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Dressing After 50 : How to Dress for Women 50-Plus

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Dressing for women over 50 isn't all that unlike dressing for women under 50. Dress for women 50-plus with help from a professional image consultant in this free video clip. Expert: Natalie Jobity Contact: www.elanimagemanagement.com Bio: As a professional image consultant and President of Elan Image Management, Natalie Jobity has empowered hundreds of women to express their unique style. Filmmaker: curt ellis Series Description: Dressing once you hit age 50 isn't all that dissimilar to dressing before you hit age 50. Learn all about dressing after 50 with help from an image consultant in this free video series.
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Millicent Evans (6 days ago)
For me i am a woman in my 50s i am a woman who likes style i know what looks nice on me. Because of my invisable illness which i cant control. I take pleasure in wearing. Nice and comfotable clothes. Age is nothing but a number you have good tips. But its nice to wear colour. Brighten up your day. My age does not mean i cant wear trendy clothes. I will not wear anything that does not make me feel comfortable and i feel confident in. Thank you for this video i find it informative.
mary bralj (11 days ago)
What about needing to hide crêpe necks, flabby arms, wattled necks.
Lora Liche (14 days ago)
So ageist. I am over 50 and like many women today look act and feel 40. I wear clothing that looks good on my body. It don't matter if it's age appropriate I'm not a child. I love colour on women and I love classic colors. In the beginning you say you shouldn't flaunt yourself you last line was flaunt it. Make up your mind.
Thando Mayaba (4 months ago)
Your clothes are sooo...boring dear,wear it yourself
ngatiramona (5 months ago)
Great suggestions and being positive. I'm nearing 50, still love wearing newer.. if not toned down.. fashion trends. As you kindly advised, it what makes you feel confident and great that matters. Good vid!
Alice Salem (5 months ago)
How about having some ladies over 50, of different heights and weight,demonstrating different clothing?
Alice Salem hi I am 50 and fabulous and haptics Phyllis about this video, I just did a video on 50 and fabulous I would love for you to take a look at it and let me know your thoughts. I feel that I should be comfortable and age-appropriate but that does not mean I have to be frumpy. If you like what you see please subscribe and Share my channel with your friends. I only did one 50 and fabulous video because I wanted to get a feel for how the reception would be
Marlene Van Wyk (5 months ago)
I'm over 50...I look like I'm in my 30's....so what do I do?
Debbie Latter (6 days ago)
Same with me
Marlene Van Wyk Hi I am 50 and I consider myself very fabulous LOL I just did a video for 50 and fabulous I would love for you to take a look at it and let me know your thoughts if you love it please like and subscribe and share with your friends. I have only published one apparel video and I’m trying to get a feel for people’s comments thank you so much I hope you enjoy the video
Michelle Singleton (3 months ago)
I'm 53 in wouldn't wear none of those outfits.
Edina Cole (6 months ago)
Omg! 50 is getting up in age??? 😡
Edina Cole I have 50 and fabulous and I dress very comfortable but age-appropriate. 50 is just a number it’s all about how you feel inside and how you take care of yourself. I just posted a video for 50 and fabulous on my site please take a look at It and let me know your thoughts. I am considering doing a 50 and fabulous channel but I am just looking for some feedback if you like what you see please subscribe to my channel and share with your friends
Michelle Mcgowan (7 months ago)
well got through the first few mins but had to stop the video as I couldnt comprehend how this "professional image consultant" has the arrogance to think she has the god given right to tell us how we should feel comfy and dress after 50!! Im sorry but I find it offensive and the clothes WELL!! my mum wouldnt even wear them granny clothes.I dont need to learn how to dress like an old lady in her 50's because this expert( and I use the term loosely) has blagged an career out of image consulting with women who have no confidence in themselves to dress as they like! I dont know what image she was trying to get together there but if i wore them here where i live id be called a bag lady!! rant over!
