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Graphic T-Shirts: Men's Style Staple Or Fashion Misstep?

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http://www.iamalpham.com Men's Style, Grooming and Fitness Modern Tailor Discount Link: http://www.mtmt.us/ihg65tie Enter Code: ALPHAM10 for 10%OFF Order! http://www.aaronmarino.com In this video professional male image consultant and men's style expert aaron marino talks about graphic t shirts and how to wear them to ensure you look great. The right graphic t shirt is a great way to dress casual but cool at the same time. Vintage, retro, fitted, great looking options. Aaron Marino is the owner of Alpha M Consulting based in Atlanta Ga and working world wide.
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Luca Hart (8 months ago)
Anyone ? Now
James A Lafayette (1 year ago)
I’d wear a retro T-shirt under a casual blazer with clean jeans and some plain shoes.
Shrekkz Dadii (2 years ago)
one word, band tees
saby8765 (1 year ago)
That's 2 words...lmao
Mojomousie (2 years ago)
Fetus Alpha!
Oskar Mora (2 years ago)
What do you think about LRG t-shirts
amruthesh k (2 years ago)
triple the wolves... got it.
SHAK MIAH (2 years ago)
when I saw the Inc block the first thing that came to my mind was a super saiyan😂
ChrisMagoo99 (2 years ago)
Oh shit, do we have a Philly guy here?
ChrisMagoo99 (2 years ago)
Oh shit, do we have a Philly guy here?
Riley Wallace (2 years ago)
I wear band shirts and almost ONLY band shirts, smh. alpha u need band shirts
saby8765 (1 year ago)
Nope, jet black, white, dark blue or green, milange gray, all these solid colors work way better with jeans and chinos and look dope with sport coats and jackets too...graphic tee or band tee just doesn't cut it, it's cool when you're 13 but not so when youre past teenage
Riley Wallace (2 years ago)
+Cross Modulation if he would answer we would know, hes prolly into bitch music tho
Cross Modulation (2 years ago)
Me too, man. I wear ALL Metal T-Shirts, as well as hoodies and long-sleeve ones too. What does alpha think about it?
Riley Wallace (2 years ago)
Ronald czar (2 years ago)
that playstation 1 intro tho
Bryton Pereira (2 years ago)
ahhahhahh holy shit
JLConawayII (3 years ago)
I have some real winners in my collection, mostly bought for me by other people (thanks mom, I'm 35 now so you can stop buying me tee shirts).  I have this one here, it has an arguably pretty nice airbrushed scene with a wolf. It's one of those things that seems like it should be really cool, but is in reality the absolute opposite. Plus I don't really like dogs. If I wore this in public I would have to kick my own ass. And then there's this one. It's bright red, and it has a woodland camo design with antlers and "REALTREE Xtra" on it. What in the blue fuck am I supposed to do with this thing? Wear it out into the Florida swamps and go gator hunting? I'm not even sure I should give this to goodwill, because I wouldn't even wish this on a homeless person. Plus they're all a size too large. Good times.
Kevin John (3 years ago)
I always go with simple ones, only exception are band t-shirts.
Zoo (3 years ago)
Graphic shirts are ugly af to me. I cant wear em i cant, the only shirts i have that are graphic, is my navy shorts cause im heading out to the navy, and my high school football team, footballs big in texas, other wise nooooo
Tony Beadle (3 years ago)
Why don't you shout all the way through your videos ? oh you did....
Nightmare92616 (3 years ago)
I like wolves tho :(
Pete Kavar (3 years ago)
I wore a Gi Joe shirt to the 4th of July parade last year. I see photos of myself now and feel like an ass. Love graphic tees but doesn't really suit me anymore.
Michael McCracken (3 years ago)
Dean Koontz book in the background; the graphic t shirt of authors.
Chael Sonnen (1 year ago)
Michael McCracken cuck
Michael McCracken (3 years ago)
But totally redeemed by the presence of Dr. Seuss & Shel Silverstein
Nathaniel Palmer (3 years ago)
I just love fandom graphic T's as under-shirts, I just like them.
