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100 Years of Dresses | Glamour

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From the short and loose hemlines of the 1920s, to the glamorous and conservative dresses of the 1950s, to the cutout dresses of the 2010s, take a look back at the last century of dresses. Still haven’t subscribed to Glamour on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2gYlQqe 100 Years of Dresses | Glamour
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Crazy Town (15 hours ago)
Clothes literally get more and more revealing. Like think of forever ago to now where ladies are wearing crop tops and mini skirts.
Bethany L (2 hours ago)
To be honest, I'd love to bring back the Regency and Victorian dresses. I don't care for the fashion of today, except for bohemian. Flowy and naturey is my go-to for modern fashion, no matter what is trending.
Penguin Danny (1 day ago)
am i the only one who looooooves the 40s dress
Lily John (4 days ago)
1930’s is my favorite century for everything , especially fashion
R Morita (4 days ago)
Could have been even better if it had only one person to express all the different styles...
80’s was the worst, 50’s the best
RoBlOx 12345 (5 days ago)
The styles with fur are really ugly
Vice Chris (5 days ago)
I need music description
Momma Bee (6 days ago)
Why are these videos always showing PoC playing dress-up in white culture?
TheEverythingshow :D (7 days ago)
김나래 (7 days ago)
Idk but *IM REALLY INTO THE 1950s Style*
ZyzySPLOSION (7 days ago)
for 2010's who cares about the cut-out's when it's a cold shoulder asymmetrical dress that's cute
helen rebar (7 days ago)
You could wear the 1950s dress today
Jeremy Le Lay (8 days ago)
2010s is much more better than now because the early was way perfect I turned 20 years old in November 2012
Chippy Cups (8 days ago)
Shahd Tarek (9 days ago)
Where are the 80s shoes
Maelynn Allsteadt (9 days ago)
Loving the model diversity!
Kim Jongdae (9 days ago)
I only see this in Tom and Jerry
Mallika Datta (9 days ago)
50's dress were beauty statement its awsome
mon cherie (10 days ago)
20's and 50's were iconic
miamivicepastels83 (11 days ago)
I love these lil segments
Chantelle Pierre (13 days ago)
I love the 50s wear.
Parimala Babu (13 days ago)
80's dress is so nice and also comfortable 😆😅😆😆
Scar Scar (13 days ago)
first one looks like tiana's mom
Dani Lynch (13 days ago)
The 70's dress was mehh. I was hoping to see an Afro (mind my spelling) and jazz pants really bright colours and big ruffles on tops. And very bright makeup.
Queen Kar (13 days ago)
Omg the 50’s gotta love it
Queen Kar (13 days ago)
30’s pretty cute
Lily Geering (14 days ago)
I wish I was confident enough to wear 50s fashion....
aksha venus (14 days ago)
2ooos drees is very pretty
Sarah Diaa (14 days ago)
1950 was my fave old one
Dalya (14 days ago)
The 50s dress was gorgeous.
Artoria Pendragon (14 days ago)
90s fashion is one of the worse things in history of fashion, just ugly and bad.
Muhammad Usman (14 days ago)
50s was the best.
Muhammad Usman (14 days ago)
20s would’ve been much more conservative.
Romeo Galacgac (14 days ago)
I bet in the future that people in the 2030s or 3000s be like "their fashion sucks, right now is more better."
Romeo Galacgac (14 days ago)
The 1980s style... I remember people wearing those on the Philippines
Viance Bianca Labrador (14 days ago)
1930's and 1950's 😍
Nisha Schmidt (15 days ago)
1950s look best
Big Booty (15 days ago)
Hi ShIsHtArS (15 days ago)
Hayat Bashir (15 days ago)
1950 & 2010
spicy pickles (15 days ago)
I LOVED the 1930's dress
Iuliana Andries (16 days ago)
Lydia Grace (16 days ago)
I love the 50's!
Miljković Milica (16 days ago)
Where's the dress of 1910?
Ahmed Nadeem (16 days ago)
1960 hairstyle is rubbish Like if you agree
Mapple Montefalco (16 days ago)
50's ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Estelle Lieutard (16 days ago)
Je préfère la mode 2000 la pour les robes de soirées !! 😆😆
Sonya Tomlinson (17 days ago)
И тут Жижа, помешались на ней все что ли?
Maya C. (17 days ago)
50's and 90's for me... What's up with the 2000's and 2010???? 2000's was characterized by reinterpretation of the past decades aka the height of vintage shopping while 2010... So far the most palpable trend iiiiisssss elevated street/athletic wear!
멋진 👗 좋아요 구독완료~~
phanic! at the disco (18 days ago)
Lojayn alRefaie (19 days ago)
the 50s dress is so stunning!
Textingpuppy Kinz (19 days ago)
We need to bring back the 50s!!!