Michelle Singleton (3 months ago)
I'm over 50 in would not be caught dead with none of those outfits
ESTHER PAL CUAMAG (7 months ago)
WOW.................,JUST Smile and also listen to the suggestion of the fashion expert,no worries ,be happy ....added knowledge.....,to GOD be the glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Pearl Ford (7 months ago)
P--s off il dress how i like.😤😤😤
tattianah (7 months ago)
I found this quite hilarious!!!
Patsy Phillips (7 months ago)
Thanks for the information bless
LHASA APSO3 (7 months ago)
Thanks for your expertise. Many things to consider. Lifestyle, taste, and among others economics.
Grace Marshall (7 months ago)
it's up to me what I want to wear Not about people what they think
Mary Rey (7 months ago)
Dress however u like at any age, as long as it's flattering on yr body!
Nadine Joseph (7 months ago)
I feel way better in my fifties.wjo cares what people think as long you don't look slutty unless you are going to a job interview.l don't want to disrespect you madam by....
Judy Wilson (7 months ago)
Her clothes look Grandmother’s no way
Poh Ping (7 months ago)
There is no hard and fast rule. You are right . Just be you, be fabulous and flaunt it. Just wear what makes you feel good. Most important of all - you must be comfortable in your own skin.
Jessie Johnson (7 months ago)
I am 67 I like pansuit military style cause it fit, for everyday style I like j eans with silk blouse, smile
Jessie Johnson (7 months ago)
Plus I make my clothes,
The Laura Miller Show (7 months ago)
I really enjoyed watching you I have some of those clothing you have present it. But what about the women over 50 who have a stomach and we're always trying to hide it can you help on that thank you for your time
Christine Newhouse (7 months ago)
Love the style...I would wear it...
Just Me (8 months ago)
I'm 60 years old and I too believe I don't look it. But, if any stranger off the street were asked my age, I dare say they would answer I looked 60 or over. This lady is trying to give us information that will help us look classy and not trashy. Because we feel and think we look younger than we actually are, we wear clothes that sometimes make us look less appealing.
Jennifer Rhone (8 months ago)
Good tips
Faizul Royal (9 months ago)
9910760050 good
Rosemarie Lee (9 months ago)
While I agree with the idea that a woman over 50 needs to be careful with her fashion choices, which goes for every woman anyway, I don't agree with the selection of clothes on display. I think individuality is important, and as a woman over 50, I would never wear any of the clothes on display in the video. I like to be me, and I am fashionable, but without the need for the overly mature image these clothes present.
Ailene Phillips (9 months ago)
A sweater over anything screams out OLD. Don't wear it.
araucana1976 (9 months ago)
You have some good sugestions but I think ultimate what we women decide to wear depends greatly if we like it and feel comfortable wearing it. The magnificent spectrum of fashion is just too large to limit ourselves to just a limited variety of styles or colors and base our choices in something so insignificant as our age.
Mary Axiotis (9 months ago)
You know, I have tried to like your videos but it is difficult when assumptions are made that the women over fifty have suddenly become challenged at making decisions concerning their clothing. I think that the choices that you have held up are dull and boring. Your points about being comfortable are sound and advice that should be followed by all age groups. Don't follow trends? Why? Why not follow trends. I am almost 60 and I dare say that I would rather rip my hair out than follow your very conservative and uninspiring advice!!!!
Michelle Mcgowan (7 months ago)
Brilliant! Im so glad Mary that ive found someone on exactly the same wavelength as me! it gets me angry that people just like this woman try to preach to us what to wear etc!XX
Sue Tridle (9 months ago)
Nothing worse than women over 50 wearing what 20 yr olds wear !
Ilse Wenzel (9 months ago)
Can you do a post for women with short necks
Nora Watson (10 months ago)
I am me way over sixty and fabulously classic.. A woman of color with a bronze Goddess skin tone. Really sizzling so your taste in clothes is definitely out of my era.
sheree hill (10 months ago)
I look to good to wear that Crap, you wear it be you
no name (11 months ago)
The clothes look old fashioned wear what suits you and not go by age. Colour brightens up you face when I wear dark colours I look worn out and drawn.
ann marie carolan (1 year ago)
I could not do these. I'm too short for maxi dresses. The colour is awful. Clothes are dated and boring.....add colour ...do whatever makes you happy.
