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Accounting ERP - First Complete Cloud Based Accounting Software - Available with Source Code

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By: IT Vision | https://www.itvision.com.pk Email: [email protected] Introduction: Its an online accounting software that allows you to easily manage the money flowing in and out of your business. Manage your customers, suppliers, transactions, Inventory, Sale/ Purchase, Ledgers, Registers and bank statement. A leader in Web-based software, which is a mature Accounting application and have been tested in 100s if different environments. Since its an open source PHP based solution, so it can be integrated in any of the web based system easily.. List of Modules: Users Management Company Master -Customer -Suppliers -Account Groups -Account Ledger -Voucher Type -Currency Products & Services: -Product Categories -Product Creation -Brands -Units -Taxes Purchase: -Purchase Price list -Purchase Quotation -Purchase Orders -Purchase Invoice -Purchase Return Sale: -Sales Quotation -Sales Orders -Sales Invoice -Sales Return Transactions: -Bank Reconciliation -Journal Voucher -Payment Voucher -Receipt Voucher Financials: -Balance Sheet -Profit and Loss -Chart Of Account Reports: -Account Ledger Report -Payment Report -Receipt Report -Journal Report -Purchase Invoice Report -Purchase Return Report -Sale Invoice Report -Sale Return Report -Stock Report Setting: -Email Settings -User Creation -Bank Account -Financial Year -Countries
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Text Comments (28)
Nulled Buzz (25 days ago)
imthiyas varikkottil (1 month ago)
I need customised ,add production and HRM
Your worse enemy (1 month ago)
chances of accountant jobs being automates
Div Jangid (4 months ago)
Nice Video. Accounting software is necessary to maintain the cashflow of any business. I am running a car dealer business and using HDPOS Smart. Our cashflow is properly managed because of this.Take a look at this https://bit.ly/2lPIjEP
netadmingr Netadmin (6 months ago)
Hi, the source code is written in procedural or in oop?
Andrew Matondo (1 month ago)
netadmingr Netad
Shoaib Akbar (5 months ago)
JOEL IJAKAA (6 months ago)
monir khan (7 months ago)
if the project is created by laravel then I want to buy.I want to buy inventory system & point of sales project by laravel for learning
Hari Paudyel (5 months ago)
Here is Free Laravel Project for learnear->> https://youtu.be/G-oCJcJzok4
great scientist (6 months ago)
contact me on [email protected] i have your project
Rethaile Phate (8 months ago)
can you pls share soure code [email protected]
rahi raihan (8 months ago)
How can i have the template?
Ayoub Production (6 months ago)
here's an example
Rizjv12354 Memon (8 months ago)
Source codw plz
IT VISION (8 months ago)
To buy the source code please contact us on [email protected]
BFeri. Com (9 months ago)
Assalamualaikum... i am from Bangladesh.... i am interested for this Software... please contact me... my mobile number +8801792444777 and imo whatsApp, Viber number is +8801792444777
Lilly James (10 months ago)
Nice one! From where i can get the code? https://goo.gl/W98YWK
Mostafa Hussain (10 months ago)
From where i can get the code? Is that really opensource?
IT VISION (8 months ago)
To buy the source code please contact us on [email protected]
nutan rathi (11 months ago)
from where can I download the source code REPLY
IT VISION (8 months ago)
To buy the source code please contact us on [email protected]
M Shafiq (1 year ago)
in which framwork you develop it???? front-end and Back end????
IT VISION (1 year ago)
M Shafiq (1 year ago)
Can you integrate it with oracle database???
IT VISION (1 year ago)
PHP, Codeigniter Framework. My SQL Database.
Ralph Shaw (1 year ago)
from where can I download the source code
IT VISION (1 year ago)
Visit www.itvision.com.pk , Live Chat with us or email us on [email protected]

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