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How to Calm Down an Angry/Drunk Person

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Subscribe to fightTIPS►http://bit.ly/1APnzvw It's not an easy task trying to calm down someone who is angry, especially if they've had a few too many. But here are 3 tips that can help to ensure your safety, de-escalate an argument, and stop a fight from happening. Get Shane's shirt►http://bit.ly/sweetscienceFT Online MMA Training Course►http://bit.ly/1FIOiju FOLLOW: Facebook | http://bit.ly/fightTIPSFacebook Twitter | http://bit.ly/fightTIPSTwitter Instagram | http://bit.ly/fightTIPSInstagram
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Timmy The Penguin (19 days ago)
I find a blowjob is very disarming, you just start sucking and they’ll soon change their attitude. I learned that technique from my martial arts teacher Mr J Smollett.
the77 (2 months ago)
Tazer .....
General Grievous (2 months ago)
does this work on drunk parents
Tony Ho (3 months ago)
An angry drunk is truthful talk......u put all the people in their place when buzzed or drunk
iloveplayingpr (6 months ago)
Almost kicked my Brother's ass after reasoning with him for so long, good thing he has a friend with him and took him away. Glad that he understands the situation and calmed him down. Decent result I'd say, I only got shoved a couple of times but remained calm and still urged and trying to convince him that this fight is not worth it.
DaManGacha Gamer (8 months ago)
*I need to watch this because our neigbour was throwing some stuff at our house and we need to stop him.*
Me (8 months ago)
I got rid of a very annoying one by giving him 2 bucks, he left immediately and went to buy some more cheap alcohol, he was probably broke. hahhaha
Diane Berg (10 months ago)
“I am the dark lord of terrors and your time has come” “Ok I understand you’re the dark lord of terrors and my time has come. I totally get it”
Grady Whitman (10 months ago)
1:40 If your friends want to kick your ass when they're drunk maybe you should be hanging out with a better crowd, or pick new friends.
Cold water soda coffee without sweet
chris kowalski (10 months ago)
When people are intoxicated to the point they have trouble with innocent patrons including door staff...You just ask them to leave....you don't try to be a tough guy because you are a door person..Drunks don't care at this point....They dont think of themselves let alone others.I've seen so many door people get their head kicked in because they just think they are "tough"because they are bouncers...Bar owners don't care about their bar staff either...It just gives them some piece of mind while they're at home collecting profits..Be professional and call the cops if you have to but dont try to save the world because you think you are a tough guy when you are probably half pissed yourself...truth be told...
chris kowalski (10 months ago)
Obviously you are a wanna be cop/door youngster...l would probably knock you out if you ever tried to touch me...who do you think you are?...your advice is wrong..Pick another career snowflake...You never touch another person by law...if you do then you accept the consequence...you call the cops and let them deal with it..Another kid door guy thinks he's important."I.m cool...look and my wool gangsta hate .."HAHAHAHA"..
chris kowalski (10 months ago)
NOPE!...Never...Ever touch a person...not even on an elbow...Right off the get go this is poor advice...Who do you think you are to touch another person?..Never do it..
Just Monika. (1 year ago)
I’m trying to learn how to talk to my dad when he’s buzzed or drunk.
adrian peirson (1 year ago)
Take them for a happy meal.
Michael K (1 year ago)
Pizza is Xanax I 😍 it
Juno Bean (1 year ago)
Rgn S (5 months ago)
Juno Bean give them snickers bar if that doesn’t work punch them really hard until there knocked out
DejawoostA (1 year ago)
I'm a belligerent drunk and want to find ways to calm myself. HELLO (group seminar)
Billy morris (1 year ago)
In the end, self defence is about getting home safe. This method you're demonstrating here is more effective than any forward kick or jab will ever be. Good vid, man!
FIRETUBE TV (1 year ago)
Good advice repeat what they say avoid get worse..good job
M P (1 year ago)
didn't go so well...
Florencio Iniego (1 year ago)
tnx bro
Pinky Mixology (1 year ago)
I took ATAP a few months ago and was not expecting to have to do that so soon. ...At least it worked.
xx.editsbychel.xx (1 year ago)
I did what you said but...*Cries* I didn't work *cries* My f*cking mum is...is yelling at us because mum hurted us when we were playing around then we started crying mum dad came in and and yelled at mum to go to bed then she stomped to the door and said "F*ck you all" "F*ck you for getting hurt.And f*ck you" then she stomped into a room and started banging on the door I thought it was gun shots but no now mum is staying in that room the whole night :'( *cries* That's the end of my story *cries* Goodbye.