Marty Perez (1 year ago)
I understand if you have a professional job, but here in Florida women of all ages wear what they want to wear. To hot to care.
Sebastian Tabares (1 year ago)
Ew with those ugly looks who the fuck wants get to their 50's? there ain't such thing as age in fashion.
Tamara (1 year ago)
I think the clothes you recommend are for work in an office or dressing up. They don't fit my lifestyle or size and shape. For example, to say that every 50+ woman needs a blazer and little black dress in her closet is just not accurate.
Daneen Williams (1 year ago)
omg these are ugly selections...blk & white dress is the only nice dress
JJ truth (1 year ago)
A woman over 50 cannot simply wear anything. There is a style of sophistication that should have been reached at that milestone. Its a time for jewelry stuff younger women couldn't pull off.
Clelia Hinojosa (1 year ago)
i can not wear cardigans.Where i live is too hot.
Joan Pellillo (2 years ago)
Mary Ann Rezmann-Grams (2 years ago)
I know this is old but I am shocked at a lot of these comments. It makes me embarrassed for women my age. Why be rude? If you don't agree, move on.
Lora Liche (14 days ago)
Because this individual is being rude quite frankly. Ageism is rude.
Christine Newhouse (7 months ago)
Mary Ann Rezmann-Grams Not everyone is going to agree with the style..there are always going to be negative comments..all we can do is ignore and move on..God bless.
C. Anon (2 years ago)
that doesn't explain anything.
Karen Brown (2 years ago)
Age is purely a number, just because you reach the number 50 doesn't mean you have to start wearing kaftans and cardigans to camouflage your body!
Nona McDade (2 years ago)
I do not know where you live nor where you have traversed however; it seems as though you have not considered some very important factors. Where do this over fifty seasoned lady live? what is her personality like? Do she walk through life as a Diva or is she embracing old fashion ideas about her age? How about her ethnicity ? In the big cities, especially New York, women over sixty are wearing bold hues with great stylish taste. Not every seasoned lady (always) wants easy breezy. Sometimes she might want a dramatic presentation to sport so, wearing all black in various textures, contrasted with the right eye and lip color, the right accessory and even a fabulous colorful hand bag can make the look work. How about those who embrace their beautiful grey locks in a youthful manner? Various shades of violet, blue, peach and many other hues can complement their grey. Clothes should be fun and attractive. They should project our feelings about ourselves at that moment. No, looking like a clown (unless that is what one is aiming for) should not be the result , but, many of today's fifty or sixty year old ladies are not trying to look how their grand-mothers looked eighty or ninety years previous; uninteresting , safe and boring.
Level 19 (2 years ago)
I've got three letters for you G-Y-M!
Paul Jordan (2 years ago)
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Annie N (3 years ago)
I say wear anything that makes you look curvy and feminine. Nice colors compliments your skin tone Make sure it's well fitted. Walk and sit with good posture. You'll look beautiful.
jmmacb03 (2 years ago)
And smile!
Carolyn Adams (3 years ago)
Thank you for sharing them tips with me.
yootuba (3 years ago)
Good grief, how about wear what you want? By the time you're 50 you aren't so worried about what people think, or at least you shouldn't be. I am in my 50s and if I want to wear a bright color I'll wear it, thanks.
Dawn Stonerock (4 months ago)
Sherry Dufrenne 🤣🤣😁
Dawn Stonerock (4 months ago)
yootuba YES!!!
