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Funny Beatle Pics

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Well, most are funny & some I just thought were cute. There is one early picture where they were wearing a little too much make-up, especially John! But I think the funniest pic is at the end! Enjoy! Song: Oo-wee by Ringo Starr
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mewmewcat (4 years ago)
1:43- the beatles watching the beatles!
C Cucumber (7 years ago)
Hey guys, i found two rare pics of them in 1963, its really weird and sorta funny. i got it off dm beatles.com.
brittnaynichhole (7 years ago)
@11xxLilyxx11 If I had hair like that, I'd pray when someone took scissors to it too! lol (:
starryblue04 (8 years ago)
@sebringf1 it's from the photo sessions they did for the white album in 1968, also known as "mad day out"
TheBeatlesRoooock (8 years ago)
I think this is my favorite song sung by Ringo Starr.
beatlebob101 (8 years ago)
paul looks like the kfc man in one.
starryblue04 (8 years ago)
@Jpace4BEATLES "Oo-Wee" - it's at the beginning of the video now
XiaoYu Lu (8 years ago)
John prays when hes getting his hair cut o_0
Sarah Manns (8 years ago)
I LOVE 1:55 Beatles 4ever! =D
starryblue04 (8 years ago)
i found it on itunes
TheBeatlesRoooock (8 years ago)
On what website did you download this song?
graciela st.onge (8 years ago)
1:59 i WILL bite you
beatlequeen06 (9 years ago)
Hehehehehe! What goofy, sexy lads! *swoons* RIP Johnny and Georgie.
freklfacejpgr (9 years ago)
Great pictures....where'd you find them?
starryblue04 (9 years ago)
the one of george as a pirate? i'm afraid i didn't find a very good quality one - it's just a video still from Rutland Weekend Televison.
TheBeatlesRoooock (9 years ago)
any idea how I can get 2:38? Been looking for that on photobucket for a LONG time.
starryblue04 (9 years ago)
I got it from an album called "Photograph: The Digital Greatest Hits". You can find it on itunes.
TheBeatlesRoooock (9 years ago)
Hey where did you get this song? I can't find it anywhere else!
TheBeatlesRoooock (9 years ago)
I finally found that picture! yesssssss.
starryblue04 (9 years ago)
that's when ringo did the movie "caveman". i'm curious to see that one!
TheBeatlesRoooock (9 years ago)
I laughed so much at 3:22. actually first I was giggling, then I found myself laughing in hysterics because I realized even more how funny it was. The Beatles rock!
starryblue04 (9 years ago)
The photo at 1:33 is from 1964 when they did a tv show called Around the Beatles. On the same show they did a funny shakespeare skit - check it out on youtube (under beatles shakespeare) if you haven't seen it yet.
starryblue04 (9 years ago)
yeah, of all bands i think the beatles had the best sense of humor & i hope to show that through these videos. thanks for your comments!
TheBeatlesRoooock (9 years ago)
These are real good pictures! I've never seen any of em before! I knew The Beatles were silly, but I never knew they were THAT silly! Kudos.
TheBeatlesRoooock (9 years ago)
What an awesome video! I love the pictures and the song! My favorites are 0:05 0:22 0:27 0:58 1:04 1:23 1:32 1:53 2:12 2:37 2:47 3:01 3:22!!! 3:30 and 3:35. All those are super funny to me. Ringo and John are adorable! Awesome video! Loved it so much!!!
HoneyLilac (9 years ago)
Thats ok lol .Someday I'll find out... ;) Yea, I haven't been to many Beatle pictures sites at all, or barely, b/c I'm still finding out through people that post videos here. :D I think its wonderful to see these pics set to their precious songs. ^^
starryblue04 (9 years ago)
thanks! i unfortunately can't remember where i got 1:24 from. (i'm not much help, lol!) i went to so many sites. my favorite of course, is photobucket!
HoneyLilac (9 years ago)
WOW, there's some unique stuff here. I've never come across before. Great job collecting them and putting them togther!! One question... 1:24-1:26, where in the world is THAT one from?? lol XD 2:37 is just adorably funny. And also 1:45. I did NOT see the last pic coming. XD *thumbs up* 0:44 (Oh, the Beatles are so amused at simple things. lol. I've always loved that about them)
starryblue04 (9 years ago)
haha, yeah john got a little carried away with the make-up there.;)
starryblue04 (9 years ago)
oo-wee by ringo starr
starryblue04 (10 years ago)
thanks for the great comments - i think i have enough to make a part 2 soon:).
MrsLennon (10 years ago)
Soo sweet this Video!!<33 Ahh so cute Pauliii 2:17!!

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