DєѧԀ Pooʟ (3 years ago)
I liked the red T shirt. And the tap out one. But not the Ed hardy one.
Babulsona (3 years ago)
guys never say never  http://teespring.com/neversaynever
Jay Thomas (4 years ago)
lol, I think I have like 50 graphic tee's. I might have a problem lolz
Anderson J. (4 years ago)
The spanish joke... Kind of offensive...😑😑😑
Armando Gonzalez (3 years ago)
Welcome to the internet ^
Denzil Smith (4 years ago)
T-Shirts started life as underwear for humans in cold climates. The 100% cotton they were made of in the old days soaked up sweat and also provided a separation from the proper (outer) shirt that was often made of much thicker fabric, particularly the prickly heavy woolen blanket fabrics used by forestry and construction workers in the winter.. A worker may take his thick blanket shirt off to chop a tree or dig a hole, but would definitely not walk around with his underwear (t-shirt) showing. The fashion industry, trying to find shock value and create rebelliousness, printed pictures on them, usually free advertising for themselves in terms of branding, and then did consumers a great favour by doubling or tripling the price.. I just know you are going to say that was so kind and thoughtful of them. The problem has become so bad that now, younger people call this underwear 'T-shirts' or 'shirts', and call what used to be shirts 'button up' or 'collar' shirts. Sad I know, but true!!
saby8765 (1 year ago)
So cant wear tshirts and be comfy? Always walk around in a shirt? And undershirts are madr from much thinner fabric, they're not the same as tees, even if they were originally inspired by undershirts. Wearing a tee is not same as wearing an undershirt in the public, what a buch of bs.
Denzil Smith (1 year ago)
I obviously got my point across quite well, superman.
Denzil Smith (1 year ago)
I obviously got my point across quite well, superman.
Wheelman Josh (1 year ago)
Way to overdo it, nerd.
Ryan Pozorski (4 years ago)
My opinion, graphic tees are great because they express who you are and what you may like. Isn't expressing yourself an important part of fashion too.
Denzil Smith (1 year ago)
No my friend.. it only expresses their brand or identity.
liquidslink (4 years ago)
band shirts?
Kvlt Hipster MGTOW (4 years ago)
Art should be in the wall, don't be a walking advertisement tool aka logos & personally I stopped caring about wearing bands to tell what I fukin listen, of course I still love H. Metal. Sports teams, pfft, what a pseudo tribal tool I think.
Cross Modulation (2 years ago)
I almost exclusively wear band t-shirts...
Cynical_Bear (4 years ago)
"Triple the wolves, triple the bitches!"
Micah (4 years ago)
I have a "Keep-A-Breast" t-shirt that says "I Love Boobies" on it but I only wear it to marathons for breast cancer since that's what its for. lol
Chael Sonnen (1 year ago)
Micah should kill yourself
Scott Black Cycles (4 years ago)
What about team jerseys? My philosophy - unless you're on the field, don't.
Monkey Luffy (4 years ago)
Tbh u kinda look like Hugh Jackman
maomaoliang (4 years ago)
Idw but you look like wolverine
Jason Ver (4 years ago)
Plain dry fit tees?  Tees any color?  Opinions?
saby8765 (1 year ago)
Bro, dry fit tees are cool coz they always look like new and doesn't get dirty easily. I'd stay away from 100% cotton coz it wrinkles and gets dirty easily.
Captain Blanco (4 years ago)
that dr suess book though
Seth Glover (5 years ago)
I don't agree completely, but he did make fun of the super-est douche-est brands made. So we're good man. He is right vintage looks great.
OFB (5 years ago)
hmm you talk about fashion like you know it all...but have you ever seen someone look good in a PLAIN washed out army green v-neck t-shirt? no...not even you! and graphic t-shirts are one of the best things known to man kind! they express your personality wich a PLAIN(=boring) t-shirt will not do!
saby8765 (1 year ago)
Only real men can sport army green...
