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DON'T BUY EXPENSIVE JAPANESE WATER STONES, knife sharpening system easy and cheap

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Very easy way to sharpen a knife. For around $25 you can buy a good stone and strop to sharpen and maintain your knife. The sharpening stones used in this video are edge pro stones. Strop is a knives plus strop. This is the best knife sharpening system I have found.
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whipnaenae .helpme (3 hours ago)
OoOoOoooooo a Spyderco tenacious!
unrepeatable raddish (10 hours ago)
it never looked like you were cutting paper it sounded like it was being fipped
elbowroomtube (3 days ago)
A dull serrated knife will consistanly cut/slice a tomato better than a dull plain edge.
Lfo Mod (3 days ago)
Be careful of holding the stone in hand tho, I forgot that my thumb was there and opened it up pretty bad to be honest. hahaha
chieftain 76 (8 days ago)
Southpaws do it better
Matthew Chen (9 days ago)
2000 sushi chefs disliked this video.
Mr Mr (13 days ago)
You fucking idiot! You ruined a perfectly good sponge 🧽
just somebody (15 days ago)
I always cut my finger to see how sharp it is...😅
trace smith (15 days ago)
Ń̸͍̼̗͝Ô̸͓̖̥̙̣͑T̶̩͈̙̜͚͇̪̙͖̄̃̔ ̵͓̪̝̙̣̰̊̾Ṫ̷͙̥̊͂̒̏̕͝H̴͓͈͈̺̭̙͚̓̍͛̉̎̀͜Ĕ̸̯̲͈ ̵͔̗̰́͌̀͂̋̒͊͠Ḧ̸͕̼̯́̀̆̂̀̏͝A̵͍͆̂̾̓̃͑̅͝R̷̲͖͓̉̿̆̐B̴̡̗̭̠͚̲̜͆́̽Ŏ̶̞̝̉̐̅̂R̶̪̒̅̅̀ͅ ̸̨̡̡̨̩̼̼̳́̃̄̆̌͊̽͗̓F̸̙͈̖̥̞̺͓̼̓̈́͒̎̓̅͜R̵̗̜̫̉̓E̸̼̠͒͊͘Í̵̛̫̤̺̞̖̞̫̹̒̽̒͜G̴̝͓̩̥̠̻̬̬̫̋̑́͠H̶̨̧͕͙̺͉̭̏͝T̷̞̘͛̂͆͆̂̈́́͝ ̴̛̘C̸̬̯̟̿̄͊U̷̞̲̼̗͋͌̂͌́̅͒̂͝P̶̢̣̫̣͊̔͜Ọ̷̹̱͚̞͉̗͐ͅŃ̵̳̼̦̙̐͂͗͂̈͂̕Ş̷͍̰̿͌̓́̇̈́̎͜
kanra san (17 days ago)
hey calm down izaya !
Tricker 77 (17 days ago)
why would you rub ur fingers across it :0
Ante Sparelic (18 days ago)
Buy swidish Tormek
Turtle Man (19 days ago)
What did you wet the stone with?
Strive-2-Survive (22 days ago)
You are actually ripping the paper and why in the world do you have it folded?
zog noty (22 days ago)
whats the best way to glue the leather on a piece of wood .epoxy,super glue or something else ?
OUTDOORS55 (22 days ago)
Super glue will work. I use contact cement. It doesn’t really matter though.
Sebastiaan (25 days ago)
I have a similar kind of knife, also from 8cr13mov steel but I wonder what the best angle for this steel is. I now give it a 25 degree angle. I am not yet convinced of the durability of this steel.
Sebastiaan (1 month ago)
I have a Spyderco Sharpmaker and I ruined it almost immediately after sharping a new Spyderco knife with a very asymmetrical blade. The rods are very bumby now and complete missing the picture.