Dina Calderon (1 year ago)
Call the cops. That should calm there was down.
ronit nanda (1 year ago)
beat the bastards hard Blade drinkers
stabilisedchaos (1 year ago)
My boss,stop talking to that drunk person,you're only encouraging them,ignore them or you're fired.
Sulushi (1 year ago)
My dads friend got drunk and started getting racist and talking about Donald trump. O god thank goodness I was upstairs
Wild Fife (1 year ago)
give them another drink
Speech increased to 100
Constitutional Bowsers (2 years ago)
there is no reasoning. he blacks out it is a goal for my brother all logic and reason is out the fucking door violence is it. for example key words let's you know he or she are gone. 1 constantly saying the same word over and over again ( like delicious that's delicious omg delicious ) Then when you say I heard you the first time they get post off. There are signs my brother is a competition drunk thow nobody is competing. So sad to see my brother argue with me and the t.v. shows. Saying stuff like shoot the wave as a tsunami hit a beech. Like bullets stop a wave.
Great tips, Thanks for taking the time to make this video.
. (2 years ago)
But how do I stop being the angry drunk? I wish I had friends that could stop me from drinking so much.
DiYGrGamer (2 years ago)
I hope that I will never need them..😄
Ferand the Honorable (2 years ago)
Just bring parrot with you and direct it to attacker, he can repeat the word better than we...
ThuggishPlum82 (2 years ago)
how can you passout someone with force. like... not hits like some kind of headlock.
Atl Walton (2 years ago)
good helpful tips shane
Ugly Casanova (3 years ago)
Your beanie and hand gestures make me want to stab you. Repeat it to me and I probably would.
TJ Jones (9 months ago)
Lolol I don't think you should drink because there are others that dress and act like him.
SSA Street (3 years ago)
clam ur self down
Ted Van Matje (3 years ago)
the aim is to de-escalate the situation. drunk people are notorious for being emotionally unpredictable, which gives the advantage to you when things do kick-off because they won't fight well. the advantage lasts as long as you don't become angry yourself. you need to learn to 'read the signs' without coming across as insecure. intonation of voice can be perceived and wrongly translated as being 'cocky' or 'belittling' whch could kick it off. work out your surroundings, the people (atmosphere etc)....you don't want six blokes fighting you at once. bystanders are potential witnesses, if the situation escalates they could be your ace card with the police/courts. if the drunkard decides to make the first move : place both hands, palms facing assailant, in the air at head height. let bystanders hear you say things such as "leave it" etc., warnings in a clear, firm voice. if he moves towards you, step backards....keep at least 2.5M distance between you and him. when he 'rushes' you (he will), the open hands will give you more control and they're aready in position. (what people see as a submissive stance, is actually a fighting one). use only as much force as is needed to control the sitution. if the bloke is 'bubbling' on the floor, don't hit/kick him further - that crosses the legal line into 'bodily harm'. in a court of law you need to justify every strike. the open palm and closed fist, when used, are both classed as a strike not a punch (a punch being defined by 'twisting' the fist to maximise impact force). obviously, the more assailants - the more you're justified in escalating the level of force you use (eg. three assailants - knock the bones out of the first two, and control the third with restraint manoeuvres etc). also, the level of force you may use is dependant on potential lethal weapons the assailant is using, eg. glass bottle etc. just remember to fight smart!! to be honest, after working in the trade for 26 years, I still get the rush. no anger.....just tranquility. when the battle ensues, i fight with a smile on my face. cheers for uploading shane!
aPERSONworthSTALKING (3 years ago)
Repeating what they say is a bad idea, sounds sarcastic af.
AresDemigod (3 years ago)
Witse Audenaert (3 years ago)
Whats your youngest person in your fight gym?
Belial Beetz (3 years ago)
Love most of your content but I totally disagree with this one. Ive watched my friend get knocked the fuck out trying this. I had to choke out another friend that got too drunk and decided to smash a bouncers beach cruiser. He decided to come after me for being the voice of reason. Most people who make these kinda belligerent scenes are so far down on the intelligence totem pole that reasoning with them is pointless. I do agree with displaying confidence and getting off the line but verbal judo is better reserved for people who aren't presenting a violent threat. Thinking of what to say or conversing in itself is just one more task your brain has to process while you defend.
