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Plane stolen by a drunk man... AND IT FLIES!.wmv

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Incredible scene showing that everything is possible. It happened during an airshow. Drunk or not, the pilot is a great one. And completely crazy!
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Brandon Poulin (1 month ago)
I I w will l like two fly ddrunk
Tony's Trinkets (1 month ago)
fake or not this is the most beautiful and legendary thing my mortal eyes have laid on
Louis Wright (1 month ago)
What a fucking legend, mate 😂
Hari Mohan (2 months ago)
Tyler Durden (2 months ago)
You know it's good when it's got .wmv in the title.
un tizio (5 months ago)
What a disappointment realize at the end it was fake. Fuck you
Rain 2.0 (11 months ago)
gta 6 sure looks good
Jack Sciarabba (1 year ago)
ALL SELECTED (1 year ago)
That man is old I am new
FamSquad Media (1 year ago)
The internet's just a wonderful plane
yarramalong (1 year ago)
Kyle Franklin
The chad pilot
Bayu Amanda (1 year ago)
Give him a mig 21.
Bayu Amanda (1 year ago)
Luiz Miranda cause it my favorite aircraft. Not else.
Luiz Miranda (1 year ago)
Bayu Amanda Why not a Mig 35 or F-22?
Pinokio mil (1 year ago)
its fake
BluMac (2 years ago)
1:07 that reminds me of that moment in penguins of Madagascar when they build the plane lol
James Foley (2 years ago)
BazingaHackerTV (2 years ago)
mohammed ali (2 years ago)
he is not a drunk guy he is a pro pilot who did this to scare people its something for the show!
mohammed ali (2 years ago)
Luiz Miranda haha thank you!
Luiz Miranda (2 years ago)
Cassius Clay I know, and I think everybody knows it. Anyway, it's a good show, not a bad criminal act. Thanks for the comment, you're welcome.
Mr Yellow (2 years ago)
He is super expert
Jack Erice (2 years ago)
it's fake what this guy is doing would send him nose first into the ground
BADCA7 Gaming (8 months ago)
Jack Erice no shit Sherlock. It was a play. You should watch the whole video and look at the ending
Wolf 098 (2 years ago)
this is some Peter Griffin shit right here
Angel Joachim (2 years ago)
Jackmax Erice (3 years ago)
TocyBlox (3 years ago)
He should go for the jet
Capt777harris (3 years ago)
I know it's only a show, but that has got to be breaking all kinds of FAA regs for an Air Show.
Capt777harris (2 years ago)
Well why wouldn't it be.
Andrew Jamieson (2 years ago)
why is acting drunk against the regs?
Juliana Brown (3 years ago)
That's some pretty amazing control, seriously.
Gooner 0101 (4 years ago)
fake they clap at the end
anton george francis (5 years ago)
ah man this dudes kids went to school being LEGENDS!!!! thanx DAAAAAD :)
nolan eilers (5 years ago)
kyle (6 years ago)
Learning GTA style!
Lylver Cabasan (6 years ago)
3:30 nice drift bro. now type in "hesoyam" or you DIE!
Digital_Rocket (7 years ago)
gta IV in a nutshell
mt2oo8 (7 years ago)
Dont drink and fly!
2StrokeCrazy (7 years ago)
What a crap! This is an absolut fake! Change the Titel or delete this f... video!
Pedro Silva (7 years ago)
@mnphysicist Thanks! =D
Ron Amundson (7 years ago)
@PRSilva13 The Pilot is Kyle Franklin he has a youtube channel @Vacul001
a100nick (7 years ago)
Luiz Miranda (7 years ago)
@Mrfreeenergy1 No, it isn't. It is a show that occurs during various air shows around the world. The guy is really a great pilot. See you at one of that shows.
Christian Bessell (7 years ago)
this is great love to see it in rwal life
binini1 (7 years ago)
@PRSilva13 all i know is that he is a stunt pilot who, in real life, is a Delta Airlines pilot
Pedro Silva (8 years ago)
Who is the pilot?! He's really good and crazy!
Aizenvsanyonedontmix (8 years ago)
better than having a stolen f15 right?
kakaphotos (8 years ago)
Fantastico! Great video, very funny
Foxtrot Sierra (8 years ago)
Is there a full length video of this stunt on youtube?
Ozzy T (8 years ago)
I think it was set up..
Justin Homer (8 years ago)
Had to watch this a few times! Been to a lot of air shows. Had the privilege of seeing Bob Hoover a few times. Been to Oshkosh a few, but this was absolutely amazing and entertaining to say the least. I would love to see the whole skit uncut and in person. Who's the pilot? I'll have to add this to my favorites and check back.
2013AccordKid (8 years ago)
that is why you dont hire fat body guards lol
Luiz Miranda (9 years ago)
@greeenday10 Hello! Thanks for your kind comment "completely crazy!" and for watching the video. See you!
Will Sanderson (9 years ago)
Luiz Miranda (9 years ago)
@angryprometeus Hy, mate! Thanks for watching and for the kind comment. See you.
Luiz Miranda (9 years ago)
@darrengaudry I'm gonna do it right now, mate! Bye!
Darren Gaudry (9 years ago)
@luizmiranda1950 Watch our channel if you miss Australia... We are crazy Aussies.. lol
Luiz Miranda (9 years ago)
@ThatAussieFamily Good day, mate! How are you? Thanks for watching & the kind comment. I live in Brazil, and have been for 1 year in Australia, late 86-86. Nice country & people! I'd like to see the aussies again. Good tucker, spuds... See you!
Luiz Miranda (9 years ago)
@Ashurakira Hy, friend, fine? It's good to know that you liked the video. Thanks. See you anytime! Bye,
Luiz Miranda (9 years ago)
@joeybeavis Hey, mate, are you fine? Thanks for your comment. It sound for me like an award. See you!
Luiz Miranda (9 years ago)
@SleepYouBastard Hey, friend, how are you? Thanks for your nice comment. I'm glad for bringing something interesting. See you, bye.
joeybeavis (9 years ago)
Luiz Miranda (9 years ago)
@HeyImBubProductions Thanks for your kind comment. It's good make good people laugh. See you.
Bub The Apeman (9 years ago)
lol! Made me laugh great video I couldn't tell if it was fake or not till the end. Thumbs up!
Luiz Miranda (9 years ago)
@s030141 Thanks for your kind and wise comment. You are a good RC pilot, I watched one of your videos. See you.
Luiz Miranda (9 years ago)
@jasongiddensviper478 Thanks for the comment. I'm going to watch your videos, as soon as possible. See you.
Jason Giddens (9 years ago)
Damn good show!
s030141 (9 years ago)
hahaha, i did enjoy it very much, it made me laugh but i think it's illegal. There was no visible run up of the aircraft therefore anything could have happened...but glad to see he didn't fly over crowd just incase you lost control surfaces of something...
Incog nito (9 years ago)

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