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Dior Homme | Spring Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show | Menswear

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Dior Homme | Spring Summer 2016 by Kris Van Assche | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video - Menswear Collection)
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Sebastian Wendel (3 days ago)
... the modells are running :-) away ........ by the way .... why should camouflage patterns be originel ? I have seen them for years and years and years :-)
Kinda Personality (20 days ago)
Распахивающиеся фалды с коралловым подбоем - это дыхание самой молодости. Charmant
makigott19 (3 months ago)
can anyone identify the male model on 1:34 he looks divine! thanks in advance :D
Kristel Gomez Marquez (4 months ago)
best music
Josh Reynolds (6 months ago)
dude she past away is so sick lmao
Victor De Traversay (11 months ago)
Basic clothes, but Strong settings. Miss Kriss
J. Hyde (11 months ago)
2:08 he looks like Saoirse Ronan 😂
Justin Ueyama-Burke (1 year ago)
music choice is always superb
Michael Klotz (1 year ago)
Menswear worn by children .. funny
Ricardo Del Barrio (1 year ago)
Ptit prince
Germadgerton Joelane (1 year ago)
too safe
Ricardo Del Barrio (1 year ago)
le perit prince
Bahadır Özen (2 years ago)
When i heard the soundtrack,i looked the fashionshow's name again. Cuz i am a Turk and i was shocked hearing the Turkish muzic on the Dior 😀 (asın Bayrakları) Pride of Turkey👏 thanks Dior Homme . Actually i didn't expect this.
Kemal Urut (3 months ago)
+iGaame TV I agree as a Turkish citizen.
iGaame TV (10 months ago)
Erdogan sucks.
Pedro Rodriguez (2 years ago)
In fact, i like everything, but Love this 2:30
Ezgi Beyazit (2 years ago)
neden kimse "as bayrakları as" yazmamış buraya. ilginç.
Magno Rocha (14 days ago)
yourknow the name of model in 2:34?
Didem Yazi (2 months ago)
Çünkü o güruhun haberi yok :) Neyse ki.
Anthony Rivera (2 years ago)
Christian dior. Merry Christmas ffc channel happy holidays I like the look
Antonio Santacruz (2 years ago)
Those models are in their 20' s so, where's the Door 2016 As adult collection?
Daniel Ness (2 years ago)
dior models are all under 18 or under generally
Ben Smith (2 years ago)
Why does male fashion have to be so feminine?
Mr error (2 months ago)
Dino Con stop being homophobic, gay people are creative and sensitive genious
Dino Con (2 years ago)
Depends on the designer... most of whom are gay.
akadimas (2 years ago)
i'm obsessed
hafis izani (2 years ago)
second men runway is perfect
leinad2701 (2 years ago)
Hugh Laughton Scott
RGTsilversteam (2 years ago)
Nothing special
peter marbuns (2 years ago)
wow...nice show
loopiewho (2 years ago)
its like primark goes even more boring what a lot of dull rubbish for sado's
idaslpdhr (2 years ago)
Children's clothes when are you going to make clothes for ADULTS
Sebastian Rivera (3 years ago)
I love She Past Away, I love the Models, love the setting and production, but I just find the clothes too reductive and boring. :/
D Kam (3 years ago)
Yaas for diversity! 1 Asian, 1 bi-racial, 2 thousand Caucasians
SenzaNome (2 years ago)
+Pete Conner yeah, suck it up like slavery, atom bombs, invading countries and destroying them, occupation, fictitious gods, imperialism. Yeah we should suck it up!
Pete Conner (2 years ago)
it's a white world ,suck it up
scandinavian knights (3 years ago)
This song would be better at a ysl show
NorthEast81 (3 years ago)
What's everyone on here raving about?? Did I miss something? This collection looks like GANT....with superfluous zippers! Camo.....again?!! Really?!
Bogema (3 years ago)
And where Fabien Delon?
Especial 2X1 (3 years ago)
Clark Ramos (3 years ago)
YAAAS, Dior! I can always count on you. There were a couple times I felt I was watching hot nerds, but for the most part it was fantastic. Pulling old and new and putting color where it usually doesn't go. I love it. I love the zippers on the pants and that opening shoe is when I fell in love. 🙌🏽
Happy for SPA!
elizabeth pattel (3 years ago)
¡Nice! Dark wave on Fashion Show
ELCHINOWON (3 years ago)
Pathetic display of male anorexia. Music is great, BTW. All hail She Past Away!
Diego Lobo (3 years ago)
lulunarlu (2 years ago)
wow, i am surprised <3
Evert Holms (3 years ago)
i love sShe past away!!!! but the clothes are horrible!!
Danica (3 years ago)
So proud of She Past Away... Well deserved!!! We love you!!!
노래쟁이거니 (3 years ago)
Fox Crane (3 years ago)
Love the final parade starting at [4:45].
Anil Dogan (3 years ago)
şarkı türkçe gurur duydum
Miguel Irizarry (3 years ago)
ämandǝ stävǝ (3 years ago)
it's unusual....i don't like
Chuba Chub (3 years ago)
Mens fashion is so often uninspired. All the same cuts with not enough differentiation. Wheres the spark dior?!
Chris Churchill (3 years ago)
Horrendous. Zero innovation. just very standard pieces which I've seen a thousand times before.
Chris Churchill (3 years ago)
Just looked him up. I think that guy is on acid.
iwantoolaydown (3 years ago)
+Chris Churchill You aren't fooling anyone with this YT account, Rick Owens.
