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Trip to Ghana- Family, Christmas, New Year's, Crazy drivers, Relationship advice, Nkrumah

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REST IN POWER UNCLE KWASI (SEP 2016).I LOVE YOU AND IM HAPPY 7k+ GET TO SEE YOU THE WAY WE DO. Ghana was awesome! The food, the people, the history, art family and laughs.After over seven years since my last visit to Ghana, and two years since seeing my dad. This trip was much needed.It's these kind of lectures that I actually missed as a daughter, my voice of reason when I complicated things in my mind.
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Yelrihs Snewo (1 year ago)
That's Bible not only African tradition, the man is to take care of the woman, woman work if she chooses, outside of the home, it's better for the kids if she is home. Choose wisely ladies!!!!
Kithera Danso (2 years ago)
your uncle is a G paaa
Francis Onyina (2 years ago)
wow,dope v
Kay Pa (2 years ago)
Wow 2 minutes in and I love the intro. Like a cool movie opening lowkey lol God bless you and your family
qt nunya (2 years ago)
trying to enjoy the video, the talking was kind of annoying
anyanwuakua7 (2 years ago)
wonderful documentary. I truly enjoyed the whole video and I listen very well to the narrative words of knowledge and wisdom. Thank you all for sharing part of your lives with us. I love Ghana and I'll be back real soon. Please check out www.youfoundghanarts.com May you and your family be blessed. Peace and Blessings.
Nadia Akua (2 years ago)
+anyanwuakua7 thank you so much, likewise
Mimi Aba Vroom (3 years ago)
😍 Your Dad's words of wisdom made me very emotional. I left Ghana and my family when I was 14 and have not gone back. Dad passed a long while ago so I never really had this kind of convos with my parents though I am very close to my family. I hope you know how blessed you are.
Nana Ashanti (3 years ago)
Wow. Good advice from your dad. Reminds me of all the conversations I have had with my dad in his car. Spoken like a wise man... Thanks for sharing.
ginger love (3 years ago)
Edu Afrique (3 years ago)
Thank you Nadia, - really enjoyed the vid. Clearly, a lot of work has gone into this one. Well done!
Nadia Akua (2 years ago)
+Edu Afrique thank you!!
Snipashotfilms (3 years ago)
Great job ! As real as it gets #GH
Jocelyn Horace (3 years ago)
Your father is a wise man. Enjoyed This a lot. Thanks for sharing .
Eva Clerk (3 years ago)
Your dad is amazing ......he is soo wise ...he spoke the truth ..... Big up...every young person up there needs to here this message....May God richly bless you and your family
Fresh Kwame (3 years ago)
where in Europe are you located
Sarah l (2 years ago)
she has an American accent
Fresh Kwame (2 years ago)
+Nadia Akua lol I don't mean no harm .
Nadia Akua (2 years ago)
+Fresh Kwame nowhere I'm afraid
Fresh Kwame (3 years ago)
Hey I'm kwame . I just want to say thank you for sharing I love your dad so much. I have learnt alot from this video. I can see my future I'm just going to be like him. every thing he said is nothing but the truth. u are beautiful thou.
Nadia Akua (3 years ago)
Thank you!!
Cindy Manlan (3 years ago)
Sisssstaa !! I'm so glad I stumbled across your video. Your father is so knowledgeable it's amazing ! My mama and I enjoyed your video. You're so beauuuutiful ! She loves you !! hahahaha. I miss seeing you on the gram :( . Keep up amazingg work ! God is working in your life honey ! :)
Nadia Akua (3 years ago)
And thank you for the blessings,God bless you!
Nadia Akua (3 years ago)
That's so sweet I'm glad mom enjoyed! That's huge lol
Stephanie Osei (3 years ago)
I could hug your grandmother, she looks like the sweetest woman ever! Your dad spoke truth and the relationship you two have is awesome. This made me miss Ghana too much chale :-( but I'm inspired me to document my spring break trip to Nicaragua - God Bless xx
HFD (3 years ago)
Such a lovely vlog, missing Ghana here too 😢, can't wait to edit my vlog and get it up
Nadia Akua (3 years ago)
Yes documenting is life! Lol thank you so much
afrikanatural (3 years ago)
Love the video! You made me miss home paaaaa!
Nadia Akua (3 years ago)
Thank you so much!
G9old (3 years ago)
That was amazing! I loved the narration from your father's point of view and the history... omgsh I can't wait to go to Ghana one day😁
Nadia Akua (3 years ago)
Thank you so much! Hope u enjoy it as much as I did!
Irene Acheampong (3 years ago)
I don't care, the Ghanaian accent is the best accent!
Amma Appiah (3 years ago)
This was so nice. You're daddy is wise and sharp. Beautifully illustrated and beautifully narrated documentary/vlog. Thank you for sharing with us ☺️. Is your dad and Bianca's dad brothers? They look alike.
Nadia Akua (3 years ago)
Thank you!! Yes that's one of my dad's brothers! Lol

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