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How to Dress If You're a Short Woman

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Watch more How to Dress for Your Body Type videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/241656-How-to-Dress-If-Youre-a-Short-Woman Get a leg up on the competition with these wardrobe tips. Step 1: Head to the petite department Head to the petite department, where clothing is tailored for women 5-foot-4 and under, regardless of their weight. Or shop in vintage stores; clothing from the '40s and '50s was often tailor-made for shorter woman. Step 2: Dress in one color Dress all in one color; it will make you look taller. Step 3: Wear V-neck tops Wear tops that draw attention up and away from your legs: V-necks, halters, small shoulder pads, and necklines with beading or trim. Avoid tops that end at your hip bone; they can make legs look stubby. Tip Never wear a pattern or print that is bigger than your fist. Step 4: Choose the right pants Wear wide-leg trousers to elongate your frame. Pair heels with them, with the pants hem reaching almost to the bottom of your shoe. Avoid cropped pants, which make short legs look even shorter. Step 5: Wear certain dresses Choose dresses over skirts to create an unbroken vertical line. Flattering styles include Empire dresses and V-neck wrap dresses with a high waist; both lengthen your bottom half. Dresses should end either slightly above the knee or be ankle-length; anything in between will cut your silhouette in half. Step 6: Be a heel Wear backless footwear with dresses; they create one long, unbroken leg line. Avoid shoes with ankle straps for the opposite reason; they'll cut you off just where you need the illusion of length. And remember: Platform heels are your best friend. Did You Know? Fifty-four percent of American women are 5-foot-4 or under.
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LittleAnniPanni (2 months ago)
I don’t even think that the girl in the video was short?
Love this video I'm 5ft 1 And have to say all these tips work I wear a lot of one colour outfits & mix similar colours together I also like long coats or cardigans & I wear a lot of dresses skirts with side slits which means my over knee boots look chic too & classy I'm 45 aging gracefully I intend to keep my long blonde hair I'm sure I'm in perimenopause too lol but really this is the best time of my life & finding this video has helped my wardrobe ty 💕
IT'S EMBARRASSING (6 months ago)
Nice girl. Hi.
jclee44ecec (8 months ago)
Why did they use a woman that’s clearly a little taller than 5”4 ? She looks average size
Cari Walker (8 months ago)
Lol you call that short? I’m 4’10 and 27 years old...
Rachel Makena (10 months ago)
can we get models that represent average height on clothing websites so we actually know what the clothes will look like on us...... the weight issue is being addressed...but what about height too?
Ancuta Drimbu (4 months ago)
Rachel Makena This is what I say all the time. It frustrates me that whenever I look online for something, the clothes look good on the model because she is tall. But when I go to the store and try it on, looks like a sack of potatoes
Carla Barber (11 months ago)
A.K.A make yourself taller..... not useful. I don’t want to be taller I just want to know what’s flattering.
Ethereal November (1 year ago)
But what if none of this is my style?!
Maria Smith (1 year ago)
High waisted EVERYTHING.
Dancer Kenna (1 year ago)
4,10" and I think I'm about done growing😂😂
Kennith Umperovitch (1 year ago)
My mother was 5'2", I am 6'2". People always asked my mom, "Did those kids come from you? They are so much bigger than you." Then my dad would step around the corner, "Oh I see now!" Dad was a big man at 6'1" tall and over 200lbs.
Tallie Sevyn Webb (1 year ago)
The best suggestions
coolhari2000 (1 year ago)
Bollocks - Own it - don't hide legs or whatever. Your height is what it is.
derpoverload (1 year ago)
What if I like being short and don't wanna try looking taller?... :o
Shrijana Chaulagain (6 months ago)
derpoverload then you must not be watching this
abianah howell (1 year ago)
I'm 5'0-4'11 5'4 is average size
Phantasma Monkey (1 year ago)
Petite sections aren't tailored to short people "no matter their weight." If you are 5 feet tall and 110lbs, and shopping for jeans, you are better off finding jeans in the junior section, even though they'll be too long.
H_ Heart (1 year ago)
I am 5'1 at 19 years old, thanks for the tips! Btw I am in love with the dresses at 0:40 , 1:12 , and 1:24! 😍😍
gymx (1 year ago)
@Haile_ Heart -- Same. :)
Giuliana Lucchesi (2 years ago)
I'm only 5'8" :l
Anikah (1 year ago)
Ohh so you are 4'8?
