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3 Unexpected Fashion Tips for Women Over 60, Straight from Paris!

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Ooh La La! My friend and fashion after 60 expert Judith Boyd is back from her trip to Paris and she has some unexpected fashion tips to share! If you have been following Judith for a while, you know that she is fabulously eccentric and fun to watch. She also knows her stuff and isn’t afraid to tell the truth about style and fashion for women over 60. I hope that you enjoy the show! Ready to take your look to the next level? Check out our fashion for older women video series: http://sixtyandme.com/fashion
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Zeru Babel (5 months ago)
Dear ladies, you'll ALWAYS be attractive to us males wether you're 16 or 60 yrs old, just take care yourself (exercise & a little make up) and SMILE
Sixty and Me (5 months ago)
focus on the smile in my opinion :-)
Ellen DL (8 months ago)
Love your videos! Men worship women when they are young then completely ignore them when they are older. It’s made me understand how shallow and superficial most men are. I won’t be invisible. Their opinions of me as a woman don’t matter anymore.
Sincerely Lavender (1 month ago)
Ellen DL. Hallelujah! I extremely agree!!
chronicreader (1 year ago)
I must have missed the rule of being invisible after 60. I don't feel it at all at my age of 66. I felt more invisible after my first child was born and being a mother than now. I travel when I can, have interesting conversations with people, and dress how I please, often with bold colored handbags and scarves, jeans and white or blue shirts and blouses. My boyfriend is a hot Uruguayan the same age who runs marathons and plays heavy metal. Believe me, I don't look special and am way heavier than I should be but my sense of humor and laughter go much further in making me "seen" than any amount of style. Just saying.
Laura Vitola (1 year ago)
Lace is really popular now.
Sandie Howard (1 year ago)
Please list the blog who "Patty is . Would like to look up her blog . Thank you !! Tahoe Gal Sandie
Simar Song (1 year ago)
I wish your guest had held up some samples of the clothing etc. that she spoke about.
Really Rona (1 year ago)
I enjoyed your video. I am 75 and starting my channel Really Rona. I agree with you that you can dress with a new trend but modify the look for an older woman. I love clothes and makeup and so happy to see others feeling the same way. Btw. I saw lace in Budapest last summer and love the look
Bluesbabesrv (2 years ago)
Want to stick out like a tourist in France? Wear a beret! The French don't wear them. But they do make use of the scarf.
Jacques Van Kerchove (1 year ago)
Bluesbabesrv I-II
Hoellenkatz Lehensmarr (2 years ago)
I am a rock n roller, a rebel until the end of ends. I just don't do "old"!
Lane Johanson (2 years ago)
Would need to see these ideas...pics or the scarves at least
Helena T (2 years ago)
My significant detail is my super sun tan color skin paired with my bright colored wardrobe,
jmmacb03 (2 years ago)
Was hoping to see how to wear some of those scarves with tees or sweaters to soften my loose neckline. Too bad, in the age of cell phone cameras, that there are any photos...
Margaret Gregg (2 years ago)
PICTURES needed.
ElizabethGarza7 (3 years ago)
You really should check out Ari Seth Cohen's "Advanced Style" blog for older women if you want to see what style and color for older women is all about. He targets women over 65 in his blog and book. The women in his blog are the most inspiring I have ever seen, they range in age from 65 to 90s.
Nonna Dee (3 months ago)
Thanks for this info...hope it’s still on
Susan Papa (6 months ago)
Ari Seth Cohen's advanced style blog
Sue Harvey (3 years ago)
A flattering professional haircut, decent dental care, a good bra, well fitting shoes and the right lipstick. Don't be afraid of colour. Scent! Speak out if you need to, your opinion has value. Walk upright and smile..................You will be just fine with these.
Nonna Dee (3 months ago)
Sue Harvey good advice. I can agree
diebirchen (3 years ago)
I would have loved to be an opera star such as Renée Fleming.  I'd need a divine voice, of course, but that's what I'd want.
BlueHorseYellowCow (3 years ago)
I'm for embellishment!  :-)

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