William Scurry (3 years ago)
Good call Shane, as always yer tips rock...thank ya much
CoolCatInATopHat (3 years ago)
Lead hook on the jaw right under the ear. Everybody is calm when they've been put on the ground.
INKD JAY (3 years ago)
Comfort them with a soft rear naked choke 😭😂
Tom Chilcott (3 years ago)
Shane are massages good for fighting or not
Hypocrite_of_America (3 years ago)
Shane fazen was a telemarketer...what...
Y Tho (3 years ago)
Shane Fazen, was a Telemarketer? 😂 Cool. :3 How long did you do that?
Aradhya Sankhe (3 years ago)
Shane what are the requirements to start up a kickboxing and self defense class
John Mafe (3 years ago)
the best tactic - de-escalate first if all else fails - refer to remainder of this channel
reddragon52894 (3 years ago)
Shane, when does that Mitt holding course start?
JohnnyBoyOhYeah (3 years ago)
Hey Shane, I've been trying to find a good workout plan to get me prepared to go back to training. Can you make a video about a good weekly workout plan? I love watching your videos and you always seem to have the right idea about training and fitness. Thanks in advance!
Alejandro Camarena. (3 years ago)
Thanks Shane...I'm a paramedic, and had encountered a lot of angry violent spectators, patients and family of them patients... The last one I use it all the time, "repeat what they say" 90% of the time works, my favorite strategy. What do you recommend if I have bad temper o one of my paramedic partners have bad temper and find hard to follow these steps?
Alejandro Camarena. (3 years ago)
By the way, love your videos bro 💪👌👊
Zombie Land (3 years ago)
Shane you rock!
Nepthu (3 years ago)
Repeating back what someone says is a way to affirm that you've heard them. Most people are pissed because they feel no one listens to them. Nice insight. I LOVE your videos Shane. You're a great teacher!
Mr Attenztion (3 years ago)
@askShane how do you increase your spinning kick faster
Lemuel :D (3 years ago)
Shane what are your thoughts on Ameri-Do-Te or Rex-Kwon-Do ? Which is better and is it street effective?
Billy morris (1 year ago)
Lemuel :D ameridote.
TaKtics (3 years ago)
Hey Shane can u plz do a vid on Roy jones jr because he has an unique style
James (3 years ago)
get Snapchat man!!!
Dirt Poor (3 years ago)
The only time you can put your hand one someones eblow is if you are better than them.... Or they trust you.
perfect example, watch Ryan Hall's viral video
raymond barone (3 years ago)
pull a fucking gun and you'll see how magically the drunkenness and the toughness go away..... jk
JustinSTeam2 (3 years ago)
Nice video
Slayer P9I (3 years ago)
Do a "How to get away from a fucking fight ".
Adrian B (3 years ago)
Just say... "calm down"
The Bolt Thrower (3 years ago)
+hieu401 Ok, calm down already...
xfrenno2 (3 years ago)
Waiting for "How to fight like" series. The "how to fight like Fedor" video was interesting. I hope you will make a "How to fight like Kevin Randleman" video (since that legend passed away before some days) "How to fight like Bob Sapp" would be funny. I'm also waiting for Mark hunt, Dan Henderson, Cro Cop, Chuck Liddell (it's a must, that overhand strike is so unique), Randy Couture, Jerome Le Banner.
Ken sandha (3 years ago)
please upload the tutorial, how to fight like naseem hamed ..
I'm Tom (3 years ago)
Man you know so many things! Love your videos!
Shelton Riley (3 years ago)
I want a Sweet Science T-shirt.
Pedro Silva (3 years ago)
Hey Shane, i am just curious, how do you support your channel if you do not let Youtube commercial apearing in your videos?
WarcraftHD (3 years ago)
Hey Shane! Could you explain WHY you should repeat what they say?
Sawyer Hutchins (3 years ago)
keep it up Shane!
jahn ferris (3 years ago)
hey shane wanted to know what workout routine you do for strength and conditioning??