Anikah (1 year ago)
+charly evans well you said "only" as if 5'8 is short lol - it is very tall for a female! Just wondering why you said "only"
Anikah (1 year ago)
Giuliana Lucchesi do you mean 4'8? 5'8 is tall lol
whoa horsey whoa (2 years ago)
um*pier ???? hahahahaha so pretentious.
Rachel Gilbert (1 day ago)
Thus named b/c they were made popular during Napoleon's reign when he established the French 'um-pier'...
43543ful (2 years ago)
I'm 22 years old and 5 ft 1 but people still say "I look 15 or 16 years old"
2011BratzLover (2 years ago)
Some people still think I'm 12 but I'm 21. I'll get carded until I'm like 50! Haha
2011BratzLover (2 years ago)
21 and 4'11! This helps tremendously!
Katie Miles (2 years ago)
why is it that if more than half of American women are 5'4" and under that is labeled "short"? It's like we'll if it's more than 50% wouldn't that itself be average
kg062007 (1 year ago)
You are right, the average height of women in America is 5'3 1/2. So 50% are taller than that , 50% are shorter than that. So 5'4 isn't petite at all, its actually slightly above average height for women. I hear women who are 5'3 saying they are " short' all the time, where does this distorted image come from, magazines or something? PLus short girls are the cutest most men prefer short.
Becca (2 years ago)
How to dress like an old lady lol Those tan trousers and shoes *boak*
Jasmin Alvaro (3 years ago)
I'm 4"4" :(
Aliana Manzana (4 months ago)
4’5 here lets go shopping sister
if you are 4"4" then you must be a dwarf and you should be proud of your height and make the most of your natural beauty Jasmin
phenlism (3 years ago)
20 and 4'9"... I need this a lot.
phenlism (3 years ago)
nope! lol
RUTUJA PARKAR (3 years ago)
i thot m the only 1 wid 4.9
Ami (3 years ago)
I'm 14 and 5 ft ):
Ami (1 year ago)
lmao i'm not the average height is 5ft 4
ThatBandGirl (3 years ago)
I'm 14 and 4'9 ;(
lickmyclit (3 years ago)
This is really helpful :v
Rupam Singh (8 months ago)
Sushierrico (3 years ago)
I've been told by my friend that 5'4'' ( which I am ) is tall not petite. It annoys me that she says this too. But thank you how cast.
Bonnie Kuhn (2 years ago)
It is tall for a 5th grader.
Ami (3 years ago)
Actually it's average
Leola Littleflare (3 years ago)
Those outfits are so nice!!
blindandwatching (3 years ago)
I'm 6'4" guy who will be your favorite accessory. :-)
marixsa santos (3 years ago)
22 and 4'11 so 5'4 is tall for me 
moh Yaccub (1 year ago)
I want to help u im very seriosly
Cristal -A.M. (1 year ago)
marixsa santos tru
Nakul Goswami (3 years ago)
+1995marixsa i never said that i am sooooo special...
marixsa santos (3 years ago)
+Nakul Goswami Thats an average size for men.
Nakul Goswami (3 years ago)
+1995marixsa i am 5'9"
afriendcalled5 (3 years ago)
Om-peer? It's Em-pire.
@Veronica Boyer I'm the shortest of my classes too maybe I'm the shortest of my elective classes. 
I'm 16 and I'm 5'0 or 5'1.
TorysTrending (2 years ago)
Wendy Cobaxin (3 years ago)
Yep also
Jenna Gestson (4 years ago)
im 4'11 and have bad balance due to spina bifida and can't wear heels
Karai grayson (4 years ago)
I'm 17 and people think I'm 12 its really flattering
Sailor Card Captor (6 months ago)
Same 😄
Nessrine (1 year ago)
Same, but I'm 20
Priyangi Fernando (1 year ago)
sierra rodriguez same here
Deborah Mitchell (4 years ago)
I'm 19teen and four foot something shoe size 2in heels and 3 in flats
tirtha bastola (4 years ago)
I am 4'7 :'(
Aliana Manzana (4 months ago)
You should be lucky :) I’m 4’5 and I’m 21 but I’m a cutie sooo it doesn’t Matter lol
Ami (3 years ago)
I'm 5 ft
Snowflake (4 years ago)
me too. 
fio Chiu (4 years ago)
5 foot 4 is not short…..
