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100 Years of Dresses | Glamour

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From the short and loose hemlines of the 1920s, to the glamorous and conservative dresses of the 1950s, to the cutout dresses of the 2010s, take a look back at the last century of dresses. Still haven’t subscribed to Glamour on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2gYlQqe 100 Years of Dresses | Glamour
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Text Comments (3847)
Arlyn Gravillo (2 hours ago)
Yes 50's i love its classy elegant..please bring back..😊😀
Daisey Pan (6 hours ago)
The first one straight up looked like Tiana!
Its me Robbey (7 hours ago)
the 90’s are really boring.
Kayleigh Gilman (14 hours ago)
The 90s were the worst trend
KawaiiThingLover (17 hours ago)
My parents grew up in the 80s I wonder how my mom looked 😂
Kavya Panchal (17 hours ago)
I liked 1950's dress
15255 7577 (21 hours ago)
2000 ❤️
01c4ng1.myhp4r35 (1 day ago)
40’s is my preference
Raechel914 (1 day ago)
every one in these comments loved the 50's one and i gotta agree!
Srinivas Srinivas (1 day ago)
1950 nailed it
Meli Gameplays (1 day ago)
I want to know where they got the 1950s dress 😣😣
Bryn and Falyn (1 day ago)
1920-2010 is only 90 years
Griffith Valentino (1 day ago)
90s and 50s were so nice
Mahinder Rawat (1 day ago)
1970 witch
Merna Makki (1 day ago)
When I clicked this vid an add for dresses popped up .-.
sav & claire (2 days ago)
The 80’s hair should’ve been bigger!
50’s 🔥
Hermoine TYJ (3 days ago)
I live the 50s
Jahanavi Misra (3 days ago)
I like 40's
i said BITCH WHERE (3 days ago)
This is highly inaccurate
Annika (3 days ago)
The 50‘s dress is the only dress style here that looks good on me 😆
Briana A (3 days ago)
The 20’s 40’s and 50’s era had the best fashion
Khulood ALyousefi (3 days ago)
1950 win 😍
Viviane 0104 (3 days ago)
Poderia ter mostrado vestidos de pessoas comuns, não de cantoras de cabaré.
Valarie Diane (3 days ago)
Fashion peaked in the 60s/70s and ever since the 80s its been a nosedive
Khwezi Lourdes (3 days ago)
Inaccurate AF
Anoushka Singh (4 days ago)
1960 I have a bed sheet like that . Seriously what I just saw.😂
Mábylle Victória (4 days ago)
Oh, my God... Absolutely wrong!
Divertedflight (4 days ago)
20's dress is too shaped, too short, only stripperella stage dancers would generally be that short. Not your average upper-middle class Flapper Margy, whom would wear it just above or just below the knee. The Flapper shoes are completely wrong. Sandal straps were very rare in this period and these are also much too thin. The heels are much too high, they were more kitten type in the 20's, and the shoes over all, very robust, almost boyish. Did I say these shoes were wrong? The shoes are wrong.
Divertedflight (1 hour ago)
+Dakota I suppose if you made the model a lot shorter, one would gain a dropped 1920's waist look.
Dakota (1 hour ago)
I think the ‘20s dress is historically correct in its construction, the model was just too tall for the dress. The shoes…are so modern and trashy it’s physically painful.
Celeste Verdial (4 days ago)
I just got an add for 50's dresses..... Creepy but cool
Scarlett Felix (5 days ago)
The 80s look is underrated. Without the shoulder pads and the sleeve, this could be worn today
Grace Burchfield (5 days ago)
I love the 50’s!
Nafia Maliat (5 days ago)
The 50’s man. So elegant and sophisticated
DieWattefee (6 days ago)
Fortunatly the twenties are coming back soon 😅
Galaxy Tiger (6 days ago)
Who else got an dress ad while waching this
georgia rhixnne (6 days ago)
Why can’t we learn this in history??😂😂🥺❤️
jennifer gasparini (6 days ago)
Katrina D (6 days ago)
Who remember flower print spaghetti strap with white T-shirt underneath??😂
Rona Shapouri (6 days ago)
50s is what a woman should look like
Mjane Tan (6 days ago)
Ana Cruz (8 days ago)
Me encantó el de los 50 ❤
Kiera M. Smith (8 days ago)
remember my mum in the 1980s dresses and me in mini versions lol
10 10 (9 days ago)
They should have the Kool-Aide guy jumping out of the wall for the 2010 fashion; too many fat chicks today.
Tina 19 (9 days ago)
Waw que hermosos vestidos!!
Nellie Kelysse (9 days ago)
Covet Fashion? Anyone?😂
Jayanta Kundu (9 days ago)
The war time dress was comfortable to me
I love the 40s and 50s but ill forever be in love with everything about the 80s
Gygy Star (10 days ago)
para los 20 el zapato no corresponde los 30 y 40 tienen conceptos mal ubicados .
