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May 10, 2016 and It's my first catfishing trip of the year. My brother and I go to Truman Reservoir to jug fish for catfish. While our jugs are "working" we troll for white bass and crappie.
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Newbie sub here...great fishing video..thank you for info. Bass Lady B
Jerry Routh (15 hours ago)
Thanks for watching FISH4FUN. Your channel has some great potential. Enjoyed watching, thanks again.
Benaiah Ahmadinejad (17 days ago)
I steal fish from peoples jugs all the time, is that bad?
Jerry Routh (17 days ago)
The last I knew stealing anything from anyone was illegal. I know here in Missouri you better not get caught.
WW Suwannee (26 days ago)
New comment to an old video. Is this Missouri?
Jerry Routh (26 days ago)
The old ones are new to the people who watch them. My viewers seem to like Catfishing videos real well. I have a multi-specie channel but I have promised to do more catfishing during the coming year. Thanks for coming along and Merry Christmas.
Jordan (1 month ago)
Those are noodles, not jugs.
Jerry Routh (1 month ago)
Jordan, you are right about that. Those generic terms are sometimes confusing. Corks aren't made of cork anymore, white perch aren't Crappie and Jack Salmon aren't Walleye LOL. Thanks for dropping by and taking time to comment. Merry Christmas and great holidays.
Rodney Johnston (1 month ago)
You call that fishing Your mother or father Must not teach you how to fish
TC Tennessee (25 days ago)
That's how those men enjoy catching fish ! Actually more work involved the way their doing it. If your a true sportsman, there are many different ways to catch fish, all fun in their own different way !!
Jerry Routh (1 month ago)
It is good enough for 96,000 viewers!!!!! I will never be able to fish like my dad. Thanks for watching.
bb3585 (1 month ago)
Thanks for a great video!
Jerry Routh (1 month ago)
I can hardly wait for my first trip next year. I hadn't been catfishing for about six months and that first trip fishing for any specie is a special thing. Thanks for watching FISH4FUN.
Michael j (1 month ago)
this isn't fishing this is harvesting.
Jerry Routh (1 month ago)
It felt a lot like fishing to us!!!! Thanks for coming along.
Dan mahan (1 month ago)
Was this by Warsaw mo? Looked like a place I fish a lot...
Jerry Routh (1 month ago)
Dan, we launched at Fairfield and fished up the Pomme arm a couple of miles. I would bet you have fished the same water several time. Thanks for coming along and maybe we can fish together sometime.
Z71Ranger (2 months ago)
Great Video Guys... But I wish you two would ware your life vest at all times... At your ages you could slip and hit your head on the way out of the boat and all the other brother could do would watch you drown... Thank about it and next time ware the life vest at all times... I'm 57 and always ware mine all day out in the boat... I put mine on before I launch the boat...
Jerry Routh (2 months ago)
You are absolutely right!!! I know we should do that but we have been doing this for so long that to us it just like walking across the living room. We start the year doing it right but it is like the person who smokes. They know they should quit but they don't. Thanks for the heads up and support.
Marty Mccollum (2 months ago)
love that place I go every time I get a chance
Jerry Routh (2 months ago)
Marty, it is one of my favorite places to go also. Thanks for coming along.
ed trivisonno (3 months ago)
Great video Jerry, So the water in pipe helps stand pipe up when the weight shifts to the other side when a fish is on the line? Question how do you adjust line to the different depths? I am assuming you are fishing on bottom... Thanks
Jerry Routh (3 months ago)
There is no water in the pipe ??? We don't fish on the bottom. We always float our jugs and never anchor them. We want the wind to blow them along to find fish. Watch some of the other jugging videos I made and you will see how we wind the line up and down to fish different depths of water. Thanks for your question and let me know if this answers your question.
Mike Mitchell (4 months ago)
State Law you have to stay in line of site and run free floaters every hour!!! Your breaking the law! https://huntfish.mdc.mo.gov/fishing/regulations/jug-line-regulations
Jerry Routh (4 months ago)
We were never out of site from our jugs and ran them almost constantly while we were there. Thanks for being concerned and taking time to comment.
