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Gorgeous Swedish Athletes [HOTTEST]

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Very Beautiful Swedish Girls Bianca Salming, Michaela Meijer, Angelica Bengtsson and others. Enjoy! Subscribe if you like!)
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Text Comments (1429)
Detective Area Four (2 days ago)
Also from Sweden https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/611784/thomas-crain
Kittyhome (4 days ago)
whats the song?
Cuggi Man Yeeters (4 days ago)
What's up with all the racists and nazis here
mark duchey (11 days ago)
Hot ass bitches yum!
Torres9 Nothing (11 days ago)
I absolutely adore the swedish language and I've been learning swedish for years and I lack conversational skills. I try really hard and I'd say I'm pretty good at it, considering the lack of help I've received, My goal is to be fluent, but I just CANNOT seem to find any swedish person to help me. I'd be the most grateful person in the world if I found someone eager to talk to me on a regular basis. I dunno what to offer in exchange, cause swedish are rich, I don't think I could pay enough to make them any richer. my contact : [email protected]
Comic Power (11 days ago)
Great thumbnails always make you click so Hard.
Paul Squires (11 days ago)
Isn’t Sweden a Muslim country she doesn’t look inbred
Shotgun Arms (11 days ago)
Looks like a rape menu for 3rd world degens.
Ed Rackeweg (11 days ago)
The last girl she did not touch the pole it must have fell!!
Aaron Huneycutt (11 days ago)
yes, these women are beautiful, but you couldn't find footage of them clearing the bar?
Samuel T (11 days ago)
I haven't figured out if this is about the Swedish women athletes, or about stupid jackass idiots commenting.
kgkustomz97ser (11 days ago)
that cameltoe tho.. lol... cant believe they are allowed to wear boyshorts
jerey ohaha (11 days ago)
Dammmmmmmmmmmmm... That asss. 🤔
860player (11 days ago)
Too bad they suck at sports! each is coming in shit place.
Save Europe (12 days ago)
Too bad they will all get gang-raped and murdered in Sweden. At least we have this video.
kyle jonas (12 days ago)
They don’t seem very good…
2506Larry (12 days ago)
95BobbyJ (12 days ago)
I seen more beautiful athletes than her...just saying and not race baiting
Red Tsunami (12 days ago)
I like the one attention whore with tats and her ass all played out on purpose. She even moves around and shakes her ass 100 times more than any of the others.
Nightlife (12 days ago)
is it just me or do all these women have tall ass bodies and small ass heads LOL
Jason Meltos (12 days ago)
Very hot 🔥 but not them seem particularly good at their chosen sport. 🥉
Colt Taylor (12 days ago)
The chick with the arm tattoo my god
Little gems (12 days ago)
Quit fat shaming
Andre Turner (12 days ago)
Will love to nut inside that
XYZ (12 days ago)
Very Beautiful European blond but Sweden is already lost leftists fucked up Sweden
GraphixPursuit (12 days ago)
Don't know why this is in my recommended but hey I'm not upset
Gazza Clarkson (12 days ago)
Damn, I just need to go upstairs for a moment.
dansorci (12 days ago)
Beautiful but they suck at their sport 😂
servicio privado (12 days ago)
No intentes arreglarlo...... 😜
Blue Demon (13 days ago)
Okay to look at, but not a very good athlete! Did she ever clear the bar?
Nik Berean (13 days ago)
Ugh that fuckin arse...
Wendy Brown (13 days ago)
Dusan Karanovic (11 days ago)
David Buckhanan (13 days ago)
Dam right nice one
Pete Begnell (13 days ago)
Do any of them actually qualify...? They seem more interested in looking hot, than clearing the bar or running their heat.
Captain Butt nuggets (13 days ago)
All gorgeous
No Future 68 (13 days ago)
11kungfu11 (13 days ago)
They will all be brown soon thanks to the 'jews' multicultural lobby efforts.
MAINE HB (13 days ago)
They ugly
Спасибо , подрачил . (Thanks. I have masturbate)
JStephen Allington (13 days ago)
Is there one shot that shows any of them clearing the bar, or making a shot? (And what's with the lady ref with the card, and what does she have againest cute blondes?)
Oscar Jordan (13 days ago)
These comments are very telling. It doesn't matter that these women are failing miserably in their chosen sport. All that matters is that they're white and blonde. Meanwhile the winning black women athletes get Jack. Racist much?
Not finding black women attractive is not racist.
Boris-Smiff (13 days ago)
Only white men can make babies that beautiful.
The New Davinci (13 days ago)
Reprogram Your Ass (13 days ago)
That blonde one in the beginning is trans. It's born male. It has the Adonis Belt, wide squared shoulders, traps, big neck, etc.....Most high level athletes and Olympics women are MEN. You know the Olympics made a rule that a person can compete as whatever gender it identifies as, without telling anyone it is trans. It's just damage control, as it was the norm anyway! Sorry to burst anyone's fantasy. Peace
Saboteur LE (13 days ago)
Gorgeous but noobs too
Gavin Schuette (13 days ago)
lean doesnt mean u have a good body as europe seems to think......its curves fullness and shape n buffness along with decent leanness..... skinny with no tits is a 1/10
Gavin Schuette (13 days ago)
I find swedish women sofar as I have seen are overrated.......the image is they are so hot I find em kinda beady eyed with funny features........ autro hungarina empire baes where its at or maybe Im just chasing my oen genetics....I am freakin hot
Gavin Schuette (13 days ago)
roids work for whites too! ask gronk! tom chambers! etc etc its not genetics in sports its roids
Jun Gleno (13 days ago)
The girls are not excelling at their events but I wouldn't kick any of them out of bed.