EyeAmBatman (3 years ago)
Talk to them calmly then knock them the fk out wen they calm down.... Got it :D
Mirko Abdul-Rahman (3 years ago)
Shane i have a problem : If i am sparring i don't punch my opponnent i don't know why pls can you help me :) great video
yeshuaservant7 (3 years ago)
First two suggestions--I agree. Last two--no. I would never advise first touch, unless aggressor touched you, FIRST. Any deliberate, unwanted touching by a person--I would interpret as aggression or preparing to attack me. First strike, yes, SOMETIMES--IF you see no way out of the attack. Repeating, verbatim, what a drunk/doped up aggressor says--is dangerous, for several reasons. First, your words could easily be misheard by the aggressor (especially in a noisy area)--and he could think you were telling him that you you were going to attack him. Second, bystanders/potential witnesses (neutral or hostile)--could mishear your words, and think you were threatening the aggressor. Third, there are Bible verses that point out that our words have spiritual power (Book of Proverbs)--and you can bring about your own destruction. You MIGHT be more wise to acknowledge his anger--but without admitting any wrongdoing, on your part. But even that is risky. A hostile confrontation is not usually the time to initiate a counseling session, with your aggressor. But, then--I never touch alcohol or any other drugs, and try to avoid restaurants that do serve it, which helps me avoid those situations, a lot. You really can't reason with a drunkard or dope head, anyway. Good topic--good channel.
Pink 90 (2 years ago)
yeshuaservant7 You always beat them to the punch, all they have to do is lightly touch you and that's considered battery, and your free to do wtf ever.
Said Challenge (3 years ago)
Schön grüße von said Challenge gut Videos
Dylan Warrington (3 years ago)
Shane how are u always sick 😂
Kris Parekh (3 years ago)
+Tom Richard so true 
Tom Richard (3 years ago)
+fightTIPS can u do and tip or show how to pick some one up and throw them on the ground when in s choke hold or when they grab u thanks bullies suck also.
Khaled Boris (3 years ago)
Since I have flu I'm gonna try that,thanks tyson
Khaled Boris (3 years ago)
+Dylan Warrington everyone is ill in February
VCrossEmUpYT -_- (3 years ago)
+fightTIPS wats up shane big fan and i love ur vids keep it up
TheAngieIshmael (3 years ago)
Thanks Shane!
Damn Shane! That's why your channel is awesome! I got a lot of friends that like to get drunk AF; sometimes is a really awkward situation, but just like you said, keep your class up and manipulate their minds! hahaha You were a telemarker too? Man, I'm one of them, it's kind of harsh, but at least I can pay my training! Keep up with your videos, they are awesome ;)
fightTIPS (3 years ago)
+0LukasYagami Thanks Lucas! Yeah it's a tough job, but hopefully there's a light at the end of your tunnel.
Cosmo Vedder (3 years ago)
Complete BS! Everybody knows that the best way to calm down an angry drunk is to offer them some Taco Bell.
Michael K (1 year ago)
Pizza is Xanax for drunk. I 😍 it
fightTIPS (3 years ago)
+Cosmo Vedder True.
Fallster #UPSB (3 years ago)
Thx shane u really help
fightTIPS (3 years ago)
+Fallster #UPSB :)
Joe Guinan (3 years ago)
Great advice, I'm going out clubbing for the first time tomorrow. Hopefully I won't have to use this but it's always good to know
fightTIPS (3 years ago)
+Joe Guinan Be safe, Joe!
Carson James IV (3 years ago)
Encik Sejati (3 years ago)
i don't know why i just love see shane make this kind of video ..like entering Certificate of Fight CLass hahaha
Encik Sejati (3 years ago)
+fightTIPS Keep em going
fightTIPS (3 years ago)
Haha thanks man!
reyan khan (3 years ago)
how to escape from a submission ?
Pink 90 (2 years ago)
reyan khan Grab a handful of balls and squeeze n yank or try puttin' your thumb in their ass, old wrestler trick, trust me, they'll let go.
lubko (3 years ago)
can I apply this to angry woman?
Jo (3 years ago)
Master Wong just had a tutorial video done yesterday on how to deal with drunkards
yeshuaservant7 (3 years ago)
Yes, Master Wong just posted a very good vid on dealing with drunk people with a minimum of violence.