Peca Ilic (7 months ago)
yootuba crnogorac. Ja to tako
Michelle Mcgowan (7 months ago)
I TOTALLY AGREE! I have been known to wear a bit of latex now and again or a miniskirt leather when i go out clubbing with my son or daughter or a sexy little dress and heels and still look classy .Its how you wear what your clothes not what you wear, Im 52 now and it keeps me feeling young and sexy and even they love the look on their friends faces when they say this is my mum!.xx
Judy Wilson (7 months ago)
yootuba I agree wear what makes you happy
All Hell Breaks Loose (3 years ago)
Not all women over 50 look old there are some youthful women out there who are over 50. So really those youthful women over 50+ can wear almost anything. You also can coordinate your youth to your look. 50 should be treated young.
All Hell Breaks Loose yes I totally agree with you I think 50 can’t be fabulous. I am 50 years old and I am healthy so that makes me fabulous LOL I just posted a video for 50 and fabulous I would love for you to take a look at it most of my videos are more home Decour but I am trying to venture out into apparel. Please take a look at my video I would love for you to leave a comment subscribe and share with your friends. Because 50 is the new 40 LOL
Michelle Mcgowan (7 months ago)
same here!! 50 is the new 30...... well 25 say!lolxx
starlightaura 006 (10 months ago)
Yaaaaaaasssss preachhhhhh because i am 51 and def do not move or look like 50 so why are people calling 50 and over grandma age danggggggg.
All Hell Breaks Loose (3 years ago)
Thank you!!!!
Plus Size Insider (3 years ago)
+All Hell Breaks Loose I agree with you.
2JobsStillPoorUSA (3 years ago)
Interesting concept... not for me... but interesting concept.
Eileen Harvey (3 years ago)
I am a grandma and I love color and sparkles on my clothes. Guess each to his own though.
Debbie Latter (6 days ago)
Vee Baby (3 years ago)
bye Felicia!
Inge Scott (3 years ago)
The clothes you're showing are BORING!  Stylish is all about being comfortable in your own skin. If I like it, I wear it!
Lulzim Basha (2 years ago)
Inge Scott very nice.
treeseful (2 years ago)
Boring like a video from the 50s and not from 5 or 6 years ago. I hope no one is really using her advice.
YourAnjl (3 years ago)
I agree with regard to blazers, cardigans, etc.  However, the majority of summer clothes are sleeveless and those of us over 60 really want to cover both our arms and our legs.  Or perhaps I should say I do.  I am skinny--it's the awful skin I don't want to show!
LYNNE Riday (3 years ago)
Even if we disagree, kindness is never out of style, at any age.
Lynne Jones (2 years ago)
well said.
Jan Perry (3 years ago)
I want your dress!! Where did you get it?
J OneLife (3 years ago)
"Trying too hard", its the 20 somethings that are doing that. We have all the confidence, we do not worry about what others think!
polly jetix (3 years ago)
Be yourself. I am Me, and I like who I am. I am a grandmotherly type, and I don't mind that. This world needs more grandmothers. Flowery print dresses, and all.
Lorraine Gibb (1 year ago)
polly jetix p
Jane Hibberd (1 year ago)
polly jetix No thanks but if you want to that's fine.
Happybidr (1 year ago)
polly jetix AMEN! Would you look at a woman like that and think, Grandma loves me and that makes me happy!?! No! You would feel cold and distant. Give me those knitted sweaters with charming Holiday patterns that the fashion world just HATES. Grandmas of the world, unite! 😎
MsCryptoCoin Chaser (3 years ago)
Enjoy your video...I am 53 ... I wear clothes that fit me...the old fashion grandma dressing days are basically gone...I wear clothes that fit but always stay classy...
Sharon Vernier (4 months ago)
Marianne Facultatif (4 years ago)
You can be trained as professional image consultant but let me tell you .... I personally will never wear the kind of clothes that you advise. I would feel to wear the clothes of my grandmother and I am a 50 years. You think you know everything about women 50 years but remember, you do not have all the same tastes. I prefer to dress conservatively but still keep a touch of youth and not give the impression that I'm an old tasteless.
sheila s (4 years ago)
On the frumpy side.
Carrie Lonsdale (4 years ago)
Her dress is pulling in the front it doesn't fit well.  Throwing the clothes in a pie wow that's unprofessional.  Ok, yeah well no I do agree with black dress hate the blazer hate the cardigan, like the empire top.  How old is this?