MDP (4 years ago)
+TonyKnockOff LOL!
patataton (4 years ago)
+TonyKnockOff  really? cause when the guy on the video kept saying "yo" "dude" all the time, i though this was a video for inmature boys i'm fucking out of here
maidenfanatic33 (4 years ago)
+TonyKnockOff Forgive him for he knows not of the illusive beast known as "style" nor has he has mastered are ways
TonyKnockOff (4 years ago)
Sorry bro, this video was made for men, not high school boys.
hadrock83 (5 years ago)
I have a pikachu tshirt and idgaf
ztev0 (5 years ago)
I have gotten rid of my tshirts for button up shirts instead. Tshirts suck. Button up short sleeves are great. They great for summer, great to hide a gut and looks better if you have a beer gut. Nothing worse than seeing a guy wearing a tshirt with a massive gut, it looks hideous
Gonzalo Garcia (5 years ago)
His voice has such a high pitch. I think he's trying really hard to hide his femininity
gumby green (5 years ago)
This dude is gay, definitely NOT an Alpha male. If you're taking advice from this guy you're probably gonna wind up with a boyfriend
saby8765 (1 year ago)
Look at you...4 years after...the gay dude did made a name for himself now huh? Whatchya doin by the way?
not BANGERTV (5 years ago)
Was hoping that you were going to say an eagles show.
not BANGERTV (5 years ago)
MorningChild12 (5 years ago)
He is so full of himself,it's sad.
TaureanKing (5 years ago)
i think hes bisexual...
FusIonXLabs (5 years ago)
Funny T-s made me more approachable back in my club years. also were great convo starters with women.
tom kroto (5 years ago)
This girl had a T Shirt that said " if it is not hard it is not worth a fuck". She was hot.
Evan Kocka (5 years ago)
Triple the wolf, triple the bitches! Words to live by
Michael Tallie (5 years ago)
Go Eagles. Haha
Barrack Obama (5 years ago)
Triple the bitches eyy? :)
james mckenna (5 years ago)
Guys thought you might like to visit my T-shirt Apparel collection! covering many different topics of interest, find it by searching for Jmcks in your browser, I'd never of guessed after having creating my very first design for a T shirt 3 years later I'd still be doing this! but I've had so much great feedback, I just wanted to keep going! anyway hope you like it, and would appreciate it if you could share the url with friends! Thanks!
B.Y.E. (5 years ago)
hah I saw that wolf t-shirt for sale at the flea market, same booth also sold a T with the slogan "drink till she's cute". If you own either one "you just might be a redneck."
Baljeet Singh (5 years ago)
Plz make a video of tanktops :)))
Ne0mega (5 years ago)
You actually have a *triple* wolf t-shirt! Just when I thought you could not get any better.
Ne0mega (5 years ago)
print under cardigan... ...no.
Sam Schut (5 years ago)
Where would you get your v necks from?
William Johnson (5 years ago)
In every video I notice the red dot/Line in your left eye, what is that?
Kakunapod (5 years ago)
Something I was interested in... when my dad was a kid? hahaha
dragonfly232010 (6 years ago)
He is spot on! Could agree more!
Jan Petersen (6 years ago)
aah this guy, THIS GUY !
javuu (6 years ago)
he need a fashion consultant himself
Garrett Skyy (6 years ago)
Hey AlphaM - Check out the tees at Garrett Sky Creative dot com. These Tees are wearable cool art on tees that you choose to place them on. Check them out.
K I (6 years ago)
The fuck off!
K I (6 years ago)
Your a great guy.. Great advice but your voice pisses me
doseofreality100 (6 years ago)
I want to know who is buying these DVDs. I checked them out and they are $250 for the "style system," $100 for "grooming," and $70 for "dating." If they are anything like the vids on his youtube channel, 1) why buy them, just watch his youtube channel for free, and 2) any advice given in them I am sure can be found on the internet for free at websites like theartofmanliness and askmen. Guys, bottom line is if you don't want to look like an idiot, wear collared shirts and clothes that fit.
doseofreality100 (6 years ago)
This guy isn't about style at all. He is more about fashion. At least in this video. He talks about avoiding trends but then OKs vintage graphic tees, which is a trending fashion item right now. If he is down on regular sports graphic tees why does a vintage tee get the OK? Because it is trending right now.... in other words "in fashion." He contradicts himself throughout this vid. I'll give him one more shot with another vid. Everything he is saying though can be found on websites tho.
