. my face is on camera in several of the videos .. "which videos" will be the next trivia question contest. Nobody got the Portland quiz correct, so let's see if anyone wins this one !
(3 years ago)
Herm from Nickel town customs?
El Rayo X (3 years ago)
What color of brown patina paint is on the front of the fender.
Ichiban Moto (3 years ago)
+El Rayo X  I'm going to grab a stack of those color chips from the paint store
Husain Patanwala (3 years ago)
can i use my nail clippers to cut off rough edges off the fender and then go on to smooth out that with an iron wool scrubber?
Husain Patanwala (3 years ago)
Thank you IM, i'll see if i can afford a piece of 1"X1" diamond paper by selling my only remaining kidney. Cheers. 
Ichiban Moto (3 years ago)
+Husain Patanwala    absolutely-  however diamond paper would make quick work of it
David Chi (3 years ago)
Another bad ass video! Do you think I can use your technique to bob my roof overhang?
vitaly deuterium (3 years ago)
That is some sharp cutting hacksaw right there!
vitaly deuterium (3 years ago)
My body is my tool.
Ichiban Moto (3 years ago)
+vitaly deuterium  right tool for the job grandpa always said
Rexfuyther (3 years ago)
where are the new diamond shears?
Ichiban Moto (3 years ago)
+Rexfuyther  still in the shiny little box-  I do need to press them into service !
shelby white (3 years ago)
Another Victory!
Martin Brown (3 years ago)
Badass as always!
Aaron Fink (3 years ago)
Can you do a how-to on making a custom fork brace for those who don't want a front fender or those who are already missing one?
Ichiban Moto (3 years ago)
+Aaron Fink  sure excellent idea, send me the measurements

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