NoPotatoForU (1 month ago)
Have the same knife
Phil Powell (1 month ago)
Thanks for your video 😁
Aiden Lin (1 month ago)
I only use angles sharpening one edc knives, on my outdoor knives I dont care about angles and I want to loosen my wrist and pushh/pull the knife on the waterstone so that I can get a convex edge on my knife which is a much better edge for outdoor use
Matt Proffitt (1 month ago)
My dad and I always use REM-OIL to put on our sharpeners before we sharpen a knife
BornEpic (1 month ago)
Purchased a knife, now i can finnaly dig my plants
Rocky Mtns (1 month ago)
New to sharpening...thank you for the very useful video. Liked and subbed.
burlymugg (1 month ago)
breh i need that harbor freight cupon!
Snickel Fritz (2 months ago)
You can tell a lot by cutting paper but a knife isn’t super sharp unless it will shave the hair on your leg so you can walk around like a big weirdo with bald patches all over your leg. Oh well, we are almost out of shorts season here in Ohio.
Apodis (2 months ago)
You can tell you have the correct angle when your blade starts to pick up water on the top surface of the blade. Works for me anyway.
Alex Nguyen (2 months ago)
Whats the technique for cutting paper
Rob (3 months ago)
what is the best sharpening stone that you use?
ᏢᏓᏥ ᎤᏍᏗ (3 months ago)
So basically Japanese wet stones without the Japanese? 🤔
ᏢᏓᏥ ᎤᏍᏗ (3 months ago)
+OUTDOORS55 No big deal man ,just Josh'n with ya 😁
OUTDOORS55 (3 months ago)
The key word is expensive.
ryan B (3 months ago)
pretty sharp, haha not really, completely dull, just make sure the cutting media is a rigid as a 2 by four, Hey, it'll cut, and you can even cow-boy shave. (pinch-scrap) the hair outta your face. maybe that s why their faces are so rough.. .
Joshua Rain (3 months ago)
what kind of stone are those?
ohyesmrkrabs13 (3 months ago)
I just use toenails
Alex Nguyen (3 months ago)
What grit where those 2 stones ? Anyone know ?
is that a Spyderco?
Patrick Dekker (3 months ago)
I want learn to make my knife so sharp that it can cut air to make a portal to another universe
Travis Evans (3 months ago)
that isn't as sharp as you can get it but good enough for most but could be sharper with a finer stone then it will shave your arm with just the weight of the knife in one pass but nobody really needs a knife that sharp but it's possible.
Mike Neil (3 months ago)
I fucked up that strop. Tried to put more compound on it. But it’s all uneven. Any tips to restore it?
Jeff Smith (3 months ago)
I use magazine paper to check but the idea isn’t “can it cut paper?” the reason I use paper is it’s easy to compare how cleanly it cuts the paper ... magazine paper will detect imperfections in the edge at certain points and you can cut with and against the grain which also gives you an idea of how clean the edge is ... just a thought
justame smith (3 months ago)
I suck at getting the correct angle freehand. Im glad your system works for you. Not for me though.
badwolf1940 (3 months ago)
AlexSlash (3 months ago)
amazing video...I just got into blacksmithing about a month ago and imma use this method when I sharpen my knives and other tools.
Dominic Aguilar (3 months ago)
I use the bottom of a ceramic bowl and my blades are razor sharp
ya boi ya boi (3 months ago)
I'm going to buy a 3000 wet stone for a dollar on..wish
Kyng Cam (4 months ago)
"I am not an expert just a guy who likes to sharpen knives" I would trust a guy who says this a lot more than someone who brings scientific claims into sharpening knives..
aaron barlow (4 months ago)
What's your opinion of the lansky sharpening system?
IrishSavage87 (4 months ago)
Those stones don’t work on CPM steels and if they do it’s for a very limited amount of time, ceramics tend to “gunk up” all the vanadium and carbon in modern knife steels... I’m sure your cheap Chinese steel knife sharpens up quick, hell I could sharpen that knife with a cinder block and a leather wallet...Try that method with M4 or 110v.
OUTDOORS55 (4 months ago)
They absolutely do work for cpm steels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68G4MhtJd40 M4 and s110v is easy to sharpen if you use a coarse stone.
Jp Jp (4 months ago)
What exactly is a strop?
Ricky Hall (4 months ago)
Be nice if you posted links as s to where to get theae also hiw have these held up?