Lucas Domingues (3 years ago)
Just amazing!
NADS IQ (3 years ago)
well the florists are pretty happy about dior's expenditures.
Leslie Yao (3 years ago)
Take the nuts walking around
Ankh Pom (3 years ago)
The collection was looked at and yet I am not amused.  it just did not do anything for me. The pants legs on some had too many wrinkles on them and looked more like leggings than actual pants.
RovexHD (2 years ago)
Leggings wouldn't have any wrinkles on them.
Piggy Von Monroe (3 years ago)
that tune is amazing !! so is the collection as well xxx
Matt Frazier (3 years ago)
I like the orange anorak and the trench.... That's it though.
Milo kunn (3 years ago)
+Matt Frazier yas those slayed tho
Shijo Kaze (3 years ago)
Yes! Slim is back. Looks like this season all the jackets will be lined with opposing colors and prints (Zara, H&M, Topman and ASOS soon to copy).
NADS IQ (3 years ago)
+Shijo Kaze what planet has slim gone away?
mrblf652 (3 years ago)
I remeber when Dior Homme was the hottest label. Not anymore.
Tyler Eads (3 years ago)
Hey guys ffffl re 4olll
D. C. (3 years ago)
Boring.........same ol' same ol'.  Looked like White college boys on the march.  Oh-thanks for including the one "Asian" model.  I was more intrigued by the set and the choreography than the clothes.  I can say that I'm glad to see the suit jackets returning to a more pleasing length.
D. C. (3 years ago)
I like you, and the way you think...lol....
Matt Frazier (3 years ago)
Everything I was thinking.....
HOLLY HOOD (3 years ago)
Best!... Thank you FataleFashionIII fir the menswear playlist. Very convenient to watch it on AppleTV 🇺🇸👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Tyler Eads (3 years ago)
BT (3 years ago)
Soundtrack: She Pas Away - Kasvetli Kutlama
blondin177 (3 years ago)
+Batuhan Taşkömür thank you
Sarah Amallah (3 years ago)
+Batuhan Taşkömür thank you
atice arıcı (3 years ago)
The soundtrack is "Kasvetli Kutlama" by the amazing talented Turkish darkwave band +shepastaway  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMPd9QoVfVA
TruthbeeTold Wintour (3 years ago)
very nice menswear, the music totally away of the greaat great scenery
FilmMachineCinema (3 years ago)
Edgy without over doing it.
J L (3 years ago)
Ask siri when you wanna know what the soundtrack is. It's faster than going through all the comments to find out.
SEVIMAJO jv (3 years ago)
Los modelos cada vez son más jóvenes, al final desfilaran niños de 12 o 13 años para lucir la ropa de hombre. Creo que el mundo de la moda idolatra demasiado la juventud (tanto masculina como femenina), dentro de poco a los 24 o 25 años ya serán viejos para desfilar ( exceptuando a la Naomi Campbel claro!!)
J. Hyde (11 months ago)
SEVIMAJO jv así es la industria 😓
Betzy Maya (3 years ago)
Where are the men?
Jovi Yuen (3 years ago)
This is an amazing collection. I love those bomber jackets and workswear jackets! The colours are interesting too, Love the orange
She Past Away! <3
just an illusion (3 years ago)
she past away-the turkish darkwave/post-punk group,so proud of u
BT (3 years ago)
Jae H. (3 years ago)
Dior is always clean, weather its mens or women wear. enjoyed the camo lined in the blazers.
XXPAOL82XX (3 years ago)
Fantastic collection. Kris makes no exceptions.
intergalactic pissy (3 years ago)
it was wearable, and i must admit i loved the jackets, bit nothing too groundbreaking, just nice clothes
joshcka (3 years ago)
This what a call a minimalist yet selling clothes... Very wearable...
Jake Butler (3 years ago)
+joshcka I felt the same way this would appeal i think to almost anyone it's a very safe collection .
FHP Perkins (3 years ago)
sure figured out how to transform gorgeous sexy youths into rather uninteresting young men.
rogerio amancio (3 years ago)
kolme10 (3 years ago)
+rogerio amancio Exactly! Boring clothes, nothing new.
Blue Pavilion (3 years ago)
one of his worst worst show to date, I mean there is nothing new here, they are just all unnecessary boring clothes, and the argyle pattern looks horrible, his last collection was much better.
Jae H. (3 years ago)
+J32515 really? the FW show with minimal color and mostly tuxedo suits that we've seen Dior execute often? I liked the show, but this one wasn't bad
lifeispain (3 years ago)
Very nice show. Good music, models and setup. I really liked the suit coat with zips on it. Looks like Saint Laurent also went on with the zip thing for A/W 15-16. My favorite style was easily that one at 3:04
Patrick J Paredes (3 years ago)
She Past Away (Band) at Dior Homme S/S 2016
Vale Queso Lector (3 years ago)
the soundtrack is  Kasventli Kutlama - She Past Away
davidfashion6 (3 years ago)
OMG... I just loved all like i always love Dior Homme fashion shows. Amazing models and scenery too... Super cool soundtrack. Xoxo Jhon Colins. :)
Darkheart Dark (3 years ago)
+davidfashion6 indeed
Minji Kwon (3 years ago)
what's the music ?
Ecem (10 months ago)
Oli k kasvetli kutlama - shepastaway

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