doseofreality100 (6 years ago)
This guy's advice is mediocre IMO. I watched his facial hair pointers vids and they were "meh" at best. While he has provided me with a decent website I have bookmarked (grooming lounge) everything else has fallen short. I'm sorry, I just can't take advice from a guy who looks like he spends more time on his hair than a chick. If you want solid, real man advice (IMO) take a trip to theartofmanliness dot com. You'll be overwhelmed with awesomeness in no time.
jpchavezvega (6 years ago)
Erick (6 years ago)
During the fall I like to wear a graphic tee under my flannel
Nick Dutschke (6 years ago)
nice tapout shirt. you must have kicked so many asses
Eddie (6 years ago)
Printed t shirts are a fashion misstep, they are almost as bad as having and showing your TATTOOS off. Both are far from alpha male more like alpha child. At least you can bin your childish t shirts, I must have been brain dead when I had mine done.
MrWriteminded (6 years ago)
I can't get rid of my TAPOUT shirt. If I do then people will think I'm a puss.
BOA online (6 years ago)
LMAO best part on the video
aznmaven (6 years ago)
Kassem G should see this video
123bojac (6 years ago)
I have about 10 graphic t-shirts, but they all say something about me. (Army t-shirts, Airborne t-shirts, Retired Army, New York City, Brooklyn) and only wear them with jeans, shorts or gym warm up suit.
creegal (6 years ago)
That's why you're watching them...so I guess it does in part...lol
Courtney Keiffer (6 years ago)
appearance isnt all that matters lol
Evan Gold (6 years ago)
damn bro you must be a bad ass with a need for affliction clothing.
WajiKay (6 years ago)
Is it strange that I am attracted to him in that Wolf T-Shirt? Is this normal? For some reason I have the sudden urge to drink Mountain Dew and smoke meth....
creegal (6 years ago)
I've been watching your vids since yesterday and am glad you are around to help guys who need styling...your makeovers are great!
Benito Hernandez (6 years ago)
I wish this guy would come out of the closet already geez!!!
47waiting4u (6 years ago)
or how happy the ending hahahaha
Will Landon (6 years ago)
band tees?
Allan Adjei (6 years ago)
You're not in the army. Stop screaming, talk with confidence and smile sometime. You could be taken real serious. Jus sayin..
Courtney Keiffer (6 years ago)
affliction jeans are good. expecially when you have my lifestyle.
Mark May (6 years ago)
I was one of the first 50 at "Suzy Kwon's" .. never got a free t-shirt .. I did receive a happy ending
distortish (6 years ago)
LMAO at affliction, ed hardy and tapout kids these days.... you forgot the northface sleeveless bubble jacket
Solomon Gedela (6 years ago)
Lol wtf graphic tees will always be around...
rincewind93 (6 years ago)
the wolf one was cool
jcn9122 (6 years ago)
Do you have a mole.. on your eyeball?
sliscomb1 (6 years ago)
Favorite authors include Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein... classic.
kopared (6 years ago)
Seen this guy on shark tank
AndyMac (6 years ago)
We heard him the first time..
hambone1ful (6 years ago)
Triple the wolf..Triple the bitchezzz
I8LoneWolf (6 years ago)
apple bee's a hater!!! lol
anonymousQ45 (6 years ago)
dude, my dad got me that same wolf shirt but it was blue and long sleeve, i was like wtf is this shit? i cant wear this outside, hes always tossing me the nerdiest he picked up on sale at wal mart. i never wear any of it
James Resendez (6 years ago)
The wolf shirt is suggestive to women because they howl during sex
Hanlin (6 years ago)
you are funny dude!
L-BOY - SHYAM (6 years ago)
hi dude u r giving a great stuff for us its good. and im giving a suggestion for u is that give me a example for what ever u r told.its important to us bcoz with examples(pics) we r easy to understood. plz consider my sugg.
Sigurd Van Leuven (6 years ago)
And what is your opinion about the average designs on threadless? I want to buy a few t-shirts there...

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