Stupid Man (4 months ago)
Thank you for the vodeo Jerry, I enjoyed the time on the water with you.
Jerry Routh (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for supporting my channel.
James Cheatham (5 months ago)
Great video, commentary reminded me of the show Wild Kingdom with Marlon Perkins.
James Cheatham (5 months ago)
Jerry Routh you could have fooled me. Keep doing the great videos Sir.
Jerry Routh (5 months ago)
James, I really appreciate you're comments but I assure you I'm no Marlon Perkins LOL. I appreciate your support and thank you for taking time to comment.
Evan Dckens (5 months ago)
I'm thinking of geting 25 jugs limit and put the out on the creek. Good way to fill the freezer
Evan Dckens (5 months ago)
Jerry Routh Arkansas I ment 25 hooks jugs are good to fill the freezer
Jerry Routh (5 months ago)
Evan, where are you from that they have a 25 jug limit. In Missouri we have a 33 hook limit. But, sounds good I am ready to do some jugging too. I just got off the lake and while trolling for Crappie, I caught my biggest Channel Cat. It was 30 1/4 inches long. We didn't weigh it and we released it back into the water. Caught it trolling crankbaits and it took over 30 minutes to land it on 10 lb test line. Thanks for watching and taking time to comment.
JOHNT65202 (6 months ago)
Where did you get your name tags for your jugs?
JOHNT65202 (6 months ago)
I used Self Laminating sleeves containing a name tag with all my info. Just using my Conservation # will make things a lot easier. Thanks.
JOHNT65202 (6 months ago)
Yea, I am from Mo. Good info to know.
Jerry Routh (6 months ago)
Excellent question. I saved plastic milk cartons which have a rough surface to hold ink, cut them the size I wanted and used permanent felt markers to write on the plastic tags. By the way, if you are from Missouri and have a Conservation Number, that's all you need to put on them. You don't even have to put your name on them. And most people don't use tags they write directly on the Styrofoam jug. Thanks for watching and commenting.
Charlie Stovall (6 months ago)
if you would check out (cottontop) making fishing jugs , you will see his jugs aren't as hard to find,and you will know when you have had a fish on............................JS*
Jerry Routh (6 months ago)
Thanks for the heads-up. I will give it a try.
Dale Feazell (6 months ago)
Jerry my Brother in-law is a Texas state Game warns here. why don't you come to Texas and we go put some jug lines out and you in your Boat? I have 275 jugs made up for lake Houston I have a boat ramp here that is free! !
Jerry Routh (6 months ago)
Dale, that is so nice of you. I sure would like to do that but I am 80 years old now and have to limit my driving somewhat. I haven't made a jugging video yet this year but plan to do so as soon as the Blue Cat finish their spawning activities, which should be very soon.. Thanks for your comments and support.
Nonc_ Ched (7 months ago)
Nice Video creating fun memories with your brother Mr. Jerry, thanks for taking time to make it.
Jerry Routh (7 months ago)
Ched, thanks for the kind words and for supporting my channel. I am very fortunate to live only a mile from my brother and the memories are indeed special.
Tom Curry (8 months ago)
Looks like a great fishing day with a good friend at the wheel. Really enjoyed the video. Nice lake. I'll bet the fish dinner was really good.
Jerry Routh (7 months ago)
Tom it was a great day. The ever changing Missouri weather makes every trip an adventure LOL. You can't beat Blue Cat fillets for dinner. Thanks for coming along and supporting FISH4FUN.
Dale Feazell (8 months ago)
What State are you fishing in it is not TEXAS. all jugs lines has to be White. !
victor castle (3 months ago)
The beautiful lake Truman in Missouri , near Kansas City. Made journey there many years ago (1985 during the World Series ) and sorry to say I have never made it back. It is worth just motoring around up the arms and looking at the beautiful rock cliffs .
