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Loreena McKennitt Dante's Prayer with lyrics

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Video and Lyrics of Loreena McKennitt's Song Dante's Prayer. This is a very popular song entitled - Dante's Prayer written by Canadian born Loreena McKennitt. I hope you find this song very inspiring. Your welcome to check out my other videos and subscribe to my channel. Thanks.
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Rob Laidler (28 days ago)
This was played at my best friend’s funeral. It still brings a tear to my eye 10 years after his death
Longe Shungu (1 month ago)
What connect us is greater than what divides us. Love will always triumph over evil and hatred. Search your heart and release any bonding holding you off from your destiny. Above all, invite Jesus Christ who has the power to free you and restore you completely.
Julian Lewis (2 months ago)
The wife of my best friend wants this song to be played at her funeral, if she dies before her husband passes. I think it's a really excellent choice, given the lyrics and the fact that they are true soul mates.
Lorenzini Patrizia (5 months ago)
how a stupid video, just study dante's divina commedia....
Longe Shungu (6 months ago)
If only life was this beautiful and peaceful as this song is.
BrentD2010 (6 months ago)
4 people have no soul.
Rughush Soleimany (6 months ago)
Really impressive...
Giuliana Lanza (6 months ago)
Hermosa canción 😍 trae paz al escucharla ❤
THOMAS LE (9 months ago)
Renè Oberholzer (1 year ago)
What a lovely song,the tears are running.
mattos aguia (2 years ago)
antonvitti (4 years ago)
Bruce Gilham (5 years ago)
Well done HaveFaithNH! You've portrayed the depth of feeling, the beauty of the voice and lyrics as well as the profound spiritual influences in this beautiful gift from Loreena. Congratulations! Wonderful.
Aideen Phelan (5 years ago)

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