Annie Williams (1 year ago)
Carrie Lonsdale that stuff looks outdated to me and I'm older than 50 and I would not wear it in all honesty my mother wouldn't she was a very stylish woman maybe at a funeral or something that Blazer
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Genell Kelley (4 years ago)
Nicole Schweitzer (4 years ago)
what in the bloody murder is this woman talking about with all the grandmas/hippie styles
J Warren (4 years ago)
No way we're not that dead!
rekha rana (5 years ago)
I'm irritated. My brother resides on the floor above me and he just grew great with ladies. He found the Master Attraction website (Take a look in Google) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him bringing ladies back. He's consistently bringing sexy girls back and I can't help but hear it. It's gross. If only he had not found that site. I'm jealous!
Azazel (5 years ago)
??are you 13th - you dressed my daughter's dress :((hahaha...I think you are 60,so, leave this dress for your granddaughter.. I know it's sounds impolite, but is the truth, isn't it?
Nani Castillo (5 years ago)
Shit. I'm terribly jealous of my cousin currently. He has actually been alone always and forever. Nonetheless, he got a swimwear model to inform him she is deeply in love with with him in under a month. Just how is that possible? He mentioned he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone amazing told me that... I cannot remember ever previously seeing him so positive. Sort of makes me feel bad.
Zendragoness94 (5 years ago)
She is telling everyone how "SHE" wants to dress. The rest of us can decide for ourselves:)
Tammy Bridenbeck (5 years ago)
She's just saying how to look classy and not like you're 50 trying to look 30.
Agota Pongor (5 months ago)
Why not?
Vivvy777 (5 years ago)
You looked lovely. Love your dress.
Caribbean Faces (5 years ago)
I sure as hell would not be MYSELF in that tunic and maxi-dress!
Zendragoness94 (5 years ago)
Sorry but it's kinda ridiculous to try to tell people in this day and time they should dress this way or that. I mean, if you are wearing things that make you look like a street walker, that's one thing but most of us dress really well already. I buy from the jr's department sometimes myself (jeans) and I'm 53. I like the fit of the jeans and styles there. I rarely wear a blazer here in Phoenix...People can dress the way they want, we're not all robots.. vive la différence.
Luther Brookside (8 months ago)
I’m 67 and get my jeans at Catos.
Sylvia Faulkner (9 months ago)
Zendragoness94 i
Lulzim Basha (2 years ago)
Zendragoness94 very good.
naturallytee (5 years ago)
She's not saying that all ages can't wear that stuff. She's saying that for after 50 those items should be staples in a persons wardrobe.
Resonate (5 years ago)
So why are most of these comments mean? The clothes are fine! The presenter is doing a great job. Give her a break.
Mary Perez (5 years ago)
bidibidibid b thats all folks lol
Mary Perez (5 years ago)
Yuk!!! drop dead ugly stuff and i'm 45
cooksterr (11 months ago)
sub and i will sub back
Tula Turan (5 years ago)
talk too fast..bladda-bladda-bladda-bladda-bladda-bladda-bladda!
Klaracica (5 years ago)
I,am 60 y o and I dress like Cyndi Lauper, yes mini skirt 4 me, fitted close.Shop in the junior department.And I do looks good!!!! many compliment.I do not want to wear this stuff maybe when I,am 100???
at Handy (1 month ago)
So for me, age is just a number. It does not define. Secondly, we are all getting older, even those in their 20s. With that said, when I was younger, I was one of the women who questioned why an older woman was wearing clothing "too young" for her. Now that I am older, I see things differently and wear clothes that are comfortable and look good on me, that includes wearing a pair of quality looking skinny jeans. The only clothes pretty much off limits for me are mini skirts because my legs are not as in good shape when I was younger and jeans that are ripped. However, if an older woman wants to wear those items and she feels comfortable in them, then do you baby!
Margaret Nickel (9 months ago)
Klaracica is

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