Dale Feazell (6 months ago)
well u can have fun paying the finds wine my dad whites thim out
Scott Wolff (6 months ago)
Someone gave you bad information, Dale. In TX jug lines must be orange if set for commercial purposes or any color other than orange if set for non-commercial purposes. https://tpwd.texas.gov/regulations/outdoor-annual/fishing/general-rules-regulations/legal-devices-for-fish
Jerry Routh (8 months ago)
I am fishing in Missouri. I never new about the rule in Texas. That's interesting, thanks for commenting.
johnny anderson (8 months ago)
Hi Jerry Routh..i live down at Stockton lake I've got some about like this that was given to me and my 2 sons..ive got to ask tho what's a SUB?
Jerry Routh (8 months ago)
Johnny, a SUB is my abbreviation for "subscribe." When a new viewer comments on my channel I check out their channel if they have one. I checked out your channel and subscribed to your channel. Good luck to you and thanks for commenting on my channel.
Derek Cunningham (8 months ago)
I enjoy your storytelling approach to this video. My Brother and I also run jugs together, though our system is different than yours.
mattdidit84 (1 year ago)
Keep in mind that in Missouri you are required to be within eyesight of any free floating jug at all times. Also you are allowed a maximum of 33 Hooks and I heard you say you put out two groups of 20 which will be over the limit. Sorry for nagging but I used to write tickets for these sort of things and Truman Reservoir was one of my hunting grounds LOL. Just trying to help.
victor castle (3 months ago)
mattdidit84, Not really, unlike you he can add and count as most Conservation Officers, I can write tickets also, you need one ?
mattdidit84 (1 year ago)
Jerry Routh Gotcha. Ok. Its a great lake and a fun sport. Enjoy.
Jerry Routh (1 year ago)
We always stay within eyesight of our jugs as we did on this trip. The 33 hook limit is per fisherman which means we were each allowed 33 hooks. We used 20 of his and 20 of mine and each set of 20 was properly labeled. Thanks for checking and commenting.
chris thompson (1 year ago)
Man thought I'd have to fast forward but was surprised at how good this video was! Great job old dudes!
Jerry Routh (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching and for taking time to comment.
Ron Borchert (1 year ago)
golf guy how do you make your jugs they look like a great jug
Jerry Routh (1 year ago)
Ron I am going to show how they are constructed the next time i use them because several people have asked. As close as we live together you should call me and come and get a free one from me. Look me up and give me a call or send me a message. Thanks for watching and that was a fun round of golf we had even though you beat us LOL..
Rick Fountain, Jr. (1 year ago)
I quit juggin cause I noticed one guy does most of the work...
Jerry Routh (1 year ago)
My brother and I share the work load about equally except when I am making a video LOL. Thanks for watching FISH4FUN and taking time to comment.
Marsha Yakesch (1 year ago)
I cannot find your video on how to construct the jug lines using the noodles.
Jerry Routh (1 year ago)
It was one of my earlier videos. I didn't go into detail about the construction but rather I showed the features of them and the pictures showed how they were constructed. I will try to make a more step-by-step video for you soon. Thanks for being interested.
Chad Cooley (1 year ago)
Great video sir. How do you make the Jugs?
Jerry Routh (1 year ago)
Chad, my jugs are made from swimming pool noodles. I cut them in 14" pieces and put a PVC pipe in the hole to make them stiff and provide a place to run the galvanized wire. I bend the wire to provide a place to attach the line and wrap the line around. Be sure to bend the wire so it is 12 inches between bends so you get 2 feet of depth out of each wind. I have 3 or 4 videos where you can get a good view showing how they are constructed. Thanks for taking time to watch my channel and comment.
Chad Cooley (1 year ago)
Jerry Routh can you post a picture or video of how it's made.