Pamela Read (3 months ago)
Short 67 year old old woman
5 foot 4 inches in height is short fio chiu I'm 5 foot 3 inches in height and this is classed as being short
I Eat the bootie (6 months ago)
Kirsten N charly evans female average in us is 5’4 5’5 Short is under Even people of 5’0 think 5’4 is super tall You aren’t short you are average but you aren’t tall either
helena carter (7 months ago)
Yes its happened to me before too, i like your photo Xx
Hyosomoo (7 months ago)
helena carter It's okay! 😁 Sometimes YouTube is weird like that especially when I reply on my phone.
sharpiesnifferrawr (4 years ago)
What if I don't want to look taller though? I just want to find things that fit properly.
Mariah Arana (4 years ago)
I'm 23, 4'11. I wear wedges and mini everything because as an adult, I can. But im still mistaken as a high schooler, lol.
Kirsten N (1 year ago)
Same...ha...I'm 25 and depending on how my hair, makeup and outfit is that day, strangers have thought I was between 15-30 yrs. old lol it's such a wide range...most of the time people guess I'm between 18-20 yrs. old though :)
Lorena Hernandez (1 year ago)
Haha I used to feel the same way ladies I'm 5'1 and have always looked younger than my age. I used to get teased because I looked like a teen well into my mid 20s. Well guess what? Now I'm 37 and still look young for my age. Former teasers now say they wish they could look younger like me 😊
H_ Heart (1 year ago)
Mariah Arana Omg same I'm 5'1 and 19 years old, I look like I'm 15 though
RUTUJA PARKAR (3 years ago)
http://www.thatscoop.com/wishi.khattri/short-girls-make-the-best-girlfriends +Poupée ITV​ 😎feel lucky atleast reading this..
Ever-Pretty (4 years ago)
Very simple dress and has short decorates, compared to ever-pretty's dress, I THINK IT IS inferior to ever-pretty's design, [email protected]##%$#$%, sorry to say that. but i have to say that your idea is good.
The best me (5 years ago)
Get outta here!
The best me (5 years ago)
You're funny Brittany Ann!!!! Lmfao
Aaron Espinoza (5 years ago)
I'm 70 years old and 8 feet and 11 inches I'm a SEXY bitch
Angela Lee (5 years ago)
Haha. I like how females with the same height as I do talk... love you guys!
han kh (5 years ago)
i'm 18 and 153 cm . my younger sister is 12 and her height is 158 cm . jealousy here .
Xee Z (5 years ago)
It's only a temporary phase, I promise you. As you get older - you'll start to take it as a compliment :)
ElineBaad (5 years ago)
...But it can be kind of sad when you're 16 and get mistaken for a 12 year old. People sometimes think my friends are my older siblings!
Adrian Bodysow (5 years ago)
My overweight step-brother was able to make the most beautiful pole dancer I've ever seen fall in love with him because he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). It's bad but I wish I became pleased for him but I want such a sexy lady to fall for me. I'm totally jealous. Does that mean I'm a terrible individual?
freba91 (5 years ago)
I am 5 feet tall and I like being short.
Xee Z (5 years ago)
Okay I will be sure to check it out :)
ElizabethBlush (5 years ago)
I agree with you!!!!!!!!! I think you would enjoy the video I made on my I LOVE BEING SHORT!!
drrai2013 (5 years ago)
You already know that aggravating point when your good friend (who's been a loser for a long time) gets an unbelievable girl to fall in love with him in like 2 weeks? God, that occured. I'm aware I should be happy even so I want it to be me. He revealed that he applied the the Cupid Love System (Search for it in Google). I wanna hide out inside of a cave at present.
Religion WhistleBlower (5 years ago)
If you look at those pictures from 1930s you would see women covered from neck to ankle. But then little by little their dress became shorter from top to bottom and in some places completely Naked! Quran 20:121 They ate from the tree, whereupon their Nakedness became evident to them, and they tried to cover themselves with the leaves of Paradise. Adam thus disobeyed his Lord, and fell. It seems like satan has done it again and we are just following him! May God save us from satanic people!
Fisherdisease (5 years ago)
high five! I don't think that woman is that short...
Rachel Bell (5 years ago)
amanda reyes (5 years ago)
Thats nothing Im 27 and Im 4,9
abbytheflrit (5 years ago)
I am 18 and 4'8 :p
Springphoe23 (5 years ago)
4'11, 16. my feet are a size 5 it's so hard to find heels that fit
Poonam Dutt (5 years ago)
20 and 5'2 :/
Nirat Shrestha (5 years ago)
I'd like to learn how to attract women. My cousin has started going out with a stunning lady as 8 weeks ago he signed up to an internet site named Master Attraction (Google it if you want to learn how.) I'm envious because I wish to fall madly in love as well. I'm going to take a look at this Jake Ayres guy's material. Bizarre thing is, he previously had Zero luck with women. How could you transform so quickly? His girl's like a model.