T A (13 days ago)
Those gals have real body's not air inflated ass and lips.
fox (13 days ago)
what the hell is going with racism under this video wow.
Kenneth Kigundu (13 days ago)
What Were the red cards to the 2 ladies for?? Being too hot ?
george peters (13 days ago)
They are all so beautiful!
Jorge Alves (13 days ago)
Todas lindas, sexy, maravilhosas e dedicadas e competentes. Agora... Papo de racismo desnecessário. Afinal, namora quem e quando quiser. Cada um escolhe o seu. Será que eu consigo uma namorada Sueca...?...!...? Elas são Deusas!
Ken Clouseau (13 days ago)
"Gorgeous", no. Not bad, but not "gorgeous". Many of them have no hips and hardly any rear. They also look quite boring. No Swedish women have not much to offer.
Ricardo Gomez leal (13 days ago)
Todas mamacitas hasta parece q las escogen!
Earl Green (13 days ago)
Dear Lord, sometimes it’s easy to get discour aged when faced with criticism or challenges. Help me to persevere and grant me the strength to be faithful to what You have called me to do. Amen.
Kenneth Howard (13 days ago)
You can't beat the Russian girl that's my favorite Hangouts St Petersburg
Tody C (13 days ago)
Gorgeous. If it aint white it aint right.
Chump Johnson (13 days ago)
That first ass would look good bent over the hood of my Volvo!!!!
john green (13 days ago)
Beautiful gorgeous sexxxy ladies with gorgeous asses
Jon Jones (13 days ago)
It’s official, when the USA turns into Mexico I’m moving to Sweden or Russia so I can enjoy looking at beautiful girls all day
ttmike42 (13 days ago)
Women's sports should all include some sort of points for style or sexy. Are you listening, WNBA dykes?
JOE Geo (13 days ago)
Gorgeous faces
drewby613 (13 days ago)
So they are hot, but kind of a bunch of f-ups. Didn’t see one bar get cleared.
I’m Spartacus (13 days ago)
The one doing the hurdles w the tattoos. Holy shit those shorts!! Smoking
Cabedia Robinson (13 days ago)
tom8181 (13 days ago)
I don't even want my heart back !!!!!!!!!!!! You girls can keep it
Rich Kunkiewicz (13 days ago)
Excellent 👍
Rick Allen (13 days ago)
They have to know they are Eye candy.
Oldclimber Amb (13 days ago)
Hmm. It seems that pert bum of hers keeps getting caught on the bar.
guiltless swivel (13 days ago)
The Sweden's girl beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes and that beautiful face will be erased in about 40 years. Brown skin is also beautiful but it's not racist to want keep our skin tone either.
Mr Arizona (13 days ago)
Best Grocery Commercial I watched in a long time. Spar is a German Grocery Chain.
Heywood (13 days ago)
Amazing ass on Elin Wonderass.
FGTBOGSAT (13 days ago)
They will mate with swarthy migrant men.
T’Chala Jones (13 days ago)
FGTBOGSAT al humdullilah!
Firstname Lastname (13 days ago)
Yes, they're beautiful and hot looking girls. By German standards, that is. By Oak Street beach in Chicago standards they're well below average.
George Kot (13 days ago)
Anybody know what the red and black cards shown to some athletes are ?? Some kind of penalty perhaps ??
armando moreno (13 days ago)
all of the Swedish girl Athletes should win GOLD
Helena Quinn (13 days ago)
From black bps Sweden yes
WilliamJ Conde (13 days ago)
I been to Sweden twice, 2 months total. Gorgeous women everywhere there. Shy, polite, they liked the handsome American I was. Really too bad, them inviting the muslim invasion.
LangCaster (13 days ago)
yes, the main reason i want to move to Sweden
The Revster (13 days ago)
Rahul Khatri (13 days ago)
Where is PewDiePie?
Tony Quigley (13 days ago)
That first one isn't attractive. Look at her hips.s she has the hips and ass of a 12 year old schoolboy
Great One (13 days ago)
Peter Balsamo (13 days ago)
Puppet Gods
Mark Ochs (13 days ago)
They probably can't perform up to par because of all the stress from what is happening at home.
David Cavallo (13 days ago)
Jarmila Kratochvilova is the most beautiful athlete in the history. These hoes are useless. They run like a shot deer.
Duwomaiish Gabrielle (13 days ago)
well now we know that it's not just white men who can't jump...
ibetatestedyourmother (13 days ago)
Bet ya'll are a bunch of fat fuckers. Sad sad little men cheesing over women you'd never have a chance in hell with.
Gerald O'Hare (14 days ago)
Oh shit, I just went blind.
Bob Flendorg (14 days ago)
The girl at 3:40 is mixed race negro.
N2 The Mystic (14 days ago)
You can keep the big tits. I'll take that fine ass and a pair of little tits any day.
Mck021 Mck021 (14 days ago)
😍😍😍😍 swedish, poland and finland woman
Martin Escalante (14 days ago)
I look at these girls, it reminds me of my Old Girlfriend Michelle Briggs back in 1987 man Michelle looked like a athletic Barbie. Her mother was Swish, even her mother was awesome... We had good times...
Martin Escalante (14 days ago)
Swedish woman are some the most pretty in the world... even when they mix their kids come awesome..
BishopX (14 days ago)
Sadly, most Swedes are worthless feminists.
Joshua Hillel (14 days ago)
not so gorgeous they got no tits
Im strickly here for the Sweedish music.......
grizzmax (14 days ago)
Why is "best scenes" showing their Worst Scenes? Don't you have something jbetter to do?
keitherable (14 days ago)
Beautiful,except for the NASTY TATTOOS.

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