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Michael Cinco | Full Show | Haute Couture | Fashion Forward Dubai | Fall/Winter 2017/2018

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Soy Sauce (3 days ago)
The beginning is like a couture cult of designer assassins
priya singh (3 days ago)
Oohh so ashwariya dress belongs to here...
Safa Noori (4 days ago)
Wow i want it this derese😀😀
Ella hugur (5 days ago)
He actually knows what we need
Ella hugur (5 days ago)
I want these
Poulomi Hari (5 days ago)
My heart would skip a bit every single time a model walked out with one those breathtaking gowns..... Disney should do everything to get Michael Cinco design their Disney princess gowns. They should sell disneyland if they may, but they damn should buy at least one of Michael Cinco's designer gowns.
اكو عرب بالطياره
احبت التااثيرات الجماليه بشده
silja lin (8 days ago)
This is pretty much the most beautiful fashion show I've ever seen. Those dresses are wedding dress material - doesnt even matter that they're not white.
hehe haha (10 days ago)
Dress in the thumbnail at 9.03
Rose Thompson (10 days ago)
All the design from michael cincos collections are incredibly amazing..
Micah Ignacio (11 days ago)
Wow all designs so amazing 😱😱😍😍😍😍😍
Blinks of Blackpink (11 days ago)
Micheal Cinco: I Hope I Could Be One of Ur Models So that I can Wear Ur FASHION MAGICAL Dresses😊 GreetingsFrom: PH/Your Kababayan hehe
ChumChums (10 days ago)
8:34 me entering the gates of hell
Annette Nale (12 days ago)
Beautiful 😍
Janamay Bolisay (13 days ago)
Stephanie Cooper (14 days ago)
Riya Keisham (15 days ago)
let me choose only one😱
lollipop princess (16 days ago)
modern medieval with a touch of diamonds I notice an era progression. The color story and style is so put together.
Sha Dv (16 days ago)
Now, this is fashion. Not the half nude, fully revealing nearly naked crap supermodels wear in the name of fashion.
sky monsoon (16 days ago)
Everything was so perfect until I saw the dead animal. Disgusting
Maggie Jaehnig (17 days ago)
Did the men escape from the 17th century?
Navya Chandrika (18 days ago)
What fabric s this.. 😬
Z Y S T (18 days ago)
Needed this ☺️☺️
Priyanka Aaluwalia (18 days ago)
Similar hai... Just look alike Aishwariya's dress
helllyeah (19 days ago)
Cutie Jams (19 days ago)
3:32 Thought she was Emma Watson
Nusrat Fattah (20 days ago)
just woooow!!!!
Miss QueenyB (22 days ago)
Stunning collection!
Francine Konguep (22 days ago)
His dresses give a feeling of class and royalty. I believed that a woman will feel like a queen in those dresses
ALMAN KHAM (23 days ago)
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J E ss E Y (23 days ago)
This is better than Gucci and those "high end" brands with their ugly clothes. I loved every piece
Nan M (23 days ago)
A hint of victorian era but modernized, beautiful, elegant, sophisticated. LOVE! ❤
ARMY ARMY (25 days ago)
Please stop skinning animal furs . It makes me sad having the thought that animals are skinned alive :<
riri shafiyyah (25 days ago)
uhh i love it....😍😍😍😍
Third The Tomboy (30 days ago)
香川姫乃 (30 days ago)
Miraprava Barua (1 month ago)
Nice fashion
lidiuka (1 month ago)
9:09 Is she holding up the dress?
Zizi Osman (1 month ago)
Music 😍
Stephanie Lim (1 month ago)
I'm so obsessed with the Edwardian with a hint of modern look! Encore! Encore!
Wais Sais (1 month ago)
What did I just watch (Don’t mind me just being an uncultured swine)
liezel enaje marzon (1 month ago)
jennifer dehner (1 month ago)
Lovely! Elegant. Beautifully constructed.
shahrukh waris (1 month ago)
if anyone wants to buy long bridal maxi dress or party wear dresses please contact me on given [email protected] thanks.
Disco Dancr (1 month ago)
damn such exotic clothing!
Bidita Das (1 month ago)
These were something which normal people could wear
Larissa Pereira (1 month ago)
Blitznstitch2 (1 month ago)
Why are men from the Middle East there? They forbid their women from wearing anything but a black blanket
Roses (1 month ago)
my eyes don't deserve it
Alicia Salas (1 month ago)
Beautifool Que Dios nos bendiga Son mis humildes deseos amén amén y amen
Kyungsoo’s forehead (1 month ago)
This looks so beautiful 😍
Return Of the Judai x (1 month ago)
What kind of pleats are used in the dress at 9:00?! I'm in love with the shape of that ballgown 😍
Aizimath A. Samath (1 month ago)
Regal exclusiveness, and quiet possessiveness. Bold, vigorous designs.
