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Heroic man saves woman from a drunk man.

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Teinysha Patterson (17 days ago)
Her friend walks off and leaves her on the ground what a bitch, good in the man for helping her.
Seán Ó Sirideán (1 month ago)
beautiful straight right to the kisser
Youtube Account (1 month ago)
Women are just too slow, stupid and useless to even doge or react in time to ANYTHING!! What the fuck is wrong with all women in this fucking world :S LEAVE THAT FUCKING PHONE AWAY AND REACT, USELESS CUNT! And look at the other woman just left her alone. What a bunch of useless bitches.
NARUTO UZUMAKI (2 months ago)
This is the problem more videos should be uploaded a lot of ppl prefer to watch evil bad things but justice is still standing and will stand forever
James Zack (2 months ago)
There are good and brave men in this world
Big Ol Internet Troll (2 months ago)
He just leaves like "my work here is done"
Jeffery Woods (2 months ago)
Did anyone else just see that fucking women walk away?!!??! 😡
m (2 months ago)
That was a good punch
god_squad 5k (3 months ago)
If i became gay that would be my man no homo

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