fightTIPS (3 years ago)
What are the chances! Great minds think alike ;)
Stan The Man! (3 years ago)
if someone keeps messing with you and there drunk and you dont want a problem and cant get them to go and you feel absolutely threatened like you can avoid something going down just fill your hand with some pepper off a table and the next time they come over to mess with you again blow it or throw it in there eyes... lol probably one of the funniest things youll ever see and thatll give you time to ether Escape or just cold clock them if you feel necessary haha this will definitely give you a huge advantage lol Another good one is one i call the Fish Net, make sure you already have your jacket or hoody off maybe under your arm or on your chair. is some drunk idiot keeps coming and messing with you and once again you know its gunna go down and youve already tried de escalating. once they get mouthy and you try walking away from them and they follow you open and throw your hoody or jacket right at there face so it covers them sometimes it catches them that off guard they tangle up and Panic! as soon as you throw it give them a big stomp kick to the upper body send them flying and 9 times out of 10 they will be so winded or hurt from what ever they fall on they wont want to fight or something will break it up lol Very Cheap yes i know, but when it comes to your safety and you have no choice well better to keep the odds in your favor
Varun Rai (3 years ago)
This "repeat exactly what they say" tip doesn't work. You see i was in a similar situation when he said,"I'm gonna kick yo ass" I replied "I'm gonna kick yo ass" . He then said "u a dead man!" I said "U A DEAD! MAN". He got pissed and knocked me out.
Leonidas Acadeaua (3 years ago)
can u give us more tips about calming down persons? i think this is very usefull
oh (3 years ago)
If negotiating doesn't work, drunk people are incredibly fun to deal with. Because their reaction time is so bad you can do anything you want to subdue them, like a spinning hook, off the wall(Anthony Pettis) kick. I used to have to deal with drunk people all the time and as long as you have a good excuse for doing it, you can go ahead and do what you like, it's great! Angry people are harder to deal with, and are more dangerous and negotiating is one of the only things you can do to avoid a lawsuit.
Lucas King (3 years ago)
Great video I'll definitely do these next time I have somebody in my face. You remind me of Ewan McGregor haha
fightTIPS (3 years ago)
+Lucas King Haha I've gotten that a few times before. Stay safe, Lucas!
Oliver Meyhoefer (3 years ago)
dont ever think they are too slow to do you harm ... if seen someone shit faced move real quick
TheChrisglasgow (3 years ago)
Sorry bud but ur tips are all wrong, i've been a doorman for 19 years in glasgow so i know what im talking about. An no i wont write up what i normally do because each situation is different an has to be handled differently depending on where u are an who is around you.
Grady Whitman (10 months ago)
4th tell them who you an ask them to follow u to somewhere away from the crowd of people: This might work in the UK but there's a whole other different level of violence in the America's my friend.
Pink 90 (2 years ago)
TheChrisglasgow I go off instinct and black out myself.
Zombie Land (3 years ago)
 Keep up the good work.   Looking forward to visiting Glasgow some time.  I understand it’s a wonderful place to be.  Sense I’m Scotch/Irish my self.   Cheers.   
TheChrisglasgow (3 years ago)
+Zombie Land 1st of all i aint fat, 2nd yeah there are a lot of bouncers who are terrible at there jobs just like there is a lot of police and politicians, 3rd u overestimate yourself saying you'll meet me halfway an slam me, i havnt been rude or aggresive in anyway but if u feel the need to prove ur a man then by all means come to glasgow an ask for me, I have been doing the doors in glasgow for 19 years and am very well known amongst other doorman so will be easy to find, Or u could re read my comments an realise that i wrote them in the hope that Shane would take some tips from someone who has dealt with thousands of situations like this an maybe make a better video that would actually benefit people.
Zombie Land (3 years ago)
+TheChrisglasgow Yeah, right! Ever situation is different. I’ve met bouncers that are complete tools. I’ve met Bouncer that are super cool and can control every thing. Bouncers are uplifted by your bros. You protect each other if your right or wrong. No difference. I’ve seen Bouncers bait drunk people into a fight, I’ve see bouncer stand there and allow other bouncers fight drunk people. I’ve never seen a bouncer deal with a straight, thinking person. And lose the argument, because he couldn’t get him to fight. You choose douche bag drunks to get your work done. Then stand back at the end of the day and laugh. Shit bro. If you want, I can meet you half way to slam you fat body to the dirt. Then laugh. End state? Shane is right your wrong, go back to hanging out at Teen Beat locals , trying to impress chick.
Kooli O (3 years ago)
Or just do what the TwinzTv do... Pull down your own pants.
Daniel Henrique (3 years ago)
how to calm down a pissed of woman pls
The Bolt Thrower (3 years ago)
+Daniel Henrique You can´t... and first and foremost you do not get yourself into a situation in where you have to argue with a woman as its such a waste of time...
Friso Verbeek (3 years ago)
Shane is ther way to train yourself to recist pain like punches in the stomach and you can still continue fighting
Pink 90 (2 years ago)
Friso Verbeek Body shots don't hurt, you gotta protect your head mainly.

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