Judy Ann Lucernas (1 month ago)
Izzypeep (1 month ago)
Wow. This is beautiful!
ronni dillon (2 months ago)
Jane Auryn Gaming (2 months ago)
I wanna that blue dress it's really big and pretty
정 민리 (2 months ago)
And im here just wearing t shirt and pyjamas ughh😑😑😑
CARA DELEVINGNE (2 months ago)
I Love the Buh blue dresses
kay v (2 months ago)
In love.
medivuiek kroswik (2 months ago)
Panira Ako (2 months ago)
Michael Cinco works is the best always 2 pinoy ang na unang gumawa ng pinaka magandang gown wala na sila lng ka tulad sa uae...sabi ng iba dapat suportahan nila ang arab works ..eh more amazing ang ky kabayan na gawa sana d eh pirate ng mga local ang mga mananahi ni MC. ...Ilan beses ako attend ng kasalanan sa uae sabi oh sunod sunod na gawa ni idol Michael Cinco sa hotel nila ang gown puro na pa wow at na pa kaya I pray always Michael Cinco is the best gown ...
شلون جمال
duetothefore (2 months ago)
Was this on Paris? I thought you could only do haute couture in Paris.
gail conroy (2 months ago)
why r they grey
alice lange (2 months ago)
Defne 2727 (2 months ago)
These dresses are so pretty but I wish the designer stopped using real fur :/
Todoki 22 (2 months ago)
9:1 is almost same with the one Aishwariya Rai wore in Met Gala
안수인 (2 months ago)
The organisation of this... d&g is shaking
POTATO14 2003 (2 months ago)
Its beautiful, but this isnt haute couture
Anusha Singh (2 months ago)
Dead fox at 3:08 is so sad.. it is absolutely pathetic that designers still kill and electrocute and torture animals to death for vanity
Ayan44 (2 months ago)
Ali Akbar (2 months ago)
9:16 👌
Happilis (2 months ago)
I really want the dresses at 3:02 and 12:44 omg. Those look stunning. It's the first time I actually like all of the dresses from a fashion line wow. I'm floored.
Leanne Jeanette Delgado (2 months ago)
crazy rich asians got me here
Khwahish Balhara (2 months ago)
Who else thinking that models are running as horse.
Dogg O (2 months ago)
13:17 where are her tits??
La Portella (2 months ago)
what a big stupid performance
Adriano de Oliveira (2 months ago)
Inara ava (2 months ago)
It's just so elegant.
isabela brown (2 months ago)
I dnt even wanna know the price of those dresses😂😍
Rae Smith (2 months ago)
I usually really hate everything a fashion show has to offer, but this was really amazing and I would love to wear all those dresses if I actually looked good in them.
this collection is so stunning
Ihtisham Wadood (2 months ago)
Every ballgown look like same......
Wid alrawi (2 months ago)
Cute 🙊👌 Very beautiful 💞
Winner Choice (3 months ago)
bero Yehya (3 months ago)
the all collection is faaaaaaaaaaaaab
Armando Núñez (3 months ago)
Guaauu, espectacular
maikor3 (3 months ago)
very pretty I love their hair styles too
zienab Mohamed (3 months ago)
واو جميل جدا اتمنا الوصول لحلمى
John Osam (3 months ago)
Great dresses for the girls, I like how they use simple shapes and focus on adding details. I also love the color palette. For the men's outfit, I am not really into their shape and the clothes with the paintings are very reminiscent of the Dolce and Gabanna Religious collection but honestly I have no idea who came first it's just I saw the D&G collection before this.
Arnel Dayao (3 months ago)
Micheal Cinco doesn't or rarely hires black and brown models.
Sunsea Fashion (3 months ago)
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Krin Gy (3 months ago)
Everything is perfecttt!!
Amirah k. (3 months ago)
I’d wear that to McDonald’s
Jo WR (3 months ago)
A qestion for the experts in here. How much would be the dress on min 9.14?
Rinn Tori (3 months ago)
The formation and the choreography are absolutely FANTASTICALLY put together! Not a spec of issue and I have fallen in love with the designs and the sparkles. I’m absolutely blown away. I’m currently a music student from England who’s going through a crisis of career change and fashion has become a massive influence to me in the past, I take big pride in watching fashion design contests and movies like the devil wears prada where it focuses on the stress and the beauty of the fashion industry. In the future I think I could see myself designing and it’s an absolute aspiration of mine. Even if I own a little studio in my home town! Again absolutely stunning, elegance, class and most of all UNIQUE! Beautiful! BEAUTIFUL!
Sim Simmer (3 months ago)
Que vestido maravilhoso é esse na capa 😍

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