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Captain Sharp Blade with Switch Blade Billie,Sharpens over hundred pocket knives in one hour TV live

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Pirate Captain Sharp Blade-R-Block with his #1winch Switch Blade Billie along with Sheila Travis, live on cutlery corner knife show,Captain sharp blades sharpen over one hundred knives in a hour. To a Shaving sharp edge.With His new patent Block Knife Sharpeners.He can sharpen hundreds of different style cutting edges fast then anyone you ever seen.Captain Sharp Blades sharpeners work different than any other knife sharpeners,his knife sharpeners do not tare the steel off knife edges,There made to flow your knife edge honing your blades back to there original cutting edge.like the day you bought it. Captain Sharp Blades knife sharpener also sharpen any serrated edges. (Will not hurt the teeth at all, even if you try to, will not) You can learn how we sharpen Pocket knives, kitchen knives, and lots of odd cutting edges like found on gardening tool, scissors, clippers and more.You can Order direct from Manufacturer and save. .Made in America,Free shipping,Money back guarantee. Stay sharp and order today ( https://theblocksharpener.com/) IT is a Pirate's world,Stay sharp
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1superocky1 (9 months ago)
any good for opinel carbon steel ?
paul Block (1 month ago)
paul Block (9 months ago)
I sharpen lots of them opinel knives. They sharpen very easy. and they will take a shaving edge up . one of best and easiest knives to sharpen.
Craig Johnson (9 months ago)
Best sharpener ever created

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