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Drunk Man at the Shop

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http://simurl.com/jukjib Drunk Man at the Shop
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Paul Border (4 months ago)
arse hole from immingham - paul smith
Paul Border (4 months ago)
nothing agaist any one having drink - but this is plain stupid
warren lehmann (5 months ago)
a few peeps have caught on. this gent is deep in the k hole. he's just gone for some straighteners and hasn't quite made it bless him
Ryan Fanstone (7 months ago)
And they say true heroes don't exist...
Ondra Soukup (11 months ago)
I've fallen and i can't get up
stnicholas54 (2 years ago)
This guy should be on a hospital bed with those sidegates up.
dalymc (4 years ago)
Honestly...this has been one of my all-time fave vids!
Jan Voetbalzone (4 years ago)
Fake is not the good word, the good word is Ketamine
Jan Voetbalzone (4 years ago)
I saw you thinking and i can tell you right away, Yes you where right, it's miley cyrus dad
NigoNI60 (5 years ago)
"who changed the gravity?"
Linda Rogers (5 years ago)
I feel kinda bad for laughing because it's pathetic. I am soo curious as to how this dude made it to this store. Taxi, enabling friend...?
jad ayesh (5 years ago)
That what you get when u drink
doggynolikey (6 years ago)
inghell (6 years ago)
It's like watching someone trying to breakdance...
LADYSOCAL13 (6 years ago)
wow lol poor guy after all that he still leaves empty handed meaning the beer, at least he managed a bowl of creamer ha ha sorry not even that!!! some people are just too much but got to love them funny people.
Chase Harper (6 years ago)
That is sad. I actually feel bad for that guy.
FiJiANiSLaNDeR (6 years ago)
i love the dedication, while flopping around on the floor he doesn't let go of the beer,except for a brief second only to regain possession... very classy, i wish i could be inside that guy's head and just have a look at what was going on in there, if anything at all..
Bad Omen (6 years ago)
This is dedication.
TheHeartBreaker211 (6 years ago)
hahahaha stupid fuck
Sebastian Di (7 years ago)
Jesus man!!! Nice song too!
BestOf90sCCM (7 years ago)
elcast (7 years ago)
tex0230 (7 years ago)
hold on to the beer dude...:D
Vote_for_pedro (7 years ago)
That's what i call art!
kidpwnz (8 years ago)
too much ... elesdi
TheMindsneaker (8 years ago)
AWESOME xD some day i want to look like this guy XD
beniboy (8 years ago)
How he even made it to the shop? XD
TheCarharttBoy (8 years ago)
hes fucked-that's for sure but it might be crack or acid not alcohol...
Josh Baker (8 years ago)
@DJDhananjayK agreed!!
Ian Millar (8 years ago)
Dennis (8 years ago)
and he still wants more wtfff !
xXoxGHxoXx (8 years ago)
hahah i love this!! but does anyone no what this video with this guy that asks a shop assistant for something and pulls this face?
Blén Galgans (8 years ago)
Que malas amistades tiene este tipo... cómo lo envían a el a comprar?... o será que era el que estaba en mejor estado? :O
spintech11 (8 years ago)
Brilliant...sheer brilliance. love the way he refuses to let go of the beer aswell
Krasimir Gergov (8 years ago)
my hero 5/5
Bas Sie (8 years ago)
Master! whahaha
Sion Thomas (8 years ago)
he's not drunk, it's K! good old K.
bikemagix (9 years ago)
i think the same:FAKE :)
botfldn (9 years ago)
Reelika kask (9 years ago)
for me it seems a little fake. But it was funny , so wo cares :D:D:D
An3d1n (9 years ago)

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