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Lacoste Blanc Review

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A review for Lacoste Blanc.
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Ryan Yoder (3 years ago)
This is a fragrance that lasts on me 6-8 hours and projects pretty well for the first 2 hours. Its a decent scent that smells good but theres 1 note in this that makes me think its average rather than good. Theres a cheap knockoff of this called Bond Executive thats actually WAY better than this. Its fresher,more pleasant,lasts longer,projects better and doesnt turn sour like you mentioned !
Tony Hennandez (2 years ago)
+Ryan Yoder The knockoff is smell more better than the original hehehe
theaveragecologneguy (3 years ago)
+Ryan Yoder I'll have to check that one out! Thanks!
Alberto Salinas (3 years ago)
Nice review man! As you mentioned, the opening is great and gives this ultra fresh and energetic vibe, perfect for mornings, but unfortunately it only last like 1 hour on me. Nice scent, terrible peformance, very Lacoste :P
theaveragecologneguy (3 years ago)
+Alberto Salinas Thanks for the kind words and for watching! I do love the opening on this one.
Great take,Just recieved my Lacoste Blanc,and I sprayed it on at 9pm yesterday and I can smell it next day at 9:27am but it's not projecting,I have to get up close to smell it.It smells like fresh fruit,especially like I walk thru a produce store and smell all those fruit and cold air.Nice,Let's see what the ladies think.....
theaveragecologneguy (3 years ago)
+Vicente Ortiz Jr. Wow that's pretty good longevity on your skin. Nice! Thanks for watching!

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