Nelson Lee (4 months ago)
Can i put water on my ceramic rods to get a sharper edge? (Lansky 4 Rod turnbox)
OUTDOORS55 (4 months ago)
It won't hurt, but it won't necessarily help get a sharper edge.
Roger Conley (4 months ago)
Where can I find those stones?
Sunnydoe (4 months ago)
Tf is wrong with these comments. I just wanted to learn how to properly sharpen my moms knife set I just bought her this last Christmas. Now everyone arguing bout steel types, like wtf hahaha
Chauncy Lautner (4 months ago)
When you do 5 alternating strokes you're sharpening one side with an extra stroke.
hot rod 218 hotrod 218 (4 months ago)
why the hell cant someone make a sharper were u just have to run kne side of the blade oever it then the other .why the hell does it have to be so damn complacaded you have to use one stone then another up and down one side then the other all i want is a sharp hunting and personal knife without all the bullshit
Tib J. (4 months ago)
The knife is from 3-times re-melted scrap.
OUTDOORS55 (4 months ago)
Haha 😂
Val Tozer (4 months ago)
WRONG. What have you been doing with your knives that you need to RESHARPEN them?! Look up " how to hone a knife"
NYBwilk (4 months ago)
Links to buy?
trumpicus maximus (4 months ago)
good video, knowing how to freehand is a VERY useful skill, all these guys showing their mirror polished edges with their $400+ worth of equipment and stones are just playing around. I was recently in the philippines, the family there killed a hog and was trying to remove the hair, their knives was extremely dull, i tool the knife and a ceramic coffee cup and put that knife back to a hair shaving edge. Learn to free hand, and keep a tiny 2 sided diamond stone on you all the time. Remember, sharpening is keeping a set angle, thats it, you could even hold the stone in your hand and rub it on the blade. Ignore those damn over priced clamping jigs.
Brad Lu (4 months ago)
I never thought to buy edge pro stones, hmmm, they look to travel well too!!!!!! I sharpen on full sized splash and go's, these did help me a little vs the small Double stuff I have(Pretty sweet setup), Shapton sells the Kuromako series(ceramic, they will work on the super steels, and HAP40!)), most are $35, the 1000 grit is mostly what I use, works with kitchen knifes too. My set has 320 and 5000 grit too, cost $120, can't touch your $25 setup! Thanks for sharing. I just looked, so many edge pro stones to chose from, good selection!!
Jeffrey Deutsch (4 months ago)
Those stones are cheap because they are small and only good for pocket knives. For a bigger knife or wide chisels or a plane blade it's gonna cost ya.
Kyle B (4 months ago)
I've heard you use the paper test to check consistency along the edge and not to test sharpness.
Michael Meyer (4 months ago)
You know if you really want a knife that youl never have to sharpen. Just get a benchmade lol. If it gets dull they will resharpen it for you for free
Michael Meyer (4 months ago)
OUTDOORS55 buy two lol.
OUTDOORS55 (4 months ago)
Then your without a knife for a couple weeks
Adeum Deus (5 months ago)
This obsession with a romanticized view of Japanese culture is ridiculous. For their time, Japanese cutlery was great. But it is not the stuff of legends. A Japanese wetstone is no better than an American wetstone is no better than a European wetstone. Japanese steel is no better than any other steel of equal grade.
Raphael Hey (5 months ago)
Where did you get those sharpening stones for such a cheap price?
love senpai (5 months ago)
I already bought me some expensive Chinese wet stone I need a sharp edges on my knife
Danvil (5 months ago)
Counting strokes means nothing unless you first establish a burr on one side and then do the same on the other side and then remove the burrs.
SLINGSHOT5.56 (5 months ago)
From watching a few of your videos I noticed you go in two different directions when using stones. Is it because of they type of stone? Which direction do you go with the edge pro stones in the video? I just bought this setup.