ClashFlash (5 years ago)
12 and 5.6, wat
Xee Z (5 years ago)
Come on everyone - why are you complaining??? There is nothing wrong with being short! It's not going to hinder you in life in any way so just embrace it. I'm 35 & 5ft 1. The best thing about being petite is that you look so much younger than your taller counterparts. I always get mistaken for a 20 year old. When you get to my age - you'll thank your genes for being short :) No one wants to be in their 30's & look 10 years older! So just work what you have & be proud of it :)
Raegan Hassell (5 years ago)
17 & 5'2
rosiemo211 (5 years ago)
I'm 5'10 and 14 but my sister is 4'9 and 19
IAMNiMAofficial (5 years ago)
I'm 4.9 and am 14 years old...
Kira Wilt (5 years ago)
im 5'3''
Misty Marie (5 years ago)
I am 5 ft 2, and body shape straight. waist size 4-6. and weigh 6 1/2 stone I never wear dresses or skirts, and can never find outfits to fit my size. I love jeans, and being warm. It seems all outfits ideas for us short people are cold all season. I haven't found any helpful hints for wearing leggings or dress tips for cold days..
Priti Guha (5 years ago)
m nly 4.6 .... ;(
blabbermouth (5 years ago)
I'm 4' 10 1/2. I have a short neck, BIG BOOBS (a small d cup) a big butt and a belly too... if I wasn't overweight I would have more or less an hourglass figure...
Brittany Ann (5 years ago)
I'm 5'8 why am I watching this?
Izhane Crockett (5 years ago)
It looks like she's shopping for a church dress
Andrew Brosnan (5 years ago)
i am 14 and 6ft 2. how about that.
michelle alberink (5 years ago)
i am 13 en 5.8 ft how about that ...
how aboutme being 17 and 4.7 how about thatttttttttttttttt
Stephanie Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Gumuzizt (5 years ago)
I am 17 and I am 6,1 ,I am a guy anyway
Mxsmanic (5 years ago)
Tall women get the modeling jobs. Short women get the men.
Sakedria Henderson (5 months ago)
Brittany Rozenberg Hollander not true I'm short and all I date is very tall men. Men don't really care about how short a woman is the don't like tall amazon women
Short women do not get the men at all this is BS For a short woman to get a man she needs to date a short guy Tall guys will not find short woman attractive trust me I am 5 foot 3 inches in height and tall men say that I'm too short or they call me a dwarf or a midget which is insulting and offensive and I end up punching them as a result
kingof206 (5 years ago)
id do that lady so hard.
mito mello (5 years ago)
I'm 13 and 4'8 :( nothing fits me
cherryberry (5 years ago)
14 and 5"0. :(
gAfar80 (5 years ago)
If you have been trying to burn up fat quickly, you should look up on google Ultra Slimming Formula. You are bound to get the body you deserve.
fresca bee (5 years ago)
im 14 and 5'4
Anne mennth (5 years ago)
I'm 14 and I'm 4"10
Kelly Brown (5 years ago)
I'm 42 and 4'11. I needed this video!
Marija (5 years ago)
im 20 and 5 ft 3 shit XD freaking little smurf xD and serieusly whats wrong with the clothes... damnn granny stuf :p
Renee Smith (5 years ago)
i am 21 and five feet tall
Lynette Mars (6 years ago)
im 15 and 4'11 ;(
SweetStar (6 years ago)
Eh... I am 5'4 I hate high heel!
bunny bee (6 years ago)
I'm sixteen, 5,2
bunny bee (6 years ago)
Laura Keeping (6 years ago)
What about tall people?
BeautyGirl6795 (6 years ago)
Crap girl!! Im 13 and im 5'2 lol
JanInJax (6 years ago)
I love that top at 0:45, but i'm 5'7" D:
Codie Alexis (6 years ago)
im 12 and im 5'9 why am i here?
evie (6 years ago)
WAIT why did i click this!!!! I'm 10 and 5'1....... .___. So im almost taller then my mom
mimi .black (6 years ago)
I am 19 and am 4.9 how about that
HurricaneNello (6 years ago)
I love short women.. i find them very attractive

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