Selina Moses (10 days ago)
When will anybody portray the 20s correctly?
Bibisbeautyfan Bibi (11 days ago)
Sirene Esmeralda (11 days ago)
Wow, I think I loved 😍 20s and 50s, very nice dresses!
natty1 Plays msp (11 days ago)
i love the 50's dress and both the 2000 dresses
Rukia Zubeer (11 days ago)
I don't like the 1990's dresss
Elisa Maria (11 days ago)
I'ts so beautiful,...😍
Hermione Granger (11 days ago)
50s are my favorite😍😍😍 just look at that dress😍😍😍
P.g Artworks (11 days ago)
70's the best. Audrey
Adam Yusuff (12 days ago)
80s (imelda marcos)
Héloïse France (12 days ago)
1950 😍
Alexfolledemoi (12 days ago)
The inaccuracy HURTS my eyes !!!
Monika Meg (12 days ago)
My favorite is 50s i am so oldfashion person i hate modern things
x CandyCorner x (13 days ago)
Everyone blabbering about the 1950s dress but the 1940s one is so cute? *w h a t?*
The Roblox Myth Leaks (13 days ago)
this is so inaccurate the hemlines oml i like 60s mod fsdhion but like god 20s flappers did not show there knees
Baptiste Sophora (13 days ago)
I like the 1950 one
Blah (13 days ago)
1920s is so wrong. The heels are too high, fringe was not worn, the hair is close but not quite right, the dress is too loose and too short, and the color is too bold.
Turkish light (13 days ago)
çuval giydirsen yakışcak
نهوند الورد (14 days ago)
1950 so feminint 😍😍😍😍
Natasha Dennis (14 days ago)
Love 2000 and up Like if it's the same 🤗😇😉✌🖒
MissVasques (15 days ago)
The 50’s looks cute, but it only fits you well you’re slim, if you are more plus size ppl can wonder if you’re pregnantxP Well, that is my eyes anyway, that love bell like shapes on dresses but I don’t really feel as good in them when over-weight as when I was kinda slim.
Nico Pico (15 days ago)
I hate the dresses of the present. The women are more undressed than dressed. The dresses have too big decolletage
MARIA TEIXEIRA (15 days ago)
1969 is TOTALLY Hairspray!!!!
MARIA TEIXEIRA (15 days ago)
A black woman in the 20, that knows how to dance, and is complitly beautiful... it souds like the best Disney princess vibes!!!! ( it is Tiana by the way!!! 💚💚💚 )
lilMissF0F0 (15 days ago)
I find it quite amazing how fashion changes exactly in 10 years! Unlike the previous century where the same clothes dominate several decades hmmm
I love 1950💖😻💐
Marely Trejo (16 days ago)
is it just me or were the people modeling in the 30s and 90s kinda cringy? no hate please it's just my opinion
Bianca Chan (16 days ago)
I liked the 30s :3
LuLu (16 days ago)
My favorite is the 1950s💓
forky borky (16 days ago)
I love 50s because of its fashion
Persephone Hana (16 days ago)
It’s just gone downhill
Persephone Hana (16 days ago)
I absolutely love the 20’s style
Alice Deaunville (16 days ago)
My favorite is the 1950's dress. I wish it could be on trend again, I will really wore that kind of style❤️❤️
Jopeth Mercado (17 days ago)
50s is the most best!
Arly 7even5ive (17 days ago)
So beautiful dresses 😻 I want
Alice Panda (17 days ago)
50 y 60 😍😍😍
Benedetta (17 days ago)
40’s and 50’s are the best 🥰
Rosie Posie (17 days ago)
1960: "The Year Of Dresses That Look Ugly."
Digmer (18 days ago)
The 50s the best. The 80s the worst.
Craig Tucker (18 days ago)
If they remake the 40’s dress I would wear it. IT HAS POCKETS.
Nathan Davis (19 days ago)
Karolina we need you!!!
Chocolate Villa (19 days ago)
I wish had that 50s dress 👗 ❤️
crazygirlisabella (19 days ago)
My favorite was the 50’s dress
deep samra (20 days ago)
1950 sooooo beautiful 😍
Pin Up Girly (20 days ago)
Année 50 juste trop beau
Tommie Gallegos (20 days ago)
80s were the best Dresses !!!
Monica Christy (21 days ago)
im in love with 50s dress omg
Ellissabetta (21 days ago)
Wait, there was a time women had working pockets?!
Mango Tears (21 days ago)
All of these are historically inaccurate and if you are interested in fashion history do not base that on this video
Gypsy James (21 days ago)
The 80s were a HOT mess
Shadow Hammster (21 days ago)
I’m fan of the 30s war effort dresses

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