Jerry Routh (1 year ago)
They are made from swimming pool noodles. I use PCV pipe to keep them stiff and provide a channel to run the galvanized wire through. You can see in a couple of my videos how they are put together. Be sure the bends that hold the line are approximately one foot apart so that each wind is two feet of depth. Each "jug" is approximately 14 inches long. Thanks for watching and commenting.
impacc44 (1 year ago)
nice video man....cant wait to use my jugs
Jerry Routh (1 year ago)
It's that time of the year. Bait is getting easier find and the water temperatures are rising. Thanks for watching FISH4FUN.
David Gaylord (1 year ago)
that paint roller pole works good for snagging those nuddles
Jerry Routh (1 year ago)
David, it does work well but it isn't a paint roller pole. We made our "picker upper" from a 6' length of aluminum tubing.' We put a rubber insert in both ends so it would float if we dropped it in the water. Then we drilled a hole in the rubber insert on one end and inserted the metal piece to pick up the jugs. Pay particular attention to the shape of the metal tip. Thank you so much for taking time to comment.
michael shoffner (1 year ago)
is that a paint roller handle that you are using to grab the strings?
Jerry Routh (1 year ago)
No, it is a 6' piece of aluminum tubing. We put a rubber insert in the end of it and hand made the hook. Then we put a rubber plug in the end so it would float if we dropped it in the water. Thanks for watching FISH4FUN.
hey decent video come check out the one we just released let me know what you think
Jerry Routh (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching FISH4FUN. Gave you a SUB.
Awesome stuff
Jerry Routh (1 year ago)
Checked out your video and gave you a SUB> Thanks for watching and I will be watching your channel. My channel is a multi-species channel too. Thanks again, Jerry
andyattitude2000 (1 year ago)
Nice job guys, looks like you had a lot of fun.
Jerry Routh (1 year ago)
We love chasing those jugs. By the way, i also love moral mushrooms!!!! Checked out your channel and loveD it. Gave you a SUB. Thanks for watching FISH4FUN.
cool vid,  BASS  check out some of my vids.   SUBSCRIB,  LIKE.
Jerry Routh (1 year ago)
I already subscribed to your channel. Thumbs up!!!!! Thanks for watching FISH4FUN.
Arch Stanton (2 years ago)
Do you guys ever catch really big catfish? These are nice eatin' size. Also, can you eat the really big catfish?
Jerry Routh (2 years ago)
We seldom catch big ones the way we fish et. eg. drifting the flats or running floating "Jugs." However, the serious cat fishermen often catch larger fish. 30 to 50 lb fish are not uncommon. Thanks for asking, Jerry.
Savoeurn Leam (2 years ago)
waste lots fuel fishing your way, either than that, great video !
Jerry Routh (2 years ago)
Not too bad. My 60 horse four stroke doesn't use much gas at trolling speed. Also, I do a lot of trolling with my electric motor when conditions favor that such as low wind, clear water and less boat traffic.
Judy White (2 years ago)
You need to let us see the fish you catch for a few seconds.
Jerry Routh (2 years ago)
Thanks for the advice. I promise to do that. I always like to get opinions about making my video's. Thanks for watching, Jerry.
Woods n’ Waters (2 years ago)
I really like your video and look forward to the diy video of your jug design keep up the great work
grady vago (2 years ago)
Love your videos. Just right music and narration. Thank you so much for such a professional job.
Jerry Routh (2 years ago)
I am trying hard!! Thanks for the encouragement, and thanks for watching.
Dispersed Camper Man (2 years ago)
Just found your channel and you just got a new Sub.  Been catfishin' juggin myself for the last 20 years.  Juggin' is very addictive.  Keep it up.
Jerry Routh (2 years ago)
I love to float my jugs so I can watch the action. I have nothing against anchoring them but it's not as much fun for me. My next thing to try is to drift-fish for big blue catfish in my Kayak. That would have to be a blast. Hopefully I will have a video about that soon. Thanks, Jerry
Left Lane Outdoors (2 years ago)
Wonderful video! love the narration. Very calming and enjoyable!
Arch Stanton (2 years ago)
I feel the same. Some of these fishin' videos are more talk and no fishing.
