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FINALLY! First Filipina Victoria's Secret model walks VS fashion show runway

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Filipinos were quick to send their congratulatory messages for Kelsey! Filipino-American Kelsey Merritt has finally walked the Victoria's Secret runway on Thursday (US time). The fashion show was shot in New York and will air on CBS this coming December. Kelsey is the first Filipino model to make it to the renowned fashion show. Kelsey has been training hard for the show for the past couple of months. Thank you for the boards, do not forget to subscribe or subscribe to receive the latest videos.
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Gary Wh91367 (3 months ago)
She looks way too young. Janine Tugunon would have been a better choice.
eevd350z (4 months ago)
Filam here. Hell yea finally! We barely hit the scenes in Hollywood. We only have Pacquiao in fighting / sports. The rest are all half Filipino in Hollywood actors/actresses & singers but, none full blood. But, the only bad part is the entire world will try and take our women now after this exposure -_-
Cristina Albay (4 months ago)
second ata ako haaha
John Dave Camarin (4 months ago)

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