My favourites 1920’s 1940’s 1950’s 1960’s 1970’s 1980’s 💚
Alexandra Teodorascu (19 days ago)
I loved the 1950s dresses! They were so beautiful, classy, simple og chic. I wish they brought back those dresses!
Daniela Iambor (19 days ago)
I just love the 50'stile
Oriana (20 days ago)
1920s and 1950s favoriteeees😍
Magnolia State (20 days ago)
1950s needs to make a comebac k!!! (The cloths!)
Its Vickyy (20 days ago)
that 50's dress is SO PRETTY!! I love the flowers and floral print. And the top!! Definetly something that O would wear when I'm older
Mayu K (20 days ago)
I love the 50s dresses I hope they will bring them back
王韻婷 (20 days ago)
60s the most creative
Miss Minnie Morgan (20 days ago)
I would dress like it was the 50s everyday if I could - simply stunning and so feminine
Gryffindor Granger (21 days ago)
I love the 50s one
I don't really like the 90S
Rajesh Koothrapali (21 days ago)
I love the 50’s dress
Olivia Montemayor (22 days ago)
20's 50's 60's 80's are the best
Bonnie Parker (23 days ago)
Okay so this is completely inaccurate
Mew-Mew cats (23 days ago)
Can you pls list down the song lists you use for these vids? I really like them 😃
Andrew Lynch (23 days ago)
50’s 30’s and 10’s look good, 80’s and 70’s look terrible
kelly d3 (23 days ago)
Wait why do I feel like I ve seen this video before
xXKitty GamingXx (23 days ago)
I loved the 50's is was really pretty,classy and soo beautiful 💜
Rose Gold (24 days ago)
I wish i was a women so i could wear 50s fashion :0 its so pretty
Sonia. Edits (24 days ago)
50’s dress was absolutely stunning and the prettiest dress I seen in my life! 1960’s was so ugly to many colors and that looks like a beach towel lol 😂
Hillary Barri (24 days ago)
50's is forever winner ♥️💖
erin the egg (26 days ago)
I love the 2010s and the 50s
Kendall Seward (26 days ago)
When I was watching this i was like "mmmmm tacos" Who loves tacos
Musiclover586 (26 days ago)
20-50s for sure!!!
F. J. Blakemore (27 days ago)
50s and 20s need to be brought back
What about 1918...pre-short dresses?
Meagan Pedersen (29 days ago)
Has anybody realized how awkward some of the dancing must be until they put in the music.
Meagan Pedersen (29 days ago)
I love the 50s!!!! I would take the 50s back, the dresses were so cute and modest, the cut out dresses of today are ugly!
YoLilTurkey (29 days ago)
I honestly love 40s and 50s dresses
Elinor Brunner (30 days ago)
These dresses and people are all so pretty
Ambii 2.0 (30 days ago)
I fav one is 1950's
gumisora (1 month ago)
50's all I wanted! I was good to born in the 50's but I wanted the woman empowerment we have now!
Mayra Alonzo (1 month ago)
The 50s, and 60s were my favorite !!
Juniper F (1 month ago)
i love the 1950’s dress:?
LIyre (1 month ago)
My English teacher always wears the most gorgeous 50’s dresses which some she makes herself. They’re a lot shorter and less poofy than the one in the video but they’re still so pretty!
Espeon (22 hours ago)
Well if thats so they aren't 50's dresses anymore
Most of the people like the 50's dress but i think the 70 one is so pretty!
Cessie Troiano (1 month ago)
I absolutely love the 50’s dress I would wear that everyday if I could I also love the 2000’s dress it is so sparkly and glamorous! I hate the style of dresses today I feel like they are so plain and revealing!
Molly Murphy (1 month ago)
I like the 50s fashion more than today's Bring back the fit & flare dresses!!
Tari Tangeo (1 month ago)
Molly Murphy Gotta wait a little for textile to develop more so that huge skirt with petticoats werent't so high maintenance.
Molly Murphy (1 month ago)
Tari Tangeo I just wish that fashion was more mainstream
Tari Tangeo (1 month ago)
Molly Murphy Nobody stops you 😁
Fabrizio Traversi (1 month ago)
I love 2000s
Lam0 Lam0 (1 month ago)
バルス (1 month ago)
irmawati febriani (1 month ago)
In love with that 50s dress
Lindsey Bennett (1 month ago)
Wow that a lot of sequins
PIXEL GIRL (1 month ago)
My fav my 1950
kydn oof (1 month ago)
for the 20s that is so not accurate, yes the flapper thing was around but that was for ppl who preform for entertainment. Women wore completely different things than that
kylie_ (1 month ago)
20s disappointed me, it was very incorrect and same for the 30s. the 40s dress was pretty accurate but no one back then walked around with their hair like that. the 60s was OK but the beehive was too small. i recommend hiring vintage hair stylists and looking at more photographs to get the looks 100% correct.

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