SLINGSHOT5.56 (5 months ago)
OUTDOORS55 (5 months ago)
Direction doesn’t really matter as long as you maintain your angle. I recommend going whatever direction helps you maintain your angle the best. I typically sharpen back and forth just to speed things along. Hope this helps 😀
Johan Haaber (5 months ago)
This only works so fast because of the tiny micro bevel and the thinness of the knife, witch makes it very easy to sharpen than if you compare it to lets say af bark river knife in 3v or cru wear steel. For those kinds of knifes I can really recommend Japanese whetstones. Thank you for the video Peace
OUTDOORS55 (5 months ago)
Patrick Gambsky (5 months ago)
Thanks for the information very helpful 👍
David Primeau (5 months ago)
If you do five on alternate sides it means 3 on one side and 2 on the other. Why not do 6 on alternate sides? When a knife is sharpened more on one side it tends to make a curved cut. It becomes like a chisel.
Martin Erhard (5 months ago)
Best tip to sharpen any knife is to use very inexpensive high grid sandpaper that you would use for cars....I always take 3M sandpaper with me while traveling
shonuffisthemaster (5 months ago)
actually, you are buying expensive japanese waterstones. those ep stones are the exact same thing but cost way more per cubic inch than a full sized stone. I agree that the paper test is over used and over rated. a verry basic edge will cut paper just fine. but calling an edge that needs that much pressure to shave arm hair, and dosent shave it cleanly, is definatly not "scary sharp". and saying that edge is "all you need" really depends on what your doing. alot of things i do with my knives, especially in the kitchen. require them to be atleast hair popping / tree topping sharp if not sharper.
OUTDOORS55 (5 months ago)
They are not the same thing. Not all stones are created equal.
Jack Wagon (5 months ago)
Heaven help me, I can never get the angle right. It seems to be different on every knife I own.
Inspector Steve (5 months ago)
I just bought a new tri-hone. I put the sharpening oil they put in the box but each side soaks up the oil like a sponge. What should I do
Inspector Steve (5 months ago)
OUTDOORS55 thank you
OUTDOORS55 (5 months ago)
Either get more oil or wash it out and use water and dish soap.
Sam P (5 months ago)
You come to close to that thumb?
MrVailtown (5 months ago)
Shaving arm hair is one thing Shaving your face is much different
OUTDOORS55 (5 months ago)
Yes arm hair is harder to shave.
Nicolas McPeake (5 months ago)
alternating 5 means 1 side gets 3, and the other gets 2. Im pretty sure you meant 5 each side alternating but... Great info. Thanks
What about the hanging hair test?
OUTDOORS55 (5 months ago)
Thats a good test. Ive done it in a number of videos.
Darrell Finley (5 months ago)
I'd like to see you sharpen a knife with hardened edge in 60s on Rockwell chart with Arkansas stone.youd be at it along time.japanese water stones do it all the time...
OUTDOORS55 (5 months ago)
Not sure what you mean. Theses are not Arkansas stones.
mehmet baki (5 months ago)
key to do paper cutting test accuratly is not using any techique, in another word hold the paper vertical unfolded make a 90 degree angle when edges are crossing apply no pressure.
Frankly Sharp (5 months ago)
These are small pieces of expensive japanese water stones.
Alex Cummings (5 months ago)
I’ve bought cheap stones from amazon and it was a 600 grit as advertised but the material was to soft and broke down halfway through my sharpening process. I had to resurface it obviously.
little woody (5 months ago)
Those stones you have are good for that cheap quality steel you got . They won’t work on cpm steel.
OUTDOORS55 (5 months ago)
Oh yes they will https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68G4MhtJd40
Goattacular (5 months ago)
That's good enough for a pocket knife. I personally like to put in more time with my kitchen knife. I originally reprofiled the edge with a bastard file, then used a 500 grit diamond stone, then 3,000 grit ceramic, then 8,000 grit ceramic, then stropped on rawhide coated with extra fine jeweler's buffing compound, and finally stropped on a high quality 3"x22" barber strop (alternating strokes totaling 100 strops on both bevels, 200 strokes in all). I can slice chicken so thinly you can read the newspaper through it. Not that I actually cut that thinly, but the idea is to test sharpness. Makes food preparation effortless when your blade is ridiculously sharp. For maintenance, i usually strop it once a week, and usually start from the 8K grit stage if the strop isn't helping.