Jerry Routh (2 years ago)
I don't to talk much while filming. I want to hear the sounds of the outdoors, that's why I am out there. I also don't like to overuse music. I play guitar and write songs but neither compares to the quite music of nature. Thanks for watching FISH4FUN.
Left Lane Outdoors (2 years ago)
Wonderful video! love the narration. Very calming and enjoyable!
Jerry Routh (2 years ago)
I try to put just enough "talking" in to explain things. The sounds of nature and the outdoors are the best music. That's why we go there. Thanks, Jerry
9929kingfish (2 years ago)
Are there no channel cats on that lake?
Jerry Routh (2 years ago)
Quite the opposite, there are an abundance of them. I catch them frequently. I fish most often for Blue Cat which are more of an open water fish and are therefore more prone to bite the way I fish. Thanks for your comment.
9929kingfish (2 years ago)
No much boat traffic on that lake
victor castle (3 months ago)
Jerry, You live in fisherman's Heaven ! I have only been to Truman but have a read and seen pictures of some of the other lakes.
Jerry Routh (2 years ago)
It depends on where you fish and when. Waters close to launch ramps, restaurants, and other recreational business have more boats. Also the number of boats greatly diminish after Labor Day and before Memorial Day. I normally fish during periods of weather less appealing to people that don't fish. I fish a lot during high wind and rain. The fish bite better then and there are fewer fishermen. Also where I live (On Lake Pomme de Terre) I am with a 1 !/2 hour drive to Truman Reservoir, Lake of the Ozarks, Stockton Lake, Tablerock Lake Bullshoals and Lake Taneycomo. With this much water to fish it helps spread out the boat traffic. Thanks for comment and thanks for watching my channel.
BenZ Fishing (2 years ago)
What an awesome Channel. Great audio editing btw.
jeffry gagnon (1 month ago)
Hi, BenZ-- I've got to say here that people use the word "awesome" so much now that it doesn't really mean much anymore. A remote-controlled rover that can collect and analyse samples on the the surface of Mars... and send the data back to earth... that might still be "awesome". But "juggin" little catfish from a lake (not even juggin') usin' stink-baited Walmart floats? Awesome? I chewed a stick of gum this afternoon. It was awesome.
Jerry Routh (2 years ago)
Thank you. I am trying hard to learn how to do this. I'll give you a SUB.
Will Walton (2 years ago)
Great video! Love the editing and narration
Marvin Rucker (29 days ago)
Loved the video, makes me ready for warmer weather and lake bound
Wayne Ellis (1 month ago)
Great job!!! B-Safe out there. Man riding shotgun needs. a life jacket on.
Jerry Routh (2 years ago)
Thanks for the feedback. I am new at this but I learn a bit more with each video. Thanks again, Jerry
Sawyer Conn (2 years ago)
Luv your videos
Jerry Routh (2 years ago)
Thanks, I am new at this but I learn a lot from other YOU TUBERS. i'll give you a SUB, thanks again, Jerry
David Smith (2 years ago)
I'd love to see a video on how to make those
Jerry Routh (2 years ago)
I thank you are talking about the catfish jugs? I plan on doing some DIY videos this winter and they will be included. Thanks again, Jerry
Rick Martin (2 years ago)
Nice job on editing and narrating. You two know what you're doing, that's for sure. Must be lifelong fishermen.....
Jerry Routh (2 years ago)
Thanks Rick. I am 78 years old and fishing has been my whole life. I am new to making videos and appreciate your comments. Thanks again.
Danny Cal (2 years ago)
Great video Jerry I am in the process of making some new jugs, I like your design to change the depth, i might incorporate that into my jugs.
Jerry Routh (2 years ago)
By the way I'll give you a SUB
Jerry Routh (2 years ago)
I designed those several years ago and they have worked well. This winter I plan to make some DIY videos showing several unique things I have learned over my 65 of fishing experience. The jugs will be included. Thanks again.

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