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Why it's gone... Lacoste Le Blanc, Armani He & Al Rehab Silver (Men's Cologne)

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My thoughts on 3 popular fragrances that are leaving my collection.... Al Rehab Silver: 0:15 Lacoste Le Blanc (white): 1:05 Emporio Armani He: 2:14
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J Kumulaau (1 year ago)
You probably have the imposter emporio armani He. You need to purchase it straight from the giorgio armani website.
TheBatman777 (1 year ago)
Jimmy Martinez you could be right. I haven't smelled any others. The box and bottled look high quality. It was a tester. If you have the original, I'll pay you for a sample.
Gürkan Ç. (1 year ago)
Man...this is Emporio Armani HE! The most sexiest (one of them) perfume in the world. Are you sure is it original one? ahahah
The0to1smell (2 years ago)
if you have the balls my friend try joop ..and tell me ..it's not for every man or boy but you have to know how to spray it on..
Körper Klaus (1 year ago)
which joop? homme?
The0to1smell (2 years ago)
incarnacion...Naaaachhhooooo Libre is looking for his tag team partner
ARMANI EMPORIO HE is my secret weapon. Girls just rush to get rid of their underware when they mell it on me!!! NO JOKE! MY SEX CREATOR! . Got in my colecttion blue de chanel, YSL La NUIT, ARMANI AQUF GIO, ARMANI CODE SPORT, CHANEL ALURE SPORT, CH MAN, POLO BLUE and 10 more.....BUT ARMANI EMPORIO HE IS A BIGEST COMPLIMENT COLECTOR. I work with tonns of woman and every time at list 5-7 compliments per day from woman when i spray it on me
ja atze if i need to make girl go crazy in a good way there are four fragrances that make them wet : La Nuit, Armani He, Blue De Chanel, Dior Sauvage. La Nuit YSL last ok on my skin, but if you want 100percent ultimate lady killer, go with Armani Emporio He. I tested it for 10 years. I can bet for money that you will have a hard time to find a lady that will be neutral or even dislike this scent
Körper Klaus (1 year ago)
bleu de chanel is really good but YSL la nuit is not that good... i dont like it because my "version" did not smell for about 1 h and then it slowly began but not intense or good... :D you really think its the fragrance?
Angelo Sinders (2 years ago)
Bro you bashed the crap out of my favorite cologne( armani he). 😂😂 did you get a fake? I cant believe you think of it like that. Its definitely not bad at all to me. Thats why its always important to sample everything. Terre de hermes smells like utter shit to me. Something that a dead corpse coming from the dead would smell like. I guess different strokes for different folks. Im curious to what your preferences are, ill look at some of your old videos.
TheBatman777 (2 years ago)
Maybe, cuz it didnt do anything for me
VAIN w (2 years ago)
I see you're not very fond of POWDERY frags,(EMPORIO-HE) because although this scent is something I tried, purchased, and have gotten over @ least 10 years ago lol! it wasn't THAT BAD! The worst scent I have ever purchased was "FAUNA" a niche frag. smelled like "THE SKANK OF THE WALKING DEAD" but jus my opininion....FYI: THIS IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF WHY PEOPLE SAY YOU HAVE TO SMELL THINGS FOR YOURSELF!
Juan Bravo (3 years ago)
Im new to fragrances, what groups can i look into on facebook to learn more. I'm from the Rio Grande Valley in south texas.
TheBatman777 (3 years ago)
Juan Bravo (3 years ago)
+TheBatman777 do you have a FB where I can contact you?
TheBatman777 (3 years ago)
Really? So am I. Fragrance Swap to buy and sell.
Albert Ferro (3 years ago)
Cool video !! I am interested in buying Alrehab silver just e.mail me with the price [email protected] Thanks
TheBatman777 (3 years ago)
I already sold it, but you can find it for like $10.
Francesco G. (3 years ago)
How dare you knock on He????!!!!!
Francesco G. (3 years ago)
I got sick of it because this crazy girl I was with always wanted me to wear it. But it always seemed like a very romantic,sexual frag to me. Just reminds me of that bimbo
Francesco G. (3 years ago)
Yes a bunch. It was a big club scent back. I actually hear like many other colognes it got reformulated for the worse. But I don't know. I stopped wearing it in 02
TheBatman777 (3 years ago)
Did you get compliments? I used to like Mambo in elementary but now I hate it.
Francesco G. (3 years ago)
Well I did back in 98 lol
TheBatman777 (3 years ago)
You like it?
David Eriksson (3 years ago)
Thanks for the tips about "he" I was looking to pick me up a bottle for the same reason. Now I'm Glad I didn't .
TheBatman777 (3 years ago)
I'm glad it helped
goodenstuff (3 years ago)
Agreed about Silver. It's a solid, but unspectacular fresh scent with nothing that stands out about it. I've found that most of the Al Rehabs tend to be this way
TheBatman777 (3 years ago)
Yeah this is the only one I've tried. I'm basically giving it away for free.
BRIAN (3 years ago)
Like this series!
TheBatman777 (3 years ago)
Thanks Brian!
King Metta (3 years ago)
Great video. You should post more often
TheBatman777 (3 years ago)
Thanks man. I'll try to do more during summer. My Top Summer vid should be up tmrw.

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