8 Bit Brody (6 months ago)
0:18 My stress levels when he did this were through the roof.
Jonny Parker (6 months ago)
I still think king stones are easily the best value for money for keeping all things sharp. I usually start at 1000 grit for normal sharpening then go to 4000 then 6000 then to a strop with white compound. They cut brilliantly , i sharpen all things from elmax to cheaper 12c27 on them and they always come out great . Plus you get the advantage of a full size stone unlike those edge pros which are tiny little things man .... how do you use those tiny little stones ??? looks so uncomfortable.
OUTDOORS55 (5 months ago)
King stones are great used to have a set till I dropped the box they were stored in😬 only problem I have with larger whetstones is the soaking time. I sharpen a lot so that time adds up. For me stone length is what’s important. These are plenty long enough for 4” blades. Larger then that and it can be a pain, but still doable. Thanks for the comment 👍
Mellow Stacker (6 months ago)
I hated watching you sharpen your knife. I hope some kid doesn't copy you and cut their thumb off.
OUTDOORS55 (6 months ago)
This knife sharpening, not knitting class🤔
Soft shell Turtle (6 months ago)
What age do you think people can sharpen knives to such a level? Like, a person with no experience sharpening but a little experience handling knives. I am that person, but I have really been wanting to just sharpen knives as a hobby. Like collecting sort of, not really using all the knives I sharpen.
Soft shell Turtle (6 months ago)
OUTDOORS55 ok thanks!!! 😇
OUTDOORS55 (6 months ago)
It takes practice that’s all. Maintaining an angle is the most important thing. Maybe a week or so of practice with proper instruction. 😀
Rob (6 months ago)
This is so old school, slow and outdated.
Holly Beck (6 months ago)
its not to tell how sharp you're knife is its to see if there is a bur in the edge
Eric Fang (6 months ago)
Waterstone or some kind of Slate alike could sharpen any knife to super sharp. 1st time sharpening usually need 1 to 2 hours, subsequent sharpening 30 to 45 minutes. Persistence, direction, angle, and constant cold water flows creates super sharp blade add a little heart and soul it create a signature work. Some years ago I worked manually sharpening blade and considered best among piers. Myself and some others senior co-worker could recognize my work viewing or feeling the sharpness by touching the belly of blade.
Martial lee (6 months ago)
fine for a pocket knife but on a 25cm folded steel blade requiring 16 hrs a day of work out those stones sure come in handy once in a while, of which 600 grit would chew up a whole lot of material unnecessarily, the paper test helps to test the consistency of a long blade from butt to tip, it's also much cheaper than household cleaning material. I agree that just for a bog standard pocket tool there's no necessity to fork out for high k grit full sized stones and stropping is a much neglected part of sharpening in my experience, a polished edge aids integrity and longevity no end.
Ryan West (6 months ago)
Some cheap stones are just nasty .but you can sharpen a knife on a river rock if you want too . I have a stone that is absolutely priceless because of the edge I get on it ..I've used cheap stones nd it's just not the same . Every one is different what works for you won't work the same for me . Same goes with knives . I hate spyderco knives
Adna Craigo (6 months ago)
Thanks for your video. Very good advice.
SH 21 (6 months ago)
hi dude please give me buying link of stones...
Laura Podson (6 months ago)
OUTDOORS55 (6 months ago)
Gadget Review Videos (6 months ago)
Is that all harbor freight is good for, to cut the ad with a knife, lol. I’ve seen this several times now.
Matt Blackwood (6 months ago)
Most blades I can get really sharp, I have an Ontario Marine Corp bayonet/fighting knife and I can't get a good edge on it for shite. Any advice for that blade? Tried freehand and even drag throughs after I got fed up.
American Hostage (6 months ago)
Five alternateing wouldn't be good, 6, would be a better number
Colton Manfre (6 months ago)
I hate the fact that hes sharpening towards his fingers.
Bradknightable (6 months ago)
I know it's a bit late, but dude sharpen away from your hand always. One slip up and you're going to the hospital.

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