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Influence Marketing: Working with Brand / Influencers: PR Managers share insights at TECHmunch Live

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Get more insights at http://techmunchconf.com (the only traveling pro blogger conference for seasoned bloggers) Speakers:  Shannon McShane (Senior Community Manager, Murphy O’Brien Public Relations), Jordana Bruner (Senior Manager/Global Brand PR, Sonos), Megan Ogulnick (Digital Manager, Golin) and Erik Deutsch (http://excelpr.com) Want to know what PR/Brand managers look for when finding bloggers/influencers to work with? Want to know what brands pay for posts? Curious about what metrics you need to get on a brand's radar? JUMP TO THE SECTIONS YOU WANT TO KNOW: 6:10: How Do you find influencers? 12:30: What metrics do you look for? 20:38: What happens once you find an influencer to work with? 29:18: What about working with older bloggers? If so, watch this video from our first batch of TECHmunch LIVE panels.
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Jakob Bourne (8 months ago)
Finding influencers is made easy when used with search platforms for it like phlanx
Octavia D (1 year ago)
Very informative 😻😺
BakeSpace.com (1 year